The PlayStation Holiday Recap

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How many of you are dreading having to go back to school/work on Monday?

While I’ve definitely enjoyed the past 12 days or so away from the office (and the comparatively massive amount of gaming time it afforded me), I’m looking forward to heading out to CES next week to share what we’ll have at the positively massive Sony booth.

We hope you enjoyed Kristin’s How-To series; I know that for many of you power users, it’s old news, but hopefully the hundreds of thousands of news PS3 owners found that they got more than just an awesome Blu-ray and game-playing system.

Personally, I accomplished *most* of my holiday gaming goals, completing Mirror’s Edge and Dead Space, and clambering my way through most of the enjoyable Prince of Persia.

And apparently I did a fair amount of reading. Despite the Holidays being a slower than normal time, some interesting stuff was written over the past couple of weeks:

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Holiday Edition)

What did you read/play over the break?

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