A Holiday Message from Criterion Games

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One last post from Criterion Games, before we disappear for our Christmas break, but don’t panic! We’re back on January 9th with a big update on what 2009 has in store for everybody’s favorite driving game!

2008’s been an awesome year. We shipped the award-winning Burnout Paradise – Spike TV and IGN PS3’s Driving Game of the Year. We dragged Burnout kicking and screaming onto the next generation and a new era of open world freedom, social play and MASSIVE scale support.

That support started with 3 new online game modes, new cars and designs, 70 new challenges, a live news page, custom soundtracks and stacks more – this was our FREE “Cagney” Pack.

Game Modes

We followed it with the biggest change to Burnout since Takedowns – motorcycles!

The FREE Bike Pack blazed onto the scene in September along with day-night gameplay, 70 more challenges and dynamic weather.

We delivered trophy support and became one of the first full games to appear on the PlayStation Store – you can head there now and buy it, if you haven’t already!


Next year, we’ll be back on PlayStation 3 with a truck-load of premium paid content. We hope you’ll join in the fun with the Legendary Cars, the Party Pack, our Boost Special Cars, Big Surf Island and of course the cute and cuddly Toy Cars!

Coming Soon

It feels like the Paradise City Party’s in full swing now, and with the launch of The Ultimate Box, there’s never been a better time to get in on the action.

Ultimate Box

But above all else, this year’s been about you guys – Burnout and PlayStation fans all over the world! Our goal was to get to know you through 2008. We’ve built a blog, an awesome website and Crash TV – our video podcast. We’ve been Freeburning with you and reading your comments here on the PlayStation blog.

Thanks for joining us, thanks for all the incredible feedback and thanks for playing – it’s been a blast! See you in 2009.

BTW – we just uploaded our Christmas Show with a glimpse of the 88 Special – the first footage seen outside the studio. Hope you like it!


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  • does anyone know what the ultimate package contains? im guesssing its everything but im unsure :s

  • thanks.

    Happy New Year everyone.


  • Please for the love of Pete fix the Heads Up Display when playing online, please make the friends list an option to show while online. I can’t stress this enough. Happy New Year and fix it please.

  • The Ultimate Box contains all Burnout Paradise updates as well as the Party Pack.

  • Any hint at the MSRP of the Ultimate box? I’m thinking of buying the game since I bought it for my bro-in-law for Christmas. If it is $40 I’ll wait but if it is back up to $60 I’ll just get the $30 version in stores.

  • Burnout 3 is my the top 5 all times gender racer cars.

    Criterion rocks since i am put Burnout 1 in my PS2. And Rederware is the best engine developed for the videogames the past and new generation.

    I hope for the next Need For Speed criterion assume command the game.

    * sorry for the my english…..

  • @53

    nice 1 mate i thought it was

  • Airblade is very good too.

  • After the support that you guys have given the game, anything that comes out from Criterion in the future will be day 1 purchase from me. Thanks.

  • Criterion games one of the best developers of the year, I bought BURNOUT PARADISE just because you guys are good, and the game is amazing, my Racing GOTY 2008.

  • Best game support ever.


  • Is the Party Pack version going to replace the current PSN version when the retail version is released?

  • Have a Great Year….. I just have to add that you are a wonderful company, and you care ALOT about the Burnout: Paradise game. I mean you took the game, completely flipped it, adding trophies, bikes, and the eye candy we all enjoy.You care about the consumers, you don’t make a game then in 3 months come out with another 60$ game, you give us FREE addons, and the new ones although not free, are still not 60$. This is the only company I can say this about and that feels good to say. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!

  • I did catch the test for the new expansions trophies. I went online one night and it said I only have 90% Burnout Trophies. Then I saw all the Party Pack trophies. Too bad it was just a tease.

    I will buy Big Surf, The Part Pack and the hot rod. I am not sure about the other packs we will see. My year of Paradise has been fantastic.

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