A Holiday Message from Criterion Games

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One last post from Criterion Games, before we disappear for our Christmas break, but don’t panic! We’re back on January 9th with a big update on what 2009 has in store for everybody’s favorite driving game!

2008’s been an awesome year. We shipped the award-winning Burnout Paradise – Spike TV and IGN PS3’s Driving Game of the Year. We dragged Burnout kicking and screaming onto the next generation and a new era of open world freedom, social play and MASSIVE scale support.

That support started with 3 new online game modes, new cars and designs, 70 new challenges, a live news page, custom soundtracks and stacks more – this was our FREE “Cagney” Pack.

Game Modes

We followed it with the biggest change to Burnout since Takedowns – motorcycles!

The FREE Bike Pack blazed onto the scene in September along with day-night gameplay, 70 more challenges and dynamic weather.

We delivered trophy support and became one of the first full games to appear on the PlayStation Store – you can head there now and buy it, if you haven’t already!


Next year, we’ll be back on PlayStation 3 with a truck-load of premium paid content. We hope you’ll join in the fun with the Legendary Cars, the Party Pack, our Boost Special Cars, Big Surf Island and of course the cute and cuddly Toy Cars!

Coming Soon

It feels like the Paradise City Party’s in full swing now, and with the launch of The Ultimate Box, there’s never been a better time to get in on the action.

Ultimate Box

But above all else, this year’s been about you guys – Burnout and PlayStation fans all over the world! Our goal was to get to know you through 2008. We’ve built a blog, an awesome website and Crash TV – our video podcast. We’ve been Freeburning with you and reading your comments here on the PlayStation blog.

Thanks for joining us, thanks for all the incredible feedback and thanks for playing – it’s been a blast! See you in 2009.

BTW – we just uploaded our Christmas Show with a glimpse of the 88 Special – the first footage seen outside the studio. Hope you like it!


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  • Happy New Year and I look forward to a happier 2009 with more Burnout DLC!

  • Happy New YEARS CRITERION! I am totally thinking of getting this game or Midnight Club. Could somebody convince me that this is better? :)

  • You guys at Criterion are beyond awesomeness!!! I’ll support any software you guys release.

    Have a great new year!

  • Happy New Year and after all of the FREE updates in 2008, I for one, don’t mind paying a little for updates in 2009.


    Glad to see it doesn’t stop this year and you’ll continue it next year!





  • I’m very happy about this update and definitely looking forward to it. :D

    Btw, I do hope the friends list issues is fixed, because if my friends list exceeds 96 people and I use the easy drive menu to invite friends, join friends, etc. the game freezes.

  • I have to say I absolutely hate racing games with a passion, honestly I hate them, BUT I loved Burnout Paradise what a blast I had playing it. There is one thing I didn’t like about Burnout and it wasn’t really about gameplay it was the trophy that involved the use of a camera, this was a problem for me since I didn’t have a webcam of any kind and it prevented me from getting platinum, but I broke down and bought a PS2 eyetoy and got it. Other than that this game is beyond awesome and I highly recommened it to any person, even those who don’t like racing games :-P . I’ll definitely be buying everything except the toy cars, micro machines aren’t my thing lol.

    Happy Holidays Criterion !!!

  • One thing that would make me get this game right now would be the addition of cops. Another thing would be customizations. PLEASE ADD THIS SO I CAN NOT BE SO SKEPTICAL ABOUT GETTING THIS GAME! I WANT IT BADLY! lol! :D

  • The updates are nice and all, but I would pay $10 for a splitscreen mode. Most (or all I forget) Burnout games on consoles had splitscreen, why not this one?

  • It was indeed an outstanding year for Burnout Paradise. I loved every minute of it, every addition, every change, it all worked to perfection.

    The best online interface in the business, nary a frame drop to be found, razor-sharp controls and ZERO loading once you’re in the game.

    This game’s design simply cannot be beat. I pray every other dev takes notice of what you guys accomplished in 2008, and try their very best to emulate every facet of it on their upcoming projects.

    Keep up the great work, and you can count on my buying dollars when Big Surf Island comes out.

  • dayum is this game that good? i still havent purchased cuz i hate cartoonish games. but i dont know!! i might give this hit one day im not really into games that EA makes there lousy ports just don’t cut it!!

  • Happy new Year. I’m getting this game in
    the next couple of days. My most wanted
    car is the VW from the movie the cars
    that ate paris. Anybody else think that
    car would go great in this game.

  • I love this game, I kept playing it all year thanks to the awesome support and stellar foundation. Looking forward to giving you guys some money for MORE great DLC!

    However, is there any way that Burnout downloaded from the PSN store could read/work with the disc-version saves? I’d be more than happy to give you guys another $30 to be able to run it straight from my HDD, but I already redid the game once for trophies, I don’t want to do it a third time (even though the game is great, redoing all those online challenges would be murder)! This is me WANTING TO GIVE YOU MORE MONEY. Please fix this if possible, or at least let us know if you are not able to do it :(

  • Hopefully you will have some ETA on some of this content on the 9th. My guess is you will have something on the 22nd?

  • With all the great DLC, how are you going to top off such a great game?? Burnout Paradise 2?! ;-)

  • You know, I doubted you guys… I wasn’t going to get Burnout Paradise. I wanted nothing to do with an open-ended driving game, particularly that didn’t include my favorite licensed vehicles. But given all the tremendous add-ons (FREE!?!? What industry is this anyway!?!?) and an opportunity to pick it up for small potatoes, I got it an am thoroughly impressed. Let’s hope your dedication to your product and your fans proves to be infectious.

    PS – Any chance of weather effects being factored in somewhere? I hate to ask for anything after already being given so much, but rain, snow, heavy rain / heavy snow, etc would really take this game to new heights.

  • Criterion Games knows how to take care of its loyal gamers, I’ll always support your awesome games. So many awesome free add-ons, that I look forward to paying for this DLC next year. Looks amazing, I can’t wait and soo awesome guys, more trophies! Criterion Games is awesome, others need to take note this is how you do it.

  • Cant wait for the 09 updates, Thanks for all the free stuff in 08. Will happily purchases the 09 stuff. Happy new year everyone!

  • I also can’t wait for the DLC, except for the Toy Cars because I still haven’t seen them in Action (MAKE IT HAPPEN CRITERION!). I’m also curious as to what is paid and what isn’t paid. As well as the pricing, and potential bundles.


    seeya in 09.

  • Happy new years Criterion. Thanks for updating the best racing game ever created in 2009! I look forward to the premium content!

  • This game just keeps giving and giving.

    Criterion, i will be glad to give you my hard earned dollars in 2009 due to the amt of post release support you’ve given your game. THANK YOU!

  • happy new year at the criterion crew! you are really great!!! thx for you great support. awesome!

  • i love you guys over at criterion for showing the best support that any platform can have. but i’d like to know, if legendary cars/toy cars/big surf island/party pack/boost special cars come included with burnout the ultimate box, just to save me the hassle of downloading so much content!!! :)

  • What great news! This is what I am talking about!

  • Where is your favorite 5 games?!? Gotta keep the PS Blog tradition ALIVE!

  • i love burn out lol.will you guys ever make a psp version again?

  • I LOVE this game, and am looking forward to a great 2009…let’s just see if I can get 101% by the time the new content comes out (or is that 102%?)

  • cannt wait to see what next jan 9th

  • Burnout Party sounds cool.

  • Criterion are the beasts of racing games.It must feel pretty good owning every other racing game out this year and all the accolades are very well deserved. thanks for all the great support provided and i hope to see some great things in 09 from you guys.

  • Love the Burnout series .. Keep that up… I know we are saturated with FPS games but what’s up with a next gen BLACK.

  • Happy New Year, Criterion Games.

  • I was hoping you guys would post!

    Ok, peep game: I have the PSN version of Burnout, and I’m having an issue that if my friends list is full, the going to the friends section of Easy Drive will lock up my PS3. If I have 99, then everything is gravy, but I hit 100 and I get no love.

    Anyway, can’t wait for next year’s DLC!!

  • Happy New Year Jeremy and the staff at Criterion Games.

    Thanks for all you’ve provided us and especially Burnout Paradise which just keeps getting better and better.

  • I still need to get this game. I rented it forever ago, and I wanted to buy it when the trophies came out. I will get this game one day, I swear!

  • HOOOLLLY BANANAS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • What a great year for a great game. My new HD TV shows up next week and I’m planning on revisiting Paradise City and really go nuts. Can’t wait! Happy New Year all!

  • launching from Home would be nice to see,
    thanks for all your hard work, Happy New Year!

  • Happy New Years Criterion and thanks for the amazing support you’ve given to an amazing game. I can’t wait to play all the great stuff coming in 2009.

  • Happy New Year Criterion :)

    You’ve been awesome this year :P

  • that deleroen looks soooo sick! i cannot wait for it. thanks for the awesome support. reminds me of the support warhawk used to get…


  • Congrats Criterion for making Burnout the Best driving game of the year and for showing EA how it is suppose to be done.

  • Burnout Paradise rocks! I’m really looking forward to the new island. Burnout fans, visit http://www.burnout.wikia.com.

  • i love this game. great job

  • Please address (and fix) the Friends list bug. And what happened to the Burnout forums?

  • When’s the island coming?! :)


  • Burnout should be 20….DLs shouldn’t cost the same as the disc otherwise whats the point?

    That and EA is on the box, can’t support a company like that.

    How did you guys manage to sell a full game wihtout them wanting to break it into pieces?

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