PS3 How To: Setting up Remote Play between Your PSP and PS3

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Today is kind of a big deal because Remote Play is arguably one of the coolest features available on the PLAYSTATION 3…and my personal favorite. This video will teach you how to set up Remote Play between your PS3 and PSP. I love being able to show off all of my photos, movies and music saved on my PS3’s hard drive on my PSP…and it’s a feature completely unique to PlayStation. Enjoy!

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  • Hmmm, I dont have a psp so I cant test this.

    I am confused if your psp and ps3 have to be on the same network to use remote play. Can I connect my ps3 to a psp then go over to my friends house and play on my ps3 using his internet connection? Cuz that would be totally awesome

  • Remote play is really cool, but something we really need is a way to copy media through remote play from PS3 to PSP. Now that would be useful.

  • i to have trouble accessin my ps3 in remote play help i have tried everyting it cant be this hard please help

  • @51 Take a look at the PSP Networking section of the Playstation Forums. There’s alot of good info available there (and has been available for quite some time)

  • Biggest problem is LAG

  • Sony is the best company. All these features and the PS3 is only $400.


  • From merely looking at the first page I’d hope the bigwigs at Sony have realized that this isn’t exactly the most user-friendly feature. I’ve NEVER been able to get this to work outside of my own home, which is kind of ironic since that’s when you’d want to use this feature. On a related topic, I’ve never been able to get the media server function to work either, and I KNOW I’ve got everything I need for it.

    C’est la vie, non?

  • I use Remote Play regularly. Business and pleasure.

    If my Wife is on the computer and is watching television at the same time, I go into the bedroom and use Remote Play on my PSP to get things taken care of. It is a handy feature/tool. Never had problems like a few of the posters here have had.

    I also take my PSP out to wherever we go to take care of internet business (email, buying and selling).

    Great stuff!

  • Got this working a few months ago, then did a FW update and have not achieved it since.
    And yes, I know what I am doing.

  • Thanks for the Video..had not even thought of controlling my PS3 with my PSP…now I am enjoying it. I am enjoying playing Pixel Junk Monsters over my PSP. Just wish more downloadable games were accessing remote play? What you should do is set up the PSN Store with a Folder that offers games that you can control with remote play…that way they are all grouped together!!

  • Glad to see you guys did a video on it, but would love to see a meaty how-to use Remote Play via Internet. Seems like a lot of people here are looking for that.

  • You know the setup is simple enough but not ONCE have I managed to get the system turned on while at a friends house over the internet. I have my PS3 directly wired into my router and it’s not like the PSP offers any better way to connect other than wireless.

    Any tips for connecting over the internet when away from your PS3?


  • i cant log in to my PSN so im not able to play online in CALL OF DUTY 4!PLEASE HELP

  • I was having trouble earlier, but the problem has resolved itself. Must have been a network problem.

    Back on topic. I am sure these video tips have come in handy for old owners of the PS3 and PSp as well as for new owners. Looking forward to more video instrucyions.

  • I have no idea if anyone from Sony reads these comments, but if they do, it would be good to have some of these remote play features available to be used by other mobile devices, not just a psp.

    For example if the ps3 was a dlna server (it is currently only a client) we could use another dlna client to view the media files. Also if it supported the ability to turn on remotely via the web, and access certain features like scheduling playtv etc, or scheduling downloads etc, which you could do with any device and web browser with access to your psn account, then you could do this remotely.

    Obviously if you want to play games then you would need a psp, but the ps3 is more than a games machine, and the additional capabilities would be unleashed if they supported other mobile platforms (e.g iphone).

  • It seems a lot of us are having problems connecting the PS3 with Remote Play via the Internet because after we do and then shut it down it automatically restarts our PS3 and then disables the Remote Play via the Internet feature so it won’t do it again. Now I know Sony can’t predict every public Router’s/Gateway’s personal settings and make it work for everyone but I would hope that my Gateway at home would at least work.

    So far it seems that at least on this blog these people are having this problem…

    – Uraeus
    – Skater_Ricky
    – Coolwater
    – Stallone
    – Letters2Kay
    – zombiefriend
    – DJ_DTM
    – Jeigh
    – rivithed

    Post to be continued…

  • and now you can add me to the list and I know many more have had this problem since the beginning we have done our studying and Port Forwarded all the right ports and if we have UPnP available we have enabled that & for some it still isn’t working & I am sure many have just plain given up on the feature since it is so much trouble. Now to give my hardware Specifics.

    I am using the New AT&T U-verse service and they have supplied me with a 2-Wire 3800 HGV-B Gateway and it runs my cable and internet thru it. Now this particular gateway does not support UPnP. When I had my Linksys WRTGS router I had finally figured it out but now I don’t have a choice in what Router/Gateway I can use.

    So I ask you Sony please create a Firmware update to fix this or work with the Router Manufacturers to fix this problem. Remote Play could be such a cool feature.

    That is WHEN IT WORKS!!

    Post to be continued…

  • Could you do us one favor though and let us the Customers know weather you are still trying to fix the problem? or if you have given up on it and are just going to leave the disclaimer there? So we can know to expect anything more from you in regards to Remote Play in the future.

    Ohh & the suggestion that shrimpdude suggested would be a great addition to remote play but only once you really get it working.


  • Hello to all.

    I am new to the PSP but have an 80 GB PS3. I am set up with remote play but can not seem to do anyting but look at the main screen of the PS3. How do I get to the movies and so on? Or can someone direct me to a post that maybe has been discussed with getting it going in great detail. I have set up the remote play from the previously posted video, thanks

  • The PSP looks good,it’s to bad that I won’t buy it cus it doesn’t have thumb sticks.

  • can someone help me with a problem that i’m having with my psp. its saying that my house wireless is not supported. but the signal strength is 100%. anyone with an idea?

  • i have the remote play setup but it won’t connect to the ps3

  • I would like to request trophies for the PSP. Also the PSP needs a hard drive and a portable modem.
    Import/Export your home avatar to your PSP. Playstation Eye software that takes a picture of your face and makes your Home avatar look like you.

  • Your Home avatar should be like a RPG character for every game you play. What games you play should reflect what your avatar looks like and can do. Your driving skills get better after playing enough driving games. So when Home gets go-carts you can preform a powerslide and no one else can until they meet the requirements. After playing enough shooting games you get steady-aim feature in the Home`s shooting gallery. If you play a lot of racing games you should be in a racing gear. If you play a lot of sports games you should be in a sports gear. If you like shooters you should have bulls-eye on your head. etc… But of course you should be able to change your outfit. Playing games should win you wearable trophies not just 3-D trophies stored at your place. What you have done for icebreakers and Ecochrome are great but, I want Burnout Paradise `Smash Champion` T-Shirt when I get all 400 smashes (Which I am close to getting). I want to glow slightly after playing Fallout 3. I want LittleBigPlanet virtual T-shirts with pictures of my character and levels on them.

  • Also Home should have arcade games that have PSP and PS3 demos streaming so you do not even have to download a demo then install it, and erase it every time. Plus every game sold from PSN should have to have a demo mandatory.

    Home needs more reasons to login. Do I get a trophy for 100 hours logged-in and interacting?

    Your Home avatar should be able to leave `Home` and enter into the games themselves. Poker, RPGs, driving games, fighting games, shooters.

  • I just got my PSP on the 25th and the first thing I did was connected to the PS3 at first I had a little trouble connecting it but then I figured out how to do it with my router because the PSP didn’t want to connect. Seriously the best thing about the remote play is that you can turn the PS3 on with the PSP when connecting, and also play games so far most of the games have to be PS1 games but for me that more than enough with all the things I can do with both systems connected, now is up to the developers to create games that can use the PSP when in remote play, Sony will be #1 on my list always.

  • I’ve had 2 psp’s and fat and slim and two different routers and I’ve never been able to get remote play to work. I’ve opened up ports and I’ve synced the two more than once. I’ve left my ps3 on in remote play and still its never worked outside of my house. I go to work and try and get it to work and all i get is a error everytime. It works on the same network but thats worthless when i can just use my PS3 if i’m in the house. If anyone can walk me through the set up of the ports to make sure i did it right that would be great. I have a Linksys router.

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