PS3 How To: Setting up Remote Play between Your PSP and PS3

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Today is kind of a big deal because Remote Play is arguably one of the coolest features available on the PLAYSTATION 3…and my personal favorite. This video will teach you how to set up Remote Play between your PS3 and PSP. I love being able to show off all of my photos, movies and music saved on my PS3’s hard drive on my PSP…and it’s a feature completely unique to PlayStation. Enjoy!

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  • its great you giving us these how to videos so what are you going to show us next ?

  • I use my remote play every night to stream southpark from my computer, to my playstation 3 and then to my PSP which is on my bed in my bedroom.

    Remote play is an awesome feature and I hope we can watch Blu-ray movies via remote play one day.

  • Heh, the video managed to just skip over the part people actually have trouble figuring out. How to configure your router/firewall to allow you to use remote play over the internet. Don’t have a PSP myself, but I know that my friends who do have both have yet to get port forwardings etc., going in a way that makes remote play work for them outside their LANS.

  • @3 i got that part hey you may have to play it agin or call sony am sure they can help you or your friend with that i call them and they help me out alot.

  • I have a Question Its about to do with Remote play. I’m a Veteran at my PS3 and know every feature inside and out.

    Just one thing I cant seem to Figure out. I know you haven’t put up a post about Remote Play yet. But you will coming up next week or so.

    Anyways I’m Connecting Remotely with my PSP to my PS3 using [Internet Connection]

    I have a Motorola Surfboard SB5100 Cable Modem hooked up to a Linksys WRT350N Wireless Router and Using my 60GB Model PS3 aka 500GB’s now ;)

    Every time I setup using Internet Connection on my PS3 for Remote Play it will Turn on my PS3 all By itself after 1 minute of the PS3 being off and then it launches straight into Remote Play then if i don’t do anything it will Turn off my PS3 and basically go into the settings automatically and unchecked the setting of [Enable Remote Start via the Internet]

    Continued on next post

  • Here is how i got there
    Settings > Remote Play Settings > Remote Start > ON > Checked [Enable Remote Start via the Internet] > Yes > OK

    Is there something that I’m missing or special settings in my wireless Router that needs to be set right?

    to get a hold of me Email me or Drop a Line to PSN: Skater_Ricky 8)

  • If they had added a bluetooth transceiver to the PSP-3000, I could use my cell phone as a bluetooth modem and give my PSP an internet connection any time I wanted, making Remote Play a true use-it-anywhere feature, which would be all sorts of awesome.

    Instead, it’s one of those throw-away features I never get to use. :(

    The next PSP revision MUST be bluetooth-enabled. Seriously, guys.

  • I set it up when I first got my PSP but remote play is a feature I never really use.

  • Ugh not PSP I ment PS3, I wish this blog had an edit feature.

  • Agree with #7 Sakimori_X… I been asking for the Bluetooth Feature When the PSP-1000 was out.. but now they went throw 3 diffent builds and still nothing.. at least they finally put in a Micophone ;)

    # Depending on the type of router in use, the PS3™ system may be repeatedly started at fixed intervals if remote start is enabled.
    # If a remote play connection is not established within a certain amount of time after the PS3™ system is started; the system will turn off automatically.
    # If your router supports UPnP, enable the router’s UPnP function.
    # If your router does not support UPnP, you must set the router’s port forwarding feature to allow communication to the PS3™ system from the Internet. The port number that is used for remote play and remote start is TCP: 9293 or UDP: 9293. For information on setting up port forwarding, refer to the instructions supplied with the router.
    (I’ve Set that up Didn’t Work SONY)

  • Lol this video doesn’t explain everything. you can do more such as watching TV with playTV, using PS3 via PSP in order to gain access to the latest version of Flash.

  • Sony clearly is missing the hard parts here.

    Having the PS3 turn on automatically requires that you have a User set up as the automatic login and then you enable the feature in the remote play settings.

    Not to mention most of the people arent even having trouble with the local remote play.. it’s the remote access of the remote play that they really need a video for.

    I’ve been an owner since day one, and have yet to use remote play outside the walls of my home. I’ve got Sony’s LocationFreeTV, and that works just fine without extra set up. Why doesnt remote play work the same??


  • I already know all this. :(

  • @ 11 Coolwater

    The Only way I found you Could Even Remotely Use REMOTE PLAY over the Internet (at a Friends or Family’s house or WiFi Hot Spots) is to Leave your PS3 ON in REMOTE PLAY! ;)

    Then Make Sure that you Changed the Settings on your PS3 to “NOT” turn off your PS3 after a certain time. ;)

    Or Else your PS3 will Shot OFF on you! :(

    TIP: If something happens to a game while playing in Remote Play you will “NOT” be able TO USE REMOTE PLAY tell you Restart your PS3 :(

    Your Welcome Everyone
    PSN: Skater_Ricky 8)

  • i have my ps3-psp set up perfectly for this. and it worked fine for a long time but all of a sudden its not working. and my PS3 is in NY while im in PA so i cant even mess with the setting to fix it. sucks cause i wanted to use it

  • This is great Kristin, but I think these features should be spread to the world. The connectivity possibilities of PSP-PS3 make them the best possible media devices.

    Let people outside the blog know that and add DVD DRMed ripping from PS3 to PSP.

    That’s killer.

    • I\’m sorry I\’m replying a little late to these posts…I\’ve been flying the friendly skies back east for the holiday. I agree…a few suggested we post this on the PlayStation Store and I think that\’s a great idea. I will be sure to add them. Also, these videos will be available on the Knowledge Center on

  • I’ve got it working where I turned on the PS3 at my aunts house. I was even playing that POKER game from her house, I felt really cool lol. But a lot of people have problems where the PS3 will turn on by itself, and cause it to disable the Internet Remote Start feature. Then you get screwed lol.

  • My most wanted feature is kind of the reverse of this. Why can’t we play PSP games and UMDs through the PS3 yet. Can’t video be streamed through the USB? Controls assigned to the Dual Shock/Sixaxis? Video upconverted to fit the screen? Doesn’t seem that far fetched to me. Any chance of this coming in an update?

  • I would like to know how to hook up a media server correctly. Then I might consider doing so, but as it is looking now I never will..

  • @loke

    That would be a nice feature for those of us with older televisions that don’t support the TV out feature of the PSP-2000.

    Also how did you do last night? Win any more?

  • Remote Play is awesome, I just wish more games supported it and that the Remote Play Via Internet would work. I’ve had 2 different routers and both switch the PS3 on randomly- my new router does it IMMEDIATELY upon shutdown. I wonder what routers ARE compatible with the service…

    I’m thiking the list of compatible routers is a lot shorter than the incompatability list, unfortunately. Sony, please work on an actual fix for this other than just a disclaimer about it when you set it up! PLEASE!?

  • @Loke, I think they want you to buy the updated PSP if you have a fat one, and then buy the cables too :D

  • @ LokeSTL

    That feature is in beta in Japan right now and should be available in the US by the time Resistance: Retribution releases, which they are using to trumpet the feature. I’m surprised you missed the news on this, it was all over! Also, you’ll be able to play ad hoc multiplayer games via the internet on the PS3, which totally rocks. Can’t wait for Phantasy Star Portable…

  • Massive flaw in Remote Play! IP CHANGES.

    Please, someone here take this to the firmware people, I have failed to have anyone care so far on the EU forum.

    In Europe it is still very normal for your ISP to force an IP change of your router every twenty four hours, and the PS3 does not update PSN of this change. Which means Remote Play is only useful for 24 hour periods for those of us with such ISP’s.

    A simple fix: Firmware wake-up timer. Allow the user to set a timer to wake the PS3, connect to PSN and then go back to sleep. Fixed!

  • Hey Kristen! Since your so good at these How to videos, you should make one for PSP update software developers showing them how to update the flash player or add the Video rental section to the PSP store! Yeah, that sounds like a good one.

  • @Choas

    Didn’t stick around long enough to win. Daughter came down with the stomach flu. Think I won enough the day before anyway :)

  • its sad b/c he says you can use it anywhere but you really cant unless you fix the firewall problem where ever you go : (

  • @Stallone

    Already did that. Bought a 3000 and I’m pretty happy with it. Doesn’t make much sense in this wireless age to use a wired solution. Sitting within five feet of my TV with an image that only fills 60 percent of my screen is just not all that appealing to me.

  • I agree with loke, being able to play PSP through the PS3 would make me enjoy Crisis Core THAT much more… the direct connect to the TV through component cable doesn’t work that well…

  • @ Loke

    Ah, bummer hope she gets well soon.

  • Remote Play works great for me depending on where I am at.

    For example it works flawlessly at the Starbucks buy my house and from the Hotels when we go out of state. Also no problems at home even when the signal strength is at 30%.

    But when I go to some of my friends house, I have problems. Remote Play dose not work 100% of the time but it works when it needs to.

  • @Letters2Kay

    Yeah, I read about that. My complaint is that I don’t have it. Requiring that we buy two games to get the feature is suspicious. Why not just update the firmware to allow it? Seems like it’s going to be something that’ll require added code on the side of the games programming. I want to be able to play my existing titles this way.

  • We have a comprehensive guide at the forums that can help with remote play connection problems:

  • I am actually happy that this HOW TO series started here, because I had to explain all that to friends of mine. So, now I can point them to the blog eventually! Thanks!

  • LoL, this was the first feature that made me buy a PSP (another one soon). But any way I still have my 1000 model psp and am very happy with it (2 years now). And also I’m a old school gamer with ton’s of PS1 games and FFVII+8+9 and Resident Evil 1,2,3 Are enough for me to use this feature ALOT!!! But any way I hope some of the PS3 owner’s will buy a PSP Totally worth it…

  • It’s a shame that Sony doesn’t advertise the PS3’s capabilities in the media as much as they should. I reckon if Sony did an ad that touched on all of the PS3’s capabilities (or as much as can be fitted into the ad’s length) They may get more people round to the overall value of the machine.

    Example, making references to the PSP connectivity (remote play etc) which you never hear about, (perhaps showing someone sitting in Starbucks somewhere playing a game remotely with people approching them asking what they’re doing) or (using play TV from your machine in the UK whilst sitting in a coffee bar in Australia)

    The possibilities for ad’s are endless and reference could be made that other consoles and media solutions can’t do the same thing. If some focused advertising like this were done we would see some eyes being opened next year particularly if these ad’s coincide with a hardware price cut.

  • its one of my favorite PS3 features too Kristin! sure came in handy last week when i went up to Jersey. I’d love to see more games and features become available for remote play and i promise I’ll use it that much more.


  • Sony is ahead of time with this one. I really don’t see anything like this being done on another console for a couple of years. I love this features. It’s just one of the many reasons to own a PSP and a PS3.

  • @ LokeSTL

    As I understand it, it’s all a part of the firmware. The Sony video I watched showed two players creating an online ad-hoc session and seemed to imply that the PSP-through-PS3 feature (using the PS3 controller, no less) would work with any title, though I believe they said that not all titles will support the internet ad-hoc feature (not really sure, though- could be they all do). I’ve heard nothing about having to buy any new software or anything like that, but if you have that info, I’d like to take a look!

  • @13 Skater_Ricky

    No amount of smileys is going to excuse Sony for not fixing a bug that’s existed forever.

    If i can autostart my PS3 on my local network, i should be able to do the same from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. They just need to let us know how to set it up. And this video doesnt even cover that base in the least.

    End of discussion.

  • I set up Remote Play shortly after I got my PSP and never use it because all the games that support it run like garbage.

  • Kristin/SCE, have you guys plans for making Remote Play feature available for smartphones such as Sony Ericsson Xperia X1?
    I have this cellphone and looking at the special panel customization, I wonder why Sony doesnt make a Remote Play feature for a panel on the cellphone.

    • I know that there are many Sony devices that are DLNA certified including many of the Sony Ericsson phones and the PS3. To be perfectly honest, I\’ve only set up DLNA with my PS3 and a PC so I\’ve never personally tried one of the cell phones. However, I know that Sony has been working on connectivity between all DLNA certified devices (not exclusive to Sony devices). So, short answer, yes that is definitely the plan. :)

  • woah.. i watched this video.. along with others on youtube yesterday :P

    great videos for new ps3 owners… i wish my remote play would work again :(

  • Eventually, it’d be kinda cool to see a feature where you could use a DualShock 3 to play PS3 games on PSP through remote play.

    I mean, essentially, play normally but use your PSP as a display instead of your TV–so if people want to watch TV or something your PS3 playing won’t be limited—that’d be fun (although, text in most games would be tough to read LOL)

  • Great post Sony!!

    Now can you post about remote start??
    That would be some information I’m sure most people could use for real.

    Does remote start even work yet??

  • Im a little dissappinted by this. Originally i thougt this was the other way around where when they sync up you could play ur psp games on ur ps3. I have a 70″ tv, so it would have been nice to kick back after work and play some final fantasy on the big screen.

    Hey sony, how about a reverse remote play so we can play our psp games on bigger screen wirelessly

  • never really bother with this remote play feature.. however, i like that you can copy the psOne games you DL’d on the ps3 to your psp.. i’m lovin’ suikoden and wildarms right now on my psp. also somehow these games look better on the psp

  • i use remote daily, and i love it. the only problem i have with the functions of the PSP is that you have to reconnect every time you use a different function. can you please put in an option to stay connected even after you leave out of a function in the network setting?

    i spend a lot of time in the hospital and the web browser works because, the only way to use the net is to sign in on a web page. you have to do this for every function that requires you to use the net. if it does not connect to the web browser, the functions will just time out. remote play

  • Why is my comment with the link to the remote play guide on the playstation forum still waiting moderation (#32)?

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