PS3 How To: Importing a Music CD and Creating an Audio Playlist

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Hi everyone,

I’m sure your friends and family members were seriously impressed with your photo slideshow skills you learned on Friday. Similar to that, today we will learn how to import a CD and create a playlist using your favorite music. It’s a little special today because we have two videos instead of one. So now you will be ready in case you want to put together a mix for your New Year’s Eve party or create a soundtrack for your photo slideshow. Have fun!

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  • Is there a way to combine photo playlist with music playlist?

  • It’s great that you guys are creating these how-to articles. The non-gaming features of the PS3 are often overlooked. I also agree that a media server how-to might be nice, especially if you can recommend a good media server for Linux. :-)

    By the way… “the CD/DVD slot”? Is that really what it’s called? That kind of ignores the fact that it supports Blu-ray disks. Why not just call it “the [optical] disk slot”?

  • i dont mean to be mean but what the point of these how to .It teaching us pretty simple stuff how about more advance stuff that inst easy to learn!

  • Please, oh please fix the music+Slide show features so they work like they used to. You used to be able to change audio tracks while viewing a slide show using L1, R1. Now it just changes photos…

  • @ 5

    agreed. just demonstrate how to set it up with your basic Windows Media Player on both XP and Vista.

  • @9

    your wrong and have no idea what your talking about, sorry but games do support in game music via XMB, not alot, but they do, i own games that do and play it everyday

    its silly of you to say none do

  • put a shuffle songs option please so it can play any songs randomly in all our albums

  • As other people alreasy wrote, we miss some very important features:

    – playlists for external and media server music
    – in-game/custom music using the external disks and media servers.
    – games that do really make use of the in-game music. As far as I know there is only Burnout Paradise and maybe a couple of others.

    Will Sony ever do anything about it?

  • While this video is good for a newbie, I really hate the way the music is organized on my PS3. I have close to 40GB of music on the PS3. Can you imagine scrolling from A to Z? Not mentioning that there is no search function for filename or song name or anything like that. You have to scroll each and every time you need something. Unless you spend days creating play lists. I love my PS3, but this is VERY annoying!

  • If you are sharing a media server from your PC you can just go to the media server from your PS3 and just copy your “music” which would have been on your “music cd” onto the PS3 hard drive.

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