PS3 How To: Importing a Music CD and Creating an Audio Playlist

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Hi everyone,

I’m sure your friends and family members were seriously impressed with your photo slideshow skills you learned on Friday. Similar to that, today we will learn how to import a CD and create a playlist using your favorite music. It’s a little special today because we have two videos instead of one. So now you will be ready in case you want to put together a mix for your New Year’s Eve party or create a soundtrack for your photo slideshow. Have fun!

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  • I would like to impress them with content being released on the PSN store this week.

  • Thanks for the info!! I just share from my pc, but I could see how this would be helpful!

  • Hey I think it’s really cool how you all are giving tips to new users! But yes new content would be as equally impressive :D You know what would be cool? Hd music playback in EVERY game released from now on! Just a thought…

  • It might be me but I can’t view either of the videos. You guys aren’t having much luck with YouTube, either that or a very severe food coma :P.

  • You should explain how to use the PS3 with a media server, many people don’t know how to that.

  • One thing that needs to be added is the Album Art being automatically pulled along with the song data. It’s nice to see the Album art next to your albums in the XMB. As it is now, it’s a pain to manually download the album art and add the picture to the album folder.

  • I love that you guys made some tutorial videos. But can you make ones that show off the power of the PS3? Team up with Hulu and make their service work on the PlayStation Video Store! :P Happy New Year PlayStation Nation! :)

  • I have a bazillion mp3s on an external hard drive that I plug in to my PS3, and it plays them fine and dandy, but I have a couple gripes. First, why can’t the PS3 find my music automatically? Can’t you just have it look for all music in all folders under the MUSIC folder? Also, I would like support for playlists on external drives.

  • Firstly I would like to see a tutorial on In-Game XMB Music…… Ohh wait they cant because it isn’t enabled in the games yet (Yes some games can play custom music but none are via the In-Game XMB).
    This one should be top priority and Sony buy Microsoft’s patent… LOL!

  • great. now how about copying albums to your psp from your ps3 while still keeping the songs in the order they are on the album instead of alphabetical order

  • @7

    Hulu and Netflix are NOT available outside of the US. They are simply not economically viable for the PlayStation platform.

    If you want such services on PlayStation, you should be petitioning the license holders to allow their services to be used outside of the US first.

    Keep in mind that the US, while an important market, is the market that tells Sony to shove it more than any other. Why should they stick their necks out for you any more than they already do?

  • Awesome, informational videos guys, you should add them to the PS3’s “Online User Guide”.

  • @11

    Just an idea man, chill out…

  • Really? There’s a need for this?

    They can’t just read and use their head?

  • It would be nice if it was on (at all) on their knowledge center or faq page.

  • The only problem I run into is storage space.

    It would be nice if you could create playlists that play MP3s off of storage media (eg. External USB drive or SD Memory card.). It only likes to make playlists with content stored on the HD…

    … unless it doesn’t then you have an idea for your next video. :)

  • @ 5 you are right and i have problem working that so a how to will help . as for looking for a song on mine ps3 really not that hard to find cause i have them in order and in different folders . i have a r and b , hip hop , slow jam, pop and comedy folders .

  • You know what’s wierd is that if you want cd art you usually have to use a picture from the photo album on the ps3. I had some artwork saved in a folder along with the music when I imported from a memory stick and the artwork stayed with the cd information and not in my pictures album.

  • @5 and @17: Here’s a great setup guide I found for the PS3 Media Server:

  • Zzzzzzzzzzzzz…

  • Thanks for the info

    Happy Holidays

  • Is there any chance we’ll be able to make our own folders/sub folders for music any time soon? I just crammed a 500gb in mine, over a week of music isn’t sorted that well with only one level of folder ;)

  • I’ve got a question:
    The PS3 uses sound normalization when playing music, this is REALLY annoying when trying to listen to more dynamic records than aren’t all the way soft or all the way loud.
    Is there any way to turn normalization off?

  • This would be a useful feature…if there were more than 4 games that supported it. :p
    Seriously, where is the custom soundtrack feature at sony?

    Sure, you’re forcing everyone to have Trophies in their games, which is fine I guess…but PLEASE start making people use the custom soundtrack feature more.
    Its one of the few things that M$ still has you beat on, and one of the, like, 3 reasons why i’d ever buy a 360.

    It would be nice If i could listen to my own tunes in game for a lot of things.
    For example/to name a few: Resistance 2, SSF2THDR (*phew* lol), Disgaea 3, Civilization Revolution (an important one since some of the matches are kinda long), etc etc.

    I like the soundtrack in most games, but for games that are going to be played alot or for long periods of time…people get tired of listening to the same things over and over, or having nothing but silence.
    Good game + your own tunes = MASSIVE WIN!

    So yeah, I know about the cd ripping & playlist features and such (its why there is almost a gig and a half of tunes on my PS3)…but i would like to use it for more than a small handfull of games…ya know?

  • Lol I knew this long time ago, figured it out myself. Just fooling around with your console a bit and you’ll find a lot of surprises.

    Plus I’m so tired of people nagging about the in-game music. Why do you need in-game music for when there’s a perfect, well matched soundtrack “inside” the game?! You screw the entire atmosphere, not to mention the hours of time composers spend on creating game music. Honestly, I’ll never understand that.

  • I have a simple question for you guys:
    Is there some kind of copyright system in place?

    Because I tried to copy a song from my friends CD because we (as a band) were going to play it and we didn’t want to have the CD all the time, but my PS3 wouldn’t let me. So was that due to a copyright system or something?

  • I think it’s a good idea making these video howto’s for new users. I agree they should make one for how to use it with a media server, specifically sharing files between your PC (Windows Media Player) and the PS3. Most people I show that too have no idea their PS3 is capable of doing it, yet are extremely impressed once they find out.

  • Make Ipod compatibility better!!!!

  • This is some great info!

    Now, if only there would be more in-game music support.

  • These little how to’s are nice and all, but kind of useless to us regular users of the damn machine lol. I personally think Sony should add video streams to the XMB under network for things like this and Pulse. This would allow greater access to these videos as well as giving a greater since of being apart of the PSN experience. Also wouldn’t hurt to find a way to add the PS Blog to the XMB either.

    Oh and of course PS2 BC.

  • Very nice to see the instructions. However Sony should also backtrack a little to review the use case. Few people want to create playlist on the PS3. Sony should provide foolproof ways to access/import external audio playlists.

    The good thing is copying music files from DLNA servers will preserve the folder structure. So the playlist data should be intact.

    But for Photos, I noticed that copying them from a DLNA server will NOT preserve any folder structure. All my photos were organized properly on the server. Even if I can somehow import photo playlist into the PS3, it would be invalid because the file organization has been flattened. Now I need to create a separate playlist just for PS3 (Too time consuming).

    For video, there is simply no playlist and no folder preservation either. Why are they all different ?

    Fix the folder preservation. Add playlist support consistently, Sony.

  • Who doesn’t know how to do this? What a total waste of a post.

  • These explainations are lacking.
    They could have pointed out that you have choices as to what format you want. MP3, AAC, ATRAC ext. as well as a perfered bitrate 32-320kbps.
    They could have also said that before you begin importing, you can name the tracks of the album or show off the Obtain CD Information option.
    They could have also pointed out that the PS3 does support. WMA and PCM Wave but be imported from a different source.

  • They could have also showed you how to ad album art to the albums.

  • Yo Kristin, do you think we could get this thread up to 10k replies? I think John at Capcom needs some competition!

  • been making playlists since you guys first released in the FW update. it comes in handy when you have a game that supports custom soundtracks thats for sure.


  • oh and i don’t know if jeff is floating around the blog today but do you guys know when the blog is going to get that update with PSN?


  • Everything I wanted to say had been said by others here. I do wish Sony added PS eye functionality to the slideshow.

    Still related to the topic of music playing, please add more game soundtracks to the PSN store. Uncharted, Resistance and Heavenly Sword soundtracks would be nice. Oh MGS4 being there would hurt either.

  • @31 A bunch of people who just got their PS3s as gifts possibly?

  • Thanks for the tutorials. I can’t wait till you get to the stuff like media servers, maybe hdd switching too!
    Thanks again!!

  • Any chance of In-game XMB music in the next firmware to make this more worth it?

  • “Yo Kristin, do you think we could get this thread up to 10k replies? I think John at Capcom needs some competition!”

    Dude… don’t kid about this kind of stuff… People just might do it

  • Loving these “how to” videos! Great idea, keep ’em coming!

  • @38 Some things in life are just common sense.

  • The less about gaming the better. Sigh.

  • For the longest time I could not figure out why some Xvid AVI files do not play on the PS3. Well I finaly found out the reason is because these videos are using “VBR Audio” and the PS3 does not support “AVI with VBR” it.

    Can you please add support for “AVI with VBR” to the PS3?

    Also please add .mov suport! I would love to be able to play Quicktime trailers on the PS3!


  • Ah, very cool. :)

  • Untill it grabs the album art too i will not use this. I want that feature now!~

  • I LOVE your avatar, Kristin.

    IASIP is the best show EVER. :)

    “I’ve got boxes full of Pepe Silvia!”

  • PLEASE allow access to the media servers for music through in-game XMB like Xbox does! I’d really rather not waste hard drive space by importing my entire CD / MP3 collection to yet another hard drive.

    The current setup is a complete hassle for anyone with a substantial music collection and a not-so-endless amount of free time. Not to mention the fact that the options for organizing things on the XMB is very sloppy. Part of what I like about my media server setup is the fact that everything is organized in a way that’s easy to find and not a complete mess.

    I’m not the only one out there feeling like this… streaming music needs to be useable in game!

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