Exclusive WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2009 Downloadable Content Coming to PSN in January

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We at THQ have some great news for all of the PlayStation Blog readers out there. For the first time, the world’s leading fighting franchise will offer downloadable content starting in January 2009. Owners of SmackDown vs Raw 2009 will be able to download updated costumes and even new playable Superstars on their PS3 through PlayStation Network. SVR09 is already chalk full of new features such as the all-new Tag-Team Gameplay, the Create-A-Finisher mode, an all-new Highlight Reel mode and the first ever tag-team storyline. Not to mention, the 100+ match types and updated roster of over 60 playable characters. However, we didn’t feel that was enough. We are proud to announce the first roster update pack for the SmackDown vs Raw franchise. Check out the details for the first download pack below:

Roster Update Pack 1
Available for PS3
Price: $4.99

  • Evan Bourne – playable Superstar
  • Ted DiBiase – playable Superstar
  • Charlie Haas – playable Superstar
  • Chris Jericho – alternate attire
  • Kelly Kelly – holiday costume (EXCLUSIVELY ON PS3)
  • Maria Santa – holiday costume (EXCLUSIVELY ON PS3)
  • Masked Kane – alternate attire (EXCLUSIVELY ON PS3)
  • MVP – alternate attire (EXCLUSIVELY ON PS3)
  • Edge – alternate attire (EXCLUSIVELY ON PS3)

For more information and images, please visit http://www.wwe.com/inside/news/sdvsraw09/dlc/
You can also view updated trailers, screens, rosters, features and more for SVR09 by going to www.smackdownvsraw.com

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  • Leave in Norway, so the most should have it. But it’s not placed under Game Add-ons, if you look under “latest” it should be there.

  • any one know when more download packages will be available? here’s hoping they will include the following characters and alternate attires

    the Brian Kendrick (new attire and entrance music/video)
    Ezekiel Jackson
    sim Snuka
    Ricky Ortiz
    Mike Knox
    Dolph Ziggler
    DH Smith
    Hurricane helms
    Kung Fu Naki
    Mr. Kennedy
    Ryan Braddock
    Ricky Ortiz
    Scotty Goldman
    Vladimir Kozlov
    DJ Gabriel
    Jack Swagger
    Paul Burchill
    Matt Striker

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