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Just wanted to give a heads-up to our loyal PSB readers… here’s what the publishing schedule is looking like through the holiday season:

Normal schedule Monday-Wednesday, with the exception being the PlayStation Store Update. That’s hitting on Tuesday this week (the final update of the year).

After that, we’re moving on to “holiday programming,” meaning Chris and I get a few days off. We’ve invited a number of our “Blog MVPs” back for some holiday themed guest posts, as well as some How-to videos for the many thousands of new PS3 and PSP owners who will be joining the ranks in Holiday 08. We’ll also want to hear what *you* got for Christmas/Hanukkah/etc, more on that later.

And a housekeeping update: we’ve cleared the final technical hurdle to linking your PSN and Blog accounts, and so we’ll roll that out when we get back from our holiday break. And since it took a little bit of time to resolve, my Kick Ass Dev Team managed to grind out another oft-requested feature. It’ll hit at the same time.

In the meantime, enjoy the final What We Read of 2008 – please feel free to share links to your favorite reads below. See you Monday!

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of 12/15)

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  • As a suggestion, would it be possible to check, send, and recieve PSN messages via PC one day?And maybe even by cell phone?

  • jeff i gusse john d would be one of the mvp?

  • @ 6

    Ummmm, are we using the same PS Home app? Yours sound awesome. Not much to do in my PS Home version. When I log in it’s usually a bunch of guys dancing around for no reason or shouting all kind of weird stuff!

  • John Diamanon is most CERTAINLY an MVP. The guy answers damn near every comment in any post he makes here, no matter how off-topic and/or stupid said comment happens to be.

  • I wanted to chime in on the Blu-ray Digital Copy discussion. I got the Director’s Cut of Dark City recently and was also bummed I couldn’t use the DC on my PSP. But forget the DC compatibility, though- WHEN WILL WE GET THE ABILITY TO CREATE DIGITAL COPIES OF ALL OUR BLU-RAYS FOR PSP??? That was hot news for a few weeks this year and now no one even seems to remember it…

  • And am I really the only one already using my PSN ID to post here? :s

  • @56: I guess you missed my first comment on this thread.

  • Happy hollydays to Jeff,Noel,Grace,Eric and all the guys and gals at SCEA.

    I assume that the feature is a red comment counter.

    Have a nice xmas Jeff, im gonna give my self a gift. (Probably Valkyria Chronicles,what do you think of it?)

  • Quick!

    Buy Free Radical!

    And then give them to me, so I can work on Timesplitters 4. :P

  • @57

    Yep, I did. I guess it’s just you and me then. :)

  • I hioe I’m a MVP been blogging here since day 1, I wish you all a very Happy Christmas, Good Ramadah, Happy Quanza, Happy Hanuka and to anyone I left out, Happy Holidays. Here’s hoping that everyone gets what they want and for a very very prosperous New Year for the PS3.

    This is the BEST BLOG ON THE NET!
    Thanks for your patience.

  • hey, i think that you should do something that will make everyone buy the PS3, because a lot of people say that everyone is on live…
    i also think that in the next update you should put the killzone 2 beta in there, now i’m not sure if the beta is closed or not, but if it is then re open it, and if u give the killzone 2 beta to everyone then you can do some stuff like sell maps for it on the playstation store that will work on the beta and the game, that way everyone with a PS3 is really happy, and u can get some money off the maps and stuff…
    and by the way “MERRY CHRISTMAS”

  • put CRASH TEAM RACING in the store it is my favorite Ps1 game of all time. Ive been holding $6 in my account waiting for this game to come out so l can buy it right away. So if you could, get CTR in the PS STORE. Thanks

  • @ Mana Knight – This is a public forum.

    When they listen to me, I’ll stop complaining.

    Until then – who the hell do you think you are?

  • yo jeff you got a psn? i remember you posted one a while back? hows it going? Happy holidays jeff hope to see ya more around in the coming new year

  • I wonder.

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