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Just wanted to give a heads-up to our loyal PSB readers… here’s what the publishing schedule is looking like through the holiday season:

Normal schedule Monday-Wednesday, with the exception being the PlayStation Store Update. That’s hitting on Tuesday this week (the final update of the year).

After that, we’re moving on to “holiday programming,” meaning Chris and I get a few days off. We’ve invited a number of our “Blog MVPs” back for some holiday themed guest posts, as well as some How-to videos for the many thousands of new PS3 and PSP owners who will be joining the ranks in Holiday 08. We’ll also want to hear what *you* got for Christmas/Hanukkah/etc, more on that later.

And a housekeeping update: we’ve cleared the final technical hurdle to linking your PSN and Blog accounts, and so we’ll roll that out when we get back from our holiday break. And since it took a little bit of time to resolve, my Kick Ass Dev Team managed to grind out another oft-requested feature. It’ll hit at the same time.

In the meantime, enjoy the final What We Read of 2008 – please feel free to share links to your favorite reads below. See you Monday!

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of 12/15)

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  • Sounds awesome!

  • Have a good Holiday Jeff and Chris! Share us what you got for Christmas next time you post ;)

  • cant wait for the site updates. and wheres Dylan?. are they finished with warhawk now? anything else coming for it?

    Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah,and/or Happy holidays

  • Merry Christmas to playstation and the playstation team!

  • Playstation Around The Web?

    Xbots in the media are in a pathetic and disgusting fanboy rage over the amazingly successful Home worldwide launch.

    Every gaming forum is filled with post after post after post from terrified Xbots pretending to be PS3 owners trying to trash the incredible online service in a desperate hope that it will just go away.

    And Home continues to be absolutely packed with PS3 owners 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with everyone except the retards harassing female avatars having an incredible time.

    It’s time for the blog to have a weekly Home Update story with what went on inside of Home the past week and previews of upcoming Spaces.

  • I wanted to wish everyone who blogs at the PS Blog a Happy Holiday’s. :D Everyone deserves a nice break and I look forward to seeing you all next year.

    Anyway, thank you very much Jeff for the PSN-ID linking to our PS Blog. I’m very happy to hear about that feature.

    I definitely enjoyed some of the news last week. Looking forward to Noby Noby Boy definitely. :)

  • And when are we getting cross-game chat? I’m not complaining, I’m simply “knocking” on Sonys door. Just like we did for in-game XMB. :) Happy Holidays everyone. :P

  • The guys that making Fat Princess say there will be a private beta. When will it be and how can we get it?

  • @5 ;)
    That’s why i gave up going to :-/
    + Other sites.
    95% of the internet seems to hate the PS3 for no reason. Oh well, the PS3 is going strong :)
    Bring on 2009!!! :P
    + 2008 was a Excellent year for the PS3 :)

    + I wish SONY would buy ‘Free Radical Design'(FRD) I hope Micro$oft don’t get them :-/

  • I too purchased The Dark Knight on blu-ray but am disappointed that the digital copy isn’t compatible with my PSP.

    If I had an iPod or a Zune, I’d be good to go, but I really prefer my PSP but that means I’m left out of the loop. Not a good move IMO.

  • you missed out “Pixeljunk Monsters goes to psp” ;)
    that was my favourite story of the week.
    The next story i want to read is “Eden also makes the leap to psp” cos the remote play really needs some improvement.. too delayedfor me.

    anyway, great week, merry Christmas everyone!!


  • Sounds good to me, Jeff. Not much will change for me (I’m EvoAnubis everywhere as it is), but it’ll be cool to have one log-in on everything PlayStation.

    Have a happy and safe holiday, all!

  • Read the links before someone decides it’s too much truth for you to handle.

    Little Big Planet sold 141,000 in the U.s. in the whole month of December. That’s less than the 215,000 copies sold during the last 4 days of October. If I were to offer a hint to better sales it would be for Sony to take a hands-off approach to moderation. Players venture into user-created content at their own discretion.

    IGN PlayStation Team impressions of HOME. 3/4 of them loathe it. I concur with them, resources spent on HOME could have been better used elsewhere.

    Microsoft knew about disc-scratching problems with the 360. It looks like the wish from last week may be coming true. The lawsuit may go class action. Not only does the 360 red-ring, but now when they’re repositioned, they scratch the disc.

    MOre arrogance from Sony’s Dan Hill. He says HOME will move PlayStations. Killzone 2 will do this, not HOME. If it took Sony 2 years to realize what HOME is now, its gonna take more than the lifespan of the PS3 for HOME to live up to its full potential.

  • Read the links before someone decides it’s too much truth for you to handle.

    PSP-4000 in 2009, PSP2 later. Sony, please make sure there are no scanline or other screen issues in the upcoming PSP-4000. Also, make sure the PSP-4000 screen is as vibrant as the PSP-3000 if that is possible. More confirmation of the psp2. I’M WARNING YOU READERS OF THIS BLOG, LET SONY KNOW NOW WHAT FEATURES THE PSP2 SHOULD HAVE NOW BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!! The psp2 must have a second analog nub, a touchscreen to appeal to casual gamers, an accelerometer, bluetooth for use with the official bluetooth headset.

    Square Enix developer Hiroshi Takai says that the 360 is easier to develop for than the PS3.

    RTL talks with SCEE CEO David Reeves. I’m from the U.S., so could some of the European readers let me know what RTL is.

  • Read the links before someone decides it’s too much truth for you to handle.

    A next Metal Gear is Metal Gear Solid Touch for the iphone. Phew!! Thankfully Kojima hasn’t abandoned the PS3.

    SCEE David Reeves on ps3 price cuts, psp2. He says no price cut in spring and no work on the psp2. It would be quite the embarassment to see more evidence of both of those things after he stated them on record.

  • Great news! Jeff, Could you guys do some type of feature with meeting the blog dev team? It would be nice to see the people who write the code :-)

    Also, everyone check out the latest issue of PULSE, and get a look at the Top 10 Downloads for 2008.

  • ^^It appears that my link is transferred to something else on the blog. Go here:

  • Good section of links today. All I really want for Christmas is for my PS3 to be fixed!

  • F3aturePreacher, go away retard.

  • PSN id’s on here is genius. i LOVE it! i wonder what that other feature is that your kick ass dev team is going to roll out? happy holidays every1.


  • hopefully the comments from developers/bloggers(red comments) finally gets its own recent post section. like the recent comment section for us normal people

  • I look forward to this every week, thanks for posting.

  • Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you Jeff and Chris.

    Btw yeah I agree with the other guy’s suggestion of Home info/highlights/news/whatever on the PSBlog!!

  • Thanks Jeff.

    Happy Holidays to you and the staff at Sony and all the best in the New Year.

  • Happy Holidays Jeff and the PSBlog dev team and everyone on the PSBlog! Thanks for the info and you def. need a break. Can’t wait to find out what the “oft-requested feature” is gonna be! Maybe cross-game chat? Def. needs to be added along with fixing the game launching feature in HOME! Sony has to at least be able to give its customers the same (which by now should be standard on all consoles) features for game launching, communicating, and just the ease of hooking up with others via the ps network. Nowadays it is expected. I mean, Home is great and all but, to be frank, it is boring right now.

    • Oh, the \”oft-requested feature\” is something here on the blog. My web dev-team doesn\’t work on the console!

  • Continued:
    I know, I know, its still a beta. Right, and I’ve had it since Sept 08. But the still doesn’t excuse the fact that after 2 years of working on home, there still isn’t the standard game launching, invites, cross game chat and everything that you get when you just push the center xbox button on the controller!!! I have all 3 consoles. I love Sony and the PS. Please don’t question my loyalty. I’m saying this cause I want sony to fix this and I think that we should be better than xbox, not just settle for mediocracy and answer to criticism by saying that if you don’t like sony/ps, go to the xbox. That’s ridiculous. Anyway, Im sure its coming, just hope that its rather sooner than later. And Jeff, thanks dude. We couldn’t ask for a better person at the healm of the PS Blog ship. In no other blog does the moderator/person in charge answer question and quickly at that. I just want you to know that you are very appreciated by me and the others here! Keep up the good work and lets have an even better year in 09’…

  • another ps3 rpg exclusive coming in march according to ps3fanboy

    btw,merry xmas/hanukka and a happy new year to all my fellow bloggers.lets hope next year is better for us all both in the economic realm and gaming realm ;)

  • Wow! There were some cool articles in there…

    Some GREAT news regarding the PSP!

  • Blogger MVPs? Who are they?

  • @safil

    I so agree with you. I would just add custom soundtracks for all ps3 games past a certain date or for all ps3 games, period, to that list. It can be done for trophies, so there’s fewer reasons it can’t be done for in-game access to music. HOME needs a quite a bit of improvements just to bring it to the level of where it was advertised in videos featuring Phil Harrison. However, I have a fear that a bunch of suits are going to be so afraid of what people will do with those things that it’s quite likely that they will never be implemented. It’s nice to see another PS fan that doesn’t want to see the PS3 remain a stagnant runner up.

  • ty have a great holiday cant wait to see what the update brings

  • FORGOT #5 kudos to you my friend agree totally been in the home beta since sept 2 hope your idea hits here soon althought the home managers are doing a fair job of keeping us informed but cant get a straight answer from them about whats comming so maybe its hopefull that we can get update here too

  • This is exciting. Yay for PS Store update on tuesday! Can’t wait for that LBP MGS DLC.

  • @Tassar

    You shouldn’t worry about female avatars in HOME getting harassed. Most of the female avatars probably belong to guys. Here’s an illustration:–KAq8V4phY

    Something that could alleviate this would be if Sony packed headsets with every PS3 and put voice chat back without the need to hold a button to be heard. Better yet, get rid of human avatars and all the gender related issues that go with it and replace them with genderless transforming robots or video game characters.

  • well, it seems my links are getting the moderation treatment,again!

    i dunno whats the prob here, my link was clean (nothing offensive or dirty) and it also contained info about a potential release of an rpg by march.

    i also wished everyone a merry christmas/happy hanukka and happy new year …whats wrong with any of the above?pls,tell me!

    jeff, if its something personal just tell me and i shall never come to this blog again.

  • Sounds sweet, can’t wait to link the accounts and see what else is in store. Thanks for keeping me up to date you guys!

  • Gimme PixelJunk Eden update patch now!

    Fat Princess FTW!

  • Digital copies should work with PSP’s like originally advertised, what’s the deal with that? You want people to use the store instead of digital copies that come with a blu-ray disc / DVD? It would help if the prices were cheaper and we could download as much as we want like with the games.

    Also in relation to this blog post one thing I am excited about is Bejeweled 2 rated by ESRB

  • I really wanna try heavy rain… seems like a good game experience.

  • I have been searching for a classic PSX game for sometime now and i cant seem to find it anywhere! I would really love it if it were out for the Playstation Store. the game or games are Tomba! and Tomba! 2…. please put it on there. I would love nothing else

  • Merry Christmas PS Blog Team
    Looking forward to next years updates

  • Is it bad that I hear about everything on these weekly blogs before they are even posted. I really need to stop following video game news so closely. x]

  • “linking your PSN and Blog accounts”, that would be great, but could we get our Blog avatar’s on the PSN?, that would be sweet!

  • Sony – please, sincerely, make your New Years Resolution to stop leaving out those who want physical media for their games.


  • Thanks Jeff and guys for getting the PSN log in going. I think you’ll see a lot of people who steadily complain don’t have PSN ids.

  • @ Wuggyboobeaufuf, we are all tired of hearing that same complaint you constantly make at the PS Blog and CAG forums. I’m all for awesome PSN games on PSP and PS3 in 2009. :D

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