LBP Premium Level Packs + Costume Packs (Metal Gear Solid Edition) – on the PS Store 12/23

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Just when you thought we were done with the Holiday surprises (Free Santa, Festive Level Pack, LBC1 winners, etc, etc) we have one more announcement up our sleeve…and it’s a dozy. Over the past few weeks, we’ve been biting our tongues, and finally we can reveal our latest offering (originally ‘somewhat’ announced at this years TGS) – Metal Gear Solid packs – Available 12/23 on the PlayStation Store.

LBP_MGS_Costume_Group LBP_MGS_Level_Kit

Metal Gear Solid Premium Costume Pack
You’ve seen Solid Snake, but have you seen the rest of the cast? (well, ok…maybe you have… ) Meryl Silverburgh, Screaming Mantis & Raiden each have their own costumes from the MGS world. Get all 4 characters for the price of 3 at $5.99 on the PS Store, or pick your favorite and buy it individually for $1.99.

solid_snake_white mgs_raiden_render_complete meryl_render_a001

Metal Gear Solid Premium Level Pack
Now that you know about our Festive Level Pack, which fills your Pop-it tool with a ton of “Create” materials, objects and stickers, our Premium Level Packs introduce that and a whole lot more. So without further adeu…lets talk about what’s inside the MGS Level Pack (and this time we mean “Level” pack…)

First off, you’ll get a new Sackboy costume… the Gurlokovich Soldier.


Plus tons of new stickers (72), materials (12), decorations (10), and objects (18).

targetguy rex

ottaconface snakedoodle ocelot

The objects are especially cool, why you ask…well, in addition to these ‘create’ materials, our Premium Level Packs include new Story Levels and they’re filled these new objects. That’s because, Media Molecule teamed with Konami to create 5 new Story Levels and 1 new Challenge Level for you to enjoy.

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Now we couldn’t just build a level using the basic tools above, we need music, new sound effects, and new elements to provide a true MGS experience. So you’re getting these in the Level Pack, as well:

  • 3 new background music tracks
  • 1 new interactive music track
  • 1 new Metal Gear Solid themed ‘sound object’
  • New Plasma Ball ‘danger element’
  • New Laser Sight ‘gadget’
  • New functioning Searchlight lamp – for those special ‘exclamation mark’ moments
  • …and finally, the piece de resistance…THE PAINTINATOR (and Paint Switch)


26 56

Now, not only will you be able to run, jump, push, pull, swing, etc, etc in LBP, but now you’ll be able to splatter anything that comes between you and the end of any level. Once you equip the Paintinator, you can send sacksized paintballs flying by mashing on the R1 button and using the right stick to aim. Few things about flying paintballs, when Sackboys are hit with them, it feels like a very weak slap. You can also shoot ‘Brains’ from a safe distance and progress thru levels much easier. In addition to the Paintinator, we’re introducing a Paint Switch, so you can attach it to any object and set it to destruct after being splattered with enough paint. Here’s a video to show you the Metal Gear Solid Level Pack in action…

Add to all that, there are 12 new Trophies to unlock (and if you pay attention to the story at all, we’re not a big fan of Trophy Levels).

So now you see why we’ve been biting our tongue on this announcement. Tons of new gameplay, tons of new game-changing objects, and tons of create materials…all for just $5.99 (shesh…did that just sound like an infomercial?). We absolutely can’t wait to see what the community does with this pack and the new types of levels this will bring to the Share Planet.

And wait…there’s more…
So, here’s one of the coolest things about this pack…you guys know LBP is all about PLAY, CREATE & SHARE – well, you’ll be glad to know that this Level Pack holds true to that. For those who buy the Premium Level Pack, you get everything above (and hopefully a lot of fun in-between). If you don’t buy it, you’ll still be able to enjoy the MGS pack goodness. Here’s how:

  • Non-MGS Level Pack owners can PLAY the MGS Story Levels by joining a “host” who owns the pack and play the levels online together. Now you won’t be able to keep any objects, but you can have tons of fun just PLAYing.
  • MGS Level Pack owners will be able to CREATE levels with any of these items (including the Paintinator) and SHARE them online for everyone to play.

Again, we’re very excited to present this MGS Level Pack to you as a taste of how LBP can and will continue to evolve over time. With the support of our community, whether it’s creating new and awesome levels on the Share Planet or buying our Costumes and Level Packs, we’ll continue to provide more LBP goodness down the road in 2009.

So check back on the PS Store on 12/23 and treat yourself to a present this holiday season :)

Happy Holidays and have a Happy New Year

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  • This is awesome!!! Can’t wait to try out the paintinator!!!!

  • Better to add funds to my wallet ASAP!!!

  • Looks awesome. But pricey.

  • Well Done, New levels, can’t wait! and trophies too!

  • Oh……..god…..

    That looks great!

    I hope this type of pack becomes a theme. I can think of many game franchises that would meld nicely into LBP.

    Plus, I really want a Ratchet costume.

  • Ok Now Time to Wait
    Omg This is so flippin’ Sweet

    Raiden looks Sick
    but when is sepiroth coming
    and will you be making a level pack of him too or something like

    just wondering

    CAn’t Wait for this

  • I’m speachless!!! 5 new levels??? I LOVE you guys!!! You have my 12$ :D You can’t imagine how much I am happy right now!!! :D

  • This is how you do DLC.

    Next I want the Castlevania series please :D

  • *with a whip*

    why no edit:(

  • scha-wing ! off to my in-laws for Xmas … :-/ will be jonesing to get back home ASAP for this.

  • I’m speechless!

    Thank you Mm, Sony, and Konami!

    Merry Christmas everyone!


    This update is amazing!!!!

    Looking forward for team ICO,resistance,ratchet packs too!!!!

  • Day one… hardly can wait for this !!!!

    Why not a unique single pack por U$9.99 for everything?

    I can’t wait to see more DLC from you guys.
    More teaming up with other companies please!!!

  • One word:


    Merry Xmas to me!!!

  • Wow… I’m drooling over that level pack! Usually I’m against paying for DLC, but that one is worth it.

    Any chance of getting a “Young” Snake and possibly the original Gray Fox? Gray Fox is probably my favorite character from the series, so if you made that, I would buy instantly! Also, seeing Snake old like that makes me sad.

  • Great price, I must say! I was really hoping that you’d come out with a level pack before the year was out, and you did! And you overdid yourself entirely! And I really like the Raiden-costume!

  • “Tons of new gameplay, tons of new game-changing objects, and tons of create materials…all for just $5.99 (shesh…did that just sound like an infomercial?)”

    Hahahaha, yes, yes it did. There was even a and wait, there’s more….

    Anyways, this is great news, especially the $5.99 price tag, what’s not to love? I’m certainly impressed, Day 1 purchase for me, time to get back into some LBP.

  • AMAZING! Keep these amazing updates coming!

  • my TWO favorite games of all time in ONE. THIS IS EPIC.
    Thanks MM, SONY and Konami


  • this is just great. You can believe I’ll have it on day one.Will you guys be adding more MGS4 characters maybe later on down the road? I’d really like to have a Johnny Sasaki outfit with him getting sick if you wait too long to move lol!

  • Definitely a first day purchase! I love the new idea with the guns as well!

  • LOVE THE TRAILER! So bought on both the level and costume pack!

    Can we expect something like this when Sephie gets’ released?!

    By the way…… SWORD fight?! or a new flying object [wing(s)] instead of jet pack?

  • I love how everyone was whinning about the LBP DLC, and now there happy and joyful. I have willingly bought every DLC and have enjoyed it, and will continue buying all DLC, because Mm have made the best game ever and ill support them all the way.

    Also, just wondering, will the Week 1 t-shirt ever be available on the store? I really want it please! Ill even play 10 dollars for it! Send me a code or something atleast so that i can buy it, even if you never put it on the store! Fallen_Guardian is my PSN id ;)

    • Hey Fallen_Guardian,

      We addressed this in a previous Sack It To Me post. Unfortunately, the T-shirt is no longer planned for US distribution, but we\’re evaluating how to introduce similar items in the future.

  • Now see, here “level pack” makes sense.

    So two of my three favorite games have come together (not sure how you could work Gran Turismo into LBP), so this is awesome.


    Suddenly that Festive Pack I bought last night doesn’t seem so awesome. Snake swooped in and smacked it.

    Also, I second (or is it third at this point?) the notion of gifting to other PSN members/accounts. I can do it on the Wii, but why would I?

  • congratulations Medial Molecule! you guys have outdone yourselves!!!
    You have my money for every DLC you put into this game, I just have to have it all, and these levels and costumes are the best so far!
    I am looking forward to next year’s dlc!
    Keep up the good work!!!

  • This is extremely impressive. I hope my popit menu can hold all of these goodies. Thanks for the great effort!

  • Very awesome. I’ll be getting the level packs.

  • absolutely epic, getting it as soon as it hits the store, btw mark that trailer MUST be on tv this christmas

  • ey erm i was wondering if you have an update on them multiplayer creating patch? Where more than one person can create? thanks

  • WOW!!

    The game really has changed. I hope the European store update is on the same day. Bloody Christmas!

  • Please tell me you guys are doing something like this for Final Fantasy VII? You guys are releasing final fantasy VII characters. PLEASE TELL ME>

  • New Story Levels and Challenge Levels — THAT is what I’m talkin’ ’bout! It’s one thing to have a costume that thousands of other people are going to have… or to pay for a gift wrap texture when Christmas will be over in less than a week… but new story and challenge levels are what’s going to get me to fork MY money over.

    I can’t wait!
    We get it early with the holidays too!

  • wow im really happy about that:D Any idea about the size of the “level” pack? Im juste curious

  • Wow The paintinator! When I Get The Pack Im going To Spray Everything haha. The 23 Thats So Close Can Wait. o ya i got a Question is anyone Knows The Answer… So Thers 5 pre made Maps that u’ll get in the pack?

  • Very nice.

  • O…M…G…BEST DLC EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Thank you! Merry Christmas.

    Hopefully we will see more content like this in the future.

  • i cant wait to play as solidsack….boy lol this is cool and hopefully you can get more games to jump on board!!

  • I’d like to add another positive voice to what should be an infinite list of review comment praise. This is a high quality product that is worth 1/5th of the purchase price of the original game. A ton of stickers, new content, and new story levels with prizes to earn. Kudos team. If you continue to do joint ventures with other IP’s and companies, there should be no end to your ability to both sell your DLC and keep people playing and buying DLC.

    I was absolutely blown away from the trailer and almost didn’t believe that it was real. You know, one of those “too-good-to-be-true” sort of things. This is the way to do it- complete packs with lots of goodies for one low price.

    I will buy day 1, and will buy any similar packages on day 1 as well.

  • This is great news! I’m very excited.

  • Best DLC ever. I can’t wait to get my hands on it- thanks, MM! It does make the Festive Pack seem a little overpriced now, though…

  • A must buy. I can’t wait to see what Metal Gear Sacklid is going to change into thanks to these packs. Also, nice dig at the trophy levels!

  • w00t! This is amazing thank you Sony,MM and Konami!!!!! :) :)

  • Wow instint buy for me. Thanks for the cool goodies.

  • level pack is something worth spending money on.. you have my lunch money Mm

  • can someone help me I can’t sign in to playstation network…

  • SWEET! I just put some more money on my psn account specifically for that! cant wait for the final fantasy one now… funny for the past month or so ive been downloading all the dlc but havent even played the game since release! sorry there so many good release ive been playing but hey lbp still on my shelf and the new dlc will be waiting when i get back on!

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