LBP Premium Level Packs + Costume Packs (Metal Gear Solid Edition) – on the PS Store 12/23

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Just when you thought we were done with the Holiday surprises (Free Santa, Festive Level Pack, LBC1 winners, etc, etc) we have one more announcement up our sleeve…and it’s a dozy. Over the past few weeks, we’ve been biting our tongues, and finally we can reveal our latest offering (originally ‘somewhat’ announced at this years TGS) – Metal Gear Solid packs – Available 12/23 on the PlayStation Store.

LBP_MGS_Costume_Group LBP_MGS_Level_Kit

Metal Gear Solid Premium Costume Pack
You’ve seen Solid Snake, but have you seen the rest of the cast? (well, ok…maybe you have… ) Meryl Silverburgh, Screaming Mantis & Raiden each have their own costumes from the MGS world. Get all 4 characters for the price of 3 at $5.99 on the PS Store, or pick your favorite and buy it individually for $1.99.

solid_snake_white mgs_raiden_render_complete meryl_render_a001

Metal Gear Solid Premium Level Pack
Now that you know about our Festive Level Pack, which fills your Pop-it tool with a ton of “Create” materials, objects and stickers, our Premium Level Packs introduce that and a whole lot more. So without further adeu…lets talk about what’s inside the MGS Level Pack (and this time we mean “Level” pack…)

First off, you’ll get a new Sackboy costume… the Gurlokovich Soldier.


Plus tons of new stickers (72), materials (12), decorations (10), and objects (18).

targetguy rex

ottaconface snakedoodle ocelot

The objects are especially cool, why you ask…well, in addition to these ‘create’ materials, our Premium Level Packs include new Story Levels and they’re filled these new objects. That’s because, Media Molecule teamed with Konami to create 5 new Story Levels and 1 new Challenge Level for you to enjoy.

[78 3

Now we couldn’t just build a level using the basic tools above, we need music, new sound effects, and new elements to provide a true MGS experience. So you’re getting these in the Level Pack, as well:

  • 3 new background music tracks
  • 1 new interactive music track
  • 1 new Metal Gear Solid themed ‘sound object’
  • New Plasma Ball ‘danger element’
  • New Laser Sight ‘gadget’
  • New functioning Searchlight lamp – for those special ‘exclamation mark’ moments
  • …and finally, the piece de resistance…THE PAINTINATOR (and Paint Switch)


26 56

Now, not only will you be able to run, jump, push, pull, swing, etc, etc in LBP, but now you’ll be able to splatter anything that comes between you and the end of any level. Once you equip the Paintinator, you can send sacksized paintballs flying by mashing on the R1 button and using the right stick to aim. Few things about flying paintballs, when Sackboys are hit with them, it feels like a very weak slap. You can also shoot ‘Brains’ from a safe distance and progress thru levels much easier. In addition to the Paintinator, we’re introducing a Paint Switch, so you can attach it to any object and set it to destruct after being splattered with enough paint. Here’s a video to show you the Metal Gear Solid Level Pack in action…

Add to all that, there are 12 new Trophies to unlock (and if you pay attention to the story at all, we’re not a big fan of Trophy Levels).

So now you see why we’ve been biting our tongue on this announcement. Tons of new gameplay, tons of new game-changing objects, and tons of create materials…all for just $5.99 (shesh…did that just sound like an infomercial?). We absolutely can’t wait to see what the community does with this pack and the new types of levels this will bring to the Share Planet.

And wait…there’s more…
So, here’s one of the coolest things about this pack…you guys know LBP is all about PLAY, CREATE & SHARE – well, you’ll be glad to know that this Level Pack holds true to that. For those who buy the Premium Level Pack, you get everything above (and hopefully a lot of fun in-between). If you don’t buy it, you’ll still be able to enjoy the MGS pack goodness. Here’s how:

  • Non-MGS Level Pack owners can PLAY the MGS Story Levels by joining a “host” who owns the pack and play the levels online together. Now you won’t be able to keep any objects, but you can have tons of fun just PLAYing.
  • MGS Level Pack owners will be able to CREATE levels with any of these items (including the Paintinator) and SHARE them online for everyone to play.

Again, we’re very excited to present this MGS Level Pack to you as a taste of how LBP can and will continue to evolve over time. With the support of our community, whether it’s creating new and awesome levels on the Share Planet or buying our Costumes and Level Packs, we’ll continue to provide more LBP goodness down the road in 2009.

So check back on the PS Store on 12/23 and treat yourself to a present this holiday season :)

Happy Holidays and have a Happy New Year

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17 Author Replies

  • Wow… Simply wow… Amazing job Konami and MM =)

    The characters everyone is fussing about are finally here. But what amazes me the most is the level pack. It’s quite a lot of things and the price is very good for what’s the delivered.

    Honestly, congratz ;)

    PS: I love the fact that you let other players who haven’t bought it to play the new things (not splitting the community). In the end, quite a nice decision cuz I think people will still buy the level pack (I know I will =P)

  • this is awesome consider it paid for….any word on what the next one will be or when will we get our killzone on? probably after the game releases correct? are you guys (mm) planning on releasing any content for your game the same day as the game it refrences? would that be bad form seeing as how you would be detracting from the subject game? and finally one last question (as if any of these will be answerd) when will we see the hdd photo tool?

  • Awwwwwwwwwwwwesome!

    Okay cancel christmas.. I’ll be busy.

  • Cool!
    LBP is endless! Perfect!

  • aw that’s so awesome! Good job guys!

    rknrolla –

  • Now THAT’S how it’s done!
    I’m getting broke with the PSN but you guys know your stuff. Keep up the good work.

  • Oh my lord!

    Sony, Kojima, Mm!….my money is yours!

  • Wow. This is incredible. We need more of this level of content. Especially gameplay changing items like the paintinator.

  • So yeah, you guys got my money, lol.

  • Nice! I think I’m going to be buying the level pack :D Also, loved the video! XD

  • This is how you do DLC.
    A lot of stuff that users really want , and then a lot more ! for such little price.
    MM + Kojima Productions = Win

  • WOW!!! The Premium Level Pack is Awesome!!! Cant wait to try the paintinator and put it in my levels! MGS! MGS! MGS!

    Good Work!

  • This is the best paid for DLC I think I’ve ever seen – and at an amazing price, (and I’m not even a MGS fan)!

    It’s way more than a few items, it has effectively completely changed the game as we know it, opening the door for whole new gametypes.

    Has a UK release been anounced? I’m hoping it’s on the same day.

  • That looks absolutely epic.. One could only imagine what could make this game better, only imagine.. And well, you didn’t just make it a little bit better, but better on a whole new level.. Giving the player the ability to ‘shoot’ in different angles, just tenfolded the creative possibities. I’m amazed to say the least.

    So as I’m still European, I’m going to ask, will this be available at the same time on the european store, yeah?

    Amazing job, can’t wait to try it.. Have a pleasent holiday..

    ohh.. yeah btw, did Kojima have any interaction in this merge? :)


    • Yup, EU will get this as well. I\’m just not sure when their PS Store publishes new content that week.

      Stateside (with the holiday) we have a special publish date on the 23rd.

  • Hmmm…this is cool but unless you guys fix the game I can’t see this as a priority buy. Too bad you guys don’t offer this for free because my respect for Media Molecule’s aptitude for making game would have gone from zero to…well, I would respect them at least.

  • Please at least give us the ability to *present* any DLC to an account of our choice, and make the DLC region free. In Turkey, we have no PSN store, so I buy stuff on a separate account, and I’ve spent over 120usd on PSN games (I have more than 15 psn games), so I am a potential customer, please do not let us down.

    Also, it would be nice if you provided some of the DLC in a patch, free for everyone, such as the game changing splatter gun, but since you allow other users to play with these online, this is less of an issue.

    But not being able to download extra content is much bigger problem..

  • Woooooohoooooo!!!!

    This is game changing. Should make for some great lvl designs.


  • If these are the standards for the coming LBP packs I’m absolutely psyched about the coming Final Fantasy VII pack. I mean… come on… if there’s a Sephiroth sackboy there’s gotta be a FFVII pack :D

  • Can’t wait to go PAINTINATOR CRAZY LOL :).

  • I think that the price of the current sackboys are a bit high but I think this is one heck of a deal. For $5.99 you get all those characters and extra stickers along with new levels and stuff, that is what you guys should do with all sackboy characters made from exclusive sony games.

  • “Please at least give us the ability to *present* any DLC to an account of our choice”
    I second that metion! If Valve’s Steam can do it, PSN should be able to do it too.
    Also giving giftcards via PSN would be nice too.

  • Wow, this is the best DLC for LBP so far. I’ll finally unload my wallet for a LBP add-on, and pretty happy about it too!

    I might end up getting the Christmas pack as well

  • And the price is amazing too! good job!!

  • Amazing!!!!

    I think there can be no-one that can complain about this deal (well there’s always someone, but still).

    Hopefully this will sell by the bucket load and make MM & Kojima loads of money through volume rather than margin and will open the door to more good value, good quality content like this rather than some of the other overpriced rubbish on the PS Store!

    Good job guys, and a nice Christmas surprise!

    One question though – you include MGS themed story levels, and you include a bucket load of MGS themed level content – can I take this to assume LBP level makers are extended the copyright to create as many MGS themed levels as we want to?

    You can’t go giving us all this new stuff and then go pulling levels for copyright infringement!!!

  • Funny, I wans’t planning on getting this but I might have to reconsider.

  • Damn, only 6 bucks. Guess I know what I’m doing over Christmas now.

  • Too cool, I can’t wait to use that paintinator!

  • Where is Home launching for LBP? Is there a patch coming soon?

  • Very awesome, I can’t wait to see more and a Disney content pack with levels. This is so amazing, and the price at $5.99 is great. Mark and the guys, why don’t you consider doing a MGS Ultra Pack for $10? Includes all four costumes + level pack for one low price. Also kudos on the new trophies, I can’t wait to earn those lol

  • So, can the paintinator be used from a jetpack? It would cause some pretty shweet level designs if you could! I’m going to have to go buy a 20$ PSN card again, lol.

  • Whoa!

    My two favourite games this year combined as one!

    <3 Media Molecule!

  • I think the total it’s 11.98 bucks plus taxes..

    5.99 level pack
    5.99 costume pack

    anyways this is a day one purchase for me!

  • Amazing…
    Seriously over 9000 kudos to you.
    This has to be one of the best updates for a game I’ve ever seen.

    I do have a question though,
    The PAINTINATOR is mapped to R1 for fire.. But R1 is also used for grabbing sponge-like objects…

    If the PAINTINATOR is eqpuipped, and Sackboy is faced with the usual ‘jump and grab the ball of sponge and swing across’ endevour, how will this work?

    If grabbing is dominant to firing, then this could cause a problem if Sackboy is standing on a sponge material and has to shoot something, he will just grab the floor.

    If shooting is dominant then Sackboy will just shoot and fall to his death.

    Thats my only question.
    Hope you can reply :)


    • You\’re correct – when you have the Paintinator, you can no longer grab…but its not really an issue. It all goes down to game design. Think of the Paintinator like the Jetpack, there are times to use it – it just depends on you, the game designer.

  • This looks awesome. My only complaint is the same I made on during week one. LBP looked unfinished, or rushed. Story mode wasn’t near as deep as I was hoping for. Now it seems these new packs are the finishing touches that it needs. Don’t get me wrong, I love LBP. Now it just seems this is going to be another $98US game like Motorstorm was when it was first released. Good game, just no depth. After you purchase a few more tracks, etc. Now you got a complete game for the price of $100.

  • @ fede_pyro, way to burst my bubble! I was reading it quickly and read it as $5.99 for the level stuff and the costumes!

    Oh well, still a very nice update, but $5.99 for the levels and costumes would have been awesome! Maybe a discounted double pack would be an idea?

    Oh well, at least it has trophies!

  • Wow. Just wow. And the best part: the last two points is reassuring that these awesome Level Packs won’t split the community like many DLCs do these days. As usual, brilliant wizards of Mm, Sony and Konami, thanks a lot.

    Got a question though: the Level Pack is separate from the Costume Pack, right? Meaning $11.98 total for everything on this post, right?

  • Simply amazing!

  • There should be a costume+level pack bundle!

  • I see nothing wrong with this.

  • Thanks for the Xmas gift Sony, Konami and specially you guys fo MM for the awesomenes that is LBP, you guys sure know how to make a legacy.

  • Congratulations Media Molecule. This is precisely what we needed: Attractive prices.

    I am not a fan of paying for costumes for any game really, but this time, for the exceptional effort you have produced, i will be getting Snake’s costume with the Level Pack.

    Keep it up MM. It’s all about the money: The more attractive, the more you will sell. I know what i am talking about.


  • $12 for all that, and on my birthday. Perfect! Happy birthday to me!

  • Day one! I haven’t bought any ofthe LBP DLC but this, this is day 1!

  • youhouhouu.. LBP and now this DLC are the best thing that have come to the and for the PS3. LBP is the only federator PS3 game. If you continue with that quality DLC (and with Trophies! Shame to CAPCOM who doesn’t exist to me anymore), whohooo (but please, not every week, too much is too much..)
    Great great great, Big thanx ! (well, some people will be able to launch any rumor that this will come to the xbox ?:)

  • Sounds Solid!!

  • A question about the Paintinator (which btw seems really cool!):

    If I build a level that requires the Paintinator to finnish, is it then possible for Sackgirls and Sackboys that has not bought the level pack to complete those levels?

    Is the Paininator something you can equip in all levels? In that case it seems like the game will be easire to finnish when you use it (since you can kill some enemies from a distance).

    • Check out the bottom of the post we address near the end…but in short…yes, all Sackpeople have the right to bare arms (or is it bear arms)


  • Holy Crap! That is amazing!

  • <<>>

    Re: Music – its actually:
    – 3 background tracks
    – 1 interactive track.

    Will work on editing the original post (out of my hands).

    Apologies for the mix up

  • @ 45- Since you will be sharing it, they can have play your level with the paintinator.

  • at @47

    3 bg traks, 1 interactive track? @_@ feel my goosebumps of joy!!!!!

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