inFamous Goes Hands-On

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Hey there, Internet people, Nate Fox here from Sucker Punch Productions. For those of you who may not recognize the name, we’re the guys who made the Sly Cooper games. I have the pleasure of being Game Director on our new title inFamous. inFamous is an open world, superhero adventure where you (the player) get to experience first hand what it’s like to suddenly acquire superpowers. We’ve been working hard to get the game ready to finally show off and now that day has arrived! Well, actually it arrived early this week when a couple guys from IGN showed up for inFamous’ first hands-on demo.

Check out what IGN thought of their hands-on experience:

It was fun to watch the journalist as he climbed to the top of a building, spotted a thug down on street level, then lept towards his head, building up an electrical charge all the way down.

The impact was beautiful, cars and people went flying.

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  • @ 7 and 26 i really dont care where they show it doesn’t matter to me if it x play ign or sonyfan whatever as long as i can see it i dont buy games by looking at picture or there review you know that points or star system crap i have to 1 see a play able demo 2 if i can download and play it myself and 3 use my own eyes and mind and jug it myself i never get hype up and buy a game on what game magazines or shows say . as for sony showing there game on quote on quote pro 360 supporter i say great that there doing it so other people who have other systems can see it and may want to buy a ps3 that 1 game could send them over have anyone know the words impulse buying ? there are people who do that some all ready want to buy a ps3 but see that one thing that push them in buying. i work at a large retail store and from october to december we been selling out of ps3 so whatever you think about sony game plains they must be doing something right cause last year they were not at the level they are now.

  • Might even get this on day 1

  • this game looks incredible!

  • my game of the year for 2009 no matter what. well unless god of war 3 comes out which i doubt. or heavy rain has same crazy cool story.

  • Looks great. I love platforming in games such as Assassin’s Creed and Uncharted, and now we get to use an electrically charged bad*** to do it.

    I’ll be keeping an eye on this game for sure.

  • *unrelated but still might be good for Sony to read*

    just sayin’, throwin’ this studio money to make sure they stay afloat and us PS3 owners either get TimeSplitters 4 exclusively OR with exclusive something out of it…..that is all I am saying…..hehe they’d make a great internal studio plz?!?!

  • Amazing!

  • ATTENTION SUCKER PUNCH : please DON’T release a demo or beta of this game. Demos and betas don’t work well for all game genres, and I get the impression it would do more harm than good for the overall expectations the fans will have for this game. Work hard on it and keep the surprise factor on your side. And don’t you dare releasing this game without MARKETING THE HELL OUT OF IT first!

  • A Sly Cooper cameo in this game would be great, just have him walk by. Why don’t developers make things like this happen, would add another layer of fun looking out for him.

  • @57- There’s no reason for them to release a beta if there is no multiplayer gameplay. :|

    And call me crazy but I’m guessing this game will get a demo. ;)

  • When i 1st saw this game, i hve no idea wut it is and i wasnt interested, but when i saw all the trailers and interviews, I was amaze im definitely getting this game.

  • Nate, ignore themule. Yes, absolutely, 100%, oh hell yeah I want a demo of this game, but not because I need to “try before I buy.” I already KNOW I’m buying it. I’d just like a taste of things to come.

  • man, those running animations crack me up! they are funnier than Warhawks!

  • @ enigma – what’s wrong with the running animation? you do know that the game is going for a comic book feel right?


  • Cant wait to Shock Everything and Everyone ;)

    Peace Out, 8)

  • @64

    I didn’t know comic book heroes run like they have underwear that’s 2 sizes too small… It just looks really awkward (his legs are too far apart at the knees) and his hands are too robotic… its like he’s half sprinting, half squatting

  • i agree with the dude who was talking about you shouldn’t die when your in water. that should be another weakness that he have.if he do get wet he just cant use his powers and if a player try either nothing happen or he eletricute themselves and die. maybe make an enemy who have water for power. that way both of Cole and the enemy have each other weakness

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