inFamous Goes Hands-On

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Hey there, Internet people, Nate Fox here from Sucker Punch Productions. For those of you who may not recognize the name, we’re the guys who made the Sly Cooper games. I have the pleasure of being Game Director on our new title inFamous. inFamous is an open world, superhero adventure where you (the player) get to experience first hand what it’s like to suddenly acquire superpowers. We’ve been working hard to get the game ready to finally show off and now that day has arrived! Well, actually it arrived early this week when a couple guys from IGN showed up for inFamous’ first hands-on demo.

Check out what IGN thought of their hands-on experience:

It was fun to watch the journalist as he climbed to the top of a building, spotted a thug down on street level, then lept towards his head, building up an electrical charge all the way down.

The impact was beautiful, cars and people went flying.

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  • I can’t wait for this game. I am really not so much into open world games but Crackdown changed my mind and this game will take over my life.

  • I am so getting this game!!!

  • Hey Nate… thanks for stopping by.

    Speaking of Nate’s, what prompted you and the team to change the lead characters name from the original Nathan then to Dylan and now to Cole?

    Is the Nate space too crowded these days for a third Nathan? (Alongside Nathan Drake & Nathan Hale?)

    And have we finally settled on the name Cole for our hero?

  • Wow, game looks awesome.

  • Nate, I read somewhere about a method of transporting…the first thing that came to my mind is being able to transport as a being of energy. Is there anything like that or am I too imaginative?

  • Nice, he can zip around on powerlines. Im definately getting this game.

  • Such a waste for the retarded fanboys at IGN to get to check the game out. Now that Sony has more direct access to real gamers through this site and other Sony sites and now Home that these amazing exclusives can get direct promotion to the people who will actually be buying the games.

    Let actual PS3 owners get hands on with these games and interview theme. And let people watch the interviews right here.

    Enough with Sony blindly sending out their huge numbers of amazing exclusives just to have them trashed by one of massive number of Xbox fanboys now infesting the gaming media all with the hope of handing out 7/10s “Didn’t live up to teh Sony Hype, Gears of War looks better” garbage trying change the outcome of the console race.

  • These enemy characters look so boring, please tell me there will be some variety in the end.

  • Oh boy, when I first saw game I was 100% apathetic, but now… now it’s right up there with Uncharted and Killzone on my “uncontrollably excited for” list. Counting GoW, how can we have so many potentially amazing exclusives coming next year???

  • Why keep teasing us! I want this already :(

  • why does the main character look like Nathan Hale……is someone being lazy

  • Game looks SICK!!!!

  • Looks great, although I’ve never played any sly cooper games before but this looks amazing, Day 1 purchase for me definitely(cause i sure do love the super power of electricity)

    can we expect a demo and many side quests?

  • GOD! This game looks so amazing! This has only gotten me to want this game even more. The IGN preview kind of shocked me. The guy said the game was amazing and he put his reputation on the line for it.

    I’ve always been excited for this game, but this… It’s a bit better than I expected.

  • Anyword on a new Sly Cooper game?

  • “For those that don’t recognize the name?” OMG…..Martians read the PlayStation.Blog!?

    All joking aside, I read the preview, saw the videos, and listened to Greg Miller gloss about this game on two podcasts (BEYOND!!!!!!), and while my opinion on Home is the polar opposite of his, we are unified in our opinion of inFamous. I WILL own this game within 5 minutes of it hitting store shelves here in Reno. Looks great, seems fun, and I need it.

    Also, Nate, congrats on your first post here on the ol” PSB. Hope to see much more.

  • This is one of the coolest games of 2009 so far. My god I can’t wait for this.

  • i have great respect for sucka punch they keep me coming back for sly this game from what i seen so far!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @8: Guess you didn’t see any footage of the supervillians. Trust me; the baddies change.

  • @ Violater: What did you want, more aliens? Do you people EVER stop complaining?

  • Ok, so after watching the video I have to admit, lacking the ability to swim is kind of crappy. I mean its just one of those things that has been a limitation for so long in sandbox games and one that was always an issue until now. It just seems like, idk, cheap, really cheap. So now if you fall in water your dead is always just a really big gameplay killer. Why not make it so when he’s about to fall in water he can create an electrical orb around him to push himself off the surface of the water and let him sort of float back to land so that way you don’t kill any bit of the gameplay. Just saying. At least consider something like that. We all have such high hopes for this game so please think of something, water being a killer for a character is just such a previous gen thing :/

  • Plus, just as a continuation to my post #21, jetting over water in a electric orb thing would be awesome :D. So hopefully you guys will think of something besides just letting water kill you.

  • We know the game is coming in Spring and it a MUST buy for me. But is it early Spring, Late Spring or somewhere in the middle of Spring.

  • Looking better every time I see it Nate. Remember to breathe!

  • The XPLay footage is out on the net. After seeing it I am utterly blown away. 2009 is going to be EPIC!

  • im sold getting it day 1 , and i do agree with whoerver said that sony promote their games in the wrong places sometimes( g4,lamespot, eurogamer etc) they live in M$ land, playstation network is growing by the day, promote your games where it matters sony , just take a look at how many people complain when g4 gets all the best exclusives previews , dont get me wrong ign is a good place to promote your games , playstation network’s new show PULSE would be great too , and as i said b4 im geting infamous day 1

  • not sure about this game yet.
    im not that into open world games.
    but i have a feeling there is more to the game then what they are telling us.

    what do we know about story mode.. other mutants powers etc.
    i have had a lot of fun in gta sa just causing havoc and getting the cops to come.
    will the miltary/cops come if you start destroying stuff?

    is it kind of like mirrors edge where you just deliver packages?

    id like a game like this if it had a nice comic book story line and characters like xmen.

  • Okay, I’m fully impressed.

    For this preview stage, the game is already showing some serious polish and the physics and explosions, along with the open-world scheme look fantastic.

  • Did IGN take those screenshots with a cell phone?

  • Looks great! I think I will like this a lot more than Assassin’s Creed and Mirror’s Edge! I just wanna see some melee though.

  • I want to see my hands on this game. :-)

    Thanks for the info

  • Easily my most anticipated game of ’09. This game just keeps getting better and better, Sucker Punch, you guys have outdone yourselves once more.

    And don’t think I don’t recognize the Rail Slide from Sly Cooper while Cole is sliding down that pole. :P

  • @iExile
    Really everyone with masks and red hoodies? do you find that to be a good variety or even remotely interesting?
    I know they are all humans but you have to admit its looking sparce.

  • electricity is fun so the way i see it: electricity + superhuman abilities = inFinite FUN. this game looks soooo sick nasty.


  • Is this game going to have in-game access to music stored on the ps3 hard drive, i.e. custom soundtracks?

  • Looks like it has potential and it could be really fun. I hope it’s better than Force Unleashed, which is the first game that comes to mind when I see this.

  • great game by a great developer studio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • great game + great developer studio=must buy game!

  • Hopefully we get a demo.

    Would be quite cherries and sugar to be able to try this out, old boy. Chip chip.

  • this game looks fantastic, beautiful beautiful destruction and a very interesting storyline this is a game everyone has thought about and gone “wow thats an awesome idea” but you guys are the first to really do it. Another day one buy for me. BTW i loved the sly cooper games. So thank you SUCKER PUNCH

  • This game is really starting to look more and more beautiful. Cant wait to get my hands on it

  • You guys should become 1st Party and part of SCEWWS

  • R.E.S.P.E.C.T!

    City n’

    I have to say, I’ve kinda been skeptical about open world games lately, but seeing this video makes me wanna play it now!

  • I can’t wait–normally I am not into open world, but this looks GOOD!!!!!

    Keep it up guys!

  • Please tell me you guys are going to throw in a Three Amigos reference with the word “infamous” :P

    Looking good!

  • Another gem for 09 :).

  • I just started playing the sly series last month (and I’m on 3 now) and I really respect the work you guys did on the sly games, so I’m really looking forward to playing inFamous.

    The only thing about it that doesn’t look amazing are the climbing animations, hopefully those will be upgraded ;)

  • The climbing actually looks a lot better in the IGN video than it did in the Xplay video, so I take it back :P

  • i cant wait for this game either. Next time im near gamestop it will be going on preorder.

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