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inFamous Morning
We know many of you have been looking to see more on inFamous. Sucker Punch is hard at work on the title, and so with 2009 almost upon us, we thought it would be a good time to give you an update.

Tune in tonight for an exclusive look at inFamous on G4TV’s X-Play at 8 pm EST, 5 pm PT.

inFamous Stormy
Then, on Friday afternoon, look out for IGN’s first hands-on reveal. Sucker Punch’s Nate Fox, game director, also will be making his blog debut on Friday to give you the lowdown on where the team is with development and what’s to come.

Stay tuned …

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  • BTW…could this be our version of that other console’s Crackdown?

  • Man, I get more excited for this game with every reveal.

    Can’t wait!

  • @14

    You are sooo right dude. G4 are the number one bashers of anything Sony.

    Graphically Infamous is looking like Uncharted 2. 2009 is going to be sweet!

  • This game is looking awesome, i cant wait to get my hands on it, btw i still use the infamous theme on my ps3 its one of the best theme released

  • Prototype does look look like crap. It has to be downgraded to run on the weak 360 graphics hardware and tiny 7 gigabyte DVDs. Also what gameplay they’ve shown so far looks poor.

  • People have also been saying the same thing about GTA IV. Prototype’s length hasn’t been said yet, but none of the Prototype devs have went on the defensive early on about their game’s length either like Nate Fox has.

  • nice thanx for the heads up

  • “inFamous inFo inComing”

    I see what you did there!!!

    All this money poured into new exclusives should have been spent in securing a game like GRAND THEFT AUTO IV as a PS3 exclusive. It would have payed off a lot more….

    Oh well.

    I still love you, Sony.

  • Rockstar is a has been.

    GTA4 was a stinking pile of crap. Wasting money on making an exclusive would of just meant it wouldn’t have have had the terrible downgraded Xbox 360 graphics.

    Worst main character.
    Worst story – I don’t anyone who bothered to get more than 1/3 to 1/2 way through before moving on to better games.

  • Awesome-o! Infamous looks spectacular.

  • have the psn stores been updated ? its getting late > 11.06pm in uk.

  • @61

    Its looking like the PS Store is going to get updated around 8pm eastern.

  • Will this game have in-game access to music stored on the PS3 hard drive?

  • at f3aturepreacher , i believe infamous game director will be making a debut tomorrow here in the blog, perhaps tomorrow is the appropriate time to ask that question cuz as of today they havent talked about it yet

  • InFamous looks so sweet. I love open world games!!!!! I’m going to explode! (head pops)

  • Sweet! Can’t wait!!

  • I’m excited for inFamous, but I too would like to know more about the length. Doesn’t have to be 100 hours long, but I would be sad if it was an experience similar to Uncharted or Prince of Persia. Both are great games I love, but they are a different style.

  • Most excellent!

    This is going to really be a great game among a lot of other great Playstation 3 games in 2009.

    And for those that don’t have G4TV, you should check out because the footage will show up there. They even have a PS3 video portal so I watch G4TV content streamed through the browser on my PS3! :)

  • If these are actual in-game screen shots, they look wonder. I hope the game play will be just as impressive.

  • Why does it have to be G4? Gross.

  • I’m betting $100 with anybody on here that the game wont look as crisp and clean on my Sony 1080p HDTV. I’ve witness this so many times before. That’s why I don’t get excited over screen shots. I’ll keep my judgment until I actually see the game on my HDTV. My TV is also connected via HDMI cables.

  • Why hasn’t Sony bought Sucker Punch Studios yet? This game looks phenomenal.

  • Are you ready to become Infamous?- Phil Harrison.

    Yes, yes I am.

  • at ghostm , is your hdtv calibrate it???? because i have a 46″ xbr4 sony 1080p and motorstorm pacific rift looks just like the screenshots they post in this blog

  • @ 74

    Yes it is. I actually got Sony rep over the phone to help. It still doesn’t match these incredible screen shots.

  • At long last, something about inFamous. Yay. Thanks for the heads up.

  • wow man , dont know what to tell you my games look absolutely incredible in my tv especially mgs4,uncharted,gt5p,motorstorm2,ratchet and clank tools of destruction

  • @ 77

    Don’t get me wrong. My games looks good too. It just doesn’t match up to those screen shots that pops up on the web. The only 2 games that actually meets those criteria are MGS4, Wipeout HD and GT5 Prologue.

  • @78

    That’s actually 3 games lol

  • yea wipeout hd looks incredible too , i just saw the first part of the interview in g4 , infamous is looking great , cant wait to play it

  • @ 79

    LOL! My mistake.


    I’ll wait for the footage to hit the web. I don’t like watching G4 since they always hating on PS3. It’s like the 360 network. Olivia Munn is the only reason for me watching anything on that channel. She is gorgeous, funny and sexy!

    Will there be a PSN Store update today?

  • Looking forward for some more HD videos of this. Want to see how its changed since E3.

  • Man I can’t wait for this game :D

  • There’s two more games that looks incredible. Uncharted 1 and Heavenly Sword. So I guess that’s a total of 5 games.

  • just watched the xplay show off of this game. im looking forward to it. looks like it will be fun.

    SIDE NOTE: first time really seeing xplay and my god the show is so boring and the hosts are really geeky and so malibu barbie. “like omg like how did you like get to become like a game master like”.

  • Will Sucker Punch please make a PS3 Sly Cooper game!

  • G4 sucks..Peace!

  • inFamous inComing!!! yes this looks tight and yes i will be buying. thanks for the awesome looking exclusive sucker punch. can’t wait for more details on the story but it already sounds bad*ss. cannot wait. saying 09 is gonna be huge is surely an understatement!


  • @Alyssa Casella

    this game looks incredible.

    I have an off topic question since you are the PR manager for SCEA.

    Free radical is apparently having a tough time finding a publisher for timesplitters 4.I know Haze sucked but the premise behind that game was awful(the whole nectar thing).

    I believe Sony should publish this game.Just help them a little with the technical stuff for PS3 and you got you self a very good exclusives.(all of timesplitters games have been above 90 games from IGN and gamespot).

    Just discuss this with SCEA members and don’t close your eyes on a good opportunity. Since they are struggling you can get a good deal and make a very good game exclusive.

    Please give this a consideration.

  • 2009 is shaping up to be another year for PS3.

    Good job Sony. I’ll keep buying the games as long as you keep making them!

  • The Sly Cooper games were some of my favorite PS2 games, thus making me like Sucker Punch a lot. I believe this game will be totally awesome, since Sucker Punch is behind it. :)

  • I never played it, but I heard that Rocket for the Nintendo 64 was great. It was also a Sucker Punch game.

  • I’ve been looking forward to this for awhile, and with how long it’s taking I’m expecting great things. Bring on frying enemies’ organs from the inside! >=}

    I may end up watching the X-Play thing, but I’m kind of hoping I can see the footage somewhere else- G4’s not exactly my favorite channel. And you can’t help but think that the reason the name starts “X-” has something to do with a certain box…

  • Cant wait to pick this up when it hits. :)

  • The enemy characters need a whooole lot more variety, see uncharted/Assasins Creed reviews don’t make the same mistakes.

  • fluffy.bunnys.rule

    I love the game. Gonna be awesome, but any idea what it’s going to be rated yet?

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