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inFamous Morning
We know many of you have been looking to see more on inFamous. Sucker Punch is hard at work on the title, and so with 2009 almost upon us, we thought it would be a good time to give you an update.

Tune in tonight for an exclusive look at inFamous on G4TV’s X-Play at 8 pm EST, 5 pm PT.

inFamous Stormy
Then, on Friday afternoon, look out for IGN’s first hands-on reveal. Sucker Punch’s Nate Fox, game director, also will be making his blog debut on Friday to give you the lowdown on where the team is with development and what’s to come.

Stay tuned …

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  • So much detail in the game. Can’t wait!

  • A shame I don’t get G4TV I would of liked to have seen it. 2009 is gearing up to be quite nice.

  • ive been waiting on this game thx!

  • looks real nice.

  • Sweet teaser. Looking forward to more info.

  • Awesome. I’m sure the game will be great, my only concern is the length, since we had a comment a while back from a dev that implied that it was a very short game.

  • 1st day buy. Thanks for the update, Alyssa.

  • Awwww yeah! Love me some Sucker Punch games and I can’t wait to get my hands on this one!

  • @#2 you can download it from their website, they always put their stuff up after the show airs!!!

    OT: SWEEEEET, I’ve really been looking forward to this game from the first moment I saw it!!! :D

  • I still don’t get it….is INFAMOUS some kind of SECOND SIGHT mixed with a GTA atmosphere?

  • Great, been looking forward to new info on this game for awhile now.

  • It sucks that G4 keeps getting all this exclusive stuff, when they obviously don’t like the Playstation Brand. Attack of the Show trying to get people to crash Home? Bunch of idiots

  • sweet! im so looking forward to this game thanks for the info guys looks to be a day one buy for me :)

  • Day one.

    Absolutely loved all three Sly Cooper games. And this game looks amazing from the footage shown so far.

    Can’t believe so many huge AAA games are piling up so fast on my gaming shelf. Even the mighty PS2 didn’t have this many huge games so fast.

    It is amazing the massive leap in quality PS3 exclusives have over the crappy multiplatform titles. The massive PS3 graphical power advantage and 25/50GB vs 3.5/7GB storage space advantage is staggering this gen.

  • So many games so little money …
    G4 sucks!

  • just readin bout this game in Playstaiton magazine and couldnt wait to here even more about the game

  • Yes!! I needed more info. now

    still not so sure about this game

  • Just great, now I have to wait until Friday to see the new details and gameplay. I have G4TV, but that channel is too much of a MS fanboy.

  • Another great looking game. Thanks for the info.

  • I was interested in this game, but was turned off by Nate Fox’s defensive speech about quality over quantity and how he liked games that weren’t long, but were real fun. Even if the game is quality I’m tired of paying $64 dollars for short games. So I’ll be skipping and picking up Prototype instead.

  • Thanks for the heads up. This game has been on my mind since the debut at E307. Hope the extra development time gives it the same level of polish as Killzone 2.

    Now all we need to know about is Gran Turismo 5, and the Team Ico game. In any case PS3 is looking like the only place to be next year if you are a hardcore gamer.

  • No doubt this game will be great. I mean, it’s SUCKER PUNCH!

  • @22 Bender Rodriguez
    And how long is Prototype?
    You have yet to see or read how long this game is going to be and how much re-playability there is going to be for this game, and you already made a judgment on not buying it because it might be short. Define Short?

  • I’ve been hyped about this one since I first laid eyes on it. When the official trailers started pouring in my jaw just dropped. Day one purchase. Sucker Punch are right up there with Naughty Dog and Insomniac for me.

  • HELL YEAH!!! man im looking forward to this game. 2009 looks like a great year for the PS3, with inFamous, Uncharted 2, Killzone 2, GOW 3(hopefully) and not to mention some good multiplatform games coming out. Like Street Fighter 4 and I wont get my hopes up for FF 13 comin out in 09.

  • I’m really looking forward to this. Keep up the good work. Remember, a product released slightly late with quality is better than a product rushed.

  • You guys had me the moment you unveiled this game! I just wish there wasn’t inFamous, Killzone 2, Street Fighter IV, and Resident Evil 5 to buy right at the start of the new year. :'(

  • I’m excited.

  • @ Bender Rodriguez: Prototype looks like utter garbage. I remember watching a walkthrough with the developers and oh man I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. The graphics are terrible (looks like GTA IV), the running animations are awful, the frame rate is horrendous, and I could go on.

    You could go ahead and say that you prefer Prototype but do you even know how long that game is going to be? No, you do not. You’re just assuming it’s going to be longer than InFamous just because Nate said he prefers quality. Wtf?

    It’s because of people like you that our developers turn their backs on us. You’d rather buy bland multi-platform games and then complain and blame Sony when our exclusives go multi-platform.

  • This is a day 1 purchase for me! Please make sure you guys add HOME integration in the future! Plenty of unlockables and you are sold!!

  • inFamous is gonna be sweet no doubt. Looking forward to it and all this new info.

    Also guys that made Sly Cooper…epic win for sure.

  • Pretty excited about this game, and those shots look great. I’m just a little worried about the whole shooting electricity thing, but I trust you to make it work!

  • Heavy Rain, and inFAMOUS info = a GREAT day :)

  • inFamous had me at Sucker Punch. Can’t wait for the game guys.

  • One of my most-wanted titles of ’09. Bring on the updates.

  • Hurray for more non shooters!

  • iExile Prototype looks better than inFamous in my opinion. It’s made by Sierra. Whom I’ve bought many titles from. I’ve never bought any titles from Sucker Punch. You said GTA IV looks like crap? The game was diappointing, but it was far from crap in the graphics department.

  • This game looks promising. Looking forward for updates.

  • Do you know if Sucker Punch will be making a new Sly Cooper game?

  • Can’t wait, was wondering when we’d hear more about Infamous.

    Will it have multiplayer? co-op?

  • You’re appealing to my sense of games where I can make death defying leaps and climb things.

    I’m fairly certain Sucker Punch made this gaming knowing what I like.

  • Sweet!
    Now I have to be broke all year long, not just one season! :D

  • Darn…

    I don’t get G4. :(

  • Please please please give us a demo!

  • wow infamous and heavy rain info in one day … excellent, gow3 ,uncharted2 trailers last week, infamous , heavy rain info today, killzone2 two months away from released date, white knight chronicles release in japan this month , sony you obviously have the in house power to make the ps3 a real success , hope the marketing on these huge games will be AAA lol ,and a price cut actually do happen and you’ll have a dream year in 09

  • I finally got around to playing the sly series (currently on 3) and I now have a lot of respect for sucker punch. I can’t wait to find out about inFamous!

  • At first glance INFAMOUS looks like GTA with super powers in place of guns…Let’s hope there’s more than meets the eye with this one!

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