Exciting News on SingStar Backwards Compatibility!

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It’s the first anniversary of SingStar for PLAYSTATION 3 and we have a special celebration gift for loyal PlayStation 2 SingStars: the ability to play our collection of PS2 discs through SingStar PS3! Released today, the free online update to SingStar PS3 allows PS2 SingStars to upgrade to PS3 and take their whole collection of discs with them. And you PS3 SingStars can now dust off your PS2 discs and relive the SingStar parties of holidays past.

All you need to do is connect to PlayStation Network. Once the update is downloaded (automatically), you’re good to go. Start your SingStar PS3 session as normal by loading any SingStar PS3 disc – then, you’ll be able to swap it for any PS2 disc for the rest of the session. Next time around, just repeat the process and start again!


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  • @ Everyone about BC of the PS3.

    I have the 60 Gig Model and it plays my ENTIRE library of PS2 games. I have over 100 PS2 Games and have yet to find one that will not play on my PS3. Now I think it is only the the Original 60 Gig model that has the actual PS2 engine in it…but if you can find one, it is worth picking up if you still have quite a few PS2 games, like I do! It was well worth it!

  • This is really great feature and long waited.

    Also I wanted to know when will Singstar Queen will be released, I know you released 2 packs of Queen games, but there also where sad there will be released full Queen Singstar game, is it canceled? I am waiting for Singstar Queen to jump in Singstar world, also buying Singstar 1 for PS3 and also looking at some cool rock games for PS3, that are know available with this cool update, so question is; When will be Singstar Queen released?

  • @ 48

    What youve heard is exactly correct. The Sing Star Store is totally lame. You might want to wait a while until they put some work on the Sing Star Store. Right now its not worth the investment. It is a great game to play with friends and family. Wireless mics would totally be awesome!

  • Add wireless mics, trophies and I’m going to buy my first Singstar game.

  • Wireless mics are coming next year. On the official Playstation forums they have announced it for next year (even though it first was announced 2 years ago)

    For limitations on saving songs to hard drive and why not all PS2 songs are on the Store, it has to do with copyrights. Blame it on the ugly music business

  • It works on 40gb ps3 with no retrocompability on ps2 games?

  • Is it just me or is reading from the old PS2 discs extremely noisy?! I have a first gen 80gig så i could just pop in the old discs, but I like the HD interface of SingStar PS3 :D

    Also: Wireless mics ftw! Lips already has it, so Singstar needs it yesterday.

  • @ 57

    Sing Star should’ve had wireless mics wayyyyy before Lips. I don’t know why we didn’t beat M$ to the punch. Some how we are always a few steps behind M$. I’m soooo tired of that. Damnit!

  • On PS2 the whole wired mics wasn’t so bad. Now we have the tech with the PS3 (blue tooth, Wifi etc.) That should’ve been a given.

  • This is crap, I don’t want to have to switch discs to get to different songs. The ps3

  • Argh, hit enter by accident. The ps3 has a hard drive, lets use it. If you don’t want to import to HD from discs because then release track pacsk on psn. (And make the cost slightly less than the retail discs)

  • Bring back PS2 backwards compatibility. It’s absurd that we lost this great and expected feature.

  • aedi looc a si taht.

  • I’m glad…if it also means I can play European discs in my system now too.

  • The wireless mic is ready and is in testing. Some guy is in the testing program and got it for free. Below is a link on flikr showing the comparison between the wired/wireless/and lips microphone. I must say that the singstar wireless mic is pretty fugly if you ask me, but at least it is wireless. It won’t be blutooth so you will have to plug in a usb receiver.


  • @57

    Same “noisy” problem here (ps3 60gb). When using the PS2 discs the drive is constantly searching (moving the laser back and forth) and making a lot of noise. I don’t really think it’s healthy for the PS3 to use these PS2 discs – the BD-drive will wear down quickly. Apart from the drive noise everything plays ok. When playing the PS2 singstar game on the PS3 (in emulation mode, not from PS3 singstar) no noise is made from the drive.

    Anybody with the same problem?

  • I went out and bought Singstar specifically because I can now play the ps2 versions and they work great. Thank you!!

  • I have a even better idea.

    How about you follow the lead of Harmonix and Rockband and allow us to rip the discs to our PS3 hard drives instead?

    Disc swappping is archaic and old. Get with the times and utilize the built in hard drive that comes with the PS3.

  • I can’t get this to work. :(… I have singstar vol.3 for PS3 and Singstar Bollywood for PS2… When I attempt to the the disc swap procedure I get “This is not a singstar disc. Insert a singstar disc to continue”.

    I have done the latest update for singstar.


  • Does anyone know if the singstar country disc will also work, I bought this a while back, thinking it would work with my PS3, which is one the models that is backwards compabible, and no luck, although Amped and the 80’s version work fine..

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