Exciting News on SingStar Backwards Compatibility!

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It’s the first anniversary of SingStar for PLAYSTATION 3 and we have a special celebration gift for loyal PlayStation 2 SingStars: the ability to play our collection of PS2 discs through SingStar PS3! Released today, the free online update to SingStar PS3 allows PS2 SingStars to upgrade to PS3 and take their whole collection of discs with them. And you PS3 SingStars can now dust off your PS2 discs and relive the SingStar parties of holidays past.

All you need to do is connect to PlayStation Network. Once the update is downloaded (automatically), you’re good to go. Start your SingStar PS3 session as normal by loading any SingStar PS3 disc – then, you’ll be able to swap it for any PS2 disc for the rest of the session. Next time around, just repeat the process and start again!


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  • Yup, it’s awesome news indeed. I already wrote a blog entry somewhere comparing SingStar PS2 discs on PS3, when compared to just playing them on PS2. They look pretty nice and I’m happy overall.

    However SCEE London, when will the NA be getting it’s SingStore update that’s posted on SingStargame.com.

    Thanks. :D

  • Great update! =D
    Thanks! =D

  • Cool, how about bring BC to all PS3s?
    Obviously it’s possible, this game proves that. What’s the hold up?

  • That’s a good idea.

  • @ mywhitenoise, the game is only reading the music tracks on the disc (not actually playing a PS2 SingStar just like on PS2). It’s not an actual emulation trying to make PS2 graphics display on PS3. There’s a big difference between this and emulation.

  • Does this mean that soon we will be able to play ps2 games on the ps3?


    I have been waiting for this for a long time.

    When does the XMAS song pack come out?

  • It works great.

  • Will PAL versions of PS2 Singstars work in my North American PS3?

  • So does it load the PS3 interface for the PS2 disc and have the downloaded songs? or does it just load the PS2 game as-is and really means nothing to me since I have B.C. on my 20 gb?

  • Why not just leave them loaded on the hard drive? Kind of rediculous to make me swap out PS2 discs constantly. If files on the disc can be read, they can also be copied. Cool idea, just a half-*ss way of executing it.

  • When can we expect to see the Sing Star Trophy patch?

    You guys really need to work on the Sing Star Music Store. The selections are really not up to par at all. Step your game up!!! Where are the current songs? I bought this game expecting a whole lot more. Instead we are getting a disc swap feature. Why cant I just download the ABBA songs from the Sing Star Store? I don’t want to have to buy the bluray. What’s the point of having a HDD?

  • Also in Europe? -_-

  • Wait does this mean BC is coming back slowly????

  • @crazzy

    The swap will just load the tracks off the PS2 disc so you use Singstar PS3’s interface.

  • This is an update that I have been waiting for. However….

    Does this update really work? Mine sits at checking disc, please wait 100% and you can here the disc spin.

    Anyone else having issues?

  • Better yet, why not just add those PS2 Sing Star songs to the Sing Star Store at a discounted price?

  • Oh yeah, one more thing.

    Any chance of us getting wireless mics for Sing Star? That would really make a world of difference for my friends and I. If Microsoft could do it. I don’t see why the more powerful console cant. I wonder why they weren’t wireless to begin with?

  • Singing karaoke while drinking with mic wires all over the place doesn’t work too well. LMAO!

  • Great job! Backwards compatibility for all PS3s would be nice but I assume you’re just reading the data from the disc.

    It would be better if you could release an update so disc swapping doesn’t occur. That can get complicated. Rock Band released the 5$ upgrade pack and doesn’t require disc swapping so Sony shouldn’t either.

    Side note: release all PS1 games for download on the PSN store. You do such a great job with video content, now its time to get every PS1 game. Sell us our old games!

  • How many of you guys who complain about backwards compatibility actually play ps2 games, and if you do and you own a ps3, you are either a liar or lost in reality, you want to play ps2 games buy a ps2 they are cheap.

  • I think Sony realized that all gamers who want backwards compatibility would come forward requesting PS2 compatibility across the board.

    I’m sure this is in the works over there and it would be great to see it in Spring 2009.

    Sony, you’re all about “value add” and until you can bring your price down to invite the mass public, the more value you add the better to your great console.

  • Nice new feature, but will I be able to play songs off the Bollywood Singstar disk on my PS3 here in the US? I bought that title form the UK with the hopes of playing it here (in the US), but it wouldn’t work on my PS2. Thx

  • All this means is you play the ps3 version of the game and it uses songs from the PS2 discs can’t any of you read. If you want backwards compatibility then get the 80GB model. Duh!

  • Great news. Wireless mics and a and a upgrade pack to prevent disc swapping would be awesome.

  • I don’t have Singstar. I’ve never played it either. Is there anything you can say to sell me the product and make it stand out over the competition of the other music games in the market?

  • Great! Now bring back Backwards Compatibility to all PS3s and everyone will be even happier! Seriously!

  • Jedi_webslinger:

    The current 80GB model does not have backwards compatibility. None of the currently available models have it. The original 80GB version had it, but that was discontinued long ago.

  • more song for the sing store.use modern and old songs and add singers and bands full videos library to it that are already on the store.

  • @ 21

    To be honest dude. I have a 60GB PS3 and I don’t care at all for PS2 games. But I do like the fact that I know my PS3 can play PS2 games. I’m all about PS3!!!

  • NON-exciting news on singstar backwards compatibility….

    we want REAL exciting news about the Return of PS2 Backwards Compatibility

  • @ANUBUSNY: Please go to the forums and read a thread called “Bring Back Backwards Compatibility” and you’ll see why that is not the way it should be.

  • suggestion:

    could we have also the option in ‘singstar’ to be able to play the singstar videos without the lines, or the option of hiding them … like having Singstar also being a musicvideo-box, that just plays videos, maybe even based on a playlist?

    i love seeing all those videos (in HD even better), so Singstar could run at a party showing videos and people could just jump in if they wanna sing to it…

    thanks for the update though

  • Finally, this Singstar Rocks! I bought will be of some use! (well — I do have a BC model, but who wants to make new profiles and not be able to upload videos?)

  • Great, now please bring emotion chip BC to all ps3s, please.

  • Its a great update, and I absolutely love SingStar, so does my family….

    But seriously, Please update the SingStore with the back catalogue of PS2 Singstar songs..

    Only a very few have been added from the catalogue and as time passes we use Singstar less and less. I refuse to purchase the PS2 discs when these songs could be DLC and avoid the entire disc swapping scenario.

  • This is fantastic!

  • Wow, I did not see that coming. Good job!

  • Oh geez, I saw the word backward compatibility and got all excited…Oh well good news for singstar fans.

  • So when is the cordless mics coming? Too bad youre loosing costumers to an inferior LIPS just because the mics isnt out… And date annonced?

  • Bring back FULL PS2 B/C on PS3 please!!! :)
    Loads of people want it. Please bring it back.

  • I used to be the biggest fan of this game until it completely disappointed me. I held on believing that the developers would start pumping out some quality DLC like the Gorillaz and Beyonce they constantly advertised in their previews. Nope, we continued to get [DELETED] obscure bands and junk from the 80’s. This game is dead to me. The franchise is dead to me. What could have been a solid rival to the Rockband and Guitar Hero franchises decided to take a mysteriously lame approach at capturing a fanbase and I will forever have a broken heart because of this. Thanks Sony, thanks for pumping out junk and providing further evidence that you no longer deserve to be the top dog in the console market.

  • Here’s another important feature that Sing Star is missing. Online battles! Play against the world and people on your friends list. Now that would be a real improvement.

  • It’s all good and great, of course I love to be able to use the old PS2 discs, but there’s a HUGE flaw in all this.. We cannot upload any song recorded from tracks from those PS2 discs to My Singstar.. that’s a BIG letdown.

  • thats great and all but can we get real BC for the 40gig, 80 gig Gen 2 and the 160 gig via emulator.

  • Every ps3 should have bc, honestly what good is having a ps2 around when you have a ps3, oh that’s right we need both :|.

  • You guys are so tiring with that PS2 BC BS. PS2s are not expensive. Go out and buy one if thats what you really want to play. I for one, just want PS3 progress.

  • I’m kinda stuck in a dilemma…

    I’ve been looking to purchasing this game for quite some time now, but I keep thinking to myself, “is this worth it…?” Because, honestly,I’ve heard a lot about how the Singstore doesn’t have very many American songs, which is a huge let down for, well, most Americans! lol :) So, I’ll probably be picking this game up once there’s some better news that has to do with American songs…

    Anyways, on a more on-topic note: This is great news! This adds quite a bit more value to the overall experience, and I’m sure it’s a VERY welcome addition of features to the series… BUT, I also think that it would be wise to offer the songs from the former Singstar games on the Singstore! (You know… it only makes sense!)

  • @11 – I totally agree!

  • @36 – Me too!

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