PS3: Not Just For Games Anymore

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Hi Everyone,

Starting tonight, our Video Delivery Service campaign officially launches with our first airing on Monday Night Football, but we’re giving our loyal fans an early look right here.

When the Video Delivery Service launched on July 15th, we broadened our content offering to include TV shows and movies to make the PS3 the total entertainment package. With nearly 1000 full-length movies and 2700 TV episodes for download onto the PS3 or PSP, the Video Delivery Service brings you digital entertainment right into your living room (popcorn not included). So check out great titles like The Dark Knight, Hancock, Iron Man, Family Guy, and much more.

The TV spot uses humor to convey that the PS3 is not just a gaming machine but also a “movie downloading machine” when a guy tries to win over his skeptical girlfriend. You’ll have to watch the TV spot to find out how this classic guy vs. girl face-off plays out to see who wins in the end.

And don’t forget, you only have until December 31, 2008 to save $150 on the purchase of a PLAYSTATION 3 by signing up for a PlayStation credit card!

We know you guys are a vocal group and we look forward to reading your comments. Enjoy and roll the video!

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  • LOL, nice :D

  • I like my PS3 way more then my Xbox 360, it’s more reliable and I like the interface and that its more user friendly. However the one thing my 360 has going for it is the streaming Netflix service.

    If you’d just offer some sort of subscription service for streaming video like the 360 has with Netflix instead of having to pay for each movie or TV episode, I would start using your service rather then Netflix on my 360. But until then the PSN video service is just too expensive and not worth it.

  • Mine is mainly for gaming! I’ll jump into the whole movie thing when Blurays are $15. Currently I own 20 Bluray movies.

  • I just had the most amazing idea ever.

    Sony should sign with the NFL to air games over the PSN!

    I would buy it.

  • PS3 not just being for games anymore is one of the reasons why it’s not doing as good as it could. People just want a game machine. Not a Multimedia center.

  • @55 tirminyl
    Just for the record, redbox is a company independent of either McD’s or walmart. It’s not a service of either. Also, both McD’s and walmart are partners with redbox, meaning they allow redbox to set up their vending machines there.

    This video service is great and all, but it’s still irrelevant when compared with itunes or xblmp because FOX is the only major network that has a decent amount of content on the PSN. When are you guys going to get more TV networks? If people want to buy movies, they’re going to want to own them in bluray or dvd. If people want to rent movies, they’re going to use a subscription service, or find a place that rents for $0.99 a day (redbox), both of which are cheaper alternatives to PSN. TV shows are where the opportunity for profit is, and it’s not going to happen if you have only a handful of networks to choose from!

  • I like the ad, made me laugh, but maybe at the end you should list the other features, Blu-ray player, gaming machine, video download service all in one. The value for money aspect is what Sony should be pushing in these economic times.

  • Oh Sony, Sony. Sony. You guys really need to decide which direction you really want to go. Is it a console or a movie machine? You’re stretching yourself thin. Mix messages.
    Though I do believe Bluray will take off once the movies are $15. As for now, I find it really hard to walk in a store to buy a movie for $25-$30. I don’t care how good the movie is. I don’t use the PS3 movie download service either because it’s more expensive then on demand. One more thing. And I don’t have to wait for my movies to download when I order it on demand.

  • um ps3 should try to reach out to the mass market but at the time time stay true to the hardcore gamer that the secret to having a successful system.Whoever did the last ps3 tv ad failed and should be fired .this one is alot better and will bring the movies fans but i feel you guys are missing in the tv ad that its also plays blu ray.

  • Football?

    I dont care about football…… about you start by bringing the movies into canada…..

    Remember this giant artic land north of usa, CANADA?

  • Great ad! PLEASE start pimping all the other great things the PS3 can do! When you only look at it as a gaming console, it is difficult for the ordinary customer to see why they should get it over the cheaper 360.

  • first of all canada sucks……….. second i disagree with gism if our console is more than a gaming machine other people than gamers will join our family…. though sony should get more games on the greatest hits collection………hockey sucks wanna be french guy

  • “Not Just For Games Anymore”
    I was shocked when I read that title. Please don’t move away from the game perspective. I for one don’t purchase movies from the Playstation Store!

    BTW can I download the movies again if my Hard Drive Disk went corrupt?

  • Dumb ad. SORRY.

  • luka people like u are pitty ……..sorry……. NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • thats nice if only it were available in canada?

    how hard was it to not include canada for the videostore when you guys announced it?

    can we please get it before the end of the year because i really wanna buy the dark knight.

  • This is the best, most concise presentation of one the more prominent features that PSN has to offer. And it was done without crying babies or screenshots poorly reflecting off filthy puddles of water in the middle of a city.


    Now take the awesome of this ad and apply to every GARBAGE ad that’s been aired in the past, and you’ll be all set.

  • Wow, a good ps3 commercial, that’s new. I demand more babies and cubes and eyeballs to make up for this travesty!

  • god wat is wrong with u guys just because the ps3 its not doin ok u guys hate on it
    PS3 Trophies

  • Videos are missing:
    Extra Features
    A way to redownload our owned stuff

    Its still costs to much compared to using Netflix.

    So why should we get it from here if it so much cheaper there, and it has all those extra things like ya know SUBTITLES.

  • We need the video service in canada your loyal consumer base is calling out for video service

  • I loved it! Unfortuately, RedBox gets my almighty rental dollar. Because it’s only a dollar. And not 5-8 like on the PSN rental store. But hey, excellent spot and great use of humor!

  • Show more commercials on tv, get the message out there. Ad’s in magazines and what not.

  • Maybe Sony should focus more on games, and less on media features that aren’t even available outside the U.S.! Compared to the PS2, the selection of games on the PS3 is abysmal:
    – Where are the most anticipated sequels to PS2 favourites? MGS4 took almost two years, and we’re still waiting for God of War and the full version of Gran Turismo.
    – Where are all the Japanese RPGs? The PS2 had all the best RPGs of the previous generation, now half the RPGs have escaped to the 360. Even Final Fantasy is going multi-platform.
    – Where are the platformers? Sucker Punch and Naughty Dog are no longer making their beloved platformers so that we can have even more shooters, as if there aren’t already enough shooters.
    I loved my PS2 – it was all about the games, and it had great games in every genre. But the PS3 is a combination “movie downloading machine” (but only for Americans) and game machine (but mostly for hardcore shooter fans). Well, I’m not an American, and I’m not a hardcore shooter fan, so I’m really feeling the PS3 is letting me down.

  • video sevice!?!??! WTF?!?! i want this, i live in canada though. stupid canada my least favourite country ( besisdes any in africa)

    1) Germany
    3) U.S.A those are the best countries….

  • @79 and others on price cut . 1 sony not dumb you saying a price cut on a fully loaded ps3 and you base that how ? the sell on a 360 core ? please feature p you smarter then that . 2 you think sony and ms go to bed at night happy they 2 and 3 on systems sold? ms and sony together cant out sell the wii it 1 on sell. am not a crazed ps3 ,wii or 360 fanboy like yourself and others am more of a realistic . am so tried of all ya who start this 360 vs ps3 crap please if that a war what they fighting for number 2? look ms and sony want the wii sells and that the real prize anyone who cant see that is blind of there love for there company system . so to answer your question no there will be no price cut because it wont help become number 1 in console sales , just look at ms is it helping them no, also if you have to pump your ego for your purchase on your console then you my friend have problem both 360 and ps3 are great console but there not number 1 in sell get over yourself crazed fan.

  • i like the ad because it show the world that the ps3 is more then just a game system . you know there are all kinds of customers you have gamer, blu ray, computer user, the causal gamer i just dont see why sony should put all there chip into 1 type of group you have to think outside the box.

  • Nice …, Amazing job with this commercial
    some cheat

  • @124 hey sorry but the world is not crazy in love for rpg and yes shooter is what the big 3 want go look at gear2, r2,h3,cod sell those games just dont sell well they sell fast and great . rpg are only real big in japan am not saying no one care for rpg but it is what it is go check the sell and yes ps2 use to have all the rpg you know why ? japan wasnt into the first xbox . when people get tried of shooter with i dont think that day will come rpg will be big agin.

  • Why are three of the four people watching the movie doing so with a controller in hand? ;-)

  • @massa: do you troll to make friends or because you like to hear yourself talk?

    Call me up when another platform has Drake’s Fortune or Ratchet & Clank or Motorstorm. I know, how about Gran Turismo? Not that one either huh? God of War? Resistance (1 or 2)?

    Sorry dude, but I play a lot of games on my PS3 and it plays a lot of movies too. It also plays my DivX content and browses my family photos off my LAN fileserver via remote play on a PSP at a friend’s house.

    Some other system can do that too, right??

  • I like the TV spot :)

  • @130 waiting to play LOL!

  • lol, too funny I like how the PlayStation 3 ads have some twist to it with some girl.

  • @ninjo6

    People like me are a pity? Really? Now, tell me exactly what gave you the impression as to why you think so. I simply stated an opinion. If you were wondering why, I will explain that another commercial where a man talking to a friend about a mediocre video store does not appeal to anyone. Considering they try to make it funny. It, sadly, fails in that category. Why in the world would Sony advertise the video store when there are so many more features that people actually CARE about.Sony, stick with making ads about the PlayStation 3s features.

  • LOL awesome

  • So this means in a future firmware update or just update to the store that PSP owners will be able to download videos straight to their PSP’s this holiday season, right?

    Or do we continue to need external hardware just to buy and rent videos to watch on our PSP’s?

  • Wake me up when this comes to Canada.

  • Hi Kim,

    Will SCE ever make a feature that allows people to invite other people from their friendslist on the XMB or inside Home, into a private chat group, and via that group keep a voice chat channel of communication that is exclusive to that group alone.
    Then launch into a game, without the voice channel being replaced or broken during any phase?

    The main thing here is the universal voice chat feature that continues to work despite the action of different participants.
    Recently XBL started offering 8 player universal voice chat that carries over across any action any of the participants take.

    When I turn on my PS3 and I want to enjoy an online game with a friend or two from my list, I would like to be able to invite them to a private chat room, which is available on the XMB, but also have that chat room carry over into the game without failing.
    Right now the voice chat feature is automatically asking to shutdown when you try to launch a game, making it a non universal tool for games and a feature used for “phone-calls”.
    I still believe strongly that the PSN team needs to fix the 2D side of things (XMB) before moving on with the 3D, which is Home.

    Thank you if you read this.
    And good work on the commercial.

  • Not just for games??? Errr… has it ever been for games? So far as I can remember, Sony has always been promoting PS3 as BluRay player, supercomputer, weather and news service, media center – anything except for games… Oh, well…

  • yeah. great marketing sony. especially since, ya know. this is only available in the u.s.
    *thumbs up*
    bs that this isn’t in canada yet.
    god bless america, eh?

  • @chriscowboyd

    1. Sony is obviously looking to combat their high price by releasing that PlayStation credit card that will take $150 off the purchase of a PS3 as mentioned in this very post.

  • @chriscowboyd

    2. A price cut is not about some ego trip. It’s about 3rd party development. If Sony doesn’t recognize the importance of market share, then its going to be harder and more expensive to convince 3rd parties to even consider making titles for the ps3. As 3rd parties abandon the ps3, it becomes harder for the ps3 to become profitable. And before you say that will never happen, just look at the dearth of new releases for the psp from 3rd parties. Less profitability will lead to Sony charging for services in a similar Microsoft does thereby giving new customers more reasons to get the 360. All of this could boil over to make the ps3 this generation’s Dreamcast. And we all know there was no successor to Dreamcast. But I guess you don’t care if there is a PS4 or not, so this probably won’t matter to you.

  • @chriscowboyd

    3. As for overtaking the Wii, that will not happen until either MS or Sony create a waggle wand. The simple Wii waggle sticks are responsible for its success. All Sony has to do is make a version that doesn’t infringe on Nintendo’s patents.

  • really cool add.

    I love it

  • I enjoy having a wide variety of things to download on the PSN: games, videos, movies, wallpapers, and TV shows. All of which are great, however the PSN really does need a larger number and variety of down loadable games. I’m making my Christmas list and I’m considering not asking for a PSN card because there simply lacks a number of games.

    Please, open up that PS1 game library and obtain games from previos consoles.

  • lucky to join playstaion blog community

    I welcome having friends,

  • @chriscowboyd

    When talking about what the big 3 want you shouldn’t leave games out like

    Fable II – 790,000 sold in October
    Left 4 Dead – 410,000 sold in November

    Both of which sold more than Resistance 2 at 385,000 in November. I wonder why you left out Little Big Planet. Is it because it sold only 141,000 in the whole month of November, which is less than the 215,000 it sold in the last 4 days of October.

  • @ F3aturePreacher
    These are the numbers reported by EA. The largest 3rd party Developer.

    The PS3 made USD 139 million for the publisher during the quarter, followed by PC with USD 86 million and Xbox 360 with USD 81 million.

  • @ F3aturePreacher

    Little Big Planet has sold 1,000,000 copies.

    Japan = 0.09 million
    USA= 0.5 million
    The rest of the world= 0.5 million.

    Just so you know.

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