PS3: Not Just For Games Anymore

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Hi Everyone,

Starting tonight, our Video Delivery Service campaign officially launches with our first airing on Monday Night Football, but we’re giving our loyal fans an early look right here.

When the Video Delivery Service launched on July 15th, we broadened our content offering to include TV shows and movies to make the PS3 the total entertainment package. With nearly 1000 full-length movies and 2700 TV episodes for download onto the PS3 or PSP, the Video Delivery Service brings you digital entertainment right into your living room (popcorn not included). So check out great titles like The Dark Knight, Hancock, Iron Man, Family Guy, and much more.

The TV spot uses humor to convey that the PS3 is not just a gaming machine but also a “movie downloading machine” when a guy tries to win over his skeptical girlfriend. You’ll have to watch the TV spot to find out how this classic guy vs. girl face-off plays out to see who wins in the end.

And don’t forget, you only have until December 31, 2008 to save $150 on the purchase of a PLAYSTATION 3 by signing up for a PlayStation credit card!

We know you guys are a vocal group and we look forward to reading your comments. Enjoy and roll the video!

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    I can easily go to my local video rental store, which there are no shortage of in any regular sized town, and rent a BLU-RAY movie for less than what it cost to rent a high-def DOWNLOAD. Same goes for regular DVD compared to the SD downloads.

    Heck, you can rent a DVD from Wal-Mart for a $1 now, called Red Box or something.

    Video Store prices are too high. I really want to use the service but not at those prices.
    Better yet, offer up a subscription service like Netflix/Blockbuster.

  • If you wanted to play your PS2 games, you should’ve have sold your PS2 in the 1st place. Yeah, I know people say PS3’s upscaling makes PS2 games look better. But if you’re just into the game, why does the look matter.

    And do people get tired of saying PS3 has no games, ever? You mean the same reskinned FPS you find on 360, over and over again?

  • @ rolo – if you wanted BC then you should have been outside in line a week b4 me at your fav electronics store 2 years ago to get your 60gig (the best PS3 bar none imho).


  • AWESOME great great ad sony! this is what you’re commercials should be like, and you need to start advertising PSN more! seriously you have all these great features and no one knows about them FLAUNT IT!!! you have PSN, a ton of awesome exclusive games, First party devs, accesibility (xmb), life with playstation, web browser, media server, music, video, HOME, etc. and advertise like you did with the video service so people KNOW what you’re advertising your on the right track sony stick with it!

  • #52 – Red Box is a McDonalds service not Wal Mart.

    I too agree that video store prices are too much, so I stick with Netflix. Now…if Sony wants to provide me with a monthly subscription plan that is competitive to Netflix and promises to keep new releases coming every Tuesday, then you have yourself a winner.

  • Is This in Canada?

  • >And don’t forget, you only have until December 31, 2008 to save $150 on the purchase of a PLAYSTATION 3 by signing up for a PlayStation credit card!

    I tried to do that and instead of getting instant approval, I got a message that says that I have to wait up to 30 days!!

    I called Sony which in turn connected me with Chase. They said they so backed up and may not get the application before the end of the year!!! what?? I have excellent credit and Change rep told me it’s related to that. It’s just that they didn’t expect the repsonse. I suspect that we cannot take advantage of this promotion. Has anyone been able to do it??

  • Great advertisement! Made me laugh :)

  • Anyone know if the video services will be coming to the UK?

  • Poor direction, bad lighting(Was the girl in the video a breast cancer survivor or was she born without a left boob?), poor choice in clothing, awful acting. + having the controller in the end looks dumb but I can see why you would use it.

    Oh and funny? No.

  • now this is how to advertise
    what else the ps3 can do
    something short and simple

    about time

  • Just wanted to say tgat was a great ad! made me laugh .
    please excuse me if this double posts as it error 404’d me the first time .

  • This is by far the greatest commercial for anything ps3 related ever. Straight to the point advertisment. Your advertisment campaign as a whole still SUCKS as so many people have been saying for awhile including the washington times and cnn. STEP UP YOUR GAME SONY. Yes, this means you kim nguyen “marketing manager” in particular.

  • Nice, I love the movie download service. I just rented The Forbidden Kingdom today. Now if only you guys could make Xam’d purchasable instead of rent only. Thanks :)

  • I don’t like it. It’s more food for the trolls who say that the PS3 is a movie player primarily and games secondarily.

    Also, I’m really curious about something regarding The Dark Knight. Why promote it so much if you’re only going to offer the movie to purchase and only in SD? Give us HD and give us rentals.

  • HUH? How is it official?

  • Separate the video store from the Gaming store, so people without prior knowledge could find it without exploring all over the place.

  • One of the better marketing pieces that I have seen from you guys in a while. Putting the PS3 in real life situations is almost always going to lead to good marketing.

  • Video service for UK please.

  • I’m under the impression that none of the purchases or rentals can be streamed? Folks you have to add streaming… I don’t care if its called copying because Netflix already streams to the 360, but you really, really need to think about adding streaming. If they can already, disregard.

  • Like a number of other commenters here, when can we expect to see the video service brought into Canada? It’s been 5 months since being introduced in the US with no sign of it being brought out any where else.

  • @linebeginstoblur

    I don’t like it. It’s more food for the trolls who say that the PS3 is a movie player primarily and games secondarily.

    I’ll second that.

    Public perception – It’s the best blu ray player on the markert that costs a lot.

  • Sony, PLEASE add 5.1 audio to your HD movies and note this in the Audio description of the rental. 360 has had this since day one and I refuse to use the PSN Video store until they do this. I would love to use it since I prefer my PS3 but this needs to be fixed!

  • Canada video store anytime soon?

  • @ 65

    It’s because they are trying to sell the bluray version of it to boost blueray sales.

  • That’s a good commercial but remember that most people buy PS3’s for games not movies and TV. It’s Playstation not Moviestation.

  • My girlfriend makes me download weird romance anime. :\

  • Well this is a better style of advertising. Make things more direct, less abstract. I think a subscription service for the video store that’s at a competitive price with Netflix would help. Perhaps an ad for the credit card on national tv may help as well. However, I don’t think anything but a price cut on the ps3 to $299 will help Sony compete against the 360. If this doesn’t happen, then expect the NPD numbers for December to look even worse than they did for November.

  • Where, and from who, are we downloading these movies and TV shows from? Would’ve been nice if it was Netflix!

  • Great new Ad but think you guys should add more incentive for users in discounts for amount spent or trophies for movies.That way could track what films your friends are watching plus added info for you guys to follow what the consumers are interested in :)

  • Bring the Video Store to Canada and this might actually be a Valid commercially.

  • Keep it coming Sony!! Great commercial! Just gotta keep the PS3 fresh in the consumers eyes. So many ways to advertise this awesome system…Blu-Ray, DL movies/TV shows…2009 gaming exclusives!!

  • Where are the movies for CANADA….any time frame?


  • Dear SONY I want to give you my money by utilizing this service, you see, it’s winter here and me and and my wife love to rent movies during winter, will you take my money SONY? I live in Canada, is my money good enough for you, will you take my money??????

  • The add is good …

    To bad the video doesn’t have surround sound you can’t buy HD content and the videos are so heavily DRM’ed, piracy is the only REAL option for video lovers.

    Give me surround sound, HD I can buy and get rid of this DRM crap and I will gladly drink all the kool-aid the video store can make!

  • Canada! When?! Please!

    iTunes is eating your lunch up here, Sony! Please provide competition. I realize our broadcast system is out of date and features ridiculous anti-competitive legislature, but you’re the biggest media company on the planet…if anyone can help us, it’s you!

  • The video service sounds great but since it came out, I read that if you buy (yes, buy, not rent) a TV episode, movie or something of the sort then you can only download it once. I can understand for rentals but for episodes and movies you bought? Shouldn’t you be able to download it as many times as you want like the stuff off the regular PSN Store? I just want to know if there’s any truth to this since it’s what’s been keeping me from making purchases on your video store.

  • Good commercial overall… not that entertaining and doesn’t stick with you (like Geico or creditreport) but it gets the job done.

  • If you want HD movies to rent there is a magical disk called blueray buy one or rent one.. And this is a awsome service they are cheaper than my cable company (I can buy movies from them to). But don’t… but this is great for saving money when I want to rent and it apeals to the other sex in case they don’t play games…. :D Need music though?

  • @27 Troll?? I dont thinks so …axplain to me why i shouldnt voice my opinion on the lack of Canadian PSN video store

  • Best commercial yet.

  • It’s pretty good, I like it. Make sure to put in some commercials that talks about the other benefits of PSN. Too many people think PSN is far behind XBL in terms of feature and people, some don’t even know that PSN is completely free.

  • So, what? I thought there was some Monday Night Football on PSN now?! How? When? Where? Am I the only one?

  • Nice add but yea should have mentioned the Bluray goodness!

  • I thought you were going to air monday night football via the PS3. I gotta say I’m disappointed now.

  • Your wording made it seem like the MNF game would be streamed on PS3. BTW, the commercial is debuting right now.

  • like the add but i beleive that i little more commercial stuff like say mention that u can buy family guy episodes would help.

  • Saw it right before the game started and I just saw it again at 10:18 EST. Looks great!

  • Cool AD! I agree that though I like the stylized commercials we live in a day and age that people need things spelled out to them.

    Really spell out the feature and push the fact its on the playstation.

    Like, I game (show game footage), I’m a PS3
    I watch videos (show blu-ray, vid store and drive home it can play dvd’s too), I’m a PS3

    …something like that!

    On topic of the Vid Store, When will we see, or will we ever see all feature films available for rent from day one of being put on the store?

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