echochrome PS3 Update Today: Trophies and User-generated Stages!

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We have kept quiet for a while, but we bring you good news today. The world of echochrome expands again!

Inspired by the artistic works of M.C. Escher, echochrome with its’ minimalist black and white graphics plays with your imagination. Echochrome plays with your mind. Its’ deceiving artwork delivers mind-bending puzzle solving. It also includes a custom level editor allowing the players to make and trade their own stages amongst friends, or even submit to the developer.

Now that we’ve refreshed your memory on echochrome, it’s time to deliver the good news! We know many of you have been asking for Trophy support. Well… echochrome will receive an update patch effective today.

Yes, that’s right.

The update patch for echochrome includes the long awaited trophy support. YAY! This is a great reason for many of you who already have echochrome to go back and play, and for those of you who haven’t picked it up yet? Now is the time!

echochrome PS3 2 gameplay23_wh

Players are rewarded trophies for clearing a number of stages, or even for the total number of footsteps or falls! It’s a great time and reason to experience the world of echochrome and give your mind a little pinch. Can you collect all of the trophies? Bragging rights!

In addition to the trophy support, remember how we rolled out the user-generated stages 10 at a time? From this update forward, we are making a total of 1,000 user-generated stages available for gameplay.

Yes, that’s right. ONE THOUSAND STAGES!!!

If you think you can create a level that’s better, we’d love to see it! Don’t hesitate to upload!

Now, to play these 1000 user-created levels, just go to “Freeform” and start playing, and the levels will come up at random as you play. I’m sure you will enjoy a great range of creativity collected from various players and locations worldwide.

Last but not least, we have now enabled the screenshot function as well. Again, a useful tool to enhance your bragging rights!

As a token of appreciation, we have put a video together, introducing all of the 1,000 stages that will be made available in this update. I’m sure you will love it!

For some closing words, I have yet again, a message for you from Suzuki-san, the Producer of this title at JAPAN Studios.

Hello beloved fans of echochrome.

The development team and I are very happy with all of the positive feedback we are receiving from various parts of the world. Until recently, our way of collecting your views or thoughts was based on websites, questionnaires or blog posts such as this one (which is fine!). However the stage upload feature in echochrome delivers your passion to us in a unique way.

The total count for stage uploads worldwide have now exceeded 3,700 (submitted from 33 different countries and 1664 unique users). We have done the honors of selecting a total of 1,000 user generated stages to be made available with this update patch, to everyone else. The stages are the crystals of our users’ creativity and variety, often surprising us and sometimes even an eye-opener from a development point of view.

echochrome PS3 1 canvas1

For the reasons mentioned above, we are on another mission to create a second update patch to further enhance the echochrome experience. We have enjoyed the activities surrounding the user-generated content, and would love to see more.

The Japanese title for echochrome is “Mugen Kairou”, translation? “Infinite Corridor”. As the name suggests, your combined creativity is infinite, and it helps fuel our motives for development. We are enjoying this relationship with our users, and would like to take this as far as we possibly can.

Thank you.

Hey, did you hear (or see, rather) that? Yes, there is another update coming!!! Can’t tell you when at this point, but there are some more interesting features coming your way! In the meantime, we hope you will enjoy the added features to echochrome. I’m sure this will keep you busy for a while!

For those of you who have not yet played the game, it’s available for $9.99 on the PlayStation Network Store. We also have a demo for you, if you are not sure. You’ve got nothing to lose!

For $9.99, it’s a bargain if you ask me! It’s great for kids and grown-ups too!

Thanks for reading!

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  • @F3aturePreacher, isn’t it that if you ignore a patch download you’ll be kicked out from PSN? At least I’ve experienced that a couple of times when I ignored downloading a patch. Plus as far as I know if the patch is on the disc you can’t ignore it anyway. PSN games same story.

  • I really like this game, but it shouldnt take trophies to get people to buy this game…seriously. I have yet to see anybody on my buddy list playing this game but now Iam sure I will see more…sigh

    • Thanks, I agree.

      but hey, having ANOTHER reason to play is great!

      I\’m glad to see a lot of the others are going back to play again!

  • I bought this game a week ago at the end of the sale just because I heard this patch was coming. I probably wouldn’t have bothered with it otherwise, as it’s so hard (from what I know from the demo, anyway) and I need incentive to push ahead. Trophies were a great choice for that push. :)

  • Wow! This looks very promising. 1000+ levels in any game should be enough for people to drop $10. Talk about a game that never gets boring. Just please tell me the Platnium trophy doesn’t require me to conquer all 1000 levels. :) Stupid out of reach goals.

    All those PSN Cards Santa is bringing me can’t arrive soon enough.

  • Hey Tsubasa.. to skipped me :(

    I’m loyal too lol (no really I am)

    post # 10

    • Sorry \’bout that!

      We appreciate the kind words re; the costumes in HOME, pretty cool right?

      Coming back to your point on the previously provided levels, yes, those are included in the 1,000 made available today. So many new ones too!


  • @kmac0378

    There aren’t any platinum trophies in this game. Look at the rest of the here:

  • great game!

  • Thanks? You realize that game never needed trophy support. Trophies are like parsley, they put it on the plate with my steak, but it serves no purpose and gets in the way.

    The game needs a zoom feature while playing and in the level editor.

  • I think it’s sort of a rip off that you didn’t announce this when the game was on sale for half off a little while ago. I bought it then, just because it was sweet, but I’m sure it would’ve got more sales if you would have told people it would be getting trophy support. Oh well, I’m happy it’s getting it.

  • Hey, reading the first page of the comments and i have to agree with in-game music and no time limit

    i dunno about you, but being stuck on a puzzle and running out of time can REALLY annoy you! it’s like beating a game only to discover that to get the highscore you had to be on “normal” difficulty >.> (referring to a flash game i played.. like, 250 levels…)

    in game music would be nice.. believe it or not, some people DO like listening to lamb of god while solving puzzles =p

  • Awesome news! I’m very excited about this, should bring echochrome to a whole new level of replay-value (even though it already has tons of it)
    Great job guys and gals!

  • Hello Tsubasa Inaba,

    If you could answer this question it would greatly help my decision…

    Will we see you guys add IN-GAME XMB MUSIC as an option?? PLEASE!

    I DL the demo and I really like it but what turns me off is going through levels with the same music… Specially now with the added 1000 levels(amazing)…

    I hope to hear back from you thank you!


    • Again, I can\’t commit to this now,
      but we read your (and everyone\’s)
      comments carefully.

      Your request is noted.

      Hopefully we can make it happen in our next update???

      Pray for us!

  • You guys are awesome, I commend you and everyone working on this game for the effort put into it after so many months after release. I’m a fairly new ehcochrome player, since I just bought it during your Fall PSN sale, but I’m definitely enjoying myself with this game, I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us next time. :)

  • thx 4 the update

    and i do hope u bring IN-GAME XMB MUSIC very soon

  • Do these 1000 levels download to the PS3 hard drive or are we connected to a server for online play?

    • The levels are streamed from our server, but this shouldn\’t take long as the data for each of the levels is not that large.

      Thank you for your interest!

  • how bout the update…i still cant buy things i want to..

    and no, this company is not ‘really awesome’.

  • theyll be clogging up servers…most likely

  • How about uploading recorded gameplay videos to youtube? Would be kinda nice…

  • haha @ “pray for us”

    and also at the response to HEYFACE

  • “@27

    lukejames1111 | December 11th, 2008 at 8:38 am

    [Tsubasa Inaba’s Avatar
    Tsubasa Inaba replied on December 11, 2008 at 9:41 am

    Woah… hey, relax!

    Unfortunately, I can’t speak for the other territories, as I am only responsible for the US version of echochrome.

    Stay tuned for news from our European colleagues. Hopefully they will have this good news coming your way too?

    (and watch the language, mate!
    it doesn’t do you much justice)]”

    It already looks as if he’s holding back. There are loads of stuff that SCEE is holding back from us and it’s getting tiredsome. Anyway :) good luck with echochrome ^^.

  • When is North America getting the UMD version of Echochrome?

    For Europe and Asia to get it, but not North America, is ridiculous.

    Fix it please!

  • Come on guys… do u want to give me a heart attack. Home and this in one day!. :P

  • Great update guys. I bought echochrome day one and while I may not be very good at it, even if I only end up with a single trophy, I’ll wear that echochrome badge loud and proud! :)

  • i have request!

    you guys should release the echochrome soundtrack in itunes or something. i’m one of the few that enjoy the excellent music from the game. Also how bout more music for the game. Violin music plus puzzler blend well together! :)

  • nice!!! i bought this last week when it was only $5 :D

  • This has definitely given me a reason to revisit the amazing world of echochrome.

    What a great deal… there’s already a ton of official levels that ship with the game but there’s the user created levels from JPN AND there’s 1000 more coming today?

    Talk about bang for your buck… echo-addicts will be busy for a loooooong time.

    P.S. I’ll echo (haha) the sentiments about the custom soundtrack… I love myself some classical from time to time but it puts me to sleep if I play for too long. It kind of detracts from the experience… in all fairness, though… I can’t really imagine any other genre of music being used for this game. Nothing else seems appropriate.

  • Thanks for the response..

    Very cool, on the older updates being included. I missed out on playing a lot of them..

    Will they be there permanently or will they be removed when another updates comes.

    I’ve always wondered why they couldn’t just be saved to our machines

    Thanks again…

  • Finally the game got bigger!

    I loved the demo, but didn’t get the game because I knew that the game hadn’t many levels, but now!!? (a thousand!)

    You’ve got my 10!

  • Tsubasa Inaba, please post a CONFIRMATION UPDATE as soon as the patch has gone live. thank you

  • ok, so i’ve got the patch, and it’s “converting.” i don’t know what it’s converting, or why, but it’s sure taking it’s sweet time. interesting.

    tsubasa inaba, if you’re “taking notes” for possibilities in the next patch or for future endeavors with echochrome in general, i’d like to second the request for a proper album release of the painfully beautiful soundtrack, and suggest for the purported next upcoming patch the re-inclusion of the brilliant “pair” and “others” modes from the asian and european umd version. seriously, i own echochrome for both ps3 and psp, including the extra level addon kit, and imported the european umd as well. i EASILY spend the most time in pair mode. it’s really quite brilliant and i’d love to see it applied to the larger scale levels. it’s probably a bit large of an undertaking, considering for the ps3 levels, the pair and others echo placement doesn’t even exist, so that might be infeasible.

    either way, honestly, best puzzle game ever. this game is one of the reasons i bought a ps3.

  • This is a great update!

    I hope the game is updated to support in game soundtracks.If it is consider the game sold.

  • Hmm. Interesting.

    There seems to be a good and solid fan base for the in-game music here. Thank you!

    … and yes, I’m taking notes :-)

    Your input is truly appreciated! Really!

  • Great news.

  • Thank you for the answer…

    I understand you cant promise In-Game XMB Music BUT…



  • Thnx for the update. I love it when a developer keeps adding extras instead of just abandoning it.I will second the notion of custom soundtracks, remote play would be awesome cause sometimes the wife wants to watch her girlie shows and i want to play ps3. The option to flag levels would be a great addition also. I also liked the idea of inverse color option and screenshots.

  • CONFIRMATION: No Echochrome trophy patch in EUROPE. After High Velocity Bowling and Blast Factor, europeans get shafted once again with Echochrome this time.

  • Now I regret not getting this for $4.99. :/

  • @Europeans
    Sorry folks this blog is for USA it even says it in the link
    There is very little SCEA can do for you, so I would appreciate it if you stop filling this blog with your obscene language and complaints.

    Look I understand where you are coming from and I am pulling for you I think it is terrible how Europe is handled but posting here will not get you anywhere.

    If you want to make a difference, please contact SCEE, but be polite.

  • Ok there is a HUGE problem with trophies..they are not registering.

    Finished all levels from A to E and no trophy..what’s the problem? I know 3 people who have the same problem.

  • to Enforcer_X:
    Thank you for the police work! :-)

    to lifeRPGs:
    In regards to your inquiry above (#90)

    Unfortunately, the title will not automatically award a trophy if the user has completed the levels prior to updating the game.

    This is purely due to a technical requirement that we must follow for updating games.

    Which leads me to say, I’m sorry but we have to ask you to go back and Stages A-D again to get the “Half the Journey” trophy, complete stages A-G to get the “Traversal” trophy, and complete courses A-G to get the total traversal after updating the game.

    I know, bummer isn’t it?
    My guess is, if you have been able to get where you are now, it will be quicker the second time around?

    I hope this clears up the confusion.

    Thanks everyone!

  • Hmm that is weird. I guess i have to erase my save data. Now i have one suggestion. Why don’t you open up an official Echochrome forum on the official site? Most PSN titles have an official forum for everyone to meet and discuss about the game. Plus we could directly get in contact with the staff. Thank you.

  • i have the same problem with registering the trophies. i first tried doing the LEVELs again, didn’t work. DELETED my saved data =(, didn’t work. so there must be something wrong. oh yeah i also tried reinstalling the game which i should have just deleted the data in the first place, but gave it a shot, still didn’t work. help!? “/

  • Yeah, the same problem with the trophies is effecting me. I got the Hike, Rock Bottom, and others, but not the 3 completion trophies. I heard something about a time limit to beating the stages. If this is true, it should be stated somewhere in the trophy description.

  • Got 100%

    Thanks for the update!

  • to lifeRPGs, vibe_on3, Korne:

    I’m sorry to hear of the difficulties you are all experiencing…

    We will try and investigate what the problems may be. It’s strange as we are also receiving comments such as from “mysongska” above that he or she was able to obtain 100%.

    I apologize in advance this may take us a few days to figure out, especially with people out of the office over the weekend.

    I’ll make sure to follow up with any discoveries.

    Thank you for your patience and support!

  • OK, I’m pretty annoyed too being an EU user, although not gonna go ballistic and use the language the last guy did!!

    Now I find it hard to grasp, especially given that Microsoft and their affiliates are able to release patches simultaneously worldwide, that Sony continue to allow this to happen.

    Don’t get me wrong, Echochrome is certainly not the first, and I doubt the last, to leave us EU gamers out, read Novastrike and Age of Booty!

    I know you are only accountable for the US version of the game but who is for the EU version? Do we have a way into them to enquire about an EU patch?

    And another thing, do you really not know anything about the EU version, I find it hard to believe that the same company producing the same game, albeit in different territories, knows nothing about what the company in the other territory is doing? Or is it a case that you are not allowed to comment?

    Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great game and well done for that but I’m not sure company’s realise that
    little issues such as this have quite an impact on the reputation of that game/system in the given territory.

    Thanks for listening and I hope that you will be able to field my concerns.

  • Any stage beyond D8 is far beyond my capicity. Thank goodness for those 1,000 new stages! They’ll give me plenty to do when I’m not straining my brain on the normal stages.

    Questions: For the echochrome trophy must you complete 100 individual stages or does replaying stages add to the total? Curious if my stage then course runs are adding to the 100 needed or not.

    For your next update could you assign the snapshot function to an unused button such as L2/R2/L3/R3? Or better yet, do as Motorstorm: PR does and make it a pause menu option?

    Keep up the great work!

  • I have just received the Half the Journey trophy, but only by doing the levels individually. Maybe anyone having the issue with the trophies are only doing the stages and not the individual levels.

  • Thanks Pawlom, this may be the problem, and I’ve already started to play the stages (not the coarses) individually for better times.

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