echochrome PS3 Update Today: Trophies and User-generated Stages!

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echochrome PS3 2 gameplay5_wh

We have kept quiet for a while, but we bring you good news today. The world of echochrome expands again!

Inspired by the artistic works of M.C. Escher, echochrome with its’ minimalist black and white graphics plays with your imagination. Echochrome plays with your mind. Its’ deceiving artwork delivers mind-bending puzzle solving. It also includes a custom level editor allowing the players to make and trade their own stages amongst friends, or even submit to the developer.

Now that we’ve refreshed your memory on echochrome, it’s time to deliver the good news! We know many of you have been asking for Trophy support. Well… echochrome will receive an update patch effective today.

Yes, that’s right.

The update patch for echochrome includes the long awaited trophy support. YAY! This is a great reason for many of you who already have echochrome to go back and play, and for those of you who haven’t picked it up yet? Now is the time!

echochrome PS3 2 gameplay23_wh

Players are rewarded trophies for clearing a number of stages, or even for the total number of footsteps or falls! It’s a great time and reason to experience the world of echochrome and give your mind a little pinch. Can you collect all of the trophies? Bragging rights!

In addition to the trophy support, remember how we rolled out the user-generated stages 10 at a time? From this update forward, we are making a total of 1,000 user-generated stages available for gameplay.

Yes, that’s right. ONE THOUSAND STAGES!!!

If you think you can create a level that’s better, we’d love to see it! Don’t hesitate to upload!

Now, to play these 1000 user-created levels, just go to “Freeform” and start playing, and the levels will come up at random as you play. I’m sure you will enjoy a great range of creativity collected from various players and locations worldwide.

Last but not least, we have now enabled the screenshot function as well. Again, a useful tool to enhance your bragging rights!

As a token of appreciation, we have put a video together, introducing all of the 1,000 stages that will be made available in this update. I’m sure you will love it!

For some closing words, I have yet again, a message for you from Suzuki-san, the Producer of this title at JAPAN Studios.

Hello beloved fans of echochrome.

The development team and I are very happy with all of the positive feedback we are receiving from various parts of the world. Until recently, our way of collecting your views or thoughts was based on websites, questionnaires or blog posts such as this one (which is fine!). However the stage upload feature in echochrome delivers your passion to us in a unique way.

The total count for stage uploads worldwide have now exceeded 3,700 (submitted from 33 different countries and 1664 unique users). We have done the honors of selecting a total of 1,000 user generated stages to be made available with this update patch, to everyone else. The stages are the crystals of our users’ creativity and variety, often surprising us and sometimes even an eye-opener from a development point of view.

echochrome PS3 1 canvas1

For the reasons mentioned above, we are on another mission to create a second update patch to further enhance the echochrome experience. We have enjoyed the activities surrounding the user-generated content, and would love to see more.

The Japanese title for echochrome is “Mugen Kairou”, translation? “Infinite Corridor”. As the name suggests, your combined creativity is infinite, and it helps fuel our motives for development. We are enjoying this relationship with our users, and would like to take this as far as we possibly can.

Thank you.

Hey, did you hear (or see, rather) that? Yes, there is another update coming!!! Can’t tell you when at this point, but there are some more interesting features coming your way! In the meantime, we hope you will enjoy the added features to echochrome. I’m sure this will keep you busy for a while!

For those of you who have not yet played the game, it’s available for $9.99 on the PlayStation Network Store. We also have a demo for you, if you are not sure. You’ve got nothing to lose!

For $9.99, it’s a bargain if you ask me! It’s great for kids and grown-ups too!

Thanks for reading!

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  • Is this another US only trophy patch? Has Europe been forgotten again?

  • bought this a lil while ago when i heard trophies were inbound. any1 know if the update is available now?


  • I love Echochrome for my PSP but may now have to get the PS3 version

    Thanks for the info

  • Pffft!!!
    this is a great game for those times when it’s hard to fall asleep.

  • Sounds amazing!
    Good Job SCEA!

  • Testing.

  • Since you guys made use of in-game screenshots, have you guys made use of in-game access to music? If not, will you make use of it with another patch?

  • Additionally, the demo didn’t have the ability to reverse the control of the camera. Is that currently in the game, in this update, or will it be in the future update?

  • The weekly user content used to be removed when the next update came.. will these be removed eventually..

    Are these level that were added and removed previously?


    And Thanks for all the support..

    BTW..The costume in HOME is sweet!!


  • hey thanks for the info i think echochrome is a really cool game.

  • Yessssssssssss

  • Ahhh I see, announcing trophy support AFTER it was on sale haha. In any case, Echochrome is a pretty cool game.

  • Nice! I’m really glad that PSN games are getting trophies as standards. Makes them much more worth it.

    Yay for HOME

  • FINALLY !!!!!!!!
    I bought this game one day one, and i was waiting for an opportunity to play it all over again. I then recently heard about trophies, so decided to wait. I am very glad to hear that, thank you very much for supporting such a great title. I hope now more people will get into echochrome. BTW you did great by advertising it in Home, so kudos for that. My cousin bought the game yesterday after loving it on Home.

    Great stuff, peace

  • Thank you for the continued support of this game. Echochrome is still one of my favorite PS Store titles. :)

  • Sweet…but you know that’s not the info people are on about today.

    I look forward to it though. Echochrome is an insanely addictive game. Havent played in a bit. Perhaps when I’m off work today…


  • Keep those game updates coming! :)

  • Cool! Good to see my old purchases getting support!

  • You know a cool idea might be to add your own music in. Even user created music.

    I have writen some music that would go perfect with this game.

  • Awesome. I’ll need to pick it up today :)

  • great pick in the last sales promotion this one,dont regreat it.

  • I was on the fense about his game after playing the demo a few months ago. This has pushed me over.

    With 1,000 new levels AND trophie support…I’m buying this weekend.

  • Remote play for second patch. I know you have the full-game available on PSP, but there’s got to be some cool interoperability to be explored if you have both versions.

  • Please add remote play to this game

  • what about for the psp version? thatd be cool if i got trophies for echochrome on my psp and they came up on my ps3

  • So I decided to re-download my echoChrome game today and start it up. There was no prompt for a download. So I must assume that either 1. The update is live yet or 2. Im from the EU.

    Seriously, I’m getting a little [DELETED] pissed off with getting shafted because I’m from the UK. I bought the game on day one and payed more than the US for their version. So why don’t I get the same treatment as they do? You can go and make up your [DELETED] about how ‘Your trying to get it out to the EU’. Just like I’ve heard the same about High Velocity Bowling and Super Sonic Acrobatic Rocket Powered Battlecars. Of course they said a ‘Mid Nov release date’ and a whole month later on, still no sign of it.

    If this is a US only thing then you can [DELETED] right off and I will never buy a product from you again! Lets just hope its option 1…

    • Woah… hey, relax!

      Unfortunately, I can\’t speak for the other territories, as I am only responsible for the US version of echochrome.

      Stay tuned for news from our European colleagues. Hopefully they will have this good news coming your way too?

      (and watch the language, mate!
      it doesn\’t do you much justice)

  • Hello,

    I bought echodrome a few weeks ago. The new update sounds great. Would it be possible to have an option for inverted colors? My TV uses an insane amount of electricity on bright images and the almost entirely white screen of this game doesn’t help. I lowered the brightness as low as I can to play but inverted colors would be so much better.

  • @26

    Yes, I would love to have PSP trophies too!!

  • So today is the best update ever ? @_@

  • That’s cool! I got so wrapped up with the PSP version that I didn’t even play the PS3 version more than once (bought both on day one)- so now I’ll be able to get the trophies while doing everything for the first time. :) I’ll look forward to squeezing this into my crowded gaming schedule…

    • Wow, a loyal supporter here.
      Both PSP and PS3 versions?

      As you say, this is a perfect reason to get started, or for those who have played already to go back!

  • I’m probably the only one but… is there a way to turn those damn trophies “off?” They annoy me…

  • Damn it! STOP IT ALREADY! My list keeps getting bigger. You guys keep pimping older games. 1,000 levels how can I just walk away from that.

  • Thanks Tsubasa…just purchased this a couple weeks ago..

  • I would like if elefunk gets anything , that game is tough so trophies to it would be challenging

  • @Onna76 :)

    So does the notification annoy you?
    and/or the sound?

  • LOVE this game…BIGGGG Yayyy!! 4 trophies… PLEASE more beautiful string music! LOVE IT!!!!

  • @Onna76_NL

    I believe there is a way. If PSN games behave like PS3 disc-based games, then when you start the game and it requests you to update it with the patch press the circle instead of the x to skip its installation, unless you got it from Japan where the x and circle functions may be switched, but I’m not sure about the Japan issue.

  • this is sweet news… i can’t try them out… the trophy’s wil be for extra stuff…lol

  • This is actually pretty cool. I actually still play a level or two on echochrome every other day or so.

    I’m #716 in that trailer! Score!

  • PLEASE, for the love of GOD and ALL that is holy, PLEASE make a patch where the TIME LIMIT is OPTIONAL. I beg of you! PLEASE!

  • WOW!!!

    I’m very excited to see how active this blog post is this morning!!!

    Your comments woke me up.
    No need for coffee today!

    Thanks for the support everyone!

  • Outstanding. :)

  • It looks like I will be revisiting Echochrome today. I hope other developers realize just what trophy support does for their game sales. I was in HOME last night and there was a bit trophy bragging. It was hilarious. You can’t lie about your trophies either since you can walk up to anyone and everyone and view their trophies.

  • Thank you so much for the levels & trophies. I always find it amazing how DLC & pathces can extend the life of an existing game.

    Since the user levels appear at random, would there be a possiblity in the 2nd patch, to “flag” levels you like or select them by number, so you can go back to them for your friends & family to try? With 1000 levels to randomize from, it might be a while before you would be able to see that great level again.

  • Yeah Echochrome!
    Play the PSP version on the go and rock 1080p PS3 at home, and now with TROPHIES!
    Nice work guys!
    Love the concept and the game!

  • brilliant work, time to go back through and beat all the levels i got too frustrated with, and freeform is going to be fun for months

    thanks a lot tsubasa

  • So much solid news on the PSBlog this week. This post definitely tops the list for me, can’t wait to jump back into echochrome tonight wooohoooooooo

  • Is this patch coming to europe too?

  • You guys are really awesome. I’m glad I bought the PS3 version.

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