Free Resistance 2 Themes, R:FOM Map Packs, and More

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We know what some of you are thinking: “Well, Resistance 2 has shipped—I betcha Insomniac is sitting back, cracking a cold one, and taking it easy ‘til after the holidays.” In the words of ESPN college football analyst Lee Corso: NOT so fast, my friend! We’ve been on the message boards reading your Resistance 2 feedback, letting it soak in, and working diligently on patches (Yes, more updates are on the way, and no, I don’t have a definitive date for the next patch. But trust me—it’s in the works). We also have some really cool new community features coming to over the next few weeks. Expect another blog post soon with more details.

Now, since this is the holiday season, we figured it was time to provide you with some Resistance-related gifts that won’t do any damage to your wallet. Here we go:

Resistance 2 PS3 Themes: As if your PlayStation 3 hadn’t been subjected to enough of the Chimeran invasion, the attacks continue this Thursday with some brand-new Resistance 2 themes for your console. Insomniac’s art team put together three sweet-looking themes, each sporting multiple wallpapers. Here’s a peek at “Man vs. Chimera,” which you’ll be able to download from the PlayStation Store:

Resistance: Fall of Man Map Packs—Now Free: If you haven’t had a chance to try out R:FOM’s download-only multiplayer maps before, well, now you have no excuse. Starting tomorrow, both map packs will be available free of charge through the PlayStation Store. Just remember, though—these maps are only compatible with the first Resistance.

New Resistance 2 Trailer: Free PS3 themes and map packs won’t be the only reason to visit the PlayStation Store on 12/11. We’ve also cut a new Resistance 2 trailer, which features some really epic moments from the game. I’d say it’s my favorite trailer we’ve put together for this title.

And before I go, a quick programming note: Tune into G4’s X-Play this Friday at 8 p.m. EST, as Ted Price, Insomniac’s founder and CEO, will be co-hosting the episode. Ted will be discussing Resistance 2’s development, answering viewer questions, and even revealing his top five games of all time. Some of his choices may surprise you.

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  • Fanboys: do yourselves a favor and skip my post instead of throwing your blood pressure out of whack.

    I was extremely disappointed with Resistance 2. Terrible visuals, plasticy gameplay (didn’t feel as weighty as something like CoD4 or even R:FOM), paper-thin story… the list goes on.

    …But! I am very happy, and grateful, to see free R:FOM maps. This way I can get my Chimera fix until R3, hopefully, brings the series back up to the standards I expected from Insomniac.

  • That freaking rocks, which makes me feel guilty for asking it but oh well.. Remember when you guys said that after resistance 2 is released you would take a break and then make a final decision as to whether or not to release resistance fall of man trophy support? Well have you made a decision, You could have a competition for the community to come up with the trophies :D

    Now I feel even more guilty after asking, lol.
    Even if you decide not to you guys still rock :D

  • lol, by the way any news on the feedback you gave the firmware team about having multiple profiles logged in at once to allow for trophies in co-op and online for two people at the same time?

  • Thanks for the news Bryan.

  • awesome!! i can’t wait to download these tomorrow! :]

  • Gonna be pretty tough for me to change the theme from my current, Keeley Hazell-based theme to an awesome-looking (but decisively less Hazell-infused) Resistance 2 theme, but I’ll definitely download them! :lol:

  • almost missed this because the home post stayed on top. loving R2. really good game. my game of the year no matter what. cant wait for some DLC for R2.

  • r2 was ok but to me it wasnt as gud as r1 . now i dont want anyone upset at me but the game play wa great,story line and that ended wa great and co op was good but to me it was too colorful . r1 to me was better then r2 when they make r3 maybe they go back to what made r1 good may be haveing a first and second point veiw?

  • I need to hurry up and finish Fall of man before christmas so i can play resistence 2!

  • please add more co-op missions and extend the level limit for lvl30+ or add a sepreate mode for lvl 30+ only so it can be funnn sort of like ratchet&clank bonus play mode i guess PLEASE

  • Best trailer ever.

    It should be released as a commercial!

  • I’ve been curious for quite a while now. Are you guys expecting the community to visit Will the site (the old one) still be active?

    Also, will the patch allow us to, say, launch games from home?

  • @40

    Besides graphics I don’t see how the game was improved all that much. There was no unlockables, superhuman was just as easy as difficult no challenge, and the story was a little lacking in depth. Every boss fight was too easy with laarks and pulse cannons lying around at almost every boss fight making it no challenge. Online, co-op is fun for a while but the same maps over and over is down right boring it got to the point where I knew what and how many chimeras to expect. Competitive, match making is messed up and unranked gets you no XP so it’s a waste of time. Not to mention there’s no 1 hit or capture the flag (core control is a halo knock off). Up until a few months before release you could always find a 1 hit CTF which to me was one of the popular game modes why on earth would they go change that. By any means is this post an attack to you, I just felt that I should explain why I feel R2 was a huge let down.

  • last line: this post isn’t* typo

  • Oh yeah, and sometimes when it tells you when you have to stay alive for a certain amount of time, it’s when your dead or when you’re about to die (eg. when your using overload) :)

  • The Bald Eagle has landed. I was tempted to say that. Old habits never die.

  • Will the trailer end up being a TV Spot? I think that would be a good idea. Can’t wait to download the theme!

  • I always welcome free DLC. It gives me the warm-fuzzies in my underoos.

    “I’m Happy_Spud, and I approve this message”

  • COOL! COOL! COOL! I love and want

    Love the game any word on…
    New Competitive and CO_OP modes?
    More Levels?
    More Maps?
    More Weapons?

  • quoting Lee Corso shows how much you know about College Football. He is one of the worse College Football host ever. Just go ask Marshall Faulk.

    Thank You for updating RES2

  • This is great and all as resistance is my favorite shooter series now. I am a little skeptical about Ted price co-hosting G4..why? G4 has always been M$ biased, that Adam sessler is a M$ shill and so are a lot of the auidence. After Ted’s comments on the last interview where he was asked about multiplatform of the company, I was a little bit worried. I don’t want the other side getting insomniac products at all. I really hope he doesn’t go that way. And I hope he talks up the ps3 and resistance franchises..he tries to play nice say good things about the competition, but it make him look like he is contemplating multiplat– which doesn’t sit well with me at all. You realize that the reason R2 is so good is because it was developed for the ps3 alone!

  • wooo that trailer was freakin sooo sweet man!! why dont they have video game trailers in movie theatres?? ….seems like the perfect place for it.

    Anyways, yeah the RFOM map packs werent very good at all.. hehe Although RFOM is my 2nd fav online game, I still couldnt have much fun with the map packs that came out, except for the one where its always raining, playing CTF on it was so hard, but so fun. So yeah they are worth a DL.

    Btw, can you guys PLEASE change all the custom maps for competitive into Ranked games, NOBODY plays ranked games so you basically never level up.. unless you sit there waiting for a game to pop up.. but it takes way too long.. So please, just add an option for ranked or none ranked (ranked by default) and if you select something like the really strong weapons option, it will automatically go to an unranked game. plz do this….

  • It would be epicly sweet if we could get the Resistance 1 maps for R2. At least for team deathmatch and deathmatch. That would be sweet

  • Really enjoying Resistance 2. I can see why some can take some getting used to it as it’s pretty different to the first. Saying that I didn’t get into R:FoM online much but I’m addicted to R2’s co-op and competitive. Have you guys thought about putting R:FoM on the PSN store as a download if it’s technically possible? I downloaded Burnout Paradise and was thinking they should do the same for Resistance and Motorstorm now the sequels are out. More money for you guys!

  • The new Trailer looks good, but will it actually be shown anywhere other than on the web?

  • Great! I will be downloading all of the above. Can’t wait to hear what additions you have for R2. One suggestion, make the Co-Op a little bit more dynamic, as it is very predictable the way it is now. Maybe allow the Stalkers to move around like they do in the Campain.

  • I love this game. I am totally not disappointed with it as some people feel. I would highly recommend it. Personally, I found it to be challenging enough.

    What I would love to see is some Insomnic Games SWAG! I would love to have a SRPA T-shirt.

  • (sp)Insomniac Games

  • oh my god, did i just wet my pants… i love you guy for bring this out.. i love R2 and now this will be a great addition to my collection… thanks alot.

  • Are there some special filters applied to those images, because R2 looks good, but not THAT good on my plasma TV.

  • Nice R:FOM update. :D

  • Awesome trailer btw. :)

  • Wow if only the game itself
    looked that good.

  • Why couldn’t the game look as good as these photos. For a moment i thought i was looking at GOW2. Anyway i played it beat over it moving on. Serious why couldn’t the game looks as smooth as R & C. If GOW2 could have done it what happened to out beloved PS3 graphic card.

  • Online Co-op is the best part of your game in my opinion. Friends from around the country schedule to play together as a team (instead of just fighting each other in a multiplayer mode.) We love it! PLEASE RELEASE MORE CO-OP MAPS! As long as you keep making more maps, we’ll be Resistance fans for life!

  • yeah I love resistance 2, keep up the work…
    but i think u should give some free new maps from resistance 2 aswell, instead of just restisance: fall of man…
    the game was made really well, because a lot of games lag a bit now, but it doesn’t lag for me

  • <3 Insomniac

    Would it be impossible to patch in split screen co-op for the main campaign? I played the first game through 3 times with my brother, it was the reason I got into console shooters… so thanx! :)

  • screw what everybody say resistance 2 is a good game. just as good as any other FPS. i cant stand G4 and X-Play fist that show M$ doormat and X-Play he got a wired head straight water head. like that kid in that movie MASK Rocky Dennis.

  • I hope Sony Down loads more levels for the CO-op campaign.It’s pretty intense.

  • i’m trying 2 get the black ?? trophies does anybody know how ?

  • i’m trying to download Resistance free maps but i can’t because they’re not for free :o( i’ve a question: is this valid only for USA (i’m from mexico)

  • Love the game, excellent story, yes, quite hard to level up considering i dont play to much; But yeah more co-op levels and OFFLINE COMPETATIVE. I have friends over all the time and we play offline CoD4 and RESISTANCE:FOM and Warhawk but now i got this amazing game and cant butcher my friends in competative!
    (Xbox SUCKS)

  • how do i download the r2 things?

  • I’m sure glad i bought this game, first chance I had…It is the BEST game i’ve ever played in my whole life…nothing compares to it, in absolutely anything…wow

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