Free Resistance 2 Themes, R:FOM Map Packs, and More

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We know what some of you are thinking: “Well, Resistance 2 has shipped—I betcha Insomniac is sitting back, cracking a cold one, and taking it easy ‘til after the holidays.” In the words of ESPN college football analyst Lee Corso: NOT so fast, my friend! We’ve been on the message boards reading your Resistance 2 feedback, letting it soak in, and working diligently on patches (Yes, more updates are on the way, and no, I don’t have a definitive date for the next patch. But trust me—it’s in the works). We also have some really cool new community features coming to over the next few weeks. Expect another blog post soon with more details.

Now, since this is the holiday season, we figured it was time to provide you with some Resistance-related gifts that won’t do any damage to your wallet. Here we go:

Resistance 2 PS3 Themes: As if your PlayStation 3 hadn’t been subjected to enough of the Chimeran invasion, the attacks continue this Thursday with some brand-new Resistance 2 themes for your console. Insomniac’s art team put together three sweet-looking themes, each sporting multiple wallpapers. Here’s a peek at “Man vs. Chimera,” which you’ll be able to download from the PlayStation Store:

Resistance: Fall of Man Map Packs—Now Free: If you haven’t had a chance to try out R:FOM’s download-only multiplayer maps before, well, now you have no excuse. Starting tomorrow, both map packs will be available free of charge through the PlayStation Store. Just remember, though—these maps are only compatible with the first Resistance.

New Resistance 2 Trailer: Free PS3 themes and map packs won’t be the only reason to visit the PlayStation Store on 12/11. We’ve also cut a new Resistance 2 trailer, which features some really epic moments from the game. I’d say it’s my favorite trailer we’ve put together for this title.

And before I go, a quick programming note: Tune into G4’s X-Play this Friday at 8 p.m. EST, as Ted Price, Insomniac’s founder and CEO, will be co-hosting the episode. Ted will be discussing Resistance 2’s development, answering viewer questions, and even revealing his top five games of all time. Some of his choices may surprise you.

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  • Awesome stuff!

    But please please more co op levels for the online I love it, but its screaming for some new levels/missions.

    Thank everyone at Insomniac.

  • Brian, when do we get our next Full Moon Show!?!?

    And I’m level 29 in competitive. You think you could have made it any more impossible to level up!? XD

    Anyways, yeah, I’d love some more co-op levels. I’m a level 30 Spec Ops, but I don’t play co-op after beating every level.

    Good work on the game, guys!

  • All my guys are levelled out to 30 already. The co op really does need to be updated. Its fun and addicting but I’m afraid people will get tired of it with out new content. But no pressure. :-p

  • Cool, though now I wish I waited for the map packs…

  • Stoff, is your guy also level 30 in competitive?

  • btw, could the stalkers in coop be a little trickier? :)

    (move around maybe?)

  • Wow what an update tomorrow! Home, the new LBP Street Fighter and Santa costumes, and now all this new R2 stuff. I won’t be able to play my PS3 tomorrow because it will be downloading all day lol. Thanks Sony and Insomniac.

    P.S. Please fix the match making with the new patch.

  • Cool, I’ll check out both the video and the themes.

  • Thank you!!!! i’m so grateful! a have always wanted to get them gut never had the money(in credit card form), and im canadian so no psn cards for me. Sweet! im a huge resistance and overall inssomniac fan and am getting R2 for christmas!

    Thank you with continuing support for all your games!

  • Thank you for not charging for the themes.

  • Thank you so much insomniac and sony! The PS3 is really making it’s way to the top!

  • Sounds great, though I dont play FPS’s.

  • free map packs?!?!?!?! now i am glad i did not buy them! just got r2 today thought so probably wont be playing r:fom to much. i have a bigger chimera to fry

  • thanks for the update Bryan.

    <3 insomniac

  • I’m loving R2 a lot and thanks a lot Insomniac for delivering such as awesome game.

    I really hope to see more co-op maps and maybe extra levels (or new classes) for the co-op.

  • Awesome Fragile Eagle! Really enjoying the game, and looking foreward to the updates and the themes!

    BTW, when is the next podcast due?

  • Just not exciting when R:FoM was so much better….

  • I love the Full Moon Show, but I really preferred the audio only versions. I use to just play it from my laptop while I played some Final Fantasy XII- I STILL haven’t completed everything in that game, and I’ve gone well over the 100-hour mark.

    I’m loving R2, and I’m loving the multiplayer too, which I can promise you I’ve never said about any game before- because before R2 I didn’t play online. Be proud of what you’ve made. :D

  • @ 5

    No, I am only level 8 or 9 in competitive. I don’t play it much, but am starting to do more and more of it. Right now its mostly co op.

  • Cool beans.

  • @19

    Ah, I see. Well, good luck getting to level 30. I have 11,500 kills and I’m still not level 30. It takes forever to level!

  • damn, i bought both map packs…. now they are free, good i suppose, more people to play with

  • Sweet, I have been jonesing for a good R:2 theme.


  • Great stuff!

    I’m sooo tempted to pull out Resistance 1 for those map packs :D

  • The last two are great renders but there’s no aliens visible there. I loved the wallpaper for the first Resistance that is a spider like alien in black and white. I’d like to see something like that but with the new bosses.

  • I bought the first map packs, but when I tried to buy the second ones, my credit card info was invalid for some reason. I was thinking of buying them the other day since I can now buy PSN cards. Good thing I didn’t! ^_^

  • I love Resistance 2, but the storyline’s so short.. is there any way we could maybe get a few bonus story missions? Maybe with Capelli or something? I know it’s probably not possible, but would be pretty awesome.

    Anyways, hope Insomniac throws us a few more co-op levels in the future because they’re incredibly fun.

  • I’m really tempted to go back and play some more Resistance: Fall of Man on the new maps. I’ll probably do that for a little bit around Christmas.

    I want to focus on Resistance 2’s MP though. I’m already in the groove there.

  • awesome free stuff! i love the holidays but by far xmas is my all time fave. i wonder what your guys favorite holiday is.


  • I only just finished R1, so these new map packs will prove usefull. You guys always do an excellent job.
    If you continue to support the community like the Criterion guys have with Burnout Paradise, then the community will remain loyal and support you.
    Build it and they will come. Can’t wait for Xmas so I can get started on R2.

  • finally there wasnt so maney maps. thx.

  • Thanks for the heads up for tomorrow

  • Those are some awesome wallpapers for the themes!

    Also, this will again be one of the rare times I watch X-Play. Consider it recorded.

  • Damn G4 is only on digital cable in my area.
    Great news about the map packs.
    Any word on the Insomniac game space in Home?

  • Woot! Finally some lovin’ again from IG. Can’t wait for the new themes!

  • Great news…. honestly I do want some map packs for R2…… and I’m sure you guys will break the million mark by the holidays, you definitly derserve to !

  • Hey is great. If the badges are linked to our PSN IDs, will we see a representation of the “Combat Badge” in Home?
    I pray that Warhawk, Socom, and Resistance 2 would have a uniform to wear in Home that represents our in game rank or level.

  • By giving away the free R:FOM map packs your only giving people more reason not to play R2. I got my 10k kill trophy and haven’t touched the game since. It got way too boring, and before I get the posts saying I am a troll. I love the Resistance stories and even dished out 80 dollars for the R2 collectors edition dispite not having the money for it. R2 was / is a huge let down campiagn and online wise. I know IG knows this from the myresistance site, free map packs or themes wont make up for it. My whole clan of 23+ all went to play World at War because it had the features R2 was missing, doubt i’ll flush another 60 dollars down the drain for a game that features nothing new. IG take it from a fan you guys tried to add all these new features and forgot all the small simple things that made R:FOM great. I realize that with sequels things change sometimes for the better but you should never ever forget what made the first great to begin with.

  • cool thanks happy holiday can u put back the two rounds back takin 4ever to rank up and can u make the grenades stronger three people can be together and olny kill 1 if im luck and snake eye shoot a some1 straight on and wont do nothing i have to aim it to the floor so it would kill them. thanks again 4 a great game

  • @ C-h-a-o-s, I 100% disagree. While I enjoyed R: FoM, I felt the game needed to be improved in many ways. R2 is bigger and badder in just about every way, and is definitely one of the greatest PS3 games. It’s everything a sequel should be. Much better multi-player and much more fluid storyline. I think the changes made were for the better, such as getting rid of the annoying health system the first had along with making the graphics more colorful.

    Awesome job on R2 Insomniac. :D

  • # 39, Agreed, well said.

  • Nice. Thanks for the gifts, Insomniac Pirates & Chimeras.

  • Ohh freakin’ sweet!

    Awesome gifts — Looking forward to your next title as well!

  • alright! more free stuff!

  • dang im glade i didnt buy all of the map packs!

  • Is there even a slight chance that Ratchet & Clank, Tools of Destruction will get a trophy patch? It’s the perfect setup for such a system.

  • Map packs finally free? Awesome. Glad I cheaped out.

  • The Eagle flies again! Good to hear from you guys so soon after the launch of the game Brian.

    I never did get a chance to grab those R1 map packs but I guess now is a better time than ever.

    Also, those are a wonderful choice of theme images above. Good job!

    Little requests while I’m at it…add screen capture option to R2 multiplayer. If possible, Youtube upload support.

    Take it easy B.

  • im with the first poster, more co-op levels. this game is just awesome all the way around. i play r2 a lot more than left 4 dead (which ive played once sinced i owned it)

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