Exclusive FLOCK! Winter Demo on Qore!

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You’re probably thinking, “What the flock is FLOCK!?” Well, today you’re going to find out because we have a little surprise for you in the free issue of Qore today. Below are a couple of videos that show some of the quirky and original gameplay you’ll see in the game.

I want to introduce you to one of my co-workers, Robby Zinchak. Don’t let his young looks fool you. He’s an up-and-coming associate producer extraordinaire who’s ready to answer all your questions regarding this truly unique, downloadable game. Just don’t ask him to show you his ID. (Just kidding Robby.)

Hi! This is my first time posting here, so I figure I should introduce myself first ;) My name is Robby, and I’m the Associate Producer on FLOCK! here at Capcom. As mentioned previously on this blog, the new episode of Qore (available today!) includes both a video feature on FLOCK! and a fully playable demo!

The premise of FLOCK! is simple: you’re a UFO (the ‘Flocker’) which seeks to abduct animals. Through the levels, you’ll abduct these cute animals by herding them into your Motherflocker (yes, really, we named the ship that :P). But it’s not a simple point A to point B operation – all sorts of peril and surprises lie between the animals and their destination. For instance, in one level you’ll play, there are crops between the sheep and the ship, so you’ll have to make crop circles with your UFO’s depressor beam to make a path for them to cross (finally we know the true purpose behind all those crop circles!). Through the game, you’ll have to contend with numerous challenges. Among these challenges, your flock will face pits, scarecrows, water, bridges, and even trampolines that’ll send them flying!

The full game also includes co-op gameplay, so you can bring a friend in to help you herd the animals. In co-op levels, you’ll have to work together to get your objectives met. For instance, one player may need to lift a gate while another player herds the animals through the gate. It’s a lot of fun, so look forward to it! One of our more unique features is the ability to create your own maps with our built in map-editor. We use the same tool to make the official levels, so you’ll have a lot of flexibility and power in the kind of maps you’re able to make. Plus, you can even upload your maps online where you’ll be able to share them with other players.

Each of the levels (over 50!) is replayable – there are bonuses to beating the map quickly and also beating the map perfectly by collecting all animals. As you beat levels, you’ll unlock new abilities to use and items to place in the editor. Sometimes you’ll need to unlock something later in the game that’ll help you beat a level earlier in the game perfectly. Between all the levels and modes included, we think you’ll be getting a lot of gameplay value out of this downloadable game! :)

So, hopefully that’s a good introduction to FLOCK!. Don’t forget to download the FLOCK! Winter Qore Demo — you’ll be among the first to ever play the game! It includes a full six levels, with three of the four animals unlocked to play with. We’ve even included the level editor to make your own levels! I’ll keep an eye out for comments here and reply where I’m able to. Keep your eyes out for more FLOCK! news in the coming weeks – we’ll have lots more information coming soon!

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  • Hey John,

    I see you have already answered the question we ALWAYS want to know… Trophies and In-Game XMB music and all I have to say is THANK YOU!!!

    BTW please keep using your special Capcom “powers” to add the features to ALL future Capcom games specially SF4!

    Capcom fan,


  • Motherflocker lol :P

    That has to be the main selling point :D

  • What will be the price of the game once it’s released?

  • Ah! Ok . . . sorry, John; didn’t catch it. Now we’ve got a buy!

  • seems alot like LBP

  • * level editor /same tools used to make the game, “there are bonuses to beating the map quickly and also beating the map perfectly by collecting all animals. As you beat levels, you’ll unlock new abilities to use and items to place in the editor. Sometimes you’ll need to unlock something later in the game that’ll help you beat a level earlier in the game perfectly.”


  • Please fix the TEARING. It’s TERRIBLE.

  • I dont think Ive seen a dev respond to so many comments before.

    Just for that alone, consider this game BOUGHT!

  • Haha thought I’d check here before I go to bed, and saw comment #1 too =P

    Psssssst, It’s Voozi haha not Voozi, “Hero” ;D haha

    Good job at replying to all these comments btw lol

  • “John Diamonon replied on December 4, 2008 at 5:09 pm
    Did you play the FLOCK! demo? What do you think? For anyone who has, please respond with your first impressions here. Thanks!”

    Found it to be quite ordinary, there for not much fun…statement also relates to the Qore.


  • Hey! I downloaded the demo and it’s flocking awesome! Big props.

    Even my mother -60 years old, only played Tetris in my Game Boy- liked it.

    Thanks a lot for implementing Trophies and in-game XMB music! Day 1 purchase for me. Will be perfect if it also had PSP remote play (but if not, doesn’t matter).

    BTW I heard Proper Games has former DMA design members. Did they were in DMA back in the Commodore Amiga days?(when thy developed the original Lemmings, etc).

    • Thanks, glad you like it!

      No PSP remote play unfortunately. Sorry!

      If I recall correctly, there are former DMA members on the team, but none that worked on the original Lemmings.

  • This is a lot like the PC/PSX game Sheep.

    Well, you guys did publish the GBA version too.

  • Thanks for the shout out! That was fun . . . but , , , did your face burn off, John?

  • Here’s a small hands-on I found on the game. They declare Flock to the LBP of the downloadable game scene and that Flock will be one of the best downloadable games released.


  • i tried to download the flock demo from qore and says that i have already downloaded

  • Lol, playing time – 2 hours :D

    Funny, nice game ;)

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