Exclusive FLOCK! Winter Demo on Qore!

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You’re probably thinking, “What the flock is FLOCK!?” Well, today you’re going to find out because we have a little surprise for you in the free issue of Qore today. Below are a couple of videos that show some of the quirky and original gameplay you’ll see in the game.

I want to introduce you to one of my co-workers, Robby Zinchak. Don’t let his young looks fool you. He’s an up-and-coming associate producer extraordinaire who’s ready to answer all your questions regarding this truly unique, downloadable game. Just don’t ask him to show you his ID. (Just kidding Robby.)

Hi! This is my first time posting here, so I figure I should introduce myself first ;) My name is Robby, and I’m the Associate Producer on FLOCK! here at Capcom. As mentioned previously on this blog, the new episode of Qore (available today!) includes both a video feature on FLOCK! and a fully playable demo!

The premise of FLOCK! is simple: you’re a UFO (the ‘Flocker’) which seeks to abduct animals. Through the levels, you’ll abduct these cute animals by herding them into your Motherflocker (yes, really, we named the ship that :P). But it’s not a simple point A to point B operation – all sorts of peril and surprises lie between the animals and their destination. For instance, in one level you’ll play, there are crops between the sheep and the ship, so you’ll have to make crop circles with your UFO’s depressor beam to make a path for them to cross (finally we know the true purpose behind all those crop circles!). Through the game, you’ll have to contend with numerous challenges. Among these challenges, your flock will face pits, scarecrows, water, bridges, and even trampolines that’ll send them flying!

The full game also includes co-op gameplay, so you can bring a friend in to help you herd the animals. In co-op levels, you’ll have to work together to get your objectives met. For instance, one player may need to lift a gate while another player herds the animals through the gate. It’s a lot of fun, so look forward to it! One of our more unique features is the ability to create your own maps with our built in map-editor. We use the same tool to make the official levels, so you’ll have a lot of flexibility and power in the kind of maps you’re able to make. Plus, you can even upload your maps online where you’ll be able to share them with other players.

Each of the levels (over 50!) is replayable – there are bonuses to beating the map quickly and also beating the map perfectly by collecting all animals. As you beat levels, you’ll unlock new abilities to use and items to place in the editor. Sometimes you’ll need to unlock something later in the game that’ll help you beat a level earlier in the game perfectly. Between all the levels and modes included, we think you’ll be getting a lot of gameplay value out of this downloadable game! :)

So, hopefully that’s a good introduction to FLOCK!. Don’t forget to download the FLOCK! Winter Qore Demo — you’ll be among the first to ever play the game! It includes a full six levels, with three of the four animals unlocked to play with. We’ve even included the level editor to make your own levels! I’ll keep an eye out for comments here and reply where I’m able to. Keep your eyes out for more FLOCK! news in the coming weeks – we’ll have lots more information coming soon!

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  • might be the first capcom game for ps3 that i buy. my ps2 collection is almost all capcom. and not one in my ps3 collection yet. downloadable or blu-ray. resident evil 5 will definitely be in my collection though.

  • Downloaded the free Qore just for the Flock demo, only to find out it was for subscribers only. Don’t forget about us non-Qore-ers next time. Hopefully the rest of us can get the demo in a couple weeks? Pretty please? :D

    That said, Bionic Commando is looking better and better, and Flock (the videos) look great too. I anxiously anticipate both!

  • This game reminds me of another game, i wonder what little or big game it could be…

  • Too many motherflockers flockin’ with my sheep.

  • So……Breath of Fire 6?
    Onimshua 5?
    Dino Crisis 4?

    Where are the Capcom games that people actually care about?

  • Hey John. Tried the demo and I really like it. It was funny when I used the beam to see if I could lift the sheep, only to rip the cotton off them. I then floated around ripping up trees, etc. Good fun.

    I didn’t get to try any of the other items but if you could share details regarding the level creator and level sharing, that would be great.


    • Thanks for the feedback. I\’ll let Robby tell you more about the level editor.

    • Sometimes ripping up the trees can help you too, occasionally you\’ll find something helpful in them ;)

      As for the level creation & sharing, I really need to do a whole write-up on this — there\’s a lot of depth and things you can do in the editor! You can make anything you could play as a campaign level, and then share it with the world online. You can download & rate levels, too! Probably the best thing for now is to try the level editor for yourself and post any specific thoughts/questions/cool creations :)

  • Maybe I just fail at the game, but for some reason the sheep didn’t move all the time. =/

    Anyways, I loved the game.

  • I like it but at same time, bored. It feels done before. I swear I’ve played a flash game very simlar to this.

  • Angry_Qore_Subscriber

    Woo! I got someone to listen to me. To bad they have absolutely nothing to do with Qore:(

    Sony’s Phone support said they have no power to do anything.

    Sony’s email support “might” be able to do something and only if you’re lucky enough to get someone who actually reads what you have to say(Most just skim read the email and paste in a pre made reply that’s slightly on topic if you’re lucky).

    I’ve been trying to get an answer regarding this issue since Nov 22nd. At this rate Home will be in an Open Beta before Sony finally gets around to properly dealing with this.

  • The demo was a lot of fun and it seems to be a truly unique experience. I loved the music in the demo and the graphics are solid for the game. Reminded me of Mars Attacks!! in art-style and presentation to a certain degree.

    Really looking forward to playing the full title early next year.

  • sorry i left you out rob hey man good game rob and john .

  • Yo John! Thanks for the FLOCK! game! I bet it will have lots of replay value! I hope to play against you

  • BTW, John. Add me, please! PSN: Appo

  • I would be playing this but when I downloaded Qore it doesn’t seem to work for me, nor does the Killzone 2 theme, just like the last time I downloaded Qore >_>

  • Thanks for the Christmas Present…..and i was wondering if you @ sony could do me a favor and release a monthly list of games that have exclusive content for the PS3.i just went out like an idiot and bought Tomb Raider Underworld and found out that i got screwed out part of the game that only Xbots get so from now on im only buying games that SONY gets the best deal on cuz microcrap isnt getting any of my money. Again Thanks for the present and Long Live the PS3 :D

  • Sorry but Qore is not worth its asking price. So it has no “perks” ;-]

  • The game play was actually good. The idea behind the game is great. The technical and visual quality is piss poor. The level of difficulty from the demo was very weak, but adding trophies to some of those levels will help make me want to continue. I don’t know what will be in the final game but maybe a little story would be good. I left the demo with the same mindset as I went in with. “Maybe it depends”.

    • Good feedback. Sorry you don\’t like the aesthetics, but as for difficulty – we kept it very easy, mostly just introducing features for the demo. The full game adds some challenge to actually use the pieces we introduce here (plus a lot more). Plus, I can\’t even imagine some of the diabolical levels people will come up with and share ;)

  • On topic ill prolly buy this game when it comes out im not a qore subscriber so hopefully the demo gets to the rest of us soon enough if not ill get it on release.If you don mind give me a few pointers on other PS3 goddies i can get:D

  • I found the demo to be ok. The AI sheep were pretty dumb and got stuck in corners a lot or just jumped to their death. Not my kind of game but aslong as it’s priced correctly I think it will do ok.

    Also nice job running the game at 1080P(noticed a lot of screen tearing though) and DTS 5.1.

    PS. Hows that SF HD Remix demo doing? will the ps3 demo actually be playable with one controller?

  • lol i believe the street fighter suprise is lil big planet dlc but it not comfirm . i want megaman sackboy was playing sing star that game wish sony supported it more!

  • John, your list is full… Again. XD

    Could you clear a non active person and then tell me, please? =)

  • one thing more thing john thanks for capcom and yourself support for ps3?

  • I played the demo and deleted it. During my time of playing it, I couldn’t enjoy it because I kept thinking if this is what Capcom cancel Monster Hunter on the PS3 for? Wasting their time and money developing these small games that not a lot of people care for. If Capcom release Monster Hunter for the PS3 in Japan it will sell millions. Another thing I realize is. After deleting this demo, I lost all faith in Capcom to deliver a Monster Hunter game on the PS3. Even if you were to release a MH game on the ps3, it probably wouldn’t be coming out in years and I will give up on the series all together. Even if the game was only to be release in Japan, I would have imported it. But that isn’t the case now because Capcom you have just join EA in my list of Video Game Companies to boycott. That means that I will not be purchasing any games your company develops or publish.
    This will be the last time I would respond to any of Capcom posts on this blog because I will just be wasting my time crying out for a Monster Hunter game on the PS3. I also would be wasting your time reading my comments. I don’t wish your company the best of luck because you turn your back on a gamer that has been playing your games for over 14 years now.








  • Haven’t had a chance to DL the Flock demo yet (Qore is taking 4-EVAR), but I’m looking forward to trying it.

    It’s great that Capcom is supporting PSN with content and getting involved on this blog, but I really think that you guys are squandering a lot of good will when you do something like shipping Age of Booty with horrendous audio problems (I’m talking game-ruiningly bad, woofing bass channel) and then ignore all of the complaints about it right here on this blog.

    I don’t mind telling you that after that experience I’ll probably not be day 1 buying anything from you guys again that is hyped on this blog.

    Off Topic – Re: Home – I haven’t gotten a code either, and I’d totally be pissed if I wasn’t in the Home beta already.

  • hey Johnny boy, tried the demo and i like it
    i will pick this up thanks. this is the type of game i would rather have on my psp though but that’s aiight!

  • I would really love to try your game. I like almost everything Capcom does. Just have an issue paying $25 for a chance to play the demo. Plus you say it comes with the Free episode, I downloaded and no free Flock! little disappointing!

  • Through in Monster Hunter for PS3 and you’ve got a sale.

  • Agreed, the game looks fun, but I find it immoral to pay for demos, so I wont be picking it up, as I black list any and all games that have demos in Qore.

  • sweet, i i haven’t got it yet…i hope the game supports the motion feature on the PS3 controllers it looks like a lot of fun…

    “motherflocker” LOL:P

  • Thank you, John, for *completely* ignoring my questions about other franchises.

    I’m glad to see that Capcom truly has the interests of consumers in mind.

    And for anyone who truly thinks that DLC is the future, take a look at the comments for this article.


  • John, be sure to spank anyone at Capcom for not releasing the full game in December. :) I’ve been eagerly awaiting this since Leipzig. It’s simply amazing…

  • Imagine that. A Capcom game with trophies. What’s next. A good one?

  • Looks fun, will i be able to play my own music with this game?

  • at 74 hey home will be open for all in 4 weeks so calm down

  • Thanks for adding me John a while back! Saw you on Home but didn’t get the chance to “Go To” as I was too busy beating people in chess ;/ lol

    I’ll have to check out this FLOCK! demo when I get home from class today lol

    Anyways going back off topic cause I’m awesome like that, hopefully next time I catch yah on Home I’ll “Go To” you and we can mingle! lol

    Take care

  • I will most likely buy this game as it fits into my description of fun. The only problem I had is that there was no mention at all of this demo only being for annual subscribers, which is bull. I can’t believe that people would say theres “perks” to the annual subscription. Most of the episodes so far have little to no value to me, as they usually revolve around games I don’t play.

    So I will see use on the game come january.

  • flock has in game music!! well the demo does!!

  • Bought! I’d love to play the demo, but I don’t have have a sub, however just the videos alone in the free Qore episode sold me. Holy crap Capcom is golden when it comes to quality PSN games. I think I’ve bought 5 or 6 of them already. Keep up the good work! (Looking forward to 3D Bionic Commando as well)


    Am I the only who noticed “this [DELETED] – just got weird”

    The camera pans from some manure and says just got weird.

    Love this game already!

  • The second this game is released, I am buying it.

  • qore didn’t really live up to my expectations but that’s alright. i guess i just thought it was something a lil different. hope all the annual subscribers enjoi that flock demo. checked out the vids in qore and it looked preeety sweet i must say. can’t wait to give it a go. will you guys release a demo for it in the coming months?


  • I liked the demo…not God of War but hey it has sheep!!

  • Flock looks awesome!

    How much is it going to be?

    $10 or $15?

  • “mother-flocker” LOL

  • Robby Zinchak still think it could benefit from an actual store.

    Hey if you could put some of your magic and create a Home space for JD that would be awesome. I was thinking that a dedicated PS Home space for him would bring out the most unusual conversations inside of Home.

    How about a space that is designed like a Used Car lot. With a JD interactive avatar dressed in cowboy boots and a hat. When you walk up to him he tries to sell you a 1986 Ford Pinto. “It’s only 49 99 99”

  • They need to allows us to use the Saucer in Home. I am tired of only having to walk or run. We need some vehicles. Start with the saucer please i need to zap some people. Cool game though.

  • wow..the first capcom ame with trophies? i cant wait =D..finally capcom! =p ust emssing with ya john..

    great games dont need trophies, its just a nice addition :)

    and..is it just me or does this kinda sound like a 3d lemmings?

    • Funny you mention that — Lemmings was developed just down the street from the dev\’s office. It\’s a small town, so I imagine there\’s a spiritual feeling that gets passed down, even though the games are very different in practice :)

  • I wasn’t going to download the Christmas Qore episode but after watching that video, you changed my mind. Funny $h!t. I have a good feeling my wife is going to love this so good job on the co-op.

  • this looks flocking amazing

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