LittleBigPlanet Weekly Download Update – Thanksgiving Edition

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Well, it’s Thanksgiving week and there isn’t a better time than now to give thanks to our avid fans with more FREE downloadable costumes for LittleBigPlanet. Just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday, we are offering FREE Turkey Heads for your Sackboys and Sackgirls beginning TODAY. Gobble this …

LittleBigPlanet Turkey Head Costume

Of course, that’s not all! The Chimera from Resistance 2 have invaded LittleBigPlanet with new downloadable Chimera Sackboy (or Sackgirl) costumes. Your Sackboy and Sackgirls now have a chance to gear up before taking on those who stand in their way in LittleBigPlanet. The Chimera costume will soon be available at the PlayStation Store for just $1.99! Check it out …

LittleBigPlanet Chimera Costume

These updates will become available with today’s PlayStation Store Update, coming soon. Make sure you check back next week for the week’s latest offerings for LittleBigPlanet. See ya online!

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  • cell989 | November 25th, 2008 at 5:01 pm

    Ill be getting the chimera one for sure

    That’s if they manage to FIX THIS sometime soon lol.

  • i like that thing but i wont pay $2 for it

  • Please come down on the prices of the costumes. It should be one flat rate and all the costumes should automatically appear in your cart every month!

  • You have my $2.

  • Costumes are overpriced, you guys would get more sales if it were .99 ea

  • works fine now…woot…gotta love a chimera sackboy

  • Buying a new costume every week is really going to add up. At the rate that they’re pumping these things out, I’m not even sure if .99 each would be enough of a price cut. It definitely would be a good start though.

  • Id pay 2 bucks for the R2 costume.
    (if it looked better)

    I was expecting it to look alot better then that, and for 2 bucks, it should have been.

    Looks like a cheap costume.Like they didnt put 1/10th of the work they did with the snake,killzone and other costumes.

    Honestly, the animal pack looked so much better then this.

  • Also, same goes for the turky costume.

    Should have made an actual turkey costume.

    (like the ones in the animal pack)

    I know its free, but just throwing a turky on a sack boys head seems kind of lazy and half a$$ed.

    Just my 2 cents.

  • I see that some people are commenting that they purchased this costume for $1.99.
    For those of you that did or intend to, could you please write a comment in here explaining why they think one costume for Sackboy is worth that price.
    I don’t wish to start a flame war. I just think that the price is so out of whack that I want to hear the other side of that thought.

  • The turkey head is hilarious!

  • Gonna download the turkey.

  • Keep the DLC cost reasonable and there will be more people playing your game if not just to see there new gads.

    Awesome stuff!



  • Hi Mark!

    Where is the Sackboy merchandise? Especially the plushies. Play-asia has some but the big one don’t look like Sackboy!! Are there going to be official ones? I was hoping to see lots of goodies with Sackboy on them to add to my Christmas list:(

  • @ gbovo
    “No billboard signs around the country”(for LBP)

    You obviously don’t live in California. There are billboards everywhere. I have also been seeing commercials

  • hahahaha that is almost as awesome as decorating your Thanksgiving turkey with fake plastic spiders:

  • When will these costumes be available until? The Halloween mask and SpaceSuit were “supposed” to be available until November 19th, but the Halloween mask was removed when I tried to dowload it on November 18th and I’ve been snubbed by Customer Service (e-mail and phone).

    Please see my post about it directed to Mark Valledor here:

  • Love the free costumes! I have to find something striking to even consider paying anything for it though, don’t y’all realize some of us have to buy presents for other people lol, just hope someone gets me a psn card!

  • i don’t get why these game promo costumes cost money. Its like paying to wear an advertisement.

  • I wish i had a PS3 it looks like a fun game.Sony please make a PS2 version!!

  • $2 for a silly skin that does nothing and adds nothing to the gameplay?!? RIDICULOUS!!!

    I’m a big fan of LBP, but this price gouging for simple skins is getting out of hand…

  • I will not pay 2€ (I live in France) for the Chimera costume, that’s just too much…0,49€, not any more! It’s just no right… :|

  • It’d be neat if somehow it was able to tell if you have played Resistance 2, and gave you the option to download the costume because you own the game.

  • Love the great dlc for LBP, hate the fact that it doesn’t support 1080i. Why does this marquee game only support 720p for high def? I’m one of the thousands of unlucky PS3 owners who has a HDTV that only supports 1080i and not 720p, so LBP gets downrezzed to 480p resolution on my set and looks lame. Come on, Sony or Media Molecule…release a patch to fix this. If Burnout Paradise can do it, LBP can, too. :)

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