LittleBigPlanet Weekly Download Update – Thanksgiving Edition

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Well, it’s Thanksgiving week and there isn’t a better time than now to give thanks to our avid fans with more FREE downloadable costumes for LittleBigPlanet. Just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday, we are offering FREE Turkey Heads for your Sackboys and Sackgirls beginning TODAY. Gobble this …

LittleBigPlanet Turkey Head Costume

Of course, that’s not all! The Chimera from Resistance 2 have invaded LittleBigPlanet with new downloadable Chimera Sackboy (or Sackgirl) costumes. Your Sackboy and Sackgirls now have a chance to gear up before taking on those who stand in their way in LittleBigPlanet. The Chimera costume will soon be available at the PlayStation Store for just $1.99! Check it out …

LittleBigPlanet Chimera Costume

These updates will become available with today’s PlayStation Store Update, coming soon. Make sure you check back next week for the week’s latest offerings for LittleBigPlanet. See ya online!

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  • @47…uh…who cares? i still find out before they’re available for download right? right.

    lol…i swear some people just talk to talk. nothing really helpful or good to say. just talking for the sake of hearing themselves.

  • Look at me !!! I’m turkey head boy!!!!

    To funny

  • @49…i’m buying the chimera one for $1.99. and street fighter remix for $14.99.

    next question?

  • That turkey is epic. I’ll be getting the Chimera as well.

  • @52 no it’s ok, it’s sufficient for me… I was asking the same question about the Streetfigter hd remix, who will buy a classic game without ps3 feature support for the increadible price of 15$!
    I must be an old stingy gamer….

  • @54 Unlike a sackboy costume for $2, SF2 is actually worth the price. A hand-drawn HD graphics overhaul and retuned gameplay designed by actual tournament champion players, for one of the greatest most beloved video games of all time, plus online functionality? Well worth $15 if you have any interest in Street Fighter. Come on, I’m not a SF addict but I can see all of this is well worth it. Buying ASAP.

  • The costumes are awesome.

  • Ok seriously guys, poor sackboy why on earth would anyone shove his head up a turkeys ass.

  • Awesome Chimera costume, though $2 is a little too pricey.

  • XD
    @ comment 57 C-H-A-O-S

  • Freaking Awesome!! Iam getting both of those. BTW LBP RULES!! :)

  • Hey is there any chance that we’d get costumes in a certain Beta that I am playing at Home???? hint hint, they would be the best.

  • $2 = 2 much.

    $0.99 per costume is fair

    Free = AWESOME!

  • I love what youre doing here. Making the sackboy persona even more loveable is an impressive feat!

  • 2$?

    You have got to be kiddin me.

  • That Chimera costume is insanely awesome!!!!!! I can’t wait to buy it from the Store. Next week give us some Dead Space Marine Armor costume or some Necromorph costumes!!!

  • I’m loving the DLC, but no one will buy 1.99$ costumes. Those who do, are simply retarded. Way to take advantage of the disabled, Sony.

    Really though, it IS a gigantic ripoff.

  • Absolutely LOVE the Chimeran Sackboy costume! :D

  • Thanks Mark.

    Boy that turkey one is funny !

    We’ve had our Thanksgiving in Canada last month, but just wanted to wish all my US PS3 buddies a HAPPY THANKSGIVING !

  • The Dead Space suit suggestion is a great one. At 0.99!

  • I don’t care if it’s free, that turkey body…head… thingy is creepy. I hope PeTA doesn’t find out.

  • w00t! AWESOME! I am downloading the free one and buying the R2 one. I have bought every single costume so far!

  • sony this oldricks i haved send tham alot of messages and havent even send me the pshome code why 3 ago i write tham every day and thy havend send me the code plz at am mad ta sony can any one tell me why i want the code two :(

  • NO. WAY.

    LOL… Chimera?! This is simply awesome…

  • Awesome Chimera!
    If I download it from the US Store, will it work on my UK version of the game? :)

    If not, will it come to the European PS Store soon?

  • Mark, remember our chat about LBP’s marketing and when SCEA would be kicking it up a few notches, you said not to worry that SCEA would do good on LBP’s marketing. Looks like you weren’t very truthful seeing as LBP’s marketing in the US has been utterly disappointing since the game launched. Hardly any TV ads on any of the big TV networks. No online ads on Gametrailers /IGN/ 1up. No billboard signs around the country, and overall, a failure for SCEA to truly bombard the mainstream gamers senses with LBP. You all failed to put LBP in the face of everyone when it launched, hoping that early adopters would do your job for you (for free), through word of mouth, instead of stepping up and spending the money needed for the game to sell the millions of copies it deserves to. I’m sure you’d like to give the excuse of LBP being a new IP releasing in the busy holiday season, and facing stiff competition, as the reason for the game’s less that spectacular sales. But Assassins Creed was a new IP last year, that ended up selling 6 million copies (2 million of which were on PS3), because Ubisoft spent lots of money marketing the game and putting it in everyone’s. So that excuse doesn’t make much sense.

  • gbovo ur right and tell tham abut home every one got one but me no code thy send it to every one but no me i been witted along time for tham to send me one man am mad sony any time now send me the code i want to play home two try it man am mad any time send me code plz at :(

  • whens the store update gonna go live?

  • I don’t know if anyone else has had this happen, but i purchased both LBP costumes, alone with some other purchases, but when i tried downloading the LBP costumes, i get an error message! Everything else i got (3 RB songs,and SSFHD) went into downloading perfectly fine, but those 2 LBP items BOTH got the error message. What’s up with that?

  • Bought the Chimera LBP costume and got an error trying to download it. Also got an error on the turkey costume. What’s up Sony?

  • Still no beta code for home. Day one Qore owner and still homeless :(

    Why even say beta codes were going out with Episode 6?

  • hahahaha.. this is awesome sauce!

  • If you bring me a Final Fantasy VII – Cloud Sackboy costume, it will be the first one I buy =P

    I don’t like Sephiroth ;D

  • Yup. Must be a LBP bug or something

  • Resistance 2 costume? Damn you and your brilliant content, that’s more money i have to spend. I’ve spent nearly £300 on games/addons in 2 weeks, quit robbing me with your brilliant content


  • yeah downloading sf hd anyone want to add me its the same id

  • Stuffboy

  • It won’t let me download the Thanksgiving head for Sackboy or the demo for Dead Space. Those are the two downloads I tried to download so far and I’ve tried for at least 20 times and get an error code every time.

  • still cant download the LBP costumes or the DEADSPACE demo JEFF!!!

    can you address this instead of deleting everyone’s comments that posted about it..


  • Looks like I just paid 1.99 plus tax for a cool .PNG image of a chimera sackboy Costume because that is all i can get, O along with the nice Download error..


    Seriously, did having to update the store two days early throw you off your game or something…

    i am just curious when the Heck I will be able to download the content I purchased!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • hey is anyone else having a problem downloading it? i keep getting an error when i download it.

  • LOL. The turkey one is priceless. Hope to see the Chimera costume in Europe.

  • Same problem as the rest…. cannot download LBP DLC or Dead Space Demo. :(

  • @gamatatsu

    Did you even bother to read the comments above your own before you posted???

    Say for instance right above it!

    Yes we are all having problems downloading it..

    It would appear that SONY NEEDS TO UPDATE THERE LINKS!!!

    Because their is no download file at that link
    all of my other content downloads but the three items listed below FAIL! just like this Update!!!

    LBP DLC – “Turkey Head costume” (Free)
    An error occurred during the download operation.(80029567)

    LBP DLC – “R2 Chimera costume” $1.99
    An error occurred during the download operation.(80029567)

    Dead Space Dismemberment Demo (Playable Demo)
    An error occurred during the download operation.(80029567)

  • It is giving me the error code: 80029567 when I attempt to download my turkeyheaded sackboy and Chimera sackboy!!! What’s going on??

  • ” Sackboys endless search for stuffing resulted in a dire life/death situation and the jaws of life had to be called in to save dear sackboy’s head! “

  • same erro here 80029567…I am assuming they are not uploaded yet and the error is a file not found…PLEASE fix it I want my Chimera sackboy

  • Is anybody else having problems downloading the turkey suit? Mine gets to %3 then gets disconnected.

  • OK, I see it wasn’t just me :).

  • Ill be getting the chimera one for sure

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