New Urban PSP Ad Campaign Launches

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By now you’ve all seen Peter’s post from yesterday that introduced the new PS3 ad campaign. I wanted to give you some details on the two PSP ad campaigns that also kicked off recently. One campaign focuses on the new PSP-3000 and the other on the big games that are available this holiday season (or coming soon after), including Resistance: Retribution, God of War: Chains of Olympus, Madden NFL ’09 and more favorites.

This campaign is one of my favorites because not only does it gives a nod to the awesome ‘POV’ TV spot that we aired when the PSP first launched back in March 2005, but it places the PSP within a colorful and diverse blur of urban activity. As someone who spends a lot of time in San Francisco and travels the country often, I see the way that people in different cities use their PSPs and I think we’ve captured that in a fun and interesting way. The TV spots are fast-moving, 15-second snapshots of the PSP within several large cities, with local or regional musicians contributing their tracks to the spots. With the PSP, everywhere really does get better. Here are three of the spots, including a sneak peak into the TV spot for Chicago, which will start airing next week.

Taking the urban theme even further, we were able to work with local artists in 11 different cities and have them design unique PSP skins. It’s an awesome way of working with local talent to discover the ways that they love their cities and communities and how they use their PSP. Starting next week, be sure to visit the PSP module on to check the PSP skins out. Of course I’m inclined to love the San Francisco skin, but think that they all offer unique flavors. Would love to hear which one you like best in the comments section.

Be sure to keep an eye out for the TV spots which are airing now, as well as the print, online and transit ads. For those of you lucky enough to live in or visit one of the five cities that we’ve focused on, you’ll see PSP ads all over buses, subways and trains.

Let us know what you think, and have a great weekend!

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  • To me, these commercials screams “Buy a PSP, you’ll become asocial!”

    The Whole world in your hands comercial is way better.

  • @46…return the disc for a new one…

  • Yeah these adds suck. The PSP needs to show off what it can do in full view not as a side show to hot chicks, and cool dudes in a overly speed up montage that has so much movement that you can’t even look at the PSP without getting vertigo.

    On top of that Sony seems to think that they sold so well in the 90s because (WE ARE SONY!) Well I hate to break it to the CEOs at SOE but they only sold a crap load of PS2s because their only compatition was utter trash. N64 was over priced, and old tech to start with, the Dream Cast was under advertised, and too fare ahead of it’s time from the start.

    The same issues are now showing up on the PS3, and PSP systems. Both machines are great but they get little second, and third party support because Sony likes to add features and then leave the developers to use them. (A vary big mistake the Xbox360 sells well because all games support VOIP, and matchmakeing, as well as a set number of HDTV resolutions unlike on the PS3) On the Xbox360 you get a free development kit from Microsoft, then your allowed to make a game under the idea that you support the system with all it’s online functions, and DLC if you so choose too. Plus they have a great quality controll system there too.

  • @53…so go play your Xbox then.

    1. Yep…the PS2 ONLY sold 120+ Million consoles because their competition was inept.

    2. 3rd party support. Perhaps you have missed the news that EA/UBISOFT/KONAMI and more are making MORE MONEY with PS3 titles than with other consoles. I don’t think you’ll be seeing 3rd party support wane … the PSP…you can thank CFW for screwing that up.

    3. Xbox Live has been out for 6 years…4 years longer than PSN…in the 2 years PSN has been out it is getting very close to on par and doesn’t cost my family of 4 $160/year like LIVE would.

    4. Quality control? On Xbox? Can we talk hardware failure and Marketplace shovelware for a moment?


    and just for kicks it is ads not adds and SOE has NOTHING to do with the PS2 hardware.

  • The new ads are freaking fantastic!


  • Love that ad, saw it on MTV yesterday.

  • Well it looks cool but my favorite was the ad were they would trow the Psp from one person to the next. Here’s a thought I played mine at a baseball game and got so into it I almost got hit by a flyball in the stands now thats enjoying the Psp!
    ps. It scared the crap out of me when the ball hit the stand infront of me.
    lmao still

  • i like the squirrel AD’s last year those wear funny last year. it was a few of them last but these ad’s this year i’ve been seeing a lot lately. it still sux i don’t see as many PS3 AD’s as i do PSP. Apple have one thing right Microsoft spend millions on advertising. because i see 360 Ad’s all day and u see starting at $200. unlike having the highest price system Sony don’t show why the average person should spend $400 on PS3 and not $200 on 360 or $250 on Wii. but i know a few people a few people who is purchasing a PS3 for the holidays.

  • Hurray, more PSP advertisements! Sure, these are very area specific but I’m still glad to see some more advertising.

    Could it be that Sony only bothers during certain times to maximize effect, rather then do like Nintendo and bombard people from all angles until they buy into it? Regardless, this could mean more gamers near me up for a good multiplayer game.

  • any chance of getting an inteligent qube remake/ps1 classic on psn store. freaking awesome puzzle game. better than echochrome if you ask me.

  • NYC plays PSP!!!1


  • “A game will sell a system for a year but the experience will sell it for a lifetime” -WHOLEARMOR-

  • That is cool but i would say take out ending where it says “(state) plays PSP” but still a cool add overall

  • very good ads for the psp. oh and i love the ps3 ads 2 guys! keep up the great work.


  • Ha. This is the first time ive ever seen the blog go more than 24 hours without being updated.

    Hey guys, cool ads and all – but try to make sure to have at least one blog post per day. :) Even if its totally useless like “Information on what Jeff does every morning” or something like that.
    I dont know why… but i just love reading anything on here…


  • Nice, and thanks for my Home Key Sony

  • man i haven’t got a home beta invite matter fact i haven’t got an invite for anything i hope i get choze this time it would be great…. my email iz

  • People do their research before they buy these days. And frankly, PS- 3000 with its scan-line issue is a step back in many people’s book. So amount of killer ads are gonna make up for it, so plz….fix it.

  • *EDIT*

    People do their research before they buy these days. And frankly, PSP- 3000 with its scan-line issue is a step back in many people’s book. So no amount of killer ads are gonna make up for it, so plz….fix it.

  • Nice… Would have definately benefitted from showing R:Retribution though.

  • I like the idea and design of it all, but it still doesnt match up to those urban PS3 ads with the stuff being written on the walls and everything moving about. I think LBP and Resistance : Retribution on the PSP might actually convince me to buy one!

    Just need to get a bit more marketing onto the 5 non-cable channels here in the UK and more in America up aswell cause hardly anyone who isnt a “hardcore” gamer and is active on gaming forums and blogs like this dont really know whats going on the Playstation.

  • Sorry my post was a bit outa line. But you have to admit these adds are not as good as they could be. Sony keeps going for the 20/16 crowed and leaves the sports fans, and even the more casual Tweens, and hardcore female gamers out in the cold.

    Also they need a new slogan as well the lack of one is killing us right now, Xbox has Jump in, Nintendo has Wii would like to play, and they often show adds for top rated games, and new titles on twice as many networks as Sony. IMHO good adds or not the lack of good add placement on watched TV kills the market here for us. The only time I ever see PlayStation adds is durring football games on Fox, Or on G4 Tech TV, Sony needs to run adds on Cartoon Network, Nicktoons Network, and Disny channel as well to get into the more casual market that they talked about for 4 months this year.

  • @70 s-e-g

    Please…tell us what you are doing with your HOME key now that you have sold your PS3 and PSP…

    Remember last week:


    S-E-G | November 17th, 2008 at 5:32 pm

    well this website is useless, i have a problem and not one Sony representative has bothered to respond, they monitor this website like they monitor content on the playstation store, nul. well don’t bother i sold the ps3 and psp, uncle bill here i come.

    So…you lying NOW or lying THEN?

  • These ads are good but they kind of set a bad example. You should not be walking while playing a PSP.

  • I like these adds alot.

  • The PSP is an amzing system, which is why my mind is boggled that the DS recieves more support from third parties.
    Of course, Nintendo doesn’t seem to have any quality control these days.

  • Nice ads, even though I am not from any of those cities.

    The one thing that could have made them all better would have been an ad that announced the GPS attachment in the US.

    Any word on that?

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