New Urban PSP Ad Campaign Launches

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By now you’ve all seen Peter’s post from yesterday that introduced the new PS3 ad campaign. I wanted to give you some details on the two PSP ad campaigns that also kicked off recently. One campaign focuses on the new PSP-3000 and the other on the big games that are available this holiday season (or coming soon after), including Resistance: Retribution, God of War: Chains of Olympus, Madden NFL ’09 and more favorites.

This campaign is one of my favorites because not only does it gives a nod to the awesome ‘POV’ TV spot that we aired when the PSP first launched back in March 2005, but it places the PSP within a colorful and diverse blur of urban activity. As someone who spends a lot of time in San Francisco and travels the country often, I see the way that people in different cities use their PSPs and I think we’ve captured that in a fun and interesting way. The TV spots are fast-moving, 15-second snapshots of the PSP within several large cities, with local or regional musicians contributing their tracks to the spots. With the PSP, everywhere really does get better. Here are three of the spots, including a sneak peak into the TV spot for Chicago, which will start airing next week.

Taking the urban theme even further, we were able to work with local artists in 11 different cities and have them design unique PSP skins. It’s an awesome way of working with local talent to discover the ways that they love their cities and communities and how they use their PSP. Starting next week, be sure to visit the PSP module on to check the PSP skins out. Of course I’m inclined to love the San Francisco skin, but think that they all offer unique flavors. Would love to hear which one you like best in the comments section.

Be sure to keep an eye out for the TV spots which are airing now, as well as the print, online and transit ads. For those of you lucky enough to live in or visit one of the five cities that we’ve focused on, you’ll see PSP ads all over buses, subways and trains.

Let us know what you think, and have a great weekend!

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  • Nice. I’d like to see an ATL ad.

  • Next are Rural PSP ad campaigns with Cowboys playing their PSPs in the downtime on the ranch. Or Ezekiel is playing PSP instead of churning butter and gets yelled at.

  • Why are there no PS3/PSP bundles?

    Why is Sony COMPLETELY failing to market what the PSP is capable of doing with gaming, music, and video?

    Why is the PSP almost entirely ignored for PSN Store updates?

    Why do I repeatedly have to write essays in gaming forums to PS3 and PSP owners what their handheld can do because Sony has never bothered to demo those capabilities in adds or conferences?

    Where are the adds showing someone sitting out by the pool or in a recliner watching movies/TV shows over wifi with their PSP connected to their PS3?

    Where are the adds showing people downloading and playing PS1 games on their PSP that they can download from PSN – oh that’s right you haven’t bothered to put up more than a handful of the thousands of PS1 titles that exist.

    Where are the adds showing off the DLNA support for the PS3? And how that works with the PSP over wifi?

    People go absolutely crazy with excitement when I DO YOUR JOB in bars, restaurants, and other public places when I spend ten minutes going over what an amazing device the PSP is and what it can do.

  • Cool ads. You guys should do one for the business traveler. A lot of us use our PSP’s when we are away from home for work. Maybe do one like these Rural Ads, but in an airport or airplane setting. I can’t tell you how cool it is to whip out my PSP slim on the plane to watch a movie over those folks with their mp3 player’s small video screens or their gigantic bulky laptops and mini-DVD players.

  • Pretty cool ads.

  • I’d prefer some G A M E S.

  • I tried walking and playing my PSP at the same time…it was a bad idea.

  • Oh…and that GPS that is supposed to be out would be nice too.

  • i agree with 7 but it’s nice to finally see some love for the psp

  • To be honest, i think the PSP is a thing of th past. With gadgets such as the iPhone, i see absolutely no reason why to go back to a 2005 [upgraded] product.

    How about you advance with technology, and work on a PSP 2 ?

    Just my opinion, again.

  • Original Artist PSP Skins?


    so who are the artists?

    I also think a PS3/PSP Bundle is a great idea..

    but i have both already!

    glad to see the PSP getting some felt kinda empty there for a bit..

    anyway, i just got my PSP-3000 and i love it!

    So bring on the content!

  • What? You didn’t represent my hometown of Spencer, Tennessee? Just joking lol, good campain.

  • LOL!

    iPhone as a gaming device.

    Overpriced trendy emo [DELETED] are the only people who give a damn about it. Wimpy and crappy graphics hardware and a [DELETED] to play anything but novelty games.

    The future of cellphones is Android starting with the G1.

    Apple has no chance competing with the PSP and DS. Ever.

  • CHI!

    That was the coolest one on there. The L train. :P

  • terrible marketing

  • I didn’t see any Resistance: Retribution in those ads. :(

  • I’ve got a great slogan you guys might want to use in the future for your marketing campaigns:

    All I want for X-mas is a PSP!

    It’s hip. It’s cool. It’s viral.

  • I liked these spots when I watched them last Sunday during football. The magazine versions are very eye catching.

  • i dont like the psp ads at all the one from last year was a lot better the dude get your own ads was great.Any info on news games fro psp in 2009?

  • Liked those better then the PS3 ones. PS3 ones were good but maybe confusing for stupid people..


    just kidding

  • Nice add, but what’s going to sell more PSPs are more quality games. We’ve been in a drought for many months. The install base is huge. I don’t understand why it’s so hard for developers to understand and want to take advantage of that.

  • > 4 … haven’t you seen the ads of the Wii? It’s not the functions that counts … It’s the EXPERIENCE . lol, i agree with you , you know but there are more stupid people than you think, and those don’t give a crap about DLNA and stuff ..

  • cool ads.. any chance of finding out the names of the songs and artists featured in them?

  • It’s because of ads like these that I really appreciate having my PSP! Go Sony!

  • Nice.. but in all honesty I don’t buy PSP games anymore, cause its too expensive and I don’t even take it around because of the glare. I just listen to music and sometimes watch videos. Although, locoroco 2 is a definite purchase. Anyway game sharing is pretty lame too compared to the DS.

  • is there on in atlanta? itd be cool to see psp ads on the buses

  • Nice.

    Hey John,
    Is there any chance to see the Resistance 2 LE bonus DVD (BD?) on the PSN store?, ’cause it’s impossible to find where I live.

  • Niceee! Just saw the PS3 commercial with the dark knight in it, on channel 11 ny! Awesome stuff!

  • I like them. Are these directed/produced by the same people behind the PS3 ones?

  • It’s clearly targeting 20 to 24 year old males. I think that’s part of the PSP’s problem – Sony seems to be so focused on that demographic, they handing over every other age group to Nintendo. When I was growing up, Nintendo sold millions of NES, SNES, and Gameboys to kids (or, technically, to their parents). There are just as many parents buying for their kids today as back then, but Sony’s marketing and games are so focused on winning the battle for 20 to 24 year old males, that they are losing the war.

  • This is actually not a bad advertisement. I found it to be appealing, but I do believe there should be a commercial for San Francisco. Somewhere in the Metreon near the Playstation storefront.

  • We just need more PS1 games on PSStore updates :/

  • HI you guy are awesome!!! In the future will there be support for friends ant trophies for the PSP?????

  • So, other than Resistance: Retribution, are we expecting any other AAA titles for the system in 2009?

    For such a popular handheld (30+ million out there), these great games are so sparse.

    My question does not apply to Patapon 2 or Loco Roco 2.

    Hopefully something will be unveiled because Square’s PSP titles are far-off.

  • i’ve been seeing the PSP ad for NYC a lot the last few days. the ad says something about “NYC love’s PSP”.


    Check your e-mail. I just got into HOME! :)

    Hells Yeah!

  • Great way to spread the message

  • @35

    Does DiRT 2 count?


  • y’know, i’d like to see some of these ads on New Zealand’s telly networks.. like our 3 free channels (well there are more on freeview tv..)
    i miss seeing the playstation ads..

  • glad to see that the psp is getting some love

  • Misssissippi plays PSP

    I’m in home beta check me out.
    Username: Tomsoldier

  • what is your home ID

  • SONY, I purchased Little Big Planet and I can’t play the game, I inserted the disc and nothing came up. I put another game on and it worked, except LBP. I restarted the PS3 and it still didn’t play LBP and I clean the disc and it still didn’t play LBP… WHY cant I play LBP???? I paid $60 for something I cant use, only look at!!! PLEASE Help!

  • Nice vid

  • i know i’m off topic here but you guys shoul let pepole order PSN T-shirts with there PSN ID on it i kno i’d buy a few ^_~

  • I didn’t get home beta invite in my inbox… :(
    Please SONY, ive waited forever!
    PSN: CanadianWolf

  • ………… You’re kidding right…. This is what you guys came up with? EPIC FAIL. Show me a PSP that is Entertainment Unleashed on the go. Those commercials do not make me want to go out and buy a PSP. They are way to frigen chaotic. Show the games!!! Granted PSP has a weak selection as is, but people aren’t going to buy a PSP with all that noise flying about the screen. They need a reason. ugh I feel like I could do better with a set of flash cards and a camera. There hasn’t been a single PSP Campaign that seems to really sing to the strengths of the System. What is your dysfunction.

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