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PlayStation Nation,

This is one of the fun parts of my job, when we get to unveil our TV commercials and give you, our loyal fans, a preview of our spots before they hit the airwaves. This year’s campaign is dubbed “Entertainment Unleashed” and for good reason.

The campaign actually began quietly a few weeks back with three fifteen second “tease” executions. Hopefully, you’ve seen these by now. These initial ads depicted various people catching glimpses and reflections of beautiful PS3 game footage magically appearing on building facades across a city.

This weekend, we’re excited to reveal what triggered the excitement. The spot begins with a guy creating a LittleBigPlanet level on a building wall and from there, the PS3 takes on a momentum all its own, spreading amazing entertainment content uncontrollably from building to building throughout the city. The ad prominently features not just LittleBigPlanet but also two other PLAYSTATION 3 exclusive titles — Resistance 2 and MotorStorm: Pacific Rift. And we’ve also highlighted PS3’s Blu-ray capability by featuring Blu-ray movies like The Dark Knight, showcasing PS3’s unrivaled leadership as both a gaming and multimedia entertainment experience.

PLAYSTATION 3 offers unrivaled game content, with not just one platform-defining game, but an array of groundbreaking games across virtually every genre throughout the year that are pushing the envelope of creativity and sheer gameplay.

And at the end of the spot, you’ll see that all this great exclusive content has literally been unleashed on the city and its residents. I know our fans will appreciate spotting some of your favorite games across the cityscape.

This week marks an important milestone for the PS3. And one of the things we’re most excited about as we head into year three is the tremendous adoption and excitement found on PlayStation Network. This year alone, we’ve added great new features you guys have been asking for like a service to deliver High Def movies and TV shows that you can rent or buy and store directly on the PS3’s hard drive; a robust trophy system that lets you compare your gaming prowess with others as well as help you discover everything about the great PS3 games you’re playing; and of course, the groundbreaking Home service, which is just around the corner for all. All of this and a lot more has resulted in more than 14 million active PlayStation Network accounts – a very rapid expansion of a service that we have equally aggressive plans for in the future.

So with its tremendous growth and adoption, we thought it was time to give the PlayStation Network its own moment in the sun with a TV spot that sings its praises. This PlayStation Network ad will also make its debut this weekend. The ad is a metaphor and itself depicts the relentless spread of the PlayStation message from user to user. We’ve featured various ways you can “Download/Play/Connect.” Great downloadable games like Ratchet & Clank: Quest for Booty, PAIN, Wipeout HD and Echochrome. Free online gaming and downloadable levels with games like LittleBigPlanet. Human connection and community via Home. And downloading great movies like Hancock directly to your PS3 and then sharing it with your PSP.

When we launched the PS3 two years ago, we said we would deliver on the most advanced next generation console that would offer ten years of entertainment value. We are committed to that promise and remain confident that we’re now just scratching the surface on PS3’s potential.

We hope you like these new ads and look forward to your feedback and continued support for PlayStation.



PS: Killzone 2 is real and it’s spectacular…

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  • Thanks Bender Rodriguez.

    The Motorstorm pacific rift commercial was just a waste of money if you ask me. (sorry to be so rude) What’s the point in seeing a flower 90 % of the time and then see some vague car that passes by.

    Motorstorm pacific rift got incredible graphics, that would convince a lot of people that are into the racing genre. Granted it doesn’t have great critic score’s but as a racing fan I must say that it is a wonderful experience to play the game. Its soo much fun!

  • Cool commercial.

  • Nice seinfeld reference. I’ve been seeing these commercials a lot lately and it’s nice seeing them go together.

  • @ Modster: I’m seeing a lot of Playstation 3 and PSP commercials here in Belgium.

    – The motorstorm pacific rift commercial
    – 3 different commercials from LittlebigPlanet
    – The world is in your hands commercial for the PSP. Its in every commercial break on TV :-P

  • @10 No, actually if you watch most gaming commercials it’s not important at all.

  • As much as like the new campaign, not quiet Universe of Entertainment, but stick with Entertainment Unleashed an dig a hole to put PlayBeyond in.

    Anyway I think you guys should refrain from putting anything involving home in your commercials simply because it is not out yet. It’s in closed beta and we have yet to hear word when the damn thing is released. Home is borderline vaporware at this point until we actually see it released to the community beyond closed beta form. anything else is just false advertising.

  • Only entertainment I want is HOME BETA. I’m a launch system owner, a GAP member and a day 1 subscriber to Qore. Why no HOME BETA invite?

  • Peter are these the only commercials Sony is going to show?

    Is it just this the marketing campaign or should we expect more?

    Because although these ads are brilliant I think the marketing campaign is incomplete if there arent any other TV ads to be shown focusing better on the games.

  • whats with the PS msg at the end..0.o

  • “PS: Killzone 2 is real and it’s spectacular…”
    Epic cliffhanger :O

  • One in the middle is the coolest.

  • like i said SCEA if you build it, they will come. Build the world of Playstation. Gaming is the foundation but the experience is the essence, the life of gaming

    “A game will sell a system for a year,but the experience will sell it for a life time”. -Wholearmor-

    GREAT WORK Sony we’re cooking with fire now

  • I hope we’re getting a KILLZONE 2 COLLECTOR’S EDITION. It’s a PS3 defining game and it needs one!

  • Just Because of those commercials(if i didn’t already have a ps3, or psp) i’d go buy one. it really pisses me off though that canadians still don’t have the psn video store, but whatever, i have hope that it’ll come soon.

  • Those are some real nice ads. Good work Sony.

  • I like the last one the best but overall they’re both good. They’re unique and very distinctive from Nintendo and Microsoft ads. It would be nice to have a PlayStation 3 ad advertising everything about the PlayStation 3 through PlayStation Home. I think Sony needs to spread the word about PlayStation Home I consider it the next level of what Microsoft is doing with the New XBOX Experience.

    And I also think advertising that it’s free will be a major seller in my opinion but still is good to see some commercials.

  • … interesting ads – but what will sell the system is seeing more actual in game footage!!

  • While I do think that the reflection ads don’t show enough game footage. The second and third ad spots more than make up make up for it. Well done Sony, well done. Great job of showing how fun and exciting the Playstation experience is.

  • @65

    I think it’s a pretty safe bet that Sony has solid marketing plans in the works for Home when it’s launched.

  • im lovin the city and the psn commercial! soooo awesome!

    oh and if home is around the corner for all, what happened to all the qore subscribers getting into the beta? but if its almost here, then i guess no complaints. im just curious about what happened to that plan lol

  • @ 44

    He still have a right to voice his opinion dude. 2 years in the making is a very long time. 360 actually beat us to the punch with their new NXE dashboard. That not cool at all.

  • i like the spots but they,re too short, n btw in what channels are we gonna be able to see them? any in HD?

  • @70

    you are comparing Home to the NXE? I don’t think you can…it’s more compareable to Mii’s.

    It has simple avatars, and the rest is just a new dashboard update, nothing to get to excited about.

  • NXE and Home are two completely different things and two completely different experiences.

    Love the commercials. Hopefully, there is one in there that concentrates on games 100%. Always good to mix them up!

  • “PS: Killzone2 is real and it’s spectacular…”
    As a KZ2 beta tester, Amen to that! It’s not just spectacular, it’s jaw-dropping, mouth-foaming, OMFGWTFBBQ spectacular!

  • I like the new look and feel of these ads! Definitely has a much better tone to them then previous PS ads. However, I do think that it would be ideal to not cram multiple games into one spot, as such with the PS3 Entertainment ad. I believe by doing so might confuse or overwhelm the average viewer. I see other game console ads that stick to showcasing one game at a time and I think that is a more ideal approach to getting the ultimate success from an ad. For example, LBP desperately needs it’s own well crafted exclusive spot. The existing LBP spots just didn’t quite cut it.

  • No, this has to stop. Listen, I’m glad your advertising the PS3 but if you put HOME on one more freaking ad when it still hasn’t been released I will be fed up with you guys. Release HOME then advertise it.

  • I have to say…just the other day I wrote a blog in GAP about the lack of advertising…in the US at least.

    Hopefully these will get MASSIVE airtime. I’m not so keen on the reflection spots. If i wasn’t an avid PS3er then I’d be like “wtf did I just see” since it’s not very clear…also, how do they know what games to buy? I don’t see too many people going into gamestores and saying “I saw this PS3 ad with this rat thing…what was that”. But I digress, that’s your deal not mine.

    The middle ad was awesome, got me all psyched…still confused how they know what to buy…maybe thats why they keep buying PS2’S.

    Get the names out. Show some gameplay. Advertise in store and stop letting MS steal the spotlight at the end of multi-platform game ads. I know you can do this. The more you win, the more we win(because we get more exclusives and multiplat titles)

    Still good effort though.

  • They are both great ads, nice music picks too. I like the first one the best :P. The LBP level in the beginning was a sweet idea. And.. all great games! Just got Motorstorm this week, nice title. It’s better then Motorstorm 1, with tons and tons of features.

  • Nice commercials, they must have took you guys awhile.
    Keep up the good work Sony!
    Nintendo also rules as well, Screw Microsoft! lol…

    Anyway, please bring out Home in december if you can, that will be awesome. That’s one of my holiday wishes!

  • BTW – Can someone tell me how you can get your icon image?


  • No offense but I saw the ads in first video on tv and I don’t think people will like them but the other 2 videos are very very cool

  • Two words.. Awesome and Amazing!!!!

  • What is the song in the Playstation Network Ad?

    Song name, Artist, Album? anyone?

  • Sony , the PS2 is still alive and still meeting my expectation and the PSP and PS3 are exceeding them keep up the great work guys and nice video i like the first one the best. the people are like wow! is that what ive been missing time to buy a PS3. lucky im not missing a thing with my MGS4 bundle PS3 that i sti ll brag about along with my darth vader PSP limited edition and my beloved PS2

  • the new commercials are really cool. at first i thought the short ones were boring and short but that long one just made them better. its like a teaser commercial for the real thing lol.

  • brilliantly done. nice.

  • Where can I get one of thoses shirts? lol no really some of them were pretty cool.

  • Please tell me you guys have a special campaign planned for Home once it releases?!?

  • Awesome. Thanks for the post, Peter, I think you guys have been doing an awesome job, considering the gaming media still to this day is against you.

    Love the ads, I just hope you guys fill the airwaves with them, as this machine is awesome and by far the best console on the market.

    My only off-topic requests are a subscription service for the movie store, a download list for the movie store, and FOR THE LOVE OF GOD….MORE PS1 GAMES ON THE PSN!

    Besides that, I’ve been with Playstation since day 1, and will always be till the end. The day you guys quit is the day I find another hobby. Peace!

  • Very cool. Thanks so much for sharing with the community. For me, an avid fan of my PS3, they didn’t do much. I thought the graphics were stellar though, but hid too much of the gameplay. I knew what a lot of the games were, only because I have played them.

    I think the coolest PS3 ads I’ve seen were the ones from last year (I think). With the white background and the system morphing into various games.

    The music in these new ads were a little to “Apple iPod” and “breezy spring day” and not “Hardcore gaming” and “massive entertainment machine.”

    My uneducated two cents. You did in fact ask. :)

  • Last two adds are great, but you don’t have to show these to me, I already have a PS3. What is the point of these ads if Sony is not putting them on TV? Yeah, I am talking about several times in different channels.

    Are you watching TV lately? See how many ads the other brand is showing and they are making all this campaign around a reduced price plus bundles.

    C’mon…….you have to do something more!

  • those are some pretty spectacular advertisements…

  • Great job, but like many say you guys really need to step up the advertising on all games. I see way more 360 ads even on third party games.

    Get message out there guys!!!!

    PS3 is the best next-gen system!!!

  • Sony’s commercials are ALWAYS the best! And these are no exception!

    Now I’m just waiting for another contest, where the grand prize is one of those PS3-video-in-a-t-shirt things! THAT WOULD BE SO AWESOME!!!!


  • The ads are getting better each year. Really professional and artistic.

  • thank you for all the greatness sony

  • I am not a big fan of Dille or the other big dogs of Sony. They sound like schmucks that shamelessly promote their brand at the expense of being disingenuous with the fan base. They’ve shown in the very recent past with repeated examples that you can’t take them at their word on anything they say. The fiasco known as Home is a big case in point.

  • Frankly these types of ADS should have been done long ago. im always seeing ads for MS games but RARELY ever see ads for PS3.

    If you want to sell games and let alone the system and put PS3 back on top, where it should have been to start, pump out those ads for every single game possible.

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