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PlayStation Nation,

This is one of the fun parts of my job, when we get to unveil our TV commercials and give you, our loyal fans, a preview of our spots before they hit the airwaves. This year’s campaign is dubbed “Entertainment Unleashed” and for good reason.

The campaign actually began quietly a few weeks back with three fifteen second “tease” executions. Hopefully, you’ve seen these by now. These initial ads depicted various people catching glimpses and reflections of beautiful PS3 game footage magically appearing on building facades across a city.

This weekend, we’re excited to reveal what triggered the excitement. The spot begins with a guy creating a LittleBigPlanet level on a building wall and from there, the PS3 takes on a momentum all its own, spreading amazing entertainment content uncontrollably from building to building throughout the city. The ad prominently features not just LittleBigPlanet but also two other PLAYSTATION 3 exclusive titles — Resistance 2 and MotorStorm: Pacific Rift. And we’ve also highlighted PS3’s Blu-ray capability by featuring Blu-ray movies like The Dark Knight, showcasing PS3’s unrivaled leadership as both a gaming and multimedia entertainment experience.

PLAYSTATION 3 offers unrivaled game content, with not just one platform-defining game, but an array of groundbreaking games across virtually every genre throughout the year that are pushing the envelope of creativity and sheer gameplay.

And at the end of the spot, you’ll see that all this great exclusive content has literally been unleashed on the city and its residents. I know our fans will appreciate spotting some of your favorite games across the cityscape.

This week marks an important milestone for the PS3. And one of the things we’re most excited about as we head into year three is the tremendous adoption and excitement found on PlayStation Network. This year alone, we’ve added great new features you guys have been asking for like a service to deliver High Def movies and TV shows that you can rent or buy and store directly on the PS3’s hard drive; a robust trophy system that lets you compare your gaming prowess with others as well as help you discover everything about the great PS3 games you’re playing; and of course, the groundbreaking Home service, which is just around the corner for all. All of this and a lot more has resulted in more than 14 million active PlayStation Network accounts – a very rapid expansion of a service that we have equally aggressive plans for in the future.

So with its tremendous growth and adoption, we thought it was time to give the PlayStation Network its own moment in the sun with a TV spot that sings its praises. This PlayStation Network ad will also make its debut this weekend. The ad is a metaphor and itself depicts the relentless spread of the PlayStation message from user to user. We’ve featured various ways you can “Download/Play/Connect.” Great downloadable games like Ratchet & Clank: Quest for Booty, PAIN, Wipeout HD and Echochrome. Free online gaming and downloadable levels with games like LittleBigPlanet. Human connection and community via Home. And downloading great movies like Hancock directly to your PS3 and then sharing it with your PSP.

When we launched the PS3 two years ago, we said we would deliver on the most advanced next generation console that would offer ten years of entertainment value. We are committed to that promise and remain confident that we’re now just scratching the surface on PS3’s potential.

We hope you like these new ads and look forward to your feedback and continued support for PlayStation.



PS: Killzone 2 is real and it’s spectacular…

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  • nice… and this has what to do with Home… two years late sony… get with the program…

  • Stop teasing me btw with that little Killzone 2 tidbit! lol

  • Lets hope the sales numbers are better for PS3 this month then last month.

    And where is the video store for Canada?

    And where can I get one of those PSN tshirts? Those would be awesome.

  • Cool ads. And yes, we’re ALL looking forward to Killzone 2. What will the ads be like for Killzone 2 I wonder? It’s not exactly a house hold name like Halo, or Mario. How will you guys be selling quite possibly the most expensive and technically advanced PS3 game to date into the mindset of the average American person?

  • faster sony faster! (i’m speaking of home)

  • Now all you have to do is copy Xbox’s NXE party system, chop chop.

  • awesome but i think home should be advertised a lot more to work up the hype again. otherwise pretty good

  • No offense but I’m not really feeling these ads. Isn’t it important to advertise the PS3’s games and features?

  • Oh except for the last one, it’s terrific.

  • Great ads, now we just need to see them on TV. I’m talking in between football games, NBA, the works. Put them on so many channels that people can’t help but notice. Advertise like you used to Sony. Really great ads though.

  • Wow sorry for the third post, but I didn’t even see the second two at first, so scratch my initial comment. Good stuff guys!

  • Cool ads! But I want to see more! They arent enough!

    There are ton of games that Sony has to show to persuade and excite people. Show more of the games.

    I love them :D

    3 teasers and 2 ads not showing many of the games and/or clearer are not enough.

    Give me more of these awesome ads and blow me away!

  • Killzone 2 and White Knight Chronicles. I wonder?


  • Can’t wait to see these on tv. Nice ads! Playstation (Sony) keep it up!

  • *Cant wait for year 3 of the PS3 (year 2 for me though)

    2008 had so many great ps3 games

  • Will these be aired in Virginia??? :D

  • Meh, i’d go more for a comedic commercial if i were on the marketing team. I enjoy those a lot more. These don’t stay with me after I watch them.

  • Not a bad commercial, but it reminds me of something I was discussing with a few others a couple of days ago..

    I was talking in a forum the other day about PS3 commercials and how they’ve been lackluster over the past year. During the discussion, it was almost unanimously agreed that the best PS3 commercial ever was “PlayStation Universe” from the Holiday 2007 season.

    You guys should get back to doing ads in that style again. A few people even admitted that particular ad got them to buy a PS3.

    Just my feedback ;)

  • Nice but why so few RPGs? i know you guys wont let me down but if all i see for another year is action RPGs i might consider blindness a better choice. so please a few more traditional RPGs for my eyes sake v..v

  • Awesome commercials!

  • I like the second video. :) Sony keep it up!

  • Nice stuff guys keep it up!!! :D

  • I love the PSN one. Good old craftsmanship

  • Cool Ads, but I gotta be honest as a long time PS user… the icon… oh the icon! It’s not that I don’t like it, I just don’t think it does the brand justice…

    i do like the ads though… ominous vibe still going I see.

  • ngek! don’t like it to short.

  • The T-shirt one is pretty cool. The other commercials doesn’t really do it for me. It doesn’t get me pumped enough to go and spend $400. You guys gotta come with something harder then that! But the T-shirt is pretty cool but not incredible.

    Put these commercials everywhere on TV and show them a lot on the tv.

  • wow i loved them but i like the 3rd one the most

  • Amazing commercials, way better than the teaser TV spots!

  • By the way, great work with PS Home ver 1.0. You guys stepped it up big time! The only down side is that I cant launch my games straight from Home now.

  • They’re not the best in my opinion. The way it’s done hides too much of the gameplay of the games. You should just show people straight up gameplay from the games instead of doing it that way, but what do I know. I’m not a marketing guy.

  • but we need a lot more commercials.

  • So little about the PSP, what is it dead now? I’ve always argued that the biggest reason why it hasn’t done well is the advertising (as I’ve seen little good advertising for it and the past campaigns were fairly bad) and the poor job it generally does in showing off the games of the system.

    • Thanks for all the great feedback. Looks like we struck a nerve. On the PSP front, we have an entire new campaign for the PSP as well. Hopefully, some of you are seeing those spots already but we\’ll have a dedicated post about that campaign tomorrow…

  • awesome, can’t wait for HOME.

  • I personally loved the blog..felt like a motivation booster! Something out of 300! Hahaha! Sounds great, and I agree let’s see these tv ads flood the airwaves! Let people notice the greatness that is PS3! I’m tired of my woman looking at me and saying “aww its for the other system” everytime a gaming commercial comes on!..and..what’s that like the 5th time they’ve mentioned Home on the blog this week??..we need that big commercial!! I can see it now..”Welcome Home…Live in your world, Play in OURS!”. ..Play B3yond Fellas’

  • Is he talking to Mark and I??

    Anyway, thanks for posting these, so far the ads look great!

  • It is about time you guys start a good marketing campaign for the PS3 and PSN.

  • @torgo, maybe, ask jeff.

  • This is going to be a long post so I apologies for that but I feel its a very informative post so I hope you’ll read it.

    The problem with the previous and the “Entertainment Unleashed” advertising is show actual game footage. Let me explain:

    For example the LittleBigPlanet advertise on the Europe (Belgium) Television. You see the sackboy play a music rock level but that’s it.. all friends of mine who doesn’t have the game or Playstation 3 don’t realise that you make it YOURSELF… and that should be the key advertise for LBP.

    A even better example is the Motorstorm pacific rift advertise, 90 % of the time you see a flower and then you see a car driving by but no actual game footage.

    advertise commercials Motorstorm, LBP and resistance should show gameplay parts THAT will convince the crowd to buy a Playstation 3. At the moment the commercials are just to mysterious and doesn’t show any good game footage.

    Seriously make a commercial with gameplay footage of Heavenly sword, Motorstorm, resistance 2 , MGS4 , LBP , warhawk , singstar. Make it 3 minutes and that will do much more good then those million dollar weird and non- gaming footage videos.

  • @2

    I’m so sick od negitive people like you spouting rubbish like that on the boards.

    If you don’t like the way Sony are running things, maybe should buy a 360 and forget about this website?

    please…do us all a favour!

  • those are some real good actors lol

  • “advertise commercials Motorstorm, LBP and resistance should show gameplay parts THAT will convince the crowd to buy a Playstation 3. At the moment the commercials are just to mysterious and doesn’t show any good game footage.”

    Playfire that’s pretty much what I said and I agree 100 percent.

  • Maybe try to focus on something instead of unfocused on everything.

  • If I didn’t already own a PS3 these commercials wouldn’t do anything to sell me on getting one if I was a weary customer pondering on whether to drop $400 dollars.

  • You see it’s stuff like this that shows SCEA destroys SCEE on the marketing front…

    I barely see (if not any) PS3 ads here in the UK, just one or two games that say Playstation 3 at the end…

    SCEA…get teaching lol

  • I loved the 2nd vid the most! :D Here’s my fan made KZ2 video if you guys wanna see.

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