BioShock PS3 DLC Surfaces Tomorrow

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Hey there! What’s that you say? You love challenging gameplay…and failed underwater utopias? Then prepare to experience the world of Rapture like never before with the BioShock PS3 Challenge Rooms Add-On Content pack available tomorrow, November 20, for $9.99 only on the PlayStation Network.

I’m Keith Shetler, Assistant Producer at 2K Boston, and I’m very excited to introduce two new play modes with this DLC pack: New Game Plus and Challenge Rooms. Both add new twists to the game millions already love!

New Game Plus allows you to start a new supercharged playthrough of BioShock. Ready for this? You begin the game with any weapons, abilities, and inventory that you collected during a previous playthrough. Always wish you could obliterate Dr. Steinman with your uber grenade launcher? Now you can!

BioShock DLC BioShock DLC

Challenge Rooms are another beast altogether. These are puzzle rooms where the objective is to rescue a Little Sister. Sounds easy enough, right? Dead wrong! Whether it’s fighting a Big Daddy without any weapons or surviving room after room of Splicers, Challenge Rooms require equal amounts brain and brawn in order to succeed.

The whole BioShock downloadable content team is proud to bring this new content to the fans that made and continue to make BioShock a huge success. We hope that you enjoy playing it as much as we did making it.

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  • For some people, Bioshock is a year old game. For me, it is a new game, just like any other new game. I never played it on any other system. The PS3 Bioshock is the only version I have ever played. Was it worth the price I paid? Yes. Like i said, it was a new game to me.

    As for the new content: I can’t tell if the price is too much as I have yet to see the product. But, if the challenges are many and exciting, I am sure it will be worth it. I will be getting it based on how much I enjoy Bioshock.

    What I would like to see in the near future: Online maps. I would enjoy playing with or against other Bioshockers. The settings in the game are awesome and offer many places to hide and explore. Picture this: Players playing, perhaps, a biohazard or security force assigned to clear Rapture of Splicers (consisting of other players). This would be something that I would definitely pay twenty dollars to have and play.

    Be seeing you. Ciao!

  • Hey 2K. Here’s a good idea for you.

    Next time release your multi-platform game simultaneously.

  • You know what, having a year old game with no freebies with it overpriced to a ridiculous 60$ when all other platforms it’s now around 30$, I feel it’s a total ripoff from the company.
    And then they come up saying “hey, that game we told you would have new stuff on PS3, well here it is!!! NOW PAY”… ripoff.
    And another thing, why the hell didn’t they (and the majority of companies making FPS for the PS3) add mouse+keyboard capabilities??? They already got the code for the key-mapping from the PC version, don’t tell me it’s THAT complicated to port it over to the PS3… oh well, if it gets keyboard+mouse one day, I might actually consider it (or when I change my PC… whichever comes first), but until then, they’re losing sales on the game…

  • cant wait to try this

  • The DLC really should be free considering the wait PS3 owners had to endure.

  • I don’t mind supporting 2K with my money. I hope it will encourage them to make more content such as an online update for Bioshock and other games that look and play as well this one does.

  • So let me get this straight. You’re adding new game plus as part of a 10 dollar add on? A feature which has been present and pretty much EXPECTED in every RPG since Chrono Trigger(and probably earlier). That’s lame. Give us that as a patch and the rest as add-on. Hopefully I was too upset to realize that’s your actual plan and am making myself look bad by rushing to post.

    But seriously…10 bucks for new game plus? I’ll take my money elsewhere. (I’m talking about the game as well as the DLC seeing as how a year old release at the same price where the big awesome has been spewed over the internet for some time seems kind of pointless)

  • As you can see Keith (and the staff of Sony, 2K, and TakeTwo, other companies) the majority of us are not fooled by the pricing of this. In this time of a bad economy, its insulting to release this game at full price 14 months after thee original. THEN, 1 month later to release DLC for an additional $10.

    This is fall time, its almost Christmas, everyone will be buying more appealing games, newer games, or more important things not related to gaming.

    Im sure you guys see this game has tanked, I doubt it sold more than 70,000 (you have the real numbers im sure) but what a wasted effort by the DLC team to not have their effots to be played by many. All because of the original pricing.

    Hope this is a lesson to you, and the rest of the “big decision” makers.

  • I was gonna buy this game on the ps3 release. When there was talk of us getting the dlc for free due to our 1 year wait. I decided to wait to buy it and see about the dlc. Good thing I waited. And besides, $60 for a year old port? I’ll keep this and eternal sonata on the “do not buy until it’s the same price as the competitors price. and they learn to treat us equal list.”

  • Pretty much.

    Both Eternal Sonata and Bioshock are great frickin games but they seem to care more about maxing out the money to be made than to show off their beautiful games.

  • Bogus. Usually I’m not too negative, but come on. After having the [DELETED] to charge 60 bucks for a year old game (that, by the way, is going to be 20 dollars for the 360 brand new on black friday), you’re gonna charge us for the exclusive DLC?

    You have shown us where your loyalties lie.

    No thanks to this, and your future products.

  • Bioshock is an amazing game. The wait sucked, but it was worth it. I can’t wait to try the challenge rooms.

  • It bothers me when people whine about how much a year-old port costs. The same happened with Oblivion and will happen with other games. The game’s price needs to be competitive in their market and if it won’t sell for full price, it will soon be discounted.

    If you don’t like the price, don’t pay it, they’ll get the hint. This is NOT the website of the developer of the game, and by the same token, this is not a discussion about Home.

  • If the game had come out at $39.99, then I’d be willing to pay for this DLC. But I already paid full pop for a year-old game, I’ll be passing on this DLC, sorry.

  • i really want this game but you have to realize its a year old game set at 60 dollars then i have to plunk down another 10 for the DLC. i dunno about you guys but i feel i huge knife in my back. lemme know when this gets the greatest hits treatment guys!


  • Wow I am so glad that I have a job so that I can afford a 360 and a PS3! All you whiny little girls crying about your $10 dollar DLC for a year old game. WAAAH! I bought Bioshock a year ago and I bought it again on the PS3 and I’ll buy the freaking DLC tomorrow. Why, because this is an absolute great game! Am I disappointed that the DLC wasn’t included on the disk? Yeah, but $10 is nothing after the massive amounts of money I’ve spent on games in the last couple of months.

  • Not only do we have to wait a year for the game and get a substandard port, we also then get charged for the DLC which should have been included in the game. Seriously, Sony should be working with 3rd parties to make the idea of having a PS3 more attractive and this is not the way to do it.

  • I cant wait for this you guys rock

  • New Game + should be included with every game. Thank you so much for making it a part of Bioshock! I will play the game many more times now.

  • Glad to see so many being pissed off about this DLC bit. Now I hope nobody buys it. Teach these leeches in suits to try and milk us with a year old game.

  • what a rip off!!!!

    i was looking forward to this game but i don’t feel like getting raped in the ass by 2k.

  • New Game+ is a nice surprise. Can you still win trophies when using it? It would make a Survivor mode run-through a lot easier.

  • Wow 2K, you sure do have a way with B-O-L-O-G-N-A.

  • I “Googled” for more information. Video looks awesome. Lots of action. And yes, there will be new trophys available. Can’t wait to download the add-on!

  • Won’t buy this till it costs 20, 30 with dlc included.

  • Anyway, back to the topic… As for the price of the DLC, it’s not that bad – New Game Mode and 3 Puzzle rooms, makes it $2.50 per piece of content! People pay more than that for new costumes for their characters! I think the price is about right for the amount of content included, I think people just like to [DELETED] for the sake of [DELETED]

    Does anyone know if New Game Plus a separate game mode or an option that can be applied to the existing difficulties? In other words can I play Survival Mode with all the powers I got from my Hard play through to make unlocking the two Gold Trophies much easier???

  • I got the patch early…

  • 60 euro for the game and so much for the download content? You have to be joking right?

    Bioshock is a great game but why ask so much for the Playstation 3 version when the 360 and PC version is much much cheaper?

    I would have boght this game is it was 40 euro incl the download content and I’m sure that I’m not alone!

  • Will we be able to earn trophies during New Game+ mode?

  • jesus christ, finally… i’ve been wait for this DLC forever… thanks sony for making it comes true.

  • Next time with Bioshock 2… release the game at the same time, on the 360 as well on as the PS3 instead of keep us waiting for over a year. As you can read… we’re really fed up with being treated by publishers as second choice. Bioshock bombed in the US as well as in the EU. Its a great game, with the exception of a few glitches. That’s not the problem. The problem is the waiting and the price. Now.. wouldn’t you just have made a lot more money if you would have released the game at the same time, or am I wrong?

    I agree with the people who don’t want to download the DLC for a price as they’ve already payed full price for the game. Keep us waiting for a year and then let us pay the full dough while the 360 version is only half the price. You’re not the only one, Namco is doing the same horrible trick with Eternal Sonata. Hopefully it will wake you up and you’ll treat us PlayStation 3 owners just like the 360 owners from now on.

    For people who’d like to buy the game in Europe for somewhat lower… get it from Amazon UK! The only place so far with a somewhat reasonable price.

  • @Rise2theTop, a behavior of egoism doesn’t make you popular.

  • Played the new content for a short while (I had to go to bed). Fun and challenging. I hope that 2K will do more of these.

    What I would really like is an online game with players as Splicers and, perhaps, a biohazard/security force. The sets in the game are just perfect for running around, hiding and combat. And/or, have a cooperative game mode for those of us who are into that stlye of gaming.

    Hopefully, Bioshock 2 will realise that there is an online community just itching for more and more.

    Yes, the price may seem a little steep, but what you get is more game-play which is always good.

  • Well, the new content is really tough. With limitations, it is like playing on the hardest mode even though I am playing on medium. The callenge Rooms are definitely challenging. You have to actually THINK about how you want to go about completing the challenges. There is a timer. This shows you how long it takes you to finish. The faster time, the better…

    I keep dying.

    Well worth the cost to me. Your opinion may differ from mine. That is perfectly okay. This is only a game.

    Still, it would have be nice to see an online game one day…

    Be seeing you. Ciao!

  • can i have invite to home please

  • Wow! Playing the new challenges really is tough. Just like the game advised, what you have to do is keep saving so that you don’t have to constantly start the challenge over. I keep dying over and over again.

    Yes, it is fun. I am determined to up my trophy count. I was never into trophies before until this new content came along.


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