BioShock PS3 DLC Surfaces Tomorrow

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Hey there! What’s that you say? You love challenging gameplay…and failed underwater utopias? Then prepare to experience the world of Rapture like never before with the BioShock PS3 Challenge Rooms Add-On Content pack available tomorrow, November 20, for $9.99 only on the PlayStation Network.

I’m Keith Shetler, Assistant Producer at 2K Boston, and I’m very excited to introduce two new play modes with this DLC pack: New Game Plus and Challenge Rooms. Both add new twists to the game millions already love!

New Game Plus allows you to start a new supercharged playthrough of BioShock. Ready for this? You begin the game with any weapons, abilities, and inventory that you collected during a previous playthrough. Always wish you could obliterate Dr. Steinman with your uber grenade launcher? Now you can!

BioShock DLC BioShock DLC

Challenge Rooms are another beast altogether. These are puzzle rooms where the objective is to rescue a Little Sister. Sounds easy enough, right? Dead wrong! Whether it’s fighting a Big Daddy without any weapons or surviving room after room of Splicers, Challenge Rooms require equal amounts brain and brawn in order to succeed.

The whole BioShock downloadable content team is proud to bring this new content to the fans that made and continue to make BioShock a huge success. We hope that you enjoy playing it as much as we did making it.

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  • Awesome!!!

  • cool comic covers, kinda like Tales from the crypt back in the day..

    I really hope BioShock 3 ships the same day on BOTH systems next time.. waiting another year for BioShock 3 after it is released would kill me for sure!

    One question, will you have to start a new game to try these, or can you play them at any time?

    (my character is almost finished with the game)

  • Hmm, except maybe we shouldn’t have been cheated out of this game last year in the first place… and considering its a year old perhaps we shouldn’t have to pay a full price. Honestly, why didn’t you guys just give it to us last year in stead of being bias.

  • If i was logged in I would have been first! stupid cookies.

    Good to see the dlc isn’t too high priced…but still $60 for a year+ old game :\ i’ll pick it all up once it drops to $20-$30!

  • That looks like the joker from The Dark Night

  • 9$ isn’t that cheap :(

  • With all the games that came out I wasn’t able to afford Bioshock, but i’ll be getting it in the future, along with this DLC.

  • Great news! Can’t wait to try the “Plus” side =D
    Thanks 2K

  • Good evening, i just wanted to let you know that i have purchased Bioshock just 3 hours ago. I have hesitated so much due to the price. Spending 70 euros for a year old game was quite hard for my wallet, but tonight, i simply couldn’t resist to the shiny artbox.

    I got home, played it for an hour and 20 minutes, give or take, and my words to describe my first impressions are: ‘Oh my goodness!’

    I am absolutely blown away by the quality of this title. The PS3 is my one and only gaming system, and my last purchased PS3 game is GTAIV, from its release date. Truth be told, I only buy the best.

    So if there is anybody out there still hesitating, i have something for you: BUY IT NOW! Bioshock is worth every single penny.
    In fact, i am glad i purchased it for 70 euros and not for 40 or any reduced price. You guys have done a phenomenal job, and i cannot wait to get back to rapture.

    By the way, can you please confirm that we (europeans) are indeed getting the patch tomorrow? I haven’t encountered any problem yet, but i have heard of some, so i was just wandering.

    Thank you again.

  • Awesome stuff! Keep it coming!

  • OMG! Thank you so much! I was beginning to get so disappointed that I didn’t have the option to start a new game with all my previous plasmids and weapons. I will be purchasing this pack when it’s released tomorrow. This was an excellent port which I purchased on day one.

    Also, I am in the HOME closed beta, with all the talks of HOME being released soon, are you guys planning some kind of 2K or Bioshock Game Space for us? Thanks in advance for your replies if any :o)

  • I purchased this on the “other” system when it released and I plan to pick up with the DLC in the coming months.

    Must finish purchasing the other titles on my queue first.

    I will say that BioShock is one of the finest games/stories I have ever experienced. The true meaning of Single Player storytelling, bested only by titles like MGS.

  • The blueray disk of the game should be cheaper (by 20 bones) say closer to the competion…


  • I bought it on PS3 day one (love that beautiful metallic cover) and I only managed to get to Arcadia … how does one juggle so many great games in such a small amount of time… Resistance 2, Fallout 3, LBP and ofcourse BioShock. I will purchase the DLC and hopefully find some time to play it.

  • Glad to see that we are getting DLC for it, unlike some games. Though $10 seems a bit high. How long is the actual gameplay? Hopefully, it will be worth it.

  • I have a quick question. Can you use the new game plus feature to obtain trophies such as Brass Balls, A Man Chooses, and I Chose the Impossible?

  • God you guys cry about pricing for everything. LBP costumes, downloadable games, DLC, etc.

    If it’s too much money for you don’t buy it or get a job. Or a second job.

    Anyway, I’ll be picking this up tomorrow. Thanks for giving us something extra!

  • These challenge rooms were hyped as being part of the PS3 version of Bioshock, and one of the reasons it stood apart from the previous releases. Now they leave it off the disc and have the nerve to charge us an extra $10 for it. I hope it sells poorly, don’t encourage them to pull another fast one on us by paying for this.

  • Hells Yeah I’m getting this! :)
    Any news on Bioshock 2? ;)

  • I love those comic covers. Reminds me of Weird Science and Tales from the Crypt!

  • Hmm..


  • I played the demo, loved it, and then purchased it. They have/had a stunning deal on the amazon site here in the UK (it was £22). Still awaiting for it to arrive though.

    Not sure I will get these downloads though.

  • Would the first part of the DLC (New Game Plus) help to achieve any of the trophies for those who have already beaten it?

  • I absolutely loved Bioshock, but am torn about the DLC cost. This makes the total cost of the game $70USD, and that’s for an arguably enhanced port of a year-old title. I likely will wind up spending the extra $10 in order to check out the Challenge Rooms, but the question of whether or not this DLC should have been on the disc to begin with looms large.

  • Can you give us information on HOME V 1.0 being released tomorrow? or if these are just rumors?

  • Whats taking up the majority of the disc? Not worth 60 let alone justifying another 10 for an addon.

  • @bloggin: If the DLC had been included on the disc upon release, I would have considered $60 worth it for the experience, especially considering that I don’t have a 360 and did not play this game upon its original release. The DLC is really what separates the original 360 version and the PS3 version… and having to pay $10 extra for it is a bit painful. That being said, Bioshock is a more-than-worthwhile experience for any action or first-person fan.

  • For the $60 dollar price tag of a port, this should of been IN the game. So no thanks.

  • Oh my god you’ve gotta be kidding me with this game. Take 2 has got some big cahones to charge $60 for a port of a year old game. Seriously Take 2 you can eat my poo. Anyone who buys that for the ps3 has got to have something wrong with them. Why are you paying $60 for a game that is less than half that cost elsewhere? $25 for 360, and $19.99 for the PC. Take2 is a greedy piece of garbage publisher, and they damn well know that it shoud only be $40 at most for a year late port of a game. AND now you are telling me that if i want any extra content, the game is now $69.99. I hate you with all of my emotions and heart. I am a die hard ps3 fan, i have been since launch. I really want this game, but you are not getting my money. Anybody who buys this really needs to think hard about what they are paying for. Take 2 deserves a great misfortune, they are treating their customers like crap, and what goes around comes around.

  • SONY when is home coming out to the public am tired of waiting and guess what XBOX beat u to it looks like Microsoft has copied u guys once again and pretty much made their version of home even though I never played the beta and have no clue what it looks like but you can create your character clothes everything seems like home from what I heard what is this bs whatever we plan on doing it takes you guys forever to release it and Xbox beats u to it and u never tell us a release date get with the program Sony step it up

  • SONY!! Are you working on in-game media sharing for music yet?

  • @BigRedOne: I understand where you are coming from, although I did purchase Bioshock upon its release and did enjoy playing through it. It was Take-Two’s business decision, for better or worse… and it really serves as a shining example of why DLC was a bad idea to begin with; it gives publishers and developers the option of nickel-and-diming users with content that arguably should have been (or already is, in several cases) on the game disc.

  • we need HOME now!!!!

  • BTW the Sander Cohen level is by far the best part of the game..

    although i never did open the dang second glass case.. must have done something wrong..

    anyway, I understand why no one would want to pay $70 for this game w/add ons..i played it on the “other” system when it came out of course, and i rented it again on PS3 to get some more easy trophies..the PS3 “port” is obviously a port..but the main gameplay is intact and those who haven’t played the 360 version won’t know what they are missing’s really a must play game if you even remotely call yourself a gamer..

    continued next post

  • (cont’d)

    too bad this next-generation seems to be less about gaming and more about companies freaking out that they could be making so much more money selling DLC and there are even some publishers that have the audacity to proclaim proudly, that the DLC is finished before the game even ships..

    or paying for things that are already on the disc, and are not unlockable by playing…<—that is the worst (at least let us play to unlock the stuff…why hide it on the disc? )


    does anyone realize the PC version of BioShock is only $20?? And the PC version has the best graphics because you can slide up the graphics card on a quad-core and see every little bump on a Big Daddy’s head..

    just saying..


    sorry Jeff about the long post..again..

  • Pure Adrenaline Fun. Been Waiting For This Add-on. Thank You Bioshock Team 2K.
    P.S. Can You Throw Us Any Little Details About Bioshock 2 Besides That It Is Going To Be Awesome.

  • For me ( yes I got the PS3 version ) that already paied 60 bucks for a similar version (if you count the new patch ) of a 1 year-old game, its a shame that 2K dont give this download content for the brave PS3 costumers for free.

  • Honestly, the pricing scheme is unreasonable. You had this game out a year ago for xbox at $60. A year later and most of your development is already done and you are charging the same price. And now you are charging an additional $10? Brings that to $70 for an old game with some extras. Sorry, but that is just way too much.

  • I will be buying this! :)

  • I’m just glad I didn’t spend a dime on that over priced game. Good luck to you all who bought this old port for $65. There are way to many brand new games out to play. LOL Oh, yeah. It’s only $30 on the 360 too.

    By the way my older brother bought Bioshock and when I found out I had him take it back for a refund. I’m glad he didn’t get to open it. LMAO!!!

  • @38 and others that’s complaining

    Dude, don’t complain, just vote with your wallet! That’s what I do. You guys should try that system. I guarantee you Bioshock would hit the bargain bins in no time. I’d say within 2 months if it’s not selling. They’ve already published the game so they would have no choice but to send it to the bargain bins if it’s not selling well. I’ll wait for it to be $20-$30.

    post 40

  • Thanks for the info.

  • 60 bucks for a year old port, and than 10 dollars more for some extra rooms and what you could get with cheat codes?


    Go back to the drawing board, theres only a very few amount of people willing to completely WASTE money on this game and its DLC when theres NEW games that look/play better out right now and at the same price.

    Even if i loved the game, i wouldnt buy it, because i DO NOT support this kind of BS.

  • Thanks Keith.

    Nice add on.

  • Im actually not very impressed with Bioshock so far. What kind of game based under water doesnt have any Real-Time water effects ala MGS4, Uncharted, and Resistance 2… I mean, i understand that theres no way in hell the 360 could do any decent water effects (as proven by the fact that there ARE no games with anything better than pre-set water), but for a year-late version on the PS3 i fully expect decent water. Again… its based UNDER THE WATER. Anyway, thanks for supporting the game. Keep stuff like this up and ill consider getting it. :D just… ease up on the prices. :)

  • cool to see dlc for the game but there are a few other things i’d rather spend $10 on right now.

    maybe $4.99 during a promotion later on or something. thanks for supporting the game though.

  • personally i didnt like bioshock, but even if i would have liked it, i would be disapointed to pay for this when i just paid 60$ for an old game

  • 10 bucks for this stuff after paying full price for a year old game !!!!?????

    I think I’ll pass.

    You might have had me at 5… MIGHT.

    Though I appreciate finally being able to play Bioshock, games are not drugs, and I’m not addicted. My money is more important to you than your game is to me. Despite my better judgment, I paid full price for this year old port but I’ll be damned if I’m paying another 10 bucks for some silly add-on content.

    You corporate types must have really big banana’s to charge this kind of money. I hope your downloadable content tanks abysmally and you send it to the 360. I was in support of you all at 2K until I saw the prices.

    What a let down.

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