PSP Firmware (v5.02) Coming Soon

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Just a quick update, we’ll be making PSP firmware update 5.02 available shortly. This update improves system software stability during use of some features, including the PlayStation Store.

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  • Shady patch notes = Just patching to try to mess with CFW users? When will you guys learn that’s just wasted effort…

  • ———- PS3 Firmware wish list ———–
    When Playing a Game then Pressing our [PS BUTTON] Should “ONLY” have the Options to See our Friends List and the Sound and Microphone Options to be changed would Make a Faster Loading up for IN-Game XMB. (Really is needed for Messaging because its really Important to see and Message Back Our Friends When Needed)

    Trophy Level and Percentage Below or Next to Our Avatars and PSN ID. (Will Make it Easier to see what there Level is Rather then opening up there SLOW GAME Cards but if this Slows down the Friend List Please do not add!)

    MORE AVATARS saying this for all because have to many friends on my list with the same Avatars.

    Cross Game Voice Chat (Just like the Option in HOME to Call up a Friend even have the ring sounds and have the same options as accepting them [START BUTTON])

    A SPECIAL SOUND for Text Messages being Received (Option to turn off or on) reason some people will not like the idea or get annoyed with it.

  • . Text Messages to be allowed to be seen in VOICE CHAT to make it kinda like Text Chat also.. some times getting in a room with more then 4 gets to be a problem and Text is Needed to Speak your words of wisdom.

    . Voice Messaging (To leave Offline Voice Messages example 15-20 second voice clips to record on.)

    . XMB Screen shot for anything on the screen even not just for games. (Example if you wanted to take a screen shot of your Custom XMB Theme or wanted to take a screen shot of your Trophy collection)

    . In-Game MUSIC using the XMB “NOT” just a feature in some Games.

  • cool, i just got a PSP, so bring on the updates!

  • Yay for PSP updates! BTW: WTF is up with Sony not allowing any Sony Pictures movie to be played on Netflix over an Xbox360!? Vary lame move SONY! YOU JUST CUT OFF A HUGE REVENUE MARKET FOR YOUR MOVIE STUDEO THAT COULD COST YOU BIG TIME!

    Also this has been confirmed on both the Xbox360 forums and Yue-Tube, as well as by Microsoft, and Sony CEOs. Bring down Sony! Stop being Petty 80s hardware market men and start liveing in the new adge of online software!

    BTW: I own and love my PSP and dose this new move mean that I will no longer be able to watch Sony Pictures DVDs on my Xbox360 as I and many other people are some times forced to do? F you Sony Your a bunch of petty jerks!

  • Good job Sony on stopping Sony Pictures from being played on Netflix on the 360. There’s no reason to help your competition. Keep making smart moves like this, especially since you own the license to that content.

  • Alrighty then.

  • Too keep on topic I would hope that for the PSP you would add a playlist option to the Photo’s,Music & Video’s under the XMB.

    Also when it comes to Photo’s,Music & Video’s whenever you press either the Home button or the Select button it goes to the XMB. When the Home button is pressed I think it should go to the XMB but when the select button is pressed I think that it should show the display instead of having to press triangle and then click on display to bring it up, I mean what is the point of having to different buttons do the same exact thing. It may seem like a petty thing but why not make full use of all the buttons on the PSP.

    Ohh and one last thing please try to improve Remote play so it works well with all routers/Gateways. I mean I have a 2wire Gateway and can’t use the Remote play feature because it constantly turns on and off the PS3 until it disables the feature. I mean I don’t know weather it is a problem with the PS3 or just the PSP but there must be something you can do?

  • Ohh YAY my Avatar is showing up!!!

  • o.k. thanks?

  • sweet i’ll do this when i get the chance


    Features i want to see in the future

    – more status options for psn friend list for things like when im watching a movie off of the hd show ” -xmb video icon- Movie Title”

    and if its possible maybe for blu-rays and so forth

    – backround downloading via psp with psp store

    – updated versions of the PSN theme for both psp and ps3

    – now that you have that banner up on the official psp site you should just redesign it to 1 that looks like the ps3’s


    way to do what you did with sony pictures through xbox and netflix… i see no reason why you shouldnt protect investments with psp and the ps store

    i mean they chose netflix and you chose your supporters and DivX VOD

    – backround downloading on psp

  • oops forgot to edit that last part out

  • it would also be cool to see more avatars i have like 90+ ppl on my friend list and atleast 15+ people have the same avatar

  • just thought of these for ps3

    – a sort option for “Last Login” for the offline users on your friend list

    or some sort of arrange option that would sort it to say | Online Users | Offline Users (sorted by last login) |

    and just have an ascending/descending by the amount of days or something

    – sorting options for trophy collection

    % of game ascending/descending

    just ideas really

    – sort

  • again with the editing .. sorry

  • Thanks so much for patching the HUGE problem with LBP
    I wish I could say that…

    Any idea when you might have a patch out for it, this year? I thing they fixed the problems with GTA faster than this..

    Some news on this would be great.

  • ** I Think they did..**
    Edit button –

  • i spend more time with my psp then my ps3 because my on the road alot..thank sony for continue fimeware updates..

  • hey i am a fellow ps3 owner and i have some ideas about the next update nothing to big but some vitals could you make a defalt for the web browser for people with a alter net operating system so that they dont half to switch back all the time to use the browser also can you enable direct download and will yellow dog or ubuntu 8.10 be in one of the updates and if you plan on making the browser better in the ps3 thank you but can you add a feature that helps with manage met of the memory also can you make the performance better in the system it laggs when downloading or having more than one window open

  • i just feel if you went this far as to make this console some what as a home media center gaming machine and computer i feel it should be as unique as the user and not limited in uniqueness so please make this as open as possible because this is only limiting the possibility’s of what it can do me personally i just want it to run smoother and faster and if you allow us the freedom to better the system in a small way i feel you would have accomplished you idea

  • but thank you for listening

  • also i for got it would be nice to beable to burn back up blue ray dvds

  • the ps3 needs a better browser please the whole system needs a memory purging system for the browser when the memory get full and the system slows down it also needs a defalt for the people who have a optional os installed for the browser so they dont got to keep booting up each os i would be nice to have direct downloading and just have the usb as what they are intended for backup’s it also would be nice if you could have ubuntu 8.10 or yellow dog linux or any other free os by linux as a update that we can choose thanks for listening

  • oh yes i forgot i would also like to burn content i buy off of the web or sony store could that be possible?

  • Please, Please, Please, Please, update the web browser so that it can actually be used for streaming media like radio and video besides youtube. The flash player is archaic and many websites simply don’t work on the PS3 browser. I still have to hook up my computer to the TV to watch streaming netflix or listen to radio stations, etc. I purchased this playstation with the understanding that it was to be the “media hub” of my entertainment center and I really looked forward to removing all the laptops from my living room. However, I’m still stuck hooking up my laptop to the TV all the time because of the poor functionaility of the PS3. I wasn’t looking for the PS3 to be a PC, but it was advertised to allow access to web media. I wish that instead of adding new frill freatures all the time, Sony would focus on getting the core functions actually working.

  • so dont update its THAT simple

  • so dont update #2

  • 5.02 is live

  • I wasn’t expecting another Firmware update this soon, but I went ahead and updated my PSP anyway. Also, stating that this update “improves system software stability during use of some features” seem awfully vague to me.

  • @FeaturePreacher

    Is that the reason for the lack in updates for the PSP section of the PS Store? Is so, then I think it would have been better to delay both the launch of the PSP-accessible PS Store and the relaunch of the PC version of the PS Store until after work on Home was completed. That way, I feel that Sony would have more time to capitalize on the PS Store’s expanded accessibility by having better selection of downloadable content for the PSP section of that store available each week.

  • this new firmware fixed my problem with japanese game freezing on start. Thank you!

  • Guys Help regarding this Version 5.02, where will i put the games .ISO/.CSO files? i’ve tried putting it in the PSP/GAME folder, and when i start my PSP, My games wont show up (there are no games). help

  • Im fairly angry like honestly what ever happened to homebrew and all that stuff i mean playstation wouldnt get in trouble if we decide to have a lil fun with out systems honestly they should make a lil profile thing liek the ps3 were u could make that person and chat cuz this is not cutting it games and music and videos its the same stuff im more of a what can i do when im done beating all the games type person maybe i wanna do something differnt on my psp with out breaking my warrantee seal do you guys get what im saying and whats about this psp store

  • Why does PSP volume is so LOW? FIx that.

    But one thing i noticed in the 5.01 update is that the Playstore is saying i dont have enough memory stick which i cleary do. whats going on?

  • #4 Read the agreement and disclosures that comes with every PSP instead of making comments like that last one. If we don’t want to update, then we can click the Cancel button. Simple as that.

  • I think with all these updates they should make the psp access live t.v. via the internet.they should also make it to where you can download movies and music from the internet right to the memory stick and watch and listen to them right then and there.

  • i just love new psp versions hahaha

  • that’d be sweet if like in the future you could be able to play ps3 games on your psp with or without a ps3 controller, or to watch dvd or bluray movies, or to download psp games that you previously downloaded on your ps3 to your psp through remote play, or to be able to use the ps3 to store things, or…

  • i wish there were some way psp owners could talk to each other besides skipe,perhaps like ps3 owners they could talk to there friends by sending them instant messages.

  • i belive sony could come up with some better ideas using their smart brains,instead of making products that are the same so they could get peoples money from there pocket.For example the new psp 3000 is just the same as psp 2000 but with a built in mic and a not fully nonglare screen.What happend to bluetooth.Sony needs to be more creative before people start to get what there trying to do for money.It wouldn’t take long for many of us to wake up out of our sleep.stop trying to be like x-box making alot of accessories to make dispicable profit fooling consumers mind to buy because they will wake up……..

  • ventet mer enn dette …

  • An email client will be nice.

  • I would like to see movies that I have purchased appear in the download section on the PSP. I have 3 systems that I download to, and would love it if that could be done from the PSP itself. Also I will note the PC download bug was fixed. I bought IronMan from the store a while back, but it took forever to download because I keep getting download errors. When the bug was fixed I finally download it, I hooked up my PSP to the TV and watched it on the widescreen. The quality is awesome. You can’t compare it, until you see it. Way to go SONY! Well worth the 15 bucks!, and your authorized for 3 units. The fact that you can back up the movie using the Media Manager so you copy on your other “Registered” PSP like my sons is awesome. I just purchased the new 16GB card, a wise choice if your buying the movies like me. The movies can take 1 to 2 GB in memory, but that is because of the quality.

  • @43

    Yes! the screenshot feature would be AWESOME!
    and they can put it in the home page button!

    Return Home?
    |Yes| NO
    |YES!| NO

    and ths ahow i can see it working
    maybe we can optimize the color of the home page button?

  • What u guys otta do is update the Flash Player… to view websites better on the PSP…the current Flash is long over do….

  • I need help…
    Can anyone make a Modify Firmware for this version???
    thanks a lot…

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