PSP Firmware (v5.02) Coming Soon

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Just a quick update, we’ll be making PSP firmware update 5.02 available shortly. This update improves system software stability during use of some features, including the PlayStation Store.

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  • rly? the store works fine for me though : l

  • aw man I hate updating it takes so long

  • Dont be a whiner #2.

  • Are you sure this is to fix stability? I mean, unless by stability you mean adding the video section of the store to the PSP then I can’t see why this would be needed.

    Then again, maybe this is to test something that runs in the background or to better stop custom firmware users from purchasing things from Sony…which is a lame reason for most people to be forced to update.

  • PSN friends list plz. With text message capability. And maybe even voice message capability if you want to make me really happy.

  • Thanks for the *shady* release notes. But at least it’s a heads up!

  • Text RSS reader to commemorate the release of PSBlog v1.5?

  • I hope this will fix game issue that I have with current firmware. (Can’t play one of my Japanese game in my Aussie PSP since firmware 5, freeze after logo screen)

  • I’d like to be able to log into psp multiplayer games with my PSN ID just like with the PS3. One unified user ID. Could this be done with future psp games?

  • i wish there was background downloads on the psp store too!!

  • Wil this fix the playstation life freezing when you enter it?

  • Will this fix the playstation life freezing when you enter it?

  • There is no possible way this is to make way for Home righhhtt……..???

  • o crap that says PSP firmware lol mybad

  • @10 That would be nice but there’s probably not enough ram to handle that on the psp.

    @11 Uh.. life is a PS3 feature. You mean the store?

    Let’s get some more interactivity between psp and ps3 games! Sort of like what they’re doing with the resistance games. Even better, ps3 games that have special psp minigames that can be transfered and run from the memorystick to help achieve some goal in the larger game when you’re away from the ps3.

  • oops I misread this I thought it said ps3 nevermind psp updates don’t take long

  • Still not fixing the music playlisting/shuffling across subfolders bugs?

  • Stability is good. Me likes stability.

  • I wonder if this fixes the “a recording delay has occurred” bug when recording with the PSP camera. I doubt it, though…

  • I love updates! Keep them coming.

    Do you love updates?

  • In game music would be nice like what rockstar did with grand theft auto and atari did with crazy taxi.

  • SWEET! I love firmware updates! :)

  • Hm, I’ve long wondered about these “stability” updates, but as long as it doesn’t crash my PSP I really don’t care- I don’t dabble in things that violate the EULA anyway.

  • Awesome thanks for the heads up guys this will hopefully make the store run smoother for me

  • please fix the music section for the psp to be able to put tracks in order.

    thanks it would be much much appreciaited!


  • sounds good to me. thanks for the heads up eric!


  • I think software stability has something to with the ad hoc party beta currently going on in Japan.

  • @2

    PSP firmware updates don’t take nearly as long as PS3 updates. The updates are only 30MB, dude…not long at all with a decent connection.

  • Hey Eric,

    Will multiple data album editing, video playlists, 10-120x audio playback, and .5-2x video playback be in the next ps3 firmware arriving next week? Also, remember, remind the firmware developers in Japan not to fear redesigning the in-game xmb to make space for making in-game access to music and in-game screenshots system wide features. Don’t worry about those who may disagree with this since they are doormats who will accept anything Sony does.

  • could you be more specific? otherwise i’ll just stick to 5.00

  • i’ve used the store once i think and didn’t see any problems. oh well.

    i know someone will mention it but will a f/w update help those with interlacing on the new model?

  • what about the firmware update for ps3 to fix the 80022D11?! I can’t sync my trophies and I’m not alone. I can’t get any LBP trophies, or PAIN and others. Please patch ps3 to enable us to sync trophies.

  • @28
    read 16 >.>

  • good job Eric and keep the good work.

  • I’m sick of my PSP.. I don’t buy the games anymore, I just lost interest and they are too expensive. I just use it for music now and I don’t take it out often because the GLARE is a pain in natural light.

  • hey Eric all ps3 owners want in-game music.. your video for update 2.42 was very deceiving making people think we were gonna get in game music.. so far no dev has used this feature and i don’t see i reason why they will..

    please add this feature, you guys say you listen to us the consumers.. i hope is true

  • Thanks for the heads up

  • Eric, please update the PS3 firmware with the following enhancements!!!


    1) Alert sound for in game messaging (I miss so many messages because I never know when I receive them! Please use the same trophy alert sound. How can we not have a sound alert for this, AOL and YAHOO even had this in there start up years!

    2) Allow me to create an Icon for movies I purchase off the the Playstation Store. I would like to BUY movies but I won’t because I cannot create an Icon for them

    3) Please display my current trophy level next to my Icon. That way all my friends can easily see what level Im at, VS syncing. They shouldn’t have to go searching for my level!

    4) Please either add more PSN Icons. (I cannot believe that there is not a SACKBOY ICON YET!!!!

    5) Last, please add in game XMB for watching Blu-Ray Movies!

    Eric I am counting on you to fight to get these features added to the firmware. I am going to send letters every week, I am going to call, I am going to leave comments everyday, until these features are added. I am counting on you please don’t let me down!

  • Will this new firmware grant Sony the ability to give the PSP Store good updates each week? :p

  • @jazzyrider

    The interlacing issue on the psp-3000 is a hardware issue. Read this:

  • @BulletToothTony

    In-game music has been used by the developers PixelJunk, London Studio in Wipeout HD, Rockstar in Midnight Club LA, SCEA in Warhawk, the developers of Super Stardust HD, the developers of Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket Powered Battle Cars, and there are probably a few more. But it would be nice if this was a system wide feature.

  • SCREEN SHOT feature please a program able to take screens of anything on our screen, not just games that support the feature like on the PS3.


  • @pick-e

    The resources of SCEA are limited. They are probably quite busy with HOME coming out next week. Perhaps there will be more psp store content coming once HOME is out and perhaps once the holidays have past.

  • ^ Actually, the thought had crossed my mind that they were prepping the release of something new for Thursday, noticed a bug during testing, and had to drop a firmware update Wednesday to correct it.

    The “day-before” scenario also works if they were prepping something big – say, MGS or something, wink wink – and want to bolster security to minimize piracy with a firmware update beforehand.

    With the tone set by the last few weeks, I’m not getting my hopes up, but for one thing – it has to get better sometime, right?

    Oh well. I can dream.

  • So I take it Home won’t be released before Xbox rolls out the ideas they pilfered from it in a week or two?

    Wow… some people over there must really be kicking themselves now.

  • Maybe you should test more the updates before releasing, to aviod making v.01 of lots of PSP / PS3 firmwares

  • Hey, spammers, SHUT UP please!

    And quit speaking for all of us.

    This is about PSP firmware updates, but for the record, NO I don’t want in-game XMB music for all games. I want good mood music in most of my games that is designed to work with the flow of the game.

    Playing random tracks in the background is what my stereo system is for.

    I only play my own tracks in arcade games like HVB and SSHD but go figure, those both have custom soundtrack support already.

  • … as for Home vs. XBox, the 3D avatars on the XBox are nothing like Home, and are more an imitation of the Nintendo Mii concept than anything Sony’s doing.

  • @47

    Sadly, it doesn’t really work that way.

    You can spend all the time in the world testing, but you’re always going to be limited to the number of units you can test on.

    It could work perfectly under ever condition on these units, but once it’s released to the public, the number of variables increases so the number of issues also increases, especially for devices as sophisticated as a PSP or PS3, but I’ve had a router and MP3 player completely die after firmware updates.

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