LittleBigPlanet Weekly Download Update

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You may have remembered us mentioning, that we will be giving away a FREE LBP downloadable costume once a week. Well, beginning this Thursday, you will be able to dress your SackBoy or SackGirl with a brand new “Sack-in-the-Box” costume! This costume was designed by “nebu1ou5” from Rydal, PA, the US winner of the “LittleBigChallenge 003- Official in-game SackBoy Costume Contest”. Congratulations to nebu1ou5! Take a look at the original sketch and the final in-game costume below.

US Winner of LittleBigChallenge 003

LittleBigPlanet Add On - Sack in a Box Costume

On top of this, fans of the quirky world of LocoRoco will be happy to hear that new LocoRoco-themed SackBoy costumes will be available for download at the PlayStation Store as well. What better way to gear up for the release of LocoRoco 2? All five costumes will be available beginning on November 20 and will be a mere $2.99 for ALL FIVE! Take a look …


As you can tell, LBP has lots to offer fans EVERY WEEK. Please check back again next week for the latest downloadable items for LittleBigPlanet. See you online!

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  • i think a dimebag tribute dlc would be cool, his signature razorback (dfh) and curly hair with a pantera/damgeplan hat + dean guitars vest thing :D i would buy in a heart beat!

  • first of 3rd page :D

  • Wheres the green loco roco?

  • to all the people who are complaining about the price STOP. it is only 3 bucks for 5 costumes that is 60 cents a costume for people who cant do math. not alot of money considering a gallon of gas can cost as much. sure i would like to see some free stuff but they are giving a costume a week what do you want everything for free. yeah look at criterion but now they are going to start charging for some DLC. companies have to make money people–FACT! as long as they stay reasonable and cool i will buy them. it could be worse PSN could be a fee. if you dont like the price or the costumes the best thing you can do is not buy them as protest instead of whining. WAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!

    back on topic cool tv i do like the original a little better but still not bad (its free) and i love the locoroco ones i will def. be buying those keep up the good work.

  • I LOVE THOSE LOCOROCO COSTUMES! … You can be sure I’m picking up the costume pack! Up for Europe PS Store as well, I presume?

  • Yeah I like the original…but free is free so WOOT. I love those Loco Roco costumes.Now If only they can sing and all fuse together (:

  • Hey guys next weeks DLC is going to be awesome i saw on the Japanese site that they are a releasing a Turkey costume for thanksgiving as well as a Chimera costume!! Can’t Wait!!

  • The price for LBP is high when you take into account that the game is broken, people are able to create levels to destroy your account and no one with mm or SECA want’s to stop it, warn the public or even talk about it.
    The local news in my town is putting out a consumer alert to shoppers this Friday,
    why no news from Sony :(

  • I want:
    -Solid Snake and Revolver Ocelot
    -Sonic the Hedgehog
    -Ryu and Ken (Xbox 360 NXE has Uno Card deck
    and pinballfx table so… Why not!)
    -Dante Devil May Cry
    -Resident Evil
    -The Dark Knight Joker and Batman.
    -More Heavenly Sword. How many people honestly preorder games from Best Buy? They all go to Gamestop or Game Crazy.

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