LittleBigPlanet Weekly Download Update

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You may have remembered us mentioning, that we will be giving away a FREE LBP downloadable costume once a week. Well, beginning this Thursday, you will be able to dress your SackBoy or SackGirl with a brand new “Sack-in-the-Box” costume! This costume was designed by “nebu1ou5” from Rydal, PA, the US winner of the “LittleBigChallenge 003- Official in-game SackBoy Costume Contest”. Congratulations to nebu1ou5! Take a look at the original sketch and the final in-game costume below.

US Winner of LittleBigChallenge 003

LittleBigPlanet Add On - Sack in a Box Costume

On top of this, fans of the quirky world of LocoRoco will be happy to hear that new LocoRoco-themed SackBoy costumes will be available for download at the PlayStation Store as well. What better way to gear up for the release of LocoRoco 2? All five costumes will be available beginning on November 20 and will be a mere $2.99 for ALL FIVE! Take a look …


As you can tell, LBP has lots to offer fans EVERY WEEK. Please check back again next week for the latest downloadable items for LittleBigPlanet. See you online!

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  • @photomaster Batman and SuperMan are DC but i like where your head is at.

    DC should be no problem since Sony is doing DC Online exclusively. but i would love a Wolverine or a Spider Man (original and black costume) or some Disney character skins…Stitch from Lilo&Stitch would be cool. Tigger etc. we need those. Darth Vader would sell out the gate. same with StarKiller from the Force Unleashed.

    i guess the idea is just get those costumes on the PSN and the people will come lol.

  • Good stuff, might have to get the LocoRoco pack, as I love those gelatinous blobs. The TV is cool too, but I have to agree that the original design was a bit more interesting, art direction wise, but I guess that doesn’t really matter. Good stuff, keep it up!

  • LOVE IT… just bought it yesterday!!! this game is never going to get old until LBP 2 goes live!!!


  • How about a weekly censorship update regarding LBP? Or will you censor those as well?

  • Nice I WILL DOWNLOAD THE free stuff ONLY.

  • Surprisingly enough, i’ve actually purchased all DLC for a game, and this is it.

    lol LOVE the TV costume. That’s really hilarious! I’ll be getting the LocoRoco costumes also.

    And i’m still bitter about the “Share Your Imagination” being heavily crippled. :(

  • @50 Hey bright guy, you can change the colour of your sack person for yourself and no one is forcing you to download anything.

  • I really like the Loco Roco stuff. I’ll be getting that. Please don’t tell me that we have to wait until Feb. for the Killzone stuff. :P

  • …. Wait a second…. that’s NOT how the TV costume will look in-game??

    No!!!! You guys should’ve made the costume like the concept!!!

    This gets a triple :( :( :(

  • Sweeeet… but it’d have been awesome if we had the skin thing as well.

  • Free and paid for DLC is cool.

  • Awesome. Will Download, I do hope MM is working on a better filtering system for the user created content in that game. Sometime the really great levels get buried.

  • Nice work on the TV.

  • I want NFL MBA NHL MLS jerseys for my SACKBOY. oh and also:
    Ratchet And Clank
    Metal Gear
    Final Fantasy(cloud)
    Assasin’s Creed
    Street Fighter
    Mortal Kombat
    Resident Evil

    Oh and can you make the heavenly sword pack DL, I preorder at GAMESTOP so I got the Kratos one, so I want that huge sword from heavenly.

  • I was able to resist the motorstorm sackboy, but those loco roco one’s are too cute. Too bad they’re not real :(

  • Since we now have a TV-head Sackboy, can I formally request that we get a RADIO-head Sack Boy? :P

  • LARA CROFT!!!!


    This week there will be a TV on my LCD xD

  • I agree with others… the original design was very awesome. What you ended up making is very generic and drab. I’m sure the winner will be happy… because, you know, he won… but I am disappointed in what could have been.

  • Yeah the original was really good. What happened?

  • I def like the original better but i guess it will do. Still a good blog post.

  • Original design is 100x better than what we (will us UK people be getting it too?) will be getting, but its free so i cant complain.

    I will however complain about the prices, $2.99 (Meaning £2.99/$4.46 once they hit the UK PSN) means i wont be buying any of these ever.

    They need to be £0.50 max.

  • Great – how long until someone complains and the costume on the far left is censored. Just like *everything* else with this game?

  • @71 Apparently, you haven’t played Loco Roco.

  • Hey Wuggy, are you trolling over here too? Bad Wuggy!

  • BUZZ! Character

    Please make it happen. that would be awesome.

  • Too much money for not enough content I’m afraid.

  • Yeah, can’t say I’m too thrilled that I never even got the First Week shirt that was the main reason I got the game. I’ve learned my lesson and will apply it to my future experiences.

    Still, great game anyway.

  • thats awesome, can’t wait

  • @ 77 (Me)
    Since I can’t edit directly: the end of that sentence should read “the main reason I got the game at launch.”

  • sweet i like the tv costume
    but how long will tha free dlc stay free ?

  • That reminds me of a design I made, except it had a PSP on its head. Guess I should have turned THAT one in.

  • weekly download? did i miss something? either way– very cool!

  • Like the original design of “Sack-in-a-Box” better, but I can understand the look you are going for.

    As far as the Loco Roco costumes go, to me they are kinda ugly.


    Today while creating I took a rod connected it to a car, got into the car and started to play with the speed I could go from point A to point B,
    I think I got him close to the speed of light because first he died and now my sackperson won’t spawn. just loops..
    no matter if I turn it off, re start, no matter what..
    so look out, do not go fast.
    consider yourself warned.

  • Nice TV Sackboy costume.
    And as for the people saying it’s too “stock”.
    Well, it needs to look that way, otherwise it wont fit right into the game. However, they should of kept the bent antennas an cord.

    Loco Roco costumes… eh… they don’t look like Loco Roco… at least let them hold Loco Roco dolls, not their own self dolls.
    Not very good looking to me. Can’t wait for Sephiroth and Old Snake costumes.

    Final Fantasy VII and Metal Gear Solid 4 FTW!

  • so you guys forget about the free tshirt i guess also give more than 1 free thing a week gesh come on release more freebies in this tough enconomic time or do you guys need a loan from the government too i know i do

  • When will a patch for this speed glitch I got stuck in be in the LittleBigPlanet Weekly Download Update
    Posted by Mark Valledor // Marketing Manager, SCEA???
    I’m the Marketing Director for a Television station during my days but in my off time I would love to use the game again,
    or is it refund time..?? and I would love to compete in your birthday contest and as a person who purchased what I thought was a working copy and do comply with the entire EULA I would like to have the same time as the others to complete and post my winning level.
    get this done, I have almost half a million dollars in Sony equipment between my home and office.
    and no, I’m not kidding.

  • Would love to get it, but I live in Asia and my LBP is a US Copy :( Any way I could get it then (other than buying a PSN card off the internet)

  • Scratch that last statement. Posted in the wrong section…where’s the edit button when you need it? XD

  • Nice. Will the LocoRoco costumes be available in Europe? And what about Snake and Nariko?

  • Love the new costumes. The TV one is great, not sure if the hanging cord will be on the download or not but no biggie.

    LocoRoco ones are funny and I will definately pick them up.

    @ complainers: the original may have needed to be altered due to limitations. For the original in-game it would have been hard to see the dials as they are dark, all the detail in the back would have been so small it would go unnoticed or look messy zoomed out in play mode. Same with the cord possibly, so thin all you would see is a jagged line. The antenna all messed up would have been nothing more than jagged edges too.

    Also if you never plan on buying he dlc, you do not need to say that every week. Its not going free anytime soon.

  • First Week T-shirt?

  • The free costume is great, but I don’t think I will be spending any money on the other costumes; at least until the Snake and Sephiroth costumes are available.

  • I’m sure someone must have made this suggestion by now but here it is again; how about Marvel hero themes for sackboy!! There’s so many variations. Cool huh?!

  • That TV Sackboy is awesome.

  • this is some great news.. i can’t wait… any news on street figther HD remix this thursday????????? also any word on dead space add-on, the europe store has all of them already… what the [DELETED]!

  • I know a few people who would pay good coin for Final Fantasy character costumes for LBP.

  • The design is ok, in the context of what’s practical for the game. It’s got the TV head and a Remote control, which are the main concepts of the original winning idea.

    Don’t forget that the constume is on the default Sackboy, change it to that cool black/green glowing skin with the white eyes and add a top and some pants and you’ll get something similar to the original design. You should also be able to add things like the comedy glasses/nose and make your Sackboy look like he’s reading the news!

    For a game based on creativity you aren’t thinking very creatively about how to use the costume…!

    Having said that it’s a shame they couldn’t have fit on a glass front to the TV, it’s not as if transparent materials don’t exist in LBP…

    Speaking of costumes, did I miss the pickup or is there no brown paper bag hat in LBP? I seem to recall in an early dev walkthrough that you had the option of putting a bag on your Sackboy’s head and sticking a PS Eye photo of yourself (or someone else) on it?

  • @99

    There is a costume you can unlock in the game that is a blank cardboard mask. This is the one I saw that allows you to add an image to it, like a picture of yourself. I don’t remember which level I unlocked it in, but it is in the game.

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