LittleBigChallenge – Celebrating PS3’s 2nd Anniversary

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As you might have heard or read, the Anniversary of the launch of the PlayStation 3 just passed! To celebrate we are re-kicking off our LittleBigChallenges with an official in-game prize…a super cool download for LBC winners…

A download so rare, that it can only be won or earned through LittleBigChallenges…..The LittleBigPlanet Prize Crown.

LBP Crown

(Cue…ooooo’s and ahhhh’s.)

Now finally LBP fans (in the US) get a chance to put their creative and game design skills to compete for the Prize Crown with our next LittleBigChallenge: Happy Birthday PS3! We are challenging you to create an original LittleBigPlanet level celebrating the PLAYSTATION 3 second anniversary. This is how it works-

1. Create an original LittleBigPlanet level celebrating the PLAYSTATION 3 second anniversary.

2. You must name your Level using this format. “LBC1 –< YourLevelNameHere >”.

3. Publish your Level to the LittleBigPlanet online server at any time up until 11:59am PST December 9, 2008 when the contest closes.

4. Send an e-mail submission to and indicate your level name (LBC1 – < YourLevelNameHere >) in the subject line. Include your PlayStation Network ID along with the name of your Level in your e-mail submission.

Once this is done, your Level will be judged by the LittleBigPlanet Community. Community members will be able to vote on multiple Levels by adding a “Heart” to each one they like. They may only add one Heart to any particular Level. The top five qualifying Levels with the most hearts that
meet the entry requirements as stated in the official rules will be selected as the winners.

So start creating your level today! Good luck to all of you. You might be one of the talented few to sport a LBP Prize Crown online!

Please go the LittleBigPlanet News Site for all the Challenge details and official rules and be sure to publicize and promote your level by creating a Workshop and letting the community know about your level on our Forums.

Check back on 12/11 when we announce the winners. Good Luck…and we look forward to playing your levels.

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  • Please , please, make more `worldwide’ contests of this kind.. I would really like to make levels for a contest

  • Worldwide contests may never happen, there are restrictions to that stuff. In due time more territories will get their own contests I’m sure.

    I will try this contest but I doubt I am creative enough. There will be more contests though and by then I will have a PSeye to help out.

  • and once aigan europe gets forgotten ppfff…
    you guys why do we even buy games in europe we always get nothing for events or prices its lame.

  • a) Someone mentioned a sales link… I honestly believe that LBP will help shift some consoles for Xmas, because this is the first game (imho) that really has a chance with the Nintendo crew. Like me… girls. But console sales need to be up to even warrant a high-ranking sales title, because if people still prefer shelling out too much money for a sub-par Wii, it’s clear that PC (which everyone owns) and Wii titles are higher ranked.

    b) I am personally shocked at all the hating I am getting since buying a PS3. Honestly, it is the best console in my opinion and I am loving it to bits – I don’t get this hating other consoles. It’s a box, for goodness sake, not a religion.

    c) I am in Europe, and still I get that international contests are a hassle. Etsy solves this by doing “just for fame” international contests parallel with the US ones, by the way. Yeah, a crown is cool, but just some recognition is already pretty coll. :)

    d) Still loving LBP!

  • This doesn’t have anything to do with this Blog post but I wanted to suggest something:

    It would be nice to have a Top 10 most played on PSN list like they have for Live.

  • Too bad is just for US residents! That crown looks great!

  • this is a kick to the stomach for canadians and any other contries that arn’t allowed to compete you say that canada will get the crown but when next year? i was real excited i had planed my level all out and it would have been a contender then i read further and found that it was us only.
    how come america gets the game 2 days earlier and canada gets it on the real release date come on sony the rest of the world matters to

  • mabey before you release a contest you should make sure everyone will get it but make it region specific for prizes like 5 prizes for canada and so one.

  • Ooo! Ahh! I want that crown!

  • I won’t be wasting my time with this… It’s a nice idea but the problem is the search engine on LBP is fundamentally broken…

    The hearts and plays will simply go to the people who have promoted their level the best, or who have the most friends, etc… because the levels would be too difficult to find. With the current setup, the cream unfortunately does not rise to the top.

    Just look at some of the levels that are on the home page now – that “Ramp” one with 500K plays? – I mean, come on that level is *broken*! Mine is so much better and it’s got a measly couple hundred plays even with all the pimping I’ve had to do for it – so no thanks ;)

    Now if there could be a special filter on LBP, like “Show all contest entry levels, etc…” that might be something different. But again people will tend to gravitate towards the levels that *already* have a bunch of hearts/plays, so the “rich will get richer” in that scenario as well…

    PSN ID: ShackJack
    Level: Sackboy’s Mayan Misadventures

  • PEOPLE this is the US playstation blog! US! Of course it only talks of US events! Instead of complaining here ask SCEE or SCEJ to make blogs for those regions. Just because the system is international doesn’t mean every event is…

    Ya it sucks but realize there are other elements at work here, it is not as simple as just typing “Canada can participate to!” or Europe…

    I know this sounds rude and it is fine to come here for news but you are asking things here that no one here has control over. SCEA can do nothing about it, talk to SCEE.

    The world is not so simple, different region means VERY different processes.

  • I should add I have no clue whether SCEA controls Canada, maybe they do but anything europe related they have little say over.

  • Thanks for the update Mark and glad you’re at least trying to get Canada into this as well, but I can hear the screams from other countries.

  • can we use pics from and from the playstation blog to put it in our level or is that stuff copyrighted?

  • Will i guess I better start working on a Level :D

  • Give Canadian’s their paid crown. LoL i would pay for this item lol perfect for my costume

  • Thank you!!!
    I’m so glad to see that you IMMEDIATELY indicated that this contest was only for U.S. residents. So often Playstation seems to forget about Canadians and other North American residents who might read this blog. I know that Canadian contest laws are different from American, making it more difficult (but not impossible) to have contests that include both countries… but it’s nice to see the caveat before getting all excited, only to find that Canadians are excluded in some very tiny fine print somewhere on the official contest rules.

    … now if only you can get Grace to clarify that the movie/TV show updates are also only for the U.S. Playstation store! I find it irritating that she continues to say “the Playstation store” without clarifying that these updates are only available for the “U.S.” Playstation store. Surely she can spring for 2 extra letters in her blog each week!!

    Ah well… at least we Canadians will get to try out these levels! :)

    (and maybe a future contest just for Canadians at some point??)

  • By the way – I think I deserve that crown just because I was the first one worldwide (as far as I know) to get a Sackboy tattoo. :)

  • This is going to be a Nut Cluster Fudge when you realize that a thousand people published a level with the title “LBC1 – ” but arent US residents.

    I feel sorry for whoever has to verify each and every entry.

  • I would like to see some MARVEL charcters for sackboy.. Maybe SPIDERMAN or HULK or IRONMAN.. That would be so sweet… Put I don’t know who else to share this with so I’ll put here and maybe I see so MARVEL love of sackboy!!!!!!!!! :-)

  • mine is the only save file Mark.

  • This is relevent to my interests. I will work on something in order to get me that crown. They will be few of them given out and I wants one. It is precious to me.

  • I would love to participate in this, could be interesting, but its so hard to get into LBP due to the network issues it has, Every time i try to join others and all it says “Failed to load level state” or “failed to load players profiles”. It just makes it so frustrating…. :/

  • oh man, you have to be kidding me, i have to get my rumb into business… i’m going to try to create the best one i can.. if not at least it was fun trying to do it… another question if you don’t mind… will the crown be able to download later on the year or will on the perfer winner to able to put that crown, able to put it in a level for goodies bag or character design for us all to keep..???

  • This “No Canada” thing is really starting to pi** me off. I have several thousands of dollars in Playstation 3 Software alone, and I keep failing to see why I have blindly given my support to Sony.

    I don’t care if you’re “working” on it. How about explain why there was an Eye of Judgment contest a while ago that Canadians were allowed in, but now, all of a sudden, we’re not, and for Virtual items at that ??

    Also, with the amount of level moderation, I will not recommend this game to any of my friends. Why would I recommend a game, to people I care about, that gets moderated into Oblivion ? Lord forbid I want to pay homage to something I used to play/do as a child. No one has spoken or even put guidelines for what’s allowed and what’s not.

    Sony, you have really lost your way for gamers.

  • playstation home


    march 7 2007
    april 17 2007
    may 5 2007
    sep 28 2007
    nov 17 2007
    dec 31 2007
    jan 26 2008
    feb 2 2008
    feb 28 2008
    march 26 2008
    april 20 2008
    may 5 2008
    june 12 2008 with metal gear
    summer 2008
    fall 2008
    oct 17 2008
    nov 19 2008 today

    next im thinking summer 2009 who knows??

  • Cool incentive. I have no creative talent what so ever, so I won’t get one, but it’s still a really great prize for the hard work people are willing to put into their levels.

  • @Mark and sackboy

    Thanks for the reply.. I will be looking forward to whatever they may announce, and it cheers me up that I didn’t write in vain..

    :-) good luck fellow players in your conquest of becoming a king, creator curater!


  • There really needs to be WAY more than 5 winners. You know that you will be getting many thousands of submissions. There will probably be many great levels that people never even see because of the sheer volume of levels that will be submitted. 100 or 200 winners would make me think I actually have a chance of winning.

  • Hey Mark,

    I know you did Marketing on Eye of Judgment for a while, what’s with the delay of the Set 3 cards???

    The patch has been out for over a month, and no cards, what gives???


  • Hey Mark, can we get more of an advertising campaign in general for the PS3 and its exclusives? Or is that not your job? The lack of public awareness of how great the machine is is staggering. Sony needs to re-create its image with this thing with a barrage of GOOD advertising, cause the gaming media has willfully (and unjustifiably) tried to destroy it.

  • Quick question

    Are we getting a Turkey or Pilgrim costume next week….for free plz?

  • Aw nuts, I’d totally participate but I’ve got to wait until Christmas. =/ Oh well.

  • Isn’t Canada technically under SCEA ? i never knew a SCEC existed?

  • Mark,

    Please help me. I bought the game and downloaded the 2 free characters. Space suit and halloween mask. Somehow my game files got corrupted and I lost my data. I have redownloaded the space suit but the halloween mask is gone from the PSN Store. I call customer support and they could not help me. Your post says these were available until today 11/19. This happened on 11/14 and the costume has been missing. I check every day. Please post this for today so I can redownload this costume as it was said it would be up until today. Thank you for your help.

  • Hey – my comment disappeared!

    So not only do you censor levels, you censor comments at random with no reason given at all!

    And as for excluding Canadians, this is discrimination Sony and MM. Does anyone besides me smell a court case?

  • copy and pasted one of my posts:
    i think a dimebag tribute dlc would be cool, his signature razorback (dfh) and curly hair with a pantera/damgeplan hat + dean guitars vest thing

  • i wanna sport that spiffy crown. almost looks like sackboy is repping crown royal! hahaha alas he would need a bottle in his hand though to make it complete. good luck to all.


  • i read above about this being the us blog yes i know this but if your so high and mighty about this being only us blog then can you please direct me to the canada blog.. oh ya there isn’t one just anothere example of the fact that the rest of the world dosn’t exsist to sony and it’s only the us

  • add me on psn im sgt_sackboy if you agree woth my comments or just want to chill and play lbp

  • I like this idea… Are there any requirements besides re-naming your level to make it eligible?

  • GO SONY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LBP OWNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • i need that crown for my sackboy

  • I like this idea. Good Job. I am going to try and get that crown.


  • This may sound like a dumb question but what do you mean by original level? If I created a level from scratch but it was Prince of Persia themed would it be considered original level?


    My level is LBC1 – (with the actually in the name) –check it out everyone let me know what you think!
    Zookey aka Josh

  • So Sony, care to clarify on why you discriminate against Canadians?

  • oh is there any chance of there being a dragonballz character in LBP?cause that would be awsome

  • I have a few questions:

    Are you planning anything for the ‘my planet’ part where it shows the 3 zero’s under the words play create share??

    Also do you have plans on making a you-tube-esc section where it shows the best submitted levels of the day/month/year/all time?

    The latter question is more important to me, since I know there are so many gems out there in LBP but its so hard to find these levels!

    please reply

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