LittleBigChallenge – Celebrating PS3’s 2nd Anniversary

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As you might have heard or read, the Anniversary of the launch of the PlayStation 3 just passed! To celebrate we are re-kicking off our LittleBigChallenges with an official in-game prize…a super cool download for LBC winners…

A download so rare, that it can only be won or earned through LittleBigChallenges…..The LittleBigPlanet Prize Crown.

LBP Crown

(Cue…ooooo’s and ahhhh’s.)

Now finally LBP fans (in the US) get a chance to put their creative and game design skills to compete for the Prize Crown with our next LittleBigChallenge: Happy Birthday PS3! We are challenging you to create an original LittleBigPlanet level celebrating the PLAYSTATION 3 second anniversary. This is how it works-

1. Create an original LittleBigPlanet level celebrating the PLAYSTATION 3 second anniversary.

2. You must name your Level using this format. “LBC1 –< YourLevelNameHere >”.

3. Publish your Level to the LittleBigPlanet online server at any time up until 11:59am PST December 9, 2008 when the contest closes.

4. Send an e-mail submission to and indicate your level name (LBC1 – < YourLevelNameHere >) in the subject line. Include your PlayStation Network ID along with the name of your Level in your e-mail submission.

Once this is done, your Level will be judged by the LittleBigPlanet Community. Community members will be able to vote on multiple Levels by adding a “Heart” to each one they like. They may only add one Heart to any particular Level. The top five qualifying Levels with the most hearts that
meet the entry requirements as stated in the official rules will be selected as the winners.

So start creating your level today! Good luck to all of you. You might be one of the talented few to sport a LBP Prize Crown online!

Please go the LittleBigPlanet News Site for all the Challenge details and official rules and be sure to publicize and promote your level by creating a Workshop and letting the community know about your level on our Forums.

Check back on 12/11 when we announce the winners. Good Luck…and we look forward to playing your levels.

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  • I WANT THAT Crown!!!!

  • hmm i havent really gotten into creating levels yet. since i got R2 but playing that non stop. gonna try to make a level in time for contest

  • any reason why this is restricted to the US?

    and, as much as I dig that crown, what about a nice Sony BRAVIA for the winner?

    anyway, I’m in Canada (the forgotten country in NA), so I have no input in this.

    • Sorry Digplans – because we\’re offering prizing, we had to abide by US legal rules.

      We are planning to work with SCEC (Canada) so they can distribute the Prize Crown for you guys too, hopefully in the same competitive manner.

      Stay tuned.

  • Oh smack, that looks tight.

  • Oh man i guess im gonna have to start making levels instead of just playing other peoples awesome levels :)

  • So… if we recreate a PS3 in a level… is it going to get the level modded for copyright infringment?

    • Of course not…unless you plan on doing something with it that would be highly questionable and would cause a member of the community to grief it for another reason. But you wouldn\’t do that, would you?


    what about ur other gamers?
    there is so much other stuff that people can be working on than giving hats to sacks, like Socom, general online stuff, Resistence 2 (did you guys forget about resistence??)

    • Wow…you\’re the first that wants us to slow down…

      Don\’t worry, the marketing machine is rolling on the other games as well. And besides, Resistance is super HOT right now – press, sales, buzz.

  • That crown is awesome. How many winners are there going to be?

  • I can’t wait until these levels are moderated for no reason!

  • Love LBP ! Bring on the content ! were global & the last hardcore underground console left ! Sony Dont Sell Out like the others & slap ads all over my interface.! Were loving it just the way it is with the applications of choice . 2008 was Spectacular. Keep up the good work. This is my first post of many more to come. Next time I’ll keep it short. GO SONY !!!

  • GO SONY !!!

  • Is that crown as rare as the 1st week t-shirt we were all promised?

    • Even Rarer (is that a word). This item will only be used for prizing in the US – and never sold.

      And while we did mention that the T-shirt would be available (never free), we had to hold back its release in North America, as we\’re still evaluating if such a unique item (RARE + $4.99 + time-based) is appropriate for our PS Store (and its customers).

  • i gotta get my levels better. i had a ps3 level that got deleted by media molecule, and i mad that one in the beta. :(

  • I am in the US, but I don’t really understand why such an arbitrary rule as “US only” would be applied to something like this, which is mere online property with no monetary value…

    Three stars on principle for my internation brothers and sisters.

  • I really want that crown….but my leves aren’t as good..:(

  • Hey Mark,

    Can we get someone to make me a in game something for this. LOL :)

  • And here we go again…Canada get screwed one more time…..WTH is this about……no movies, no contest….what the hell sony???

  • Is it allowed to do comic mischief in LBP? I want to create a puppet hooker and have her jump out of a cake and crap out a PS3. Then say, like Frosty the Snowman, “Happy Birthday”. I written form of course. Level ends and smiles ensue.

    • Technically, you could do all that, but not sure if it would get past the qualifications to winning the Prize Crown. But if its done in taste and the community is OK with it, I am.

      Good luck

  • I’m scared to participate. For fear of having the heavy hands of mods getting a hold of my level and sending it into the ether.

    No thanks.

    • The mods hands aren\’t that heavy…but I\’m sure you can find ways to make your creative level design skills shine thru without getting \’griefed\’

  • If the LBP community is suppose to rate these, you might want to make a way to find the levels that works……the search is an epic fail atm.

    • Is it? It works fine on our end, just be sure to spell \”LBC1\” correctly. (We just have to make sure people submitting, label their levels correctly too)

      The Workshop and Forums should be good avenues to find levels too.

      Happy Hearting.

  • Mark my Words I’ll Do everything I can to win the crown!

  • I would be interested in this, but if I was going to create an anniversary level i’d have to put game references in it (like Uncharted and MGS4) then my level would be moderated :(

    • I say go for it…Uncharted is a Sony exclusive title (1st party), and we\’ve already announced LBP MGS Sackboy so it shouldn\’t be an issue…just don\’t over do it and misrepresent the brand or include something else that would cause someone in the community would \’grief\’ it for other reasons.

  • I’m drawing up plans right now, But im not telling anybody what it is till I’m finished lol <__>

  • Now I don’t post often.. Or haven’t at all on this forum.. I am, though, a committed reader..
    I am from Europe, and I absolutely adore this game.. I’ve bought every single piece of buyable item, pre-order etc, (Although, the place I preordered apparently wasn’t in the official preorder plan as I got no things, but that’s alright – although it sucks abit..)

    I have followed this game ever since it was announced.. I was down at my local blockbuster, every single day to hear if the game had come (you know, the recall thing)..
    for over 2 weeks!

    I therefore, find it disrespectful to me, and my fellow european players, that we are not included in these kind of competetions..

    I know there are tons of rules etc, in order to go through with such a contest, especially considering we’re so many with a Playstation 3 system and LittleBigPlanet..

    But.. it’s just wrong, I know it’s hard to get through.. but I also know it’s not impossible… And if there is a place where impossible don’t (or at least shouldn’t exist) – it is in the world of LittleBigPlanet..

    Anyway.. It saddens me a bit


    • Hey LooM,

      I (and Sackboy) appreciate the dedication to the site, our brand and LBP. And while we have these activities to keep our US fans engaged (after all, it is a US blog)…if it were up to me all our contests would be global. Unfortunately, once we offer prizing, we become more limited due to legal reasons (and I\’m sure you understand this).

      But there\’s hope yet…expect SCEE to announce a few things for the Prize Crown soon.

      As for the contests, even tho you can\’t win, I invite you to participate, should be some fun levels to play…


  • Were worried because the God of War level was moderated. You did have to burn a sackboy alive in that level though, so I can understand why.

  • Also this could be so much better if MM would release the image importer fur us to use :) think you could do some sweet talking for us?

  • Yay! Just finished drawing up plans! I’m going to try to build it tomorrow!

  • My big image complaint right now is not being able to set a transparency colour in my PS Eye images. I’d love to be able to import my signature for signing my levels, but I can’t without also importing a big square of whatever background I take the picture of.

  • Hello Mark Valledor, i have an issue where i just started up my version of LBP and when i did the game decides to tell me my save file has been copied from someone elses save file. Even though i haven’t copied someone else save file due to the fact i only need 3 more trophies and i was halfway done with building a level that would get me the rest of the trophies i’m a bit perplexed and upset that the game wants me to start all over again in order to get the rest of my trophies. I just bought a new copy after renting it twice but i doubt that has anything to do with it. i did download the new animal costumes so that might have something to do with it. i tried the costumes on and saved then quit and haven’t played then since recently.

  • Is there any chance of getting an official clarification on what’s acceptable under the copyright rules? I mean if I was to make a level that had a Warhawk in it, would that be ok?

    I think currently there’s a lot of confusion about this right now and an official statement would go a long way to clearing things up.

    Also a suggestion… somehow make a distinction between when a level gets pulled by a moderator and a player. Right now people don’t know who’s pulling levels or why and the lack of information is causing a lot of frustration.

    • Agree on the confusion and we\’re making strides to improve the system and provide better clarity.

      Also, players don\’t get levels put down, they merely grief the level – which moves it into our moderation teams review.

      Expect more news soon.

  • could you guys update the grief system… right now a single grief by any random dude can take the whole level down.

    at least raise the number of griefs needed to take a level down. since theres people that grief with no valid reason at all…

  • The grief system sounds too easily abused. Is there no moderation team involved with that?

    • Yes there is. Unfortunately, there is abuse either way…with gamers creating questionable levels or players abusing griefing – either way, it griefing gets it in the eyes of our moderators. Fortunately, the process is getting better.

  • I can’t even start on my level I have had the game for a long time now have one wicked cool level left online after a “moderation” but ended up stuck in a glitch that you guys haven’t even fixed yet,
    how about you fix the glitch so my sackboy can spawn…
    this is just stupid, how did this fall past the testers…
    and why no news on a fix, nevermind the crown.
    I would just like to spawn.
    My sackboy is sad because he is stuck in time :C

  • It would be nice if when you moderated levels, that you would state the reason why the level is being moderated and give them a chance to remove that content, instead of just deleting the level.

  • Hey mark I so much dig that crown, what happens if my psn account is for united states and I live there, but I am in my brothers house in latinamerica could I still have the super awesome crown.

  • awesome thanks.

  • It would be nice if when you moderated levels, that you would state the reason why the level is being moderated and give them a chance to remove that content, instead of just deleting the entire level.

  • wow i want that crown.too bad im in Canada:( oh well i still participate:)wat if i have a U.S acount but im canadian, is there any luck that i might win?

  • As usual…US only. :( Asia always gets the shaft when it comes to this, and I’m not talking about Japan. >_>

  • What are sales like on this title? It doesn’t seem to be going as well as expected in Japan and the UK and it did a lukewarm 200,000 in October’s NPD. Are sales strong or will this game be forgotten within two months? Hope there is a good marketing push happening for it after the bungled release due to the Koranic verses. The game needs a strong community.

  • great idea

    by the way can u fix the SEARCH i really can’t find any level with search it is almost impossible to find the level that you the name and the creator

    also there is 50 pages of levels how can i go to page 50 it takes so much time to get there. you have to make some changes
    for example make a page for new levels otherwise no one goes to page 50 to play new levels

    i hope you can make these changes

  • (#39) i actually think that the search is fine, but i agree with the 50 pages thing, i dont even go there, cause it takes to long, but great job with the game:)

  • Ok thanks, I got a question:

    Would there be anyway possible to have a Mature planet, where more mature matter levels could be posted? I dont mean like sex type things, more like gore and ect, so levels like the god of war level wouldn’t have to be removed? Because there are alot of great stories people could tell that invovle death, gore ect., but if there going to be removed, theres no point in me ever thinking about putting my story ideas into a level if there going to be removed.

  • “And while we did mention that the T-shirt would be available (never free), we had to hold back its release in North America, as we’re still evaluating if such a unique item (RARE + $4.99 + time-based) is appropriate for our PS Store (and its customers).”

    Please tell me you aren’t considering selling a little, black shirt for $4.99. For that price I would expect a real shirt to come in the mail.

  • I’m the best in the World!!!

  • very cool, how about a snake sackboy we can pysically own?

  • I love LBP, once i beat the SP leveles i will start creating my own.
    I would love that SCEI allows us (the creators and players) to make reference to first party titles in a respectful manner.
    Im thinking on making a Uncharted (I love uncharted) based level :D

  • Hey Mark, since you are a Marketing Manager.

    I am curious and interested to see you guys and MM make an actual Sackboy plushie?
    This would make a really good marketing since I would love to buy it and I am sure it would sell like hotcakes.

    • You\’re not the only one, and fortunately, we\’re already ahead of you. Its just taking some time to sign the right deal with quality manufacturers with the right distribution. We\’re almost there and should have some interesting announcements in the near future.

  • This is great news. I can’t wait to see what people come up with.

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