GamePro Wins LittleBigContest!

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Hi everyone! With the media being all over LittleBigPlanet, we couldn’t resist but to have a LittleBigContest among the editors to see who really knows what they write about! And after weeks of looking through the levels, playing them and deciding which one we felt was worthy of the bragging rights and the grand prize of a 40” Bravia HD television for their office, I’ve come up with the winner.

So, without further ado … the winner of the LittleBigContest is … AIR, SEA and LAND submitted by GamePro Magazine!

littleBig3 littleBig18

It’s obvious that a lot of effort went into this level. It just keeps going and going. It’s also brutally hard in a couple of places, but that just makes it more satisfying when you finish it. The theme of using lots of different vehicles worked really well. I’ve seen lots of hot air balloons, rocket sleds and handful of walkers in other levels but I was happy to see that the designer had tried something a bit new with each vehicle. I chose this level as the winner simply because it kept surprising me with new ideas and felt nicely challenging.

So, congratulations to GamePro for a job well done!

There were other submissions that clearly deserve honorable mentions. These include Destructoid submitted by and Smile-Time Apocalypse! Submitted by



This level seems like a twisted version of our own intro level where you see images of everyone who worked on the game. I kept getting lost because there was so many things to see and play with, but the variety was big enough that it always felt interesting. It must have been a lot of fun to make but also must have taken a long time.

Smile-Time Apocalypse!


A very dark and twisted level. It made me laugh more than I probably should have. Seeing the burning trees as you enter the level was quite unexpected and along with the lighting a music, sets a very different tone to what you see in most LBP levels. The giant zombie was my favourite section. A nice level of difficulty and satisfying to destroy.

Thank you to all who submitted entries! All the levels were great and definitely worth the time spent playing.

For anyone who wants to check these levels out, you can find them by their titles on the U.S. servers.

Keep on playing LittleBigPlanet and see you online!

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  • Need a more novice creator contest. These guys have nothing but time on their hands for their levels.

    I will check them out. It is a shame the search function does not actually return what is searched, but some fuzzy logic grouping of what it thinks you want!



  • I’m sad that levels that people have spent their time on have been deleted with out warning.

    A sad day for LBP…

  • I don’t get why people are complaining! Who cares about winning the contest, at the end of the day we are the winner because we have more GREAT levels to play….KEEP EM COMING

  • can’t believe they give a tv to a game magazine rather than their fans.

    Also, too bad this game doesn’t support 1080i, otherwise I would buy it…i’m not going to blow 60 bucks on a game to have to play it in dirtvision (480p)….

    sucks … guess I’ll go back to playing Fallout 3 ON MY XBOX 360 which supports 1080i and hope that Sony and/or the devleopers of this game will come to their senses and start making ALL PS3 games playable at 1080i/p!

  • ^^^

    your loss. No one really cares. 480p isn’t that bad. I spent a few months playing at 480p before I upgraded to a HDTV.
    Back on topic, LBP is a great game. Cant wait to try out this level.

  • Let’s hear it for corporate backslapping!


    Nice to see that you aren’t censoring the levels from reviewers you like!

  • To be honest, I find Valkyria Chronicles 10 times better than LBP. To me the game doesn’t live up to the hype its been created. Story mode is short, movements are too little through out the game. Online is a lot of fun, if… it works properly and a lot of times… it doesn’t. I don’t mind paying for a new land with levels but no way I’m going to pay for a silly costume. People around here were complaining towards Idol Minds about charging for the extra characters. To be honest I feel more ripped off with only a costume.

    Not the imagine the moderation thing which is being asked from us gamers. We’re gamers, LBP is meant as a community to create friendship over the world not to be traitors to our fellow gamers.

  • i havent played since the level moderation stuff… i just cant bring myself to see if my level is gone </3 I was a huge proponent of the game, but some of the magic is gone now :(

  • Congrats on the phat job GamePro…

  • you guys should hold a contest to see who can fix the huge problems with the game before everyone goes and gets a refund for it like I did this morning.

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