GamePro Wins LittleBigContest!

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Hi everyone! With the media being all over LittleBigPlanet, we couldn’t resist but to have a LittleBigContest among the editors to see who really knows what they write about! And after weeks of looking through the levels, playing them and deciding which one we felt was worthy of the bragging rights and the grand prize of a 40” Bravia HD television for their office, I’ve come up with the winner.

So, without further ado … the winner of the LittleBigContest is … AIR, SEA and LAND submitted by GamePro Magazine!

littleBig3 littleBig18

It’s obvious that a lot of effort went into this level. It just keeps going and going. It’s also brutally hard in a couple of places, but that just makes it more satisfying when you finish it. The theme of using lots of different vehicles worked really well. I’ve seen lots of hot air balloons, rocket sleds and handful of walkers in other levels but I was happy to see that the designer had tried something a bit new with each vehicle. I chose this level as the winner simply because it kept surprising me with new ideas and felt nicely challenging.

So, congratulations to GamePro for a job well done!

There were other submissions that clearly deserve honorable mentions. These include Destructoid submitted by and Smile-Time Apocalypse! Submitted by



This level seems like a twisted version of our own intro level where you see images of everyone who worked on the game. I kept getting lost because there was so many things to see and play with, but the variety was big enough that it always felt interesting. It must have been a lot of fun to make but also must have taken a long time.

Smile-Time Apocalypse!


A very dark and twisted level. It made me laugh more than I probably should have. Seeing the burning trees as you enter the level was quite unexpected and along with the lighting a music, sets a very different tone to what you see in most LBP levels. The giant zombie was my favourite section. A nice level of difficulty and satisfying to destroy.

Thank you to all who submitted entries! All the levels were great and definitely worth the time spent playing.

For anyone who wants to check these levels out, you can find them by their titles on the U.S. servers.

Keep on playing LittleBigPlanet and see you online!

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  • Need to get this game :(

  • Is this game amazing. Congrats to the winner.

  • I was starting to wonder if any companies were going to make levels. thanks for the news. You should offer Game companies to make levels since we cant make levels themed as some of their games.

  • nice! glad to see those guys can put their money where their mouth is, or should that be where their pens are?

    I really hope they can get the can get the servers running smooth again!

    on a snarky note, are those levels going to be moderated for copyrighted material? (i.e. thedestructoid robot)

    lol j/k


  • I spent over 30 hours builing a level, the only image or logo I used was my own logo.
    it read “DJ DTM Toronto” with a big D in the middle,
    my level was non violent, safe for all ages and it was wicked good, better than the one that one the prize…
    How did my own logo that I created and own the legal right to get my level deleted??
    someone PLEASE answer me.

  • What would prevent a large company that wanted to target PS3 LBP players from flooding the service with advertising mixed into their levels?

    Can LBP monetize this in some way or is it ‘ok’ with SONY that, for instance, LBP could be flooded with levels that say ‘Buy Xbox’ or ‘Buy Wii’ in them? TOS?

  • BTW…love LBP!

  • I can’t till I can afford this game, the levels people are creating now are amazing.

  • When is the Online Create mode coming?

    PLEASE at least give me a hint.
    The lack of Online Create is the only thing holding me back from creating a level!

  • They really put alot of thought and effort into that level.

    Congrats to them!

  • Can we get a video link. Also you should have given them the XBR5 40″ LCD. But I guess a free TV is a free TV.

    Congrats to GamePro.

  • Awesome, but what do u mean by US servers?

  • i wanna play those levels! with any luck i can find them later. one thing for sure is that creating levels takes a BUTT load of time, if you want it to be great. I’m currently playing through some of my friends levels that they’ve uploaded.


  • Was in the beta, great game. Need to buy this for sure.

    Grats to GamePro!

  • That’s awsome, i’ll check those levels out.

  • Giving away a huge HDTV to a MAGAZINE company is stupid. Sorry but that is. They have plenty of money and u should have given it to a normal person.

  • my only complaint is the online suck they really need to address those issues before patching in the multiplayer creation. it play right with two people online but it lag sometimes and you get that annoying bell like sound that go on for like 2-3 mins. but overall this one h^ll of a game very fun and addictive mainly the Meerkat jump. i’m torn between playing R2 and LBP it also would be cool to see a R2 level.

  • Way to earn that money-hat IGN!

  • Awesome! Love LBP can’t wait for the new DLC tomorrow

  • @ 17

    True… :(

  • I think I’ll try these levels right now…This is turning out to be the best game release on all the ‘next gen’ systems. The co-op play is absolutely amazing.

  • I already aced the game :D But please, add some servers! Lags make it impossible to play. I love LBP and I’m waiting to buy new levels from Media Molecule.

  • Hokay. These look awesome. I’ve tried searching for them using the search tool in LBP, no luck. I’ve tried checking out the ‘recent’ section, no luck. You guys should spend some time updating the ‘news’ section with valuable featured levels such as these. Easy access, and saves me time to not have to go through 20 crappy levels.

    Can anyone get to these levels yet?


  • Woo!! Dtoid!!

  • yeah iight

  • LBP in the next update really needs a filter system when searching for levels, It’s VERY difficult to find stuff in its current state, It’s really the only chink in it’s perfect armor :)

  • I love this. There need to be more posts like this so we can see which levels are worth playing…

  • So how about the players/consumers? when do we get a shot for a 40″ HDTV? :-)

  • what ever happened to those levels that all those students made in 24 hours?

  • i have a question about the playstation store i bought sesson 1-3 of its always sunny in phillidelphia wicdh by the way is missing 2episodes per sesson but to make room i deleted them thing if i wanted wach em later ill jus download them agian but is saying i have to buy them agian i dont think thats fair my cussin has a 360 and he bought south park episode like a yeah and a halph ago and downloaded it today free of charge sence he already bought it once you think you guys can make that change?????

  • Hey Dave, can you give us an answer as to why the Play-Create-Share scores don’t work in the final version of the game? Now THAT’s something I’m interested in.

  • Sorry, but giving a company a TV, that already gets tons of free swag( been there and seen it) and hordes it for themselves is not impressive at all. LBP was supposed to be for the little guy/gal..ergo..”Little” in the title.

    If Gamepro will turn around and give it away to some LBP fan that cranks out a level that everyone in the community thinks should win, would go along way to showing true community support. Are you listening Gamepro?? I doubt you can hear me, it will sit in the office for a month or two and then mysteriously end up in some Gamepro employee’s house!!

    What is LBP becoming??? Give the features to the community that they need!

    Let the Community build levels and compete for a BIG SCREEN TV, and then let the Community vote on what they think is the best one! That way every Tom or Sally has a chance.

    Thanks LBP for releasing a restrictive game to you loyal fan base, and then slapping them in the face by giving Gamepro a BIG FREE TV!

    Thanks for loving your Loyal Community! Oh well back to Eternal Poison.

  • What are the PSN ids for the levels? Its tough to search for just the level name

  • *drooling*
    i wish i had more money to buy a ps3

  • LBP has easily become my favorite PS3 game. Finally aced every level and collected all objects. Looking forward to DLC, both free and not free. :)

  • I’d also like to add that I’ll be buying everything last bit of LBP DLC coming to the PS store tomorrow and the week after and etc. ^_^

  • Going to play them. Seem like cool levels.

  • I would really like to make a level that detailed and good but to be honest I don’t have the time. It’s a good job some people have the time and skill to produce quality levels for the rest of us. I think there should be some way of rewarding good, creative people in the game more than trophies.

  • Sorry, Wrath of the Lich King is here, no time for PS3 now.

  • I still can’t find these levels, perhaps they have been “moderated”

  • @Atomic

    It’s weird, everyone keeps bouncing around saying their levels have been moderated, and so on and so forth, with various sites claiming different examples, yet I am still well able to play all of the levels they cite, such as the God of War: Demon Skull level. I had the level hearted and it still allows me to play it freely, so I don’t really understand where all this hubbub is coming from. I also read that Sony may have moderated certain users levels for misusing the Good Grief menu, as in reporting a number of levels that didn’t need to be reported, causing a huge backlog of levels that they developers (or QA) had to play through for no reason. That’s the thing, if you cannot ban someone from the game, you can warn them by taking their levels down, as to say: Hey, play nice, or go home.

  • We need an easier way to search for a specific level. Maybe there is one and I just don’t see it.

  • I gotta say hats off to the LBP team, with so much content, and the potential for truly offensive things to pop up, it’s true thay have to keep a close eye on content..and moderating all those levels has to be a full time job!

    this IS supposed to be a fairly family friendly/casual game, so i guess i understand why they have to be careful.. but now i hear they moderate levels with any type of IP-resemblance, so as not to be sued..or allow blatant advertising within the that kinda’s just a game!

    anyway, it’s a big issue and i hope only the best for this awesome game..

    even though i’m still jaded my awesome level in the beta i spent 4 days straight on was never allowed to be published, as the servers went bonkers and it would never let me edit or post anything after that..

    so i think i’ll play every game i haven’t played yet and then someday maybe dip back into creating in LBP..creating a full level with a storyline, multiple camera angles, multiple key quests etc. etc. makes you very emotionally attached to that level and to all the hard work you put into it..and to have it not accessible really kills ya..

    anyway, sorry Jeff for the long post..again.


  • Thanks for the post David.

    I just gotta find more time to play the game…too much work lately.

  • If you’re interested, here are cool pictures of the European LittleBIGPlanet and Resistance 2 press kits :

  • So last night I searched and searched for the winning level and only found a series of “impostor levels” named close to the same thing. Is there some “trick” to finding it?

    I was able to find Smile-Time Apocalypse right away, but I think that’s because few levels used “Smile-time” in their title.

  • When are you going to fix that play, create, share glitch that keeps it at 0? When are you guys going to focus on making online play playable?

    These overpriced DLC should be free considering all the screw ups you’ve been making. $3 for 4 costumes? Seriously? The price should be half that. This is unacceptable.

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