Qore Episode 06 Arrives Tomorrow

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It’s November and Qore – Episode 06 is coming Thursday to the PlayStation Store with a show full of fabulous features. From Japan to the Palm Desert, here’s what you’ll find inside:

PlayStation Home – There’s No Place Like It!
Veronica joins Jack Buser, director of PlayStation Home, for an exclusive in-world tour of the 3D social gaming community that everyone is going to want to join.

Qore’s Holiday Gaming Guide
With a cornucopia of game choices this year for the PlayStation 3, how do you know what to buy for your loved ones? Or what should you ask for? The editors at PlayStation: The Official Magazine give us their expert opinions on nine games shipping in October and November that would look really great on any gift list.

The Qore gang travels to the Far East to report on the gaming culture in Tokyo and take us to a few of their favorite haunts, including Audrey playing dress up at a Cosplay hot spot and Veronica taking in the sights at the amazing Yodobashi Camera.

Need for Speed: Undercover
The venerable series is back and it’s asking you to go deep undercover in a car smuggling operation. This plotline begs the eternal question: Can you win enough races to keep from blowing your cover?

New Downloadable Content
Included in this episode is an exclusive MotorStorm: Pacific Rift theme.

Check out the “What’s Hot” section for Audrey Cleo’s roundup of the top Blu-ray releases in November and her exclusive look behind the scenes at the MotorStorm: Pacific Rift TV commercial shoot 15,000 feet above the Palm Desert.

In addition, Qore annual subscribers who purchased subscriptions by 10/29 will be invited into the PlayStation Home closed beta. Participation in PlayStation Home’s closed beta is limited to those 18 years and older and requires agreement to the PlayStation Home Beta Trial Agreement.

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  • ahhh, i wont be able to get in home. iam not an annual subscriber……. i’ll still buy Episode 06 though. i have every single Episode. i just dont want to spend 25$ all at once..

  • might sound dumb, but how will i know ill get this for sure…the last 2 betas i have not gotten…the socom and Resistance 2….i had to email you guys for my beta after saying they didn’t have my code when they did..Because i know whats going to happen, some of us is going email sony and its going to say..if you didn’t receive a beta. it means we didn’t get invited i just don’t want to hear that again..i am a annual subscriber.. just curious that’s all.

    sorry for the bad grammar everyone.. lol


    psn vcotson

  • Sigh…I guess I will never get home. The funny thing is, I would have payed to download the home beta. :(

  • I already am in the Home beta and have been a Qore annual subscriber since day one (and I love Qore by the way). Anyways, will I still get a beta code that I can give to my friend who really wants in the Home beta with me?


  • Too bad I got the email about the 10/29 deadline on the 30th. They lost my 25 bucks.

  • Man I cant wait to see the part about Playstation Home that is gonna be awesome

  • Is there a exlusive demo or beta in this episode? I already have the pre-order motorstorm theme.

  • What about current Home Beta Tester who are current Qore Annual subscribers will they receive vouchers via email that they could give out to a friend? I feel this is an important question still unanswered for the beta tester community.

    Thanks again.

    • shystie1,

      Due to the amazing interest in getting into the PlayStation Home beta, we need to limit AND roll out the invitations.

      Sorry we just don\’t have permission to allow you to pass along an additional voucher at this time.

  • I would like to buy this Qore episode about home but I think I will pass it because the single episode will not allow me to get into the beta.

  • Kevin,what if I believe I have received an email already..possibly by blocking emails from playstation underground(on accident) and when could we expect the invites to start arriving tomorrow?

    • D-White,

      If you\’ve received your previous SOCOM and R2 betas, you should be okay. Invitations will be rolled out in the coming weeks.

      Thanks so much supporting QORE and PSN.

  • Awesome. Glad I signed up in the very beginning. Qore is pretty good and will keep getting better. And I DON’T mean just because of the HOME beta although that’s very cool. Just hope I don’t miss the email somehow. THAT would be lousy! :)

  • So can we expect seeing Invites as early as tommorow?

  • Sweet! Will be buying, though still not a subscriber…but looking forward to the walkthrough!

  • Your welcome! this is the 1st time,someone has responded to a comment or question I had! its my pleasure!

  • Oh almost forgot to comment here, I’m definitely buying this Qore episode. I’ve bought every single episode so far, though I didn’t subscribe for an annual pass simply due to a lack of funds. $5 (Wallet funding) is a lot easier to come by for me, though I really ought to just save $5 each week and then buy one haha.

  • But not for Canadian people again right…

  • @ my previous post

    scratch that just got inv to closed beta

  • Totally lame the competition’s equivalent is just around the corner (Nov 19 if I read right on NXE), quit delaying already!

    I was going to give Qore a look when it was being spread that both annual and the individual ep were going to get invites, but then just making it annual, looks like a lot of people like myself are just going to skip it over it like usual.

  • Thanks for the update Keven.

    I look forward to each new month’s Qore subscription and this one looks really nice.

    Already in Home Beta, but looking forward to the extra bunch of Qore people that will get in now.

  • Boy it must be late…

    Keven = Kevin (sorry about that)

  • wait a second.. so if you waited to buy the subscription to qore until episode 6 you won’t get into the home beta? someone tell me this isn’t true, because that would be stupid. what if i bought the last episode and didn’t want to get the annual subscription until this episode.. that means that i can’t get into home beta? arg. fine, see if i ever get qore

  • Kevin Furuichi

    I read your reply to comment 58. Im already in the beta and I have a annual subscription. It does not make any sense to let a perfectly good code go to waste. My friend is very intereseted in home and i would like to enhance the experience by having a friend i already know come to “home” with me. You should really talk your superiors into letting us lend the code out!!!!!!!!

  • Sounds like the best Qore issue yet.

  • Question:

    i got the SOCOM beta through qore and i did NOT buy the annual subscription, i just bought the single episode.
    dose this apply to up coming coming qore, as in can i just buy th single episode and have a chance at getting a beta code?


  • First I want to say… THANKS for the Killzone 2 beta code I received today even that I can’t log in but I guess is 2 many people today but oh well I have R2 so.

    Second; I have the Home beta already but I’m an annual qore subscriber since the beginning sooo, my question is, I will receive the second one?

  • Thanks for giving me a reason to never buy another issue of Qore (and to stop me from contemplating on purchasing a full subscription). Seems like all it’s good for is ripping people off (especially people who bought the single Qore issues). What’s the point of even subscribing now? To get a game that you can download for $10? Ha. Might as well cancel the garbage now.

    Want to reward Qore users? Give them a full refund (this also includes people who bought single issues).

    I hope Qore fails more than anything Sony has ever done (though in my eyes it has already failed but I would like to see it fail on a much bigger scale). Hopefully people will wise up and stop buying this garbage (especially now that there is nothing really exclusive anymore for new subscribers).

  • Am so curious if All QORE Subscribers are going to get in tomorrow or he meant some will and the rest will have to wait for the next wave. If we have to wait for the next wave that would freaking suck.

  • Playstation SUCKS! I downloaded the STUPID home theme = No invite!!!! I ordered the annual subscription on 10/30/08 to find out in an E-mail I was a day late!!!! SONY SCREWS ITS CUSTOMERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • I received a Killzone 2 Beta code today from the PSU but was really hoping for a Home beta code. Maybe I’ll still get one but thanks for the Killzone 2 Beta code anyhow.

  • Oh and I subscribed to Qore like the very first day, so it’d suck to not get a Home Beta code

  • it seems like invites are going out i wonder if these are theme invites or qore invites

  • i dont recieve emails i have qore yearly subscription but the email addy i have on my psn network isnt a current addy anymore does this mean all my invites are going to that and i cant change it without starting over so no betas for me ever?

  • Kevin i changed email 10/26 bought qore annual 10/10 will i receive beta? wergamers@ymail.com thanks

  • For all you guys that are pissed off because they didn’t get a beta then support Sony and they will support you!! I have been a beta tester for companies and I notice if you complain and groan you really don’t get anything but a headache. So make sure you all have a master account with your regular account linked to it. Update your PSN account frequently and subscribe to Qore to SUPPORT Sony. After all the developers would rather someone support them test the beta rather then some mouthy kids that are going to start causing problems.

  • Got my Beta key thank you so much!

  • Man, I really don’t get these guys…

    Qore ain’t just a Beta backdoor, it’s a really good product, not made (as in NOT CREATED) by Sony.

    I bought the annual subscription the day it came out, even though I already had the “free game”.

    The thing is if you don’t like Qore, just say the reason, like if you don’t like the features it has or the host (that happens to be very appropiate for the task), there is no need to start yelling and shouting, nobody cares if you say it that way.

    Home will be for all, shouting will not get you in, patience will.

    And really, just wait, the thing ain’t finished, it doesn’t have THAT many stuff to do right now, don’t even think this is something like LBP Beta.

    Just look at comment 77….do you think that will get you in?…

    Most of ppl don’t know what a beta is, it is for finding problems and fixing them before release, Resistance 2 and LBP didn’t had BETAS, those were more like Pre-Releases to stress the servers.

    Home ain’t really a beta, its just like Firmware 1.80 compared to 2.50….

    Just don’t hype the Beta, the final release is what we are waiting for really.

  • Did Resistance 2 totally flop? I’m really surprised there’s no ads, or anything, no mention at all of Resistance 2. Which makes me wonder if it didn’t do all that well.

  • 1 more beta we have to “buy” to try. How nice.

    Qore = fail. :P

  • Yes! I finally get to go home. Wait that is where I am now. Now I have two homes, hooray. I certainly will be living large.

    Also, no offense, Sony, but I hope Home turns out better than Life With Playstation. Bleh, what a stinker!

  • regarding emails…i got an email two weeks or so ago saying i had been invited but there was no redeem code in the email.

    is there another email coming with the redemption code or do i need to wait for the next qore episode tomorrow for more info?

  • @87…you don’t have to buy anything. it’s a reward for annual subscribers who decided to sign up for qore subscriptions.

    you can wait for later this year and get Home for free like everyone else and stop crying like a little b in the meantime.

  • Sd,your exactly right! just because people dont want to pay for something doesnt mean someone else will! do you have the BETA? add me..dwight123

  • i never get a email from sony man!! i had qore for resistance2 and they never send the voucher code to my email!! i got the full subscription to!!! and they never send it to my email!! please sony send it to xtremekurdz2@yahoo.com please



  • Your not getting home with this you had to have subscribed to the annual qore before 10/29.
    Why? Because Sony is being Sony trying to take money from their customers and bribe them. Way to make people lose interest in Home Sony!

  • to everone hey please read the whole artic before you post please. Qore annual subscribers who purchased subscriptions by 10/29 will be invited into the PlayStation Home closed beta. you must understand that you had to buy the annual subscribers and not just buying Episode, i been reading alot of your post and some of you think by just buying episode your will be invited into the PlayStation Home closed beta this is untrue. i know alot of people will be posting to sony that they didnt get there beta and this will be the reason why you are not reading folks.

  • @ 94 nick48 what are you posting about? 1 there are alot of people like mineself who purchased the Qore annual subscriber before that date and i think it fair dont get upset at sony , you need to be upset at yourself lol the only reason why you got Qore so late was you want to be in the R2 beta . this is the right way to allow people into beta dont just pick people out a phone book, or telling everone to jump from one websites,

  • i beleave sony should give out beta like killzone 2 like this you have to pre order the game in full to be allow in . sony please think about this ideal . or you can allow annual Qore subscriber for the 2009 year. what you guys think about that ideal?

  • I believe this far along after so much waiting and still no reason to believe its coming this year, “Still no place like it” probably isnt the best slogan to use to describe PlayStation HOME

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