Qore Episode 06 Arrives Tomorrow

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It’s November and Qore – Episode 06 is coming Thursday to the PlayStation Store with a show full of fabulous features. From Japan to the Palm Desert, here’s what you’ll find inside:

PlayStation Home – There’s No Place Like It!
Veronica joins Jack Buser, director of PlayStation Home, for an exclusive in-world tour of the 3D social gaming community that everyone is going to want to join.

Qore’s Holiday Gaming Guide
With a cornucopia of game choices this year for the PlayStation 3, how do you know what to buy for your loved ones? Or what should you ask for? The editors at PlayStation: The Official Magazine give us their expert opinions on nine games shipping in October and November that would look really great on any gift list.

The Qore gang travels to the Far East to report on the gaming culture in Tokyo and take us to a few of their favorite haunts, including Audrey playing dress up at a Cosplay hot spot and Veronica taking in the sights at the amazing Yodobashi Camera.

Need for Speed: Undercover
The venerable series is back and it’s asking you to go deep undercover in a car smuggling operation. This plotline begs the eternal question: Can you win enough races to keep from blowing your cover?

New Downloadable Content
Included in this episode is an exclusive MotorStorm: Pacific Rift theme.

Check out the “What’s Hot” section for Audrey Cleo’s roundup of the top Blu-ray releases in November and her exclusive look behind the scenes at the MotorStorm: Pacific Rift TV commercial shoot 15,000 feet above the Palm Desert.

In addition, Qore annual subscribers who purchased subscriptions by 10/29 will be invited into the PlayStation Home closed beta. Participation in PlayStation Home’s closed beta is limited to those 18 years and older and requires agreement to the PlayStation Home Beta Trial Agreement.

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  • Thank you so much!

  • Two thumbs up for Qore!

  • FINALLY I GOT A CHANCE TO GET INTO HOME!!! haha Thanx for coming through… Any word on the Killzone 2 NA beta?

  • Home is boring, I can’t believe Sony wasted resources on that failure. Should have used it to secure exclusives instead.

  • Question:

    Will Home beta codes be emailed to us, or will the beta be downloaded directly from within Qore?

    Also, what of the people who are Qore annual subscribers but are already in the Home beta?

    • Current Qore Annual subscribers as of 10/29 will receive vouchers via email. Some of you have already been invited. Similar to other betas, the roll out is phased over the next several weeks.

  • yes i finally get to play the home beta YESSSSSS!!!! Thank you thank you thank you

  • awesome! thanks for the information..i guess see you guys in home..?

  • Ok so PLAYSTATION HOME is coming to americans tomorrow. Now what about us europeans? First of all, americans had the chance to get in the beta by downloading the theme, now again another chance with Qore.

    How about europeans?

  • Finally Home is upon us. Can’t wait to download it tomorrow.

  • I can’t wait, :)

  • Yea Im also Currious how will the beta test be dealt with will it be in the Download Center or will beta Keys be sent out?

  • I’m assuming that resistance 2 and LBP will be incorporated into Home for use tomorrow?

  • hey, when does “home” release

  • I want to go to Tokyo too… :(

  • i am so gald they are letting more people into home ,i all ready have it and will see you guys there .

  • YAWN!!!

    Qore has def. not lived up to the hype. Each episode gets worse. My guess is that there will be a whole 30 min of content (if that) in this episode. Where is the 2 hours of content that we were promised????

  • Yeah i cant wait hopefully the wait to get into home wont be to long. for those who are geting the invites or already in home add me psn neo881 :)

  • when will home release?

  • What if we already have Home… I get a theme (great) and some video’s (wow) worst episode yet!!! I WANT BETA TO KILLZONE 2 PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE!!!! well glad I bought R2 it’s a BLAST!!!

  • Sony when are you going to announce the delay for Home? Christmas time would be perfect.

  • more talk of Home & a tour of a camera shop?
    what happened to Core?

  • Well that’s fantastic. I get the email that says to get into the home beta you must have subscribed to the annual Qore at or before october 29. Funny thing is, the email arrives 2 days after the deadline for purchasing the annual subscription. So no home for me any time soon it looks like. The really funny thing is that I would have paid double the Qore annual subscription just to get into home. Fan-freaking-tastic.

  • Regarding my last comment, is there any way I could go about getting that beta for the ~50 bucks?

  • If we are already in the home beta and are annual subscribers to qore, Will we be getting another Home code to share with someone?

  • When will Home come out for those not willing to waste 25 dollars on content that will eventually be free?

  • Thanks guys! Really looking forward to this! :D Keep up the good work. ;) I’m always going to be a loyal PlayStation fan. Not a FANBOY.

  • I can’t believe you guys only are allowing this for subscribers. Completely inappropriate.

  • @ Ortohinco (#5)

    I believe you contradicted yourself.

    You said “Home is boring, I can’t believe Sony wasted resources on that failure. Should have used it to secure exclusives instead.”

    #1 – “I can’t believe Sony wasted resources on that failure”

    #2 – “Should have used it to secure exclusives instead.”

    You use “resources” in #1 to mean money

    You use “it” in #2 to refer to resources like money

    Did you know Home is an in-house development project? Meaning Home is an exclusive to Sony. So they did secure an exclusive with “those resources”.

  • xmas came early this year…i picked up 5 GAMES YESTERDAY!

    NBA 2k9, Motorstorm PR, Resistance 2, Bioshock and Buzz for the PS3.

    and it looks like i’ll be joining Home tomorrow. add that to the fact that Barack is our new president and this is the single greatest month of 2008 PERIOD!

    Obama – Sony 08!

  • I agree with #28 blkant. I’d respect you guys a heck of a lot more if you at least put it up for sale on psn. You’ve done it before with GT5P. The deadline was ridiculous.

  • Is the home beta tomorrow v 0.98, 0.99, or 1.0?

  • HOME!!!!!!!

  • wooo! can’t wait to download Qore and Home tomorrow!! :D

  • Thanks for the info

  • I bought the Qore Annual Subscription back in the beginning of August and got into the Home Beta a little over a month ago. I wish that you guys could invite me into the Killzone 2 beta as a couple of my friends have got their invites.

  • To Everyone who wish they could get into HOME.

    Wait 2 weeks. Home should be released around November 19th. My specific guess would be the 18th or 20th since they fall on Tuesday and Thursday, respectively.

  • I think I will be more interested in these posts when we can download an issue directly from our PSP’s.

  • Great news, I’ve been waiting for Home for a long time. Now, please please please do not screw up the beta codes like what happened with Resistance 2. I’m an annual subscriber and I never received my Resistance 2 beta code, so I sure hope that I’ll at least receive the Home beta code tomorrow.

  • This definitely looks to be a great edition of Qore.

    I just wish I had subscribed in the past…:(

  • What about us that are not subscribers? Were still waiting for HOME can we get some news please.

  • I’m already a Home member.

  • Squamden… they didn’t screw up Resistance 2 codes. I got mine. Likely that you didn’t check “yes” to receive messages from Sony in your account management. If that’s the case it’s not their fault. I’ve never once had an issue with the LBP beta, Socom Beta, Resistance 2 Beta, or Home Beta… So.. I doubt it’s Sony’s fault that a lot of people haven’t gotten such and such codes. it is possible, but I would double check spam filters as well as your account management ASAP if it’s that important to ya. Sony has it’s own folder in my inbox. Takes 4 seconds to set up.

    Nintendo has it’s own folder in the same inbox. Microsoft has it’s own email account. I never use that one. lol

  • So does that mean we just have to wait 2 weeks and we will see home open beta lol. Seems to be a re-occurring trend with Q0r3. Why Buy when you can wait two weeks lol.

    Honestly I’m so over HOME at this point and sony’s handling of the beta. All the people I know that have Home Beta are rarely on their PS3s while I’m on the damn thing damn well every night. Serious issue here and it seems like sony is looking for people who sign on once and never come back again.

  • lmao@ 29… :lol:

    would have LOVED to have you on my debate team.

    and to #5…Sony has 96 PS3 exclusives coming, 18 PSN exclusives and 9 more rumored to be exclusive. so my question to you sir…what in THE HELL are you talking about? link to the list: http://www.ps3forums.com/showthread.php?t=86124

    how about we know what we’re talking about before we start blabbing with our keyboard…k? thanks.

  • Is it true pain add on for tomorrow has been delayed?

  • Nice, Home for me!

  • http://pain.us.playstation.com/post/2008/11/Here-we-go-AGAIN%E2%80%A6.aspx

    are we gonna get something new and are we getting Street Fighter HD with the launch of the Capcom store :)

  • I am getting tired of all these betas. I will just wait until it officially comes out.

  • This is great for Qore and Psn. I hope a Killzone 2 Beta will be on Qore later in the year or sometime in 09.

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