SEGA’s Valkyria Chronicles Shipping Out Today, DLC on the way!

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Hello everyone. It’s Christopher Kaminski, US Producer of Valkyria Chronicles, here again with a very exciting announcement!!

First I want to remind everyone who is eligible to go out and vote today! Once you’re done with that, I hope you’re going to settle in and play a little Valkyria Chronicles. The buzz surrounding the game is growing all crazy like bamboo. People are saying Valkyria isn’t just the best tactics game around but it’s one of the best games on the PS3. Period. I’d have to agree.

Haven’t gotten the game yet? Then check out some of the new trailers we’ve released this month! We focused on the characters that make up Squad 7. You can see Alicia, Rosie, and Welkin in action both on and off the battlefield.

Oh wait, I promised you an announcement, right? I wouldn’t let you guys down. You might have read that the Japanese folks got an extra mission and an Extra Hard skirmish mode as downloadable content.

It’s my sincere and distinct pleasure to let you know that we’re bringing those two content packs over to the US and European shores early next year. We did this to support all the fans of the game and make sure that everyone can get all the enjoyment out of the game. We hope you enjoy it!

Thanks again to all our fans. It’s great feeling for us to bring such high quality games to the PS3. We couldn’t do this without your support.

Squad 7, Move Out!

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  • Dude, awesome game, love the demo, and you guys coudn’t have brought out an EXCLUSIVE RPG at a better time for us PS3 fans. I will def be buying this.

  • looks great; will buy after a month or two when the price drops like all sega games.

  • Such an awesome looking game. I’ll certainly be grabbing this. :D

  • for us broke people, word on the street is that circuit city will have the game for $45 on sale starting this upcoming sunday!

  • Awesome! I plan to pick this up tomorrow! I’ve been waiting for this game for a good while!

    Any chance it might get a trophy patch in the future?

  • Good to hear. I should be getting my copy tomorrow and am glad the wait is finally over. Been looking forward to this since it was announced and really enjoyed the demo.

  • The game is awesome not doubt about it. But I know this out of place or more like off-topic but there any chance or hope for a trophies patch later on on the game for this tittle?

    Thanks in advance

  • One of the main reasons I got a PS3. The wait has been excruciating, but it’s almost over. Great job, Sega, and I hope this title stands out well during the holiday rush!

  • Awesome! Thanks for the prompt response sir.

    I’m full of HOPIUM in regards to the reception of this game, so bring on the DLC I say!


  • The demo absolutely sold me. I fell in love with this game over the weekend when I finally took the time to play the demo…

    I’m not big on SRPGs. Disgaea was my first, fell in love with that series, but other than Disgaea few SRPGs have captured my attention or desire to play. Valkyrie Chronicles, as much as I wanted to get interested just didn’t grab me by the .alls until the demo… Amazon had a great deal @ $56.99 + $10 off a future game purchase so I quickly jumped on that. Otherwise, being 29, I would have waited and asked that it be my lone Christmas present this year from my sister or parents. Now I don’t have anything to ask for. :( But I’m all too happy to be getting Valkyrie Chronicles at the same time. ;)

    Anyway, great job on this game Sega and to the folks who created it! Best of luck with sales! RPGs are a hard enough sell as it is but I think that anyone who likes RPGs takes the time to play the demo they’ll instantly fall in love.

  • i cant wait for this game i have it on preorder demo was great…..i be play this game until ff13 comes out or more if it comes out lol

  • i wanted this yesterday! but it didn’t happen. i better get it today or else! glad to hear about the extra content. the more valkyria chronicles, the better!

  • Great game it would have been a day 1 must buy, BUT no trophies = no buy for me, sorry guys, if you add it trophies I’ll buy right away ;)

  • Please please please make the DLC dual audio too and I will wub you guys 4ever!

  • I must say, I was pleasntly surprised by how much fun I had playing the demo of this game. I found myself repeating it 3 times just to try and get an A rating (best I could do was a B). I will be picking this up next week.

  • can’t wait to get this game!!!

  • I pre ordered the US version since June and was totally surprised when I got a message on Monday that the game was already shipped out to me. I didn’t expect it to release before 11 November.

    Can’t wait, many people are so enthusiastic about this game, I hope the sales will resemble the enthusiasm ;-)

  • @JesusFish, ha ha ha yeah, we in Holland and in entire Europe waving with you. The entire crisis effects us as well, more than you can think of. I hope he’ll visit the Netherlands some time, I make sure I’ve got my USA cap and flag in hand to cheer him welcome :-D

  • I will surely buy it next month (cause I can’t afford it now). Please make a trophy patch, it will make everyone happy and maybe help sales too! Thanks.

  • played the demo and loved it but I don’t know if I’ll be able to afford it with all these good games coming out this month

  • I’ve asked for this for Xmas. Looking forward to it.

    My question is why do developers deliberately hold back content that should be on the disc from the start?

    Advertising DLC before the game is even released is a slap in the face to consumers.

  • ok for the noumber 71 comment it a matter of money….. that and japan had this game for a while now and thats where the dlc came from there just translateing it for us and getting it to us faster…. and think about it u be a ceo and lose a couple mill because u add the dlc with game for free…. not a smart choice for the company… and yes came home from a hard day so i got to rant just a tiny bit……hopefully amazon wont mess up with my sending this time…. i have one day shipping and should of got it today maybe tommorow if not but if i dont get it friday free shipping

  • I just picked this game up today and loving it..I hope we get the downloadable contents as soon as possible but please Sega Release a Trophy patch!!

  • TROPHIES needed.

    With a trophy patch, the game double in lenght. I mean, I’m replaying GTA4 right now, just for the trophies, and it’s super fun! :D Added value, please make a trophy patch! :D

  • i actually had to get the game from blockbuster of all places (thanks to a tip from someone online)! the store where i have my pre-order setup is slacking too damn much. anyway, all that waiting is over now.

  • “I am not into tactical RPGs, but since SEGA is the brand i grew up with,”

    Real people do not talk like this. You are obviously a paid shill.

  • Hi…did you see my comment before? would you please give me some reply? thanks!

  • OMG I can’t belive I missed this post!!! >_<
    Thank you thank you thank you SOOO MUCH!!!
    w00t! I was so hoping this would become a reality!!! And it did!!! :D :D :D

    Got it yesterday ^_^ but had little tim eto play it. It’s going down tonight! Just me and Valkyria Chronicles!

    “Squad 7! Move out!!!

    Thank you again, you brought me so much joy!



  • oh btw i think this game would sell a lot more with trophies.

  • thank you for including dual audio! it’s appreciated. i hope that becomes a standard.

  • Hey Christopher,

    Do you mind addressing the trophy support issue? Is a patch in the works, or if not are there any plans for one in the future? Thanks!

  • This is in my top 5 games, a breath of fresh air in a stale generic game filled room, it’s innovative and solid. Between this and LBP and study I haven’t got much sleep.
    Can’t wait for the down loadable content and this game really needs an extra hard mode for a real challenge.

  • Awesome news. Gonna buy all DLC day one. Please also consider the third one as well. Thanks

  • If this game gets a trophy patch, I will surely buy it, I have several other friends that agree, and im sure many more gamers also would agree, trophy are getting to be a big deal, old games that are getting patched are now seeing new play time, and sales….please add them, they will only help this title :)

  • Please tell me trophies are coming for valkyria chronicles this game is made for some.I love the game.Reminds me of ring of red and front mission.

  • I know this has been asked a million times, but has there been any kind of an announcement about a trophy patch?

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