SEGA’s Valkyria Chronicles Shipping Out Today, DLC on the way!

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Hello everyone. It’s Christopher Kaminski, US Producer of Valkyria Chronicles, here again with a very exciting announcement!!

First I want to remind everyone who is eligible to go out and vote today! Once you’re done with that, I hope you’re going to settle in and play a little Valkyria Chronicles. The buzz surrounding the game is growing all crazy like bamboo. People are saying Valkyria isn’t just the best tactics game around but it’s one of the best games on the PS3. Period. I’d have to agree.

Haven’t gotten the game yet? Then check out some of the new trailers we’ve released this month! We focused on the characters that make up Squad 7. You can see Alicia, Rosie, and Welkin in action both on and off the battlefield.

Oh wait, I promised you an announcement, right? I wouldn’t let you guys down. You might have read that the Japanese folks got an extra mission and an Extra Hard skirmish mode as downloadable content.

It’s my sincere and distinct pleasure to let you know that we’re bringing those two content packs over to the US and European shores early next year. We did this to support all the fans of the game and make sure that everyone can get all the enjoyment out of the game. We hope you enjoy it!

Thanks again to all our fans. It’s great feeling for us to bring such high quality games to the PS3. We couldn’t do this without your support.

Squad 7, Move Out!

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  • Awesome. Glad to hear Japanese DLC is coming!

  • Great, plan to buy this sometime this month. Thanks for bringing the best games out.

  • I am not into tactical RPGs, but since SEGA is the brand i grew up with, i just gotta ask this: Kid Chameleon HD for when?

  • once i get paid its a must buy

  • Thanks for the update Christopher.

  • I will be picking this up next week! Hopefully this will eventually get a trophy patch ;)

  • To me, DLC kinda ruins a lot of games for me. It feels like your getting a half done game, and then you have to pay for the rest. It especially ruins games when they release the DLC like one or two weeks after the games came out. Why not just delay the game and put the DLC on there to start with?

    Although I don’t like DLC(most of the time), if you absolutely have to have it, then it should be free.

  • From one Christopher to another, Thanks for your company’s contribution to the Playstation gaming scene and your dedication to providing us with quality stuff to play in our free time.

    I typically am not interested in games like these but this one sounds like it’s being very well received, people on my friend’s lists are playing the Demo and the Game has a presence on my favorite blog (hint. This one!).

    I am off to download the demo and possibly give it a rental. Thanks Sega Team!

  • I’m absolutely excited. I preordered my copy and picking the game up tomorrow. :D

  • Been waiting for this for a long time, very refreshing to see a game that takes elements that I haven’t seen in a turn based strategy game for a long time and goes all out with a beautiful visual style.

  • ill get this when i get enough money, just bought resistance 2 CE $80!!! and little big planet couple of weeks ago, just so broke ryt now. but thanks for the exclusivity and support. for sure we’ll be supporting you back.

  • I have never played a demo as many times as I have with VC. I think I played it at least 10 times just experimenting and trying different tactics. Looks like good old Sega is back to making great games again! I am picking it up tomorrow. Now… about Shenmue 3 ;)

  • I want this game but me super duper broke. I will get it as soon as I can afford it.

  • Great news. I’ll be picking it up.

  • Great news!

    P.S. Trophy support would also be very much appreciated.

  • wow its finally out this is a must have game for me ever since i played the demo but one question it may seem out of the loop but does it support trophies if not then im buying it anyway

  • I am so excited about this game and love that we are also going to get the extra DLC. Just one question though, think there will be trophy support sometime soon for this game?

  • Tactical RPGs are not really my style but this game is getting great reviews. IGN: 9.0/10
    If it had Trophies I might of tried it. Anyways, It’s still great to see another blockbuster title on my favorite console. Hope you tactical RPG fans enjoy it =).


  • Sega is back and better than ever, i was always a sega fan :D Im so hyped for this game, already fully paid off the pre-order. Thank you so so much for making this over all and especially, making it a PS3 exclusive :D

  • Day 1! So happy for Sega!

  • Don’t feel too bad if first week sales don’t impress, it won’t be your fault. The release date schedule for LBP and R2 will cause some confusion. I plan on getting VC this weekend though.

  • Definetly getting this ASAP.

  • Thank you for supporting PlayStation 3 with this exciting title!

    You can rest assure you have my money :)

    On DLC, not too sure though :p
    Depends how much it is (I buy from UK PStore). ;)

  • Thank you for supporting us Sega!

  • I’ve been playing it since last Friday and I’m really pleased with it. Great purchase.

    Any chance of an online skirmish mode?

  • I just played the demo. I didn’t think this game was gonna be like it is. I ignored it until today and I saw the guide for it.

    I have to say, I may skip Naruto for a day or 2 to get this.

    Believe it! :P

  • Christopher Kaminski

    Thanks for all the positive comments, everyone!

    Pro tip: grenades are your best friends.

  • I enjoyed the demo a lot. But wont buy it until u release a trophie patch.

  • so it only shipping out today! i was psyched at the thought this game was to be released today. i was able to get r2 but the store guy said they don’t have this game yet. i hate it when that happens.

  • I gotta check this game out after getting through R2. You guys are getting some major love over on the NeoGaf pickup thread.

  • Played demo, must buy. Too much goodness, not enough time or money.

  • I’ve been playing the game for half a week (I’m European), and it’s both my favourite PS3 title so far and one the best SRPGs I’ve ever played. I’m very happy to hear that we will get the DLC.

    One particular feature I’d like to mention is dual audio, thanks a lot for including this option, it’s very appreciated!

  • Thank you Christopher Kaminski for bringing a quality RPG exclusively on PS3 =D

    I will be purchasing this game as soon as I get some more free time on my hands =D (busy with college work atm) so possibly December if you don’t mind! ;D

    I really look forward to what ever project you have next for the PS3 and I really hope it’s another RPG =D

    Keep up the good work! This is the SEGA I know, bringing out quality tittles like Valkyria Chroncles =D

  • Oh wow, i had this pre-ordered and completely forgot it was coming out already.

  • As a formerly disgrunted Dreamcast owner, this is the game that has made me love Sega again. It felt like an old school Sega game, to me, and I loved it.

    Already pre-ordered, picking it up as soon as it’s available, and will definitely pick up the DLC.

  • Thanks for the info on the DLC. I got this game on Friday in EU and am loving it. Great gameplay, art, presentation, story. A wonderful game and hope it gets appreciated – nice to see something different.

  • did ryutaro san ever read the comments I posted back then? at the previous blog you promised you will let him read all those comments when he came to US for the event. is it possible to add a trophy patch to this? please…reply…


    I want this game but I may hold off until I max out my rock band 2 skillz or this gets trophies.

    Yeah I’m a trophy whore so what?

  • Thank you for bringing us PS3 owners this awesome game Mr. Kaminski. I’ll buy all the Valkyria DLC Sega releases as long as it’s not too expensive.

    I went to Gamestop and a few other stores after I voted today, but none had the game in stock unfortunately. I’ll try again tomorrow. :(

    There’s something regarding your DLC announcement I’d like to be clarified about. Is the extra episode you’re referring to the one about Eady or Selvaria? Thanks again.

  • Thanks for the info

  • Been looking forward to this game for quite some time. Its finally here! Definite buy.

  • Hi Christopher!
    I just want you to know that for me this is already my favourite 2008 PS3 game.I’ve been playing for a few days now (i live in Europe) and i’m addicted to it.
    Excellent,gameplay,graphics,story,characters and music.What else can i say?This is the most innovative SRPG i’ve ever played!If you like RPGs and you have to buy only one game this year,this is it!

  • Hehe Ramage, I’m sure the game will be just the same with or without trophies.

    Unless they add trophies for solving challenges while completing a mission. (Like do this level without using grenades and so on)

    If it is just trophies for trophies sake does it really matter? (Like one trophy for every mission)

  • does it include the dlc where you can play as the bad guys?

  • I’m not really into RPGs but this game has intrigued me and the support for the PS3 just makes me want to go out and buy it. I’ll be picking it up this weekend after a little R2. Nice work Sega.

  • Thanks for the awesome news, any chance of seeing the 3rd dlc content pack in the future as well or will that depend on how well the game and the dlc fares? I got my copy today and have been playing all evening.

  • I’ve got it & love it, i’m having a problem with the Behemoth Tank though. I’m guessing it’s a case of more experience for the Lancers. Any tips would be appreciated :)

  • Ps3 rpg enthusiasts must buy this game ASAP. Dont be fooled with crap ports as Fallout 3, we dont deserve any inferior console version only because MS is paying for a exclusive download content.

  • I’ve had this pre-order paid off for months! Can’t wait to play through this game.

  • The game is awesome!, but please, can we have a trophy patch?

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