Available 11/6: Official LittleBigPlanet DLC on the PlayStation Store

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Now that the fans around the world will have copies of LittleBigPlanet next week, we wanted to celebrate the global launch and give you a heads up on the downloadable content you can expect to see in the near future…

First, we know we’ve had a bumpy release, and for your patience, we’re releasing a handful of free downloadable content on the PlayStation Store (starting 11/6)

  • “Launch” Spacesuit ***
  • Halloween Mask***
  • *** Only available from 11/6 to 11/19

    Halloween Mask Spacesuit


    In addition to the ‘fan appreciation gifts’ mentioned above, we wanted to share an overview of the types of DLC headed your way. Check back here every Wednesday to see what new DLC will be available on the PlayStation Store the next day…

    One category of downloads will be, no surprise, SackBoy costumes. You’ve already seen a few of our pre-order announcements and partnerships with PlayStation Alumni, but this is only a snippet of available downloads to come. We’re hard at work to provide weekly downloads to keep the community fresh and active. Here are a few items we have in store for you down the line…

      Seasonal & Limited Time Only Costumes – FREE
      The “launch” SpaceSuit and Halloween mask is a perfect example of this. These types of items will be available for a short amount of time only so look for these around special events and holidays.

      LBP space man pumpkin

      Community Costumes – FREE
      Remember LittleBigChallenge 003? We’re finalizing the winners now, so stay tuned. These will be available for free and over time, you’ll see more and more of these types of free downloads for LBP community.

      SackBoy Costumes – $0.99 each
      Continue to customize your SackBoy/SackGirl with brand new outfits that will be available in a variety of themes and designs. Here’s a sneak peek of a few costumes in the works…

      frog gorilla

      Premium SackBoy Costumes – $1.99 each
      Its no secret, that we love the rest of the PlayStation family and we want the SackPeople to be able to dress up as their favorite characters. Stay tuned for more announcements with new costumes from our PlayStation family and even some outside the family… Here’s a few of the ones we’ve already announced…

      Sackboy Sephiroth! Sackboy Solid Snake and Sackboy Sephiroth

      RARE SackBoy Costumes – $?.??
      In time, we’re hoping to introduce very rare items that are both only available for a certain amount of time and extremely collectible. We’ve previously announced the such an item, the “RARE Mm T-shirt”, but in North America, we’re waiting for the right time to introduce into the PS Store. Stay tuned…

      LBP tshirt

      Basic SackBoy Costume Bundle – $2.99
      At times, we’ll offer four basic costumes at a great price…to make things easier for the ‘must collect everything I see’ personalities

      Premium SackBoy Costume Bundle – $5.99
      Similar to the Basic SackBoy Costume Bundle, this premium version consists of four premium costumes for the price of three. All characters in premium bundles will revolve around a certain theme…more info to come in the near future.

    Stay tuned in a few weeks when we introduce a few more types of LBP DLC that will not only enhance your SackBoy, but expand your Pop-it tool with more objects, materials, stickers, sounds, music and even gameplay enhancements to keep the community refreshed with more creative options.

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    • How about you make it so can purchase the full game on the Playstation Store like I did with Socom. I like to be able to have download versions of games comes in handy as don’t have to keep swapping game disc every time I wanna play a game. especially since I have all my games put up in my closet so that my kids dont play and scratch them…

    • a watched blog never updates

    • Excellent. Need Kratos sackboy :)

    • @ThatPSPGUY…

      I thought the Japanese DLC wouldn’t work with North American LBP?



    • @126 : Agreed. I only use the free Pain Characters.

      Bundling will only slightly increase the chance I will make a purchase. At this point I will only wait for a bundle before giving it consideration or even purchasing it.

      Case in point, Stardust: I bought the Multiplayer add-on at the time because it was the most appealing to me out of the two add-on choices. Now they offer all three as a discounted single bundled purchase. I’ll never be buying the solo pack.

      If I had waited to buy PJ Eden I could have gotten either the soundtrack or the expansion for PJ Monsters for free (depending on which offer I took advantage of). By not waiting longer, I lost out.

      The model seems to be set-up to punish gamers who like immediacy and want every trophy they can get their hands on the same day. I don’t fault Sony for using the model that earns them the most $$$. I don’t care about trophies, and I don’t care about playing most games the day they’re released.

      From now on I’ll just wait till it eventually goes down in price (because it will) or not purchase it at all.

    • Premiums? Collectibles? Reminds me of beanie babies :D

    • @lakaihigh yea, I’m not smart like you. of course I sit here for six hours hitting refresh every five seconds. that is exactly what I meant. tell me what it’s like to be cool and smart.

    • Seriously.. this is ridiculous.

      But, anyone who wants the Mirror’s Edge should just make a UK account and download it from the EURO store.

    • So were are the rumored Disney character Sack creatures.

    • Got mine from Amazon.com today! Yippie!

    • To the ‘its too expensive’ people, there are a LOT of included costumes and all sorts of other stuff in the game already. If you MUST have these extra premium costumes, you’ll have to pay for them.

      I sympathized with people who felt Motorstorm didn’t come with enough vehicles or maps and then charged too much for extras, but LBP comes with a HUGE amount of stuff.

      If you don’t want to pay for the extras, then don’t pay!

      yes, I blog

    • dl-ing from the euro store as we speak… 80%!

    • Where’s the PlayStation store update for today Sony?

    • ya tom clancey demo is on euro also

      where is my store updateeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    • @illfigja – im sorry man you just made yourself sound kinda obsessive that’s all.

      @citizen – days not over yet mate. cheer up!


    • Where is our Store update, it’s already 8:32 pm here.

    • 9:33 here and STILL nothing !


    • @MercuryPDX, that’s how it always is with any new product, the early adopters pay more than those who wait for a price drop. The interim is filled with delight from the product that you purchase, I would hope! :D

    • Those are cool, but I’m definitely not paying for any costumes.

    • @MercuryPDX Get over it, you just described every game, car, mp3 player, cell phone, etc. ever made. Everything gets cheaper as it gets older, you act like this is new.

    • Ok, this is off the topic of the post, but i am getting very disappointed. Why is it that the PS Store does NOT update on thursdays the way they used to? I came homefrom an extra long day of work, wanting to relax and see what was in the store today… Nothing….Its almost midnight and still nothing. So, can a PS3/PSN rep please let it be known if the store updates are now on Fridays or whatever the case may be? (Now, for the other posters… Don’t start bashing me. I love Sony and the work they do, and I FULLY understand if things arn’t going according to plan, but for the past few weeks, updates are not only NOT showing up on the supposed store update day, but the quality AND quantity of thing in it, when it is finally updated, are falling lower…I just don’t want it to become a habbit, please?)

    • Oh, wow. I didn’t even know people besides me were getting upset as well… Looks like something IS up… and i know for a fact its DEFINETLY NOT HOME. Hope its worth the wait…

    • @ THATPSPGUY those if work for u it dont work for me

    • STORES UP!… After my rant, of course!

    • FYI All three costumes are currently available for the Asia release, the week 1 t-shirt is 38 HKD ( Hong Kong Dollars ), that’s 4.90 USD at the current exhcnage rate. Japan also have another free costume, which is an Ape Escape character.

    • I’ve very disappointed that we have to pay for the week 1 “I was there” T-shirt. Having said that, I would purchase a Pittsburgh Steeler helmet & jersey day 1. GO STEELERS!

    • $0.99 for costumes? You greedy [DELETED].

      Though I would break down and pay it one time (and only one time) if they made an actual skunk costume. The fact that you can’t actually make all these costumes yourself with the game shows how much this game fails itself though.

    • [sarcasm ON]

      Wow I can’t wait to pay 20$ for the ultra rare “Santa Sackboy” that will be only available 1 day (one week after Christmas day) on the PSN Store!!!!

      [sarcasm OFF]

      Great JOB!!!!!! even the coffee boy at MM and SONY is going to get rich…

    • I don’t see myself creating a lot, but I do see myself playing a lot. So far the user created level’s have been fantastic! I can’t wait to see how good they get when the artist out there really get the hang of it!

    • My goodness. Never gets old..people still complaining about premium content. Not everything in life is a hand-out kids.

    • I said I would not buy this game knowing it’s not my bag of tricks, but I did. OK, but would not recommend it to someone that buys less than a game a week.

    • Must have them all!!!

    • i hope i get my PS3 back from Sony in time to snag those free costumes!

      i got LBP but i haven’t got to play it yet!!

    • i made my own sackboy :) so i can wait for thous later on i made my own spawn


    • for just a little cheaper, i could have seen myself buying a ton of these… but as it stands, i might not buy any.

      call me cheap, but after paying 5.99 for an entire game on PSN, i just don’t feel like 4 costumes for the same price is a very good deal.

      im a little depressed to, because i bet they would look really awesome!


    • A bit of a tight, money-maker if you ask me. Prices should be cheaper! Hopefully not many people will be daft enough to pay $1+ for a costume!

    • Yea…I might buy some of these at the .99 price if I REALLY like them, but beyond that I’ll probably pass. While it’s fun to dress of the sackboy, I’m personally not into it enough to actually pay for more random outfits. This is an issue I’ll have with home too, because I can’t bring myself to pay for digital furniture for a digital house.

      I am not angry about the charges for extra outfits though. When you look at it, paying the $60 for the game even for the story mode was worth it. Throw in all of the extra FREE levels that will be available online and paying a few extra bucks once in awhile for a costume I REALLY like won’t even compare to all of the free content that will be available.

      I do not care for the idea of purchasing tools, materials, and such though. Not on a weekly basis anyway. I hope if they do try and charge us for stuff like that, it comes in well spaced out packs. Say, 5 new materials, 5 new audio tracks, 5 new objects, etc, etc…rather than selling each individual thing for 1.99 or something. Just my opinion, I will be less likely to make weekly little purchases, than one moderate purchase.

    • Please create a Ratchet and Clank outfit.

    • @ everone who think this ideal is greedy no one at sony or MM is makeing you buy the outfit plus the outfit do nothing people 0. so stop posting untrue crap.

    • We appreciate the free stuff. Looks good, but I’m not going to be buying cosstumes for 3.99 or 5.99…I’m sure some out there will, but that’s a little too much for some virtual clothes. I’ll stick to the free stuff, I mean I paid 60 bucks for the game already.

    • Also, I’m not really sure what to think of the “rare” content. I’ve never really understood the idea of something that ppl can make being rare. Diamonds, gold, things in real life that are not easy to find are valuable because of they are not easy to find. Buying a car just because there were only x number made, when they could technically make as many as they wanted seems silly…rare outfits will not be rare because they are hard to make, but because the price of them will likely keep ppl from buying them, thus fewer ppl will have them.

    • excellent. you guys are awesome. looking forward to all of the above.

    • @188…aint that the truth man, some of these virtual crap cost almost as much as the real thing (in other games). And to those people who said, well you don’t have to buy them if you don’t want to and to stop complaining, they don’t realize that we are doing them a favor by voicing our opinions. I mean if so many people are against it, maybe they’ll do something about the state of DLC. DLC is convenient, but in the end…you end up paying for things that shouldn’t cost anything in the fist place. I’m not saying evrything should be free…but some DLC should just be about dirt cheap…if you make an outfit, it doesn’t take the same amount of time to make additional outfits, or weapons, or levels.

    • I bought this game…I tried a few levels but haven’t got the chance to make anything yet. Are you telling me you can’t make costumes and share with your friends? What’s the point of a “make a game” concept if you can’t do that? Was I misunderstood into buying this game. The making stuff and sharing is why I bought it, because as a game itself it’s not my kind of deal, just the fact you can’t create things is what’s interesting.

    • can’t create = can create

    • I agree…I’m suprised that you can’t create costumes. I’m guessing this might be something they wanted to hold out on because they did want an option for some type of DLC. I like the comment earlier about them selling a costume maker as DLC later in the future. Maybe something they didn’t have time to create, but will be an option later on?

    • My one wish is that Mm offers anime/manga character costumes. Naruto costumes would clean up internationally, and Bleach and One Piece costumes would do very well in Japan. I’m not huge into Naruto, but I’d pay 5 bucks just for a Tony Tony Chopper costume (From One Piece).

    • GREAT STUFF!!!


    • for the love of god, stop teasing us all…lol man, this is some great news… i can’t wait…

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