Available 11/6: Official LittleBigPlanet DLC on the PlayStation Store

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Now that the fans around the world will have copies of LittleBigPlanet next week, we wanted to celebrate the global launch and give you a heads up on the downloadable content you can expect to see in the near future…

First, we know we’ve had a bumpy release, and for your patience, we’re releasing a handful of free downloadable content on the PlayStation Store (starting 11/6)

  • “Launch” Spacesuit ***
  • Halloween Mask***
  • *** Only available from 11/6 to 11/19

    Halloween Mask Spacesuit


    In addition to the ‘fan appreciation gifts’ mentioned above, we wanted to share an overview of the types of DLC headed your way. Check back here every Wednesday to see what new DLC will be available on the PlayStation Store the next day…

    One category of downloads will be, no surprise, SackBoy costumes. You’ve already seen a few of our pre-order announcements and partnerships with PlayStation Alumni, but this is only a snippet of available downloads to come. We’re hard at work to provide weekly downloads to keep the community fresh and active. Here are a few items we have in store for you down the line…

      Seasonal & Limited Time Only Costumes – FREE
      The “launch” SpaceSuit and Halloween mask is a perfect example of this. These types of items will be available for a short amount of time only so look for these around special events and holidays.

      LBP space man pumpkin

      Community Costumes – FREE
      Remember LittleBigChallenge 003? We’re finalizing the winners now, so stay tuned. These will be available for free and over time, you’ll see more and more of these types of free downloads for LBP community.

      SackBoy Costumes – $0.99 each
      Continue to customize your SackBoy/SackGirl with brand new outfits that will be available in a variety of themes and designs. Here’s a sneak peek of a few costumes in the works…

      frog gorilla

      Premium SackBoy Costumes – $1.99 each
      Its no secret, that we love the rest of the PlayStation family and we want the SackPeople to be able to dress up as their favorite characters. Stay tuned for more announcements with new costumes from our PlayStation family and even some outside the family… Here’s a few of the ones we’ve already announced…

      Sackboy Sephiroth! Sackboy Solid Snake and Sackboy Sephiroth

      RARE SackBoy Costumes – $?.??
      In time, we’re hoping to introduce very rare items that are both only available for a certain amount of time and extremely collectible. We’ve previously announced the such an item, the “RARE Mm T-shirt”, but in North America, we’re waiting for the right time to introduce into the PS Store. Stay tuned…

      LBP tshirt

      Basic SackBoy Costume Bundle – $2.99
      At times, we’ll offer four basic costumes at a great price…to make things easier for the ‘must collect everything I see’ personalities

      Premium SackBoy Costume Bundle – $5.99
      Similar to the Basic SackBoy Costume Bundle, this premium version consists of four premium costumes for the price of three. All characters in premium bundles will revolve around a certain theme…more info to come in the near future.

    Stay tuned in a few weeks when we introduce a few more types of LBP DLC that will not only enhance your SackBoy, but expand your Pop-it tool with more objects, materials, stickers, sounds, music and even gameplay enhancements to keep the community refreshed with more creative options.

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    • @82

      Wow. Maybe you should calm down. Fanboy arguments are all the same. “Is anyone MAKING you do it?” with the occasional [DELETED].

      I have no problem paying .99 for a costume, that is reasonable. But 1.99? I don’t think so. If you cant see that you’re being ripped off, then maybe your mom and dad should stop giving you an allowance.

    • So much for “Week 1” LBP purcasers. Halloween is tomorrow, in case you didn’t know.

    • I like it when the servers are down, at least the game runs smooth.

      BTW, I’ll probably never buy a costume for more than $0.99

    • @98

      How about you upgrade your McJob to something real so you can afford an extra dollar. That’s less than the price of one burger, after all.

    • will def pick up costumes, i’m having a blast with the game as it is, sony got me broke lol but i don’t regret it

    • Whoever wants a Resistance 2 beta T9J6-2JBB-QLE5

    • Gotta buy them all…Sackboys!

    • Make Solid Snake free….

    • ok….I don’t like that I have to pay for these. that’s like paying for themes, not cool!

    • I still want a real sack boy. When are those coming out? Also, I’ll restate the issues that have been addressed but I feel are important.

      -Why is the pumpkin coming out after Halloween?
      -I love the free costumes but I’m on the fence about paying for others. To each their own.
      -Is there anyway you make is so we can download new content in-game?

    • thats some high pricing

    • Chances are i wont be buying costumes but i dont have any problem with the prices.

      your not missing out on anything if you dont buy them so its no big deal and i can imagine that keeping the servers and the backend going costs alot.

      Then again i still have a week till i can actually get my hands on the game.

      Wish I knew why sony hates europe so much :,(

    • So much for the week 1 “I was there” T-shirt, Im pretty sure a lot of ppl r not happy about this… this is madness…

    • @Mos6502.

      You don’t get it do you.

      If we are free to buy these or not and not having them is absolutely irrelevant to the gameplay you CAN’T BE RIPPED OFF.

      Being RIPPED OFF would be being FORCED to buy these for some missing game element that should have been there at launch (looking at you Capcom ).

    • I’m also hoping to get a chance to buy Nariko and Kratos. With Sony partnering up with DC Comics, a DC Heroes Villans download package would be sweet! Maybe even a Lara Croft Sackgirl.

    • Releasing quite expensive (imho) DLC *right* after the release of the game is annoying though. Couldn’t have made it a freebie?! A sackboy costume isn’t all that special isnt it.

    • It’s a little bit more then I wanted to pay, but **sigh** I’ll probably be buying the Sephiroth and Snake outfits.

    • Argh!

      This totally sucks. Even though I have LBP pre-ordered (comes out here on the 5th of November), my PS3 died last weekend.

      I suppose it serves me right for running folding@home so much. :(

    • Doh another mistake with this fumbled product launch, I do enjoy the game, just whoever is running the show over there needs to figure this stuff out.

    • I find it amusing that the Hong Kong store has the Rare MM tshirt, the Pumpkin, and the space suit all in this week. If I remember correctly, there was a worldwide recall, so there’s no excuse for the DLC to skip USA. Also, it’s a little pricy compared to things of similar value. I dunno, maybe I was used to how most games only sold extra costumes/characters for $0.99

    • SWEET!
      Can’t wait to buy them all!
      Thanks for the bundle for people like me! =)

    • So is the store actually going to be updated today or did I miss something?

    • Put me down as someone who won’t pay for “vanity content”.

      This is what I WILL pay for:

      A Materials Editor – Make your own level building materials. Bonus: You can also apply them to your sackboy.

      A Sound/Music Import option – Obviously, your own soundtracks and sounds.

      An Image Import option – You can’t exactly take your PS Eye outside and take pictures.

      The spirit of the game is Create and Share, and I would like to do that.

    • Man.. this game is so awesome. I still can’t imagine that MM managed to pull such a game on a console. then I remember that this is not just any console. It’s the PS3. :D

    • Where’s Grace?

    • No, No, No, Media Molecule! $3 for costumes? Don’t go into PAIN territory!

      Please, for the love of PlayStation, don’t make downloadable costumes more than $.99!

    • well i want my store update

    • Where’s the store update?

    • Where the ell is the Store and PJM update? i mean really its 8pm Eastern time, the patch should have been here hours ago and the store update is like 2-3 hours late, whats going on over there sony?

    • Although I love the game and everything about it (except for its current online issues), I highly doubt ill ever purchase 1 costume for a dollar or even more. Seems like kind of a rip. Mutliple costume bundles would definately be more enticing like 10 costumes for $4.99. Im sure there are others out there that will buy some of these but were always buying costumes to make our character look fresh and impress our friends online with our threads, were all gonna be broke from this game. Could be quite the investment and so fsar there is no guarantee this DLC will be used in future sequels or PSP LBP titles. Seems like a risky investment to me.

    • I got three of em off the Japanese store today, all three free. DEADLY!

    • So where’s the PS store update?? Its Thursday right?

      I think its pretty lame for Mm to be charging for this DLC…First few rounds should be on you guys, not us. We purchased the game already, reward us for making you guys instantly rich.

    • Dang….. I was really hoping for all this to be coming out today. I was just telling my friend today that I’d go crazy if they teased me with Solid Sackboy and Sackiroth for another week… The mention of weekly LBP DLC is pretty exciting though, so with that being said, I forgive….. Would an LBP PS3 theme be too much to ask for though? :D

    • Awesome…free stuff! I live in North America and I will be getting this game and Resistance 2 next week.

    • I commend Mediamolecule for keeping up with the consistent DLC offerings. But uh, these prices are steep. I’m not going to buy a damn costume for 99 cents, especially considering the nature of this game.

      Offer 10 free costumes a week per 1 premium costume. Come on, you’re supposed to be inspiring novelty. Don’t mess this up. Reconsider.

    • Hey,

      Gamestop screwed me over on my Kratos code. They claimed they had no more. I feel slighted. Anyway, I’d love to get my hands on the Solid Snake Sackboy as well as the other special edition stuff. Thanks for the goods!

    • Halloween DLC after Halloween? =\

      There’s probably no update because it’s a Qore week wich always seems to make them take 4-8 hours longer to update the store for some reason. I want my GHWT DLC! (No Rain by Blind Melon) Wich also lets me get Linger in Shadows too.

    • why not just make friday the official store update day? since it takes this broad all day thursday to do god knows what that should only take an hour, just make the day friday so we loyals dont sit anxious from 3pm to 9pm on thursdays. kthnx

    • do WANT that old snake sackboy! throwing the free ones our way is very nice too. I am loving this game so far, very addictive and very challenging. compliments to the chief on this one guys, you have a masterpiece. a true picaso of videogames and the blank levels are my canvas.

      thank you,

    • @ illfigja – wow you sit around for 6 hours on thursday just for the store to update? i can picture you sitting in front of your tellie constantly opening and closing the store as if the next time you do it, the weeks content will be there. :( sad my friend very sad.


    • Where the [DELETED] is the PSN update?

    • please give me the store update

      I love you SONY. :)

    • no store update this week ?

    • is qore really coming out today ? i thought it came out first thursday of the new month ? and if i buy the annual today will i still get in the home beta ?

    • geez WTH is in this update that it is taking this long? its almost 9PM Eastern Time and no update? geez will this update at midnight or something? At least tell us why the hell the update is extraordinarily late, this is really starting to piss me off now, i was hoping to redo my review of PJM and post impressions on Mirror’s Edge by tonight for my site, guess thats not gonna happen

    • mirrors edge is cool, i DLed from euo store. should be a fun game

    • The content wont be available for download until 11/6, it’s written in the post.

    • we are talking about the store being updated period

    • Gah, where is the store update? Just so you (Mark Velledor) know, it’s pretty lame that we get the halloween costume a week after halloween. There’s plenty of people in north america who have the game already, so you should release it tonight. Also, to everyone complaining about the price, I fail to see how this is any different from paying for new characters in PAIN or high velocity bowling or hotshots golf. Would you all rather that they just not release any new costumes at all? Or are you seriously so cheap that you just want it all for free?

    Please enter your date of birth.