Available 11/6: Official LittleBigPlanet DLC on the PlayStation Store

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Now that the fans around the world will have copies of LittleBigPlanet next week, we wanted to celebrate the global launch and give you a heads up on the downloadable content you can expect to see in the near future…

First, we know we’ve had a bumpy release, and for your patience, we’re releasing a handful of free downloadable content on the PlayStation Store (starting 11/6)

  • “Launch” Spacesuit ***
  • Halloween Mask***
  • *** Only available from 11/6 to 11/19

    Halloween Mask Spacesuit


    In addition to the ‘fan appreciation gifts’ mentioned above, we wanted to share an overview of the types of DLC headed your way. Check back here every Wednesday to see what new DLC will be available on the PlayStation Store the next day…

    One category of downloads will be, no surprise, SackBoy costumes. You’ve already seen a few of our pre-order announcements and partnerships with PlayStation Alumni, but this is only a snippet of available downloads to come. We’re hard at work to provide weekly downloads to keep the community fresh and active. Here are a few items we have in store for you down the line…

      Seasonal & Limited Time Only Costumes – FREE
      The “launch” SpaceSuit and Halloween mask is a perfect example of this. These types of items will be available for a short amount of time only so look for these around special events and holidays.

      LBP space man pumpkin

      Community Costumes – FREE
      Remember LittleBigChallenge 003? We’re finalizing the winners now, so stay tuned. These will be available for free and over time, you’ll see more and more of these types of free downloads for LBP community.

      SackBoy Costumes – $0.99 each
      Continue to customize your SackBoy/SackGirl with brand new outfits that will be available in a variety of themes and designs. Here’s a sneak peek of a few costumes in the works…

      frog gorilla

      Premium SackBoy Costumes – $1.99 each
      Its no secret, that we love the rest of the PlayStation family and we want the SackPeople to be able to dress up as their favorite characters. Stay tuned for more announcements with new costumes from our PlayStation family and even some outside the family… Here’s a few of the ones we’ve already announced…

      Sackboy Sephiroth! Sackboy Solid Snake and Sackboy Sephiroth

      RARE SackBoy Costumes – $?.??
      In time, we’re hoping to introduce very rare items that are both only available for a certain amount of time and extremely collectible. We’ve previously announced the such an item, the “RARE Mm T-shirt”, but in North America, we’re waiting for the right time to introduce into the PS Store. Stay tuned…

      LBP tshirt

      Basic SackBoy Costume Bundle – $2.99
      At times, we’ll offer four basic costumes at a great price…to make things easier for the ‘must collect everything I see’ personalities

      Premium SackBoy Costume Bundle – $5.99
      Similar to the Basic SackBoy Costume Bundle, this premium version consists of four premium costumes for the price of three. All characters in premium bundles will revolve around a certain theme…more info to come in the near future.

    Stay tuned in a few weeks when we introduce a few more types of LBP DLC that will not only enhance your SackBoy, but expand your Pop-it tool with more objects, materials, stickers, sounds, music and even gameplay enhancements to keep the community refreshed with more creative options.

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    • Pumpkin head after Halloween? You’ll have to make that up to us with a big fat turkey costume BEFORE Thanks Giving and a Santa for Christmas :)

    • I love you.

    • Japan. a place that probably sold like 12 copies of LBP, gets 3 new costumes and we get none….

    • I love you too?

    • This officially wins the award for having the highest price-to-value ratio for any DLC to date. Geez, I thought PAIN was ripping us off with their extra characters.

      They were being generous by comparison.

    • LBP is a great game though. So luckily I don’t feel the need to buy any of this stuff.

    • WOAH! thumbs up to media molecule. Dlc each week is a great thing to do to keep this kind of game alive. Im more than happy to have this game right now :D

    • @49 What language is that?

    • You only think you spent $60.00 on this game, with all the DLC coming you probably will end up spending over $500 or more on this single little game.

      I guess people are so used to being dollar’d for every little thing, that it is no longer a big deal to them?

      After spending TONS and TONS of money on Eye Of Judgment, I can’t do it anymore. so back to the good old days of just spending money once on a game.

      To those of you out there with unlimited funds to buy all DLC, I salute you and I am green with envy!


    • FANTASTIC!!!

      A Halloween Sackboy after Hallween!

      You sure know how to do this right.

    • @51 @52


    • So I know I’ll be in the minority seeing as monkeys will buy anything pertaining to overpriced microtransactions these days…but your prices suck. I can understand licensing on things like Snake and Seph but you are out of your gourd if you think $2 is justified… But like I say monkeys will buy anything so you guys will end up swimming in gold because of this…

      End Rant

      Oh and TheHater So hope you get banned for your little rant, like this post has anything to do with the Resistance beta. Which I was a part of without spending a dime on Qore ;) Yup I’m a jerk suck it up.

    • where the heck is my LBP swag for my preorder and purchase from gamecrazy? why have i yet to recieve my sack? where are the “FREE” here 1st week t-shirts offered? why has this all of a sudden become premium pruchases? why does sony continue to bilk us ps3 owners. after such a high premium pricetag for the hardware you’ve continued to reem us for every damn cent we can muster, and for things that were once offered to us for free? what, am i gonna get some bs voucher that requires me to send a shipping and handling charge to obtain my “free” swag i was suppose to recieve with my game on the day of purchase. never again will i waste my time, effort or money on prepurchasing anything regardless of what swag you may offer if this is the kind of malarkey i’ll have to endure.

    • Seems fair, and MM, you’ve got a goldmine right here.

      If you can sell sports team related Sackboy costumes, you could make an absolute killing, I would think.

    • I will never spent 1$ for a pixel packaging, as proposed before, you should sold in pack of 3 for 1$

      I love this game but the market side is very awful…Seriously 1,99+tx for a “prenium costum” what the [DELETED] guys…

    • To everyone complaining: TOUGH. You people need to grow up and stop acting like crybabies stomping your feet in the corner. It might work on mom and dad, but you whiners don’t seem to understand how the world actually works.

      You complain about $1-$2 costumes which are TOTALLY OPTIONAL and do NOT affect GAMEPLAY one bit. If you don’t want to pay for it, then don’t. Mm is also giving out FREE costumes, so stop acting as if Mm and/or Sony is somehow screwing you over.

      Don’t forget, none of you are paying Sony or Mm any money to play online. If they want to make a few bucks by charging for DLC, so be it.

      I, for one, love supporting quality products like LittleBigPlanet. I’ll gladly pay for costumes I want, and simply skip the ones I don’t. What’s so hard about that?

    • The space suit and “Rare T-Shirt” are supposed to be here week ONE… and Free!


    • Those are some pricey costumes there…

    • another botched release, at least SOCOM’s servers seemed to work more for me before I traded that in on LBP

    • Seems fair? You people are losing it. Games that have been out for a long time release updates that are far more substantial – and they end up costing nothing or a minimal amount. Games such as Burnout Paradise, or Warhawk.

      $8.00 for one of the Warhawk expansions gets you an entire new map, and new vehicle. Not to mention all the FREE content that they release in between major updates. You’re telling me that you are O.K. paying $6 for 4 costumes?

      I really don’t like the way this is heading, I just forked over $60 for this game, and they are already trying to nickel and dime me.

    • Whoa! Halloween Custom for Sackboy next year!

    • i will not be play LBP next year around halloween time pumpkin head will be usless halloween costume after halloween

    • I understand that this generation of consoles is more expensive to develop for, and therefore you guys are looking for other ways to make money. I get that, but I find it hard to shell out money for things that used to be included in older games. Like, costumes, etc…

      I don’t mind shelling out $10-15 for games but all this DLC just pisses me off. Still, you guys aren’t as bad as MS…where blowing your nose costs 200 points.

    • It would be nice if Sony and Media Molecule set up a system in which good creators are rewarded with a free download of those paid outfits.

      Say a level I create gets hearted by 100 people. Why not reward me with a free premium Sackboy of my choice?

    • i think it’s kinda lame that Japan got three costumes today and the US gets nothing.

    • I think it would be awesome if we could get some NFL helmate/jersery outfits to download. I would love to see sackboy in a Redskins Uniform.

    • @ 76

      AMEN! Hail to the Redskins!

    • I can’t wait until they make the original version of the banned song available for download.

    • hong kong and japan gets it first thanks for a Halloween costume after Halloween keep the trend going.(delaystation) and no updates yet 48 hrs and no update,but you have time to peddle more merchandise for a game thats hard to enjoy with lag issues and such, fix the servers give us time to forget all this then peddle ur [DELETED], also those prices are ridiculous.

    • Come on lame update $1 for a costume please I’ll pass just like I passed on LBP untill you guys get the game running right.. What was the Beta for any way?? these updates have ruined a videogame launch’s.. Becouse all the time you can’t even play them after you forked over $60 untill there updated Lame… back in the day I paid $50 and actually got a game. Now I got to wait on a patch [DELETED]…

    • Great game, though I’ve mainly been playing Fallout 3 the past few days while the servers cool down. First day the LBP servers went live, my PS3 starting having a seizure.

    • i want a tiger costume! other than that, i’m fine with what my sackboy is wearing atm

    • Thanks Mark.

      A great game.

    • I thought you said the Launch Suit and Mm T-Shirt would be available for the “I was here 1st week” crowd. Now the T-shirt will be RARE? I love the idea of rare costumes but I don’t think you should go against what you have already anounced. Also, wouldn’t that fact that it is week 1 only make it pretty darn rare?

    • @70

      Is MM making you pay for ANYTHING that will affect gameplay…what? No? Then STFU. These are VANITY purchases…you don’t HAVE to buy them to enjoy the game at its fullest.

    • I realize that these costumes won’t add anything to the gameplay, but I will probably buy all the costumes based on playstation characters. Might I suggest a parappa the rapper outfit ;)

    • @28 lol I think so and then maybe a Thanksgiving outfit in December, etc.

      I think the pricing is affordable and accessible, like someone said it is optional vanity content. I won’t be buying everything and not getting MGS because way too people will have it. I am more interested in rare content, than common stuff. I hope to see stuff limited to just 1k. I think to make things rare they will need to charge a premium, maybe even $14.99 for a super limited outfit?

      With that said, the Pumpkin should have launched today. Seems a bit late to get it after Halloween and also not a good strategy to exhibit more delays. Also why is the space suit going to be available for two weeks?

    • The prices here might be a little steep but hopefully that just means not everyone will get them and have the same costumes as me.


    • Noo i like the costumes but i dont want to pay for them how about you just sell us a tool that allows us to make costumes…i would buy that

    • Any chance of getting Socom Gear for Sackboys?

    • hey Mark!

      you said there would be some sackboy PSN avatars soon…when can we expect them to show up!?

    • Very awesome, looking forward to the spacesuit!

    • Hahah, it looks like everyone was so busy fixing the online connectivity problems that nobody looked at the calendar.

      A pumpkin a week after Halloween. Hahaha.

      What’s next, an elf and Santa Claus costume on January 15th?

    • This game was supposed to be the Playstation’s trump card – mascot if you like, how did you guys mess this up – with the botched launch.

      All the thunder has gone. Sort out the servers and get the game running smoothly before talking about additional content for SALE.

    • Yes, bring on the LBP DLC! I’ll gladly hand you more money for extra LBP content, I can’t get enough! :)

    • I just want Nariko and Kratos!!! ;)

    • @92

      So, when was the last time you successfully contributed to launching a high-profile title? Oh yeah, never.

      How about you come back when you’ve actually accomplished something other than complaining?

    • Consider this another vote against nickel and diming. This content has no impact on gameplay, therefore I am not being suckered in. Purely cosmetic incidentals ought to be free.

      I still plan to pick up this game, but I will not get caught up in the practice of being provided little to no value for my dollar.

      On the other hand, I would be willing to pay for a well crafted LBP level from a pro designer… wouldn’t it be great to invite some of the big Sony guns (or those developers with close relationships to Sony) to create a pro level? I’m sure the guys from Insomniac, or Naughty Dog could cook up something interesting. Heck…how about a Kojima level?

      There. You can get my money, without me whining. It is possible!

    • nice but for the love of god, please fix the servers!

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