NARUTO: Ultimate Ninja STORM Hits Next Week, Only on PS3

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Hello, PlayStation.Blog readers, I’m Hiroshi Matsuyama from CyberConnect2, the developer of NARUTO: Ultimate Ninja STORM. I’m very excited to have this opportunity to speak with you all about the game. Since this is my first post, I’ll cover the basics today.

I’m sure some of you that have seen our trailers for the game have thought “I bet this is just a pre-rendered movie” – but it’s not! Everything from all of our trailers is 100% real-time footage from the game running on PLAYSTATION 3 hardware that you will all be able to experience when the game is released next week.

Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm features two main game modes for players to enjoy – “Free Battle Mode” and “Ultimate Mission Mode.” In Free Battle Mode, you can play as one of 25 characters from the animated series. The battles aren’t strictly one-on-one either – you can bring two support characters into every battle, who will help you out in short bursts. This is the same three person team structure as the TV series, but now you can create your own teams with all sorts of original combinations. We’ve put a lot of effort into our battles to make sure they match the look and feel of the animated series. You can perform all sorts of amazing moves with your favorite characters and even fight on walls and run over bodies of water.

NARUTO: Ultimate Ninja STORM

Ultimate Mission Mode lets you take on 101 missions across Naruto’s Hidden Leaf Village, which acts as a hub for the game. Here, you can acquire new Jutsu moves, purchase items, and even chow down on a bowl of noodles at the Ichiraku Ramen shop! The game’s storyline covers episodes 1-135 of the Naruto animated series, so it’s incredibly comprehensive. In addition to the head-to-head battles, you’ll encounter huge boss battles, races through the forest and tree-climbing battles in this mode.

NARUTO: Ultimate Ninja STORM

At the strong request of our fans in North America, the game offers full voicing in both English and Japanese with all the original actors from the animated series. We’re also going to be releasing downloadable content for the game well into next year. It will mostly focus on new support characters and missions and best of all, it will all be FREE!

NARUTO: Ultimate Ninja STORM NARUTO: Ultimate Ninja STORM

These are just the basics of the game, but if you want to check it out for yourself, we have a playable demo that you can download from PSN right now. In my next post, I’m going to give you an exclusive look at how we made the game, so check back here soon!

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10 Author Replies

  • Game looks great! Can’t wait for its release!
    Trophies and Online play would be an awesome deal to come along with it, please look into it! :)

  • Im really happy how the game turned out and I hope future titles will stay exclusive as well as continue the story true to the series. The only thing thats holding me back, and Im sad to say because Im very new to that feature, is online. I believe it would have the power to rival soul caliber 4 or even beat it, if it only had online. I know the sequel will have it so hope you guys all the luck.

  • /\/\Trophies are not a big deal on that note. /\/\

  • Woho!!! Japanese voices?!? I almost want to buy it just to support that. Unfortunately I’m low on money and time, hopefully I’ll have more of both closer to christmas. Really looking forward to your game, the demo was great.

    Although I must say I liked the GameCube Naruto games’ fighting mechanics a bit better. Not to say yours are bad but it just has this somewhat skill/strategy element to it that I can’t find in yours. Of course I loved your demo and I will greatly anticipating this and your future games (hopefully with shippuden characters). Also, is there gonna be trophies? Don’t worry your answer can only affect my decision in a good way.

    • Once we are finished with our current slate of downloadable content, we will evaluate whether adding trophy support is feasible. I\’ve seen the great amount of interest in trophies among users here, so we\’ll look into what is possible.

  • Online play is the only thing that stops me from placing that pre-order right now, for the Limited Edition even, because that steelcase looks great.

    The only issue I see with this game is the replay value..

  • I can’t wait to buy this game, holy christ! I just bought LBP, loving every damn second, the game is amazing and Naruto will be too!!!!!

  • Thank you CC, all games under you kick heavy ass. I’m ill but i just had to let u cats know you guys do bang up jobs. Masashi Kishimoto ( hope that’s spelled right) is awesome and left it in the right hands.

    Please tell me you guys are working on a psp version. As well as can you guys do the dbz , soul eater, bleach, hokuto no ken games.

    You guys def do action right. Limited edition
    is bought day one. You guys have my full support.

    God i love you cats work.

    • If you are looking for Naruto PSP games, we have already released two – Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Heroes and Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Heroes 2: The Phantom Fortress.

  • CC2 FTMFW!!!!!!!!!

    Sorry i’m just so excited.

  • Glad to hear that you are making the DLC FREE! I think a lot of developers should learn from companies like you and Criterion (sorry if I spelt it wrong). When I first saw the trailer for this game I wanted to play it right away. The game looks beatiful and I am glad to hear it has a Rise of Ninja Adventure Mode build since I loved that.

    I will definitely be renting this game and I wish you guys the best of luck with the game. I am sure it will be awesome.

  • It would be kool if you made another Naruto for the psp and they have sme kind of connection together like R2 and Retribution.

  • Awesome news. :D I absolutely loved the demo. Being a Naruto fan, I was very pleased the see how great the demo is, so I’ll be picking up this game asap.

    I hope CC2 makes .Hack on PS3 one day using the same engine. ;)

  • My son loves Naruto. So i’ll be getting this. And thx for making this on PS3!:P

  • First you guys did a awsome job with storm that everyone i know is super crazy playing the demo.
    second is a question that everyone is still woundering about. is haku or zabuza in storm, since the game covers ep1-135.
    anyway keep doing what you guys do best.

  • Hurry up 4th.
    I also wanted to mention the jojo arc.
    Capcom last good one was golden wind.
    The psp naruto games were more like test
    then full games (no offense) and it’s
    been over two since a psp version has been made in japan. The american phantom fortress was out in japan already.

    But i still love you guys and look forward to the new projects. Hence what is the next one. I’ll be buying them anyway japan or american…….

    Sorry, sorry… i can’t help myself
    you guys made mt day.

  • Stupid Question – When you have Japanese for the voices is there English subtitles?

  • Looks amazing :)

  • the only set back for me is online… i mean, sure i can play with friends but i’d like to challenge the world.

  • hello i very very like the demo , i need this game now… hahahahahaha but i have two questions…
    one – haku and Zabusa they will be like support or playable ?
    two – in the game vs mode (friend vs friend) i can change the jutsu example naruto use rasengan but I want that naruto uses jutsu of kakashi or itachi can be done that?
    —————I want the game noooowww hahahahahaha….
    sorry for my english…!

    • Each character will have a few different Jutsu for you to choose from. However, you will not be able to use Jutsu from other characters.

  • Hi Matsuyama-san,

    First of all I’m a big fan of Naruto and I think this and previous Naruto games you have worked on are great!

    Can you tell me when the UK release is for Ultimate Ninja Storm? I already have it preordered, and played the demo numerous times!

    One more question. Can you please tell me if the Land of Waves mission is included in the story mode with Zabuza and Haku?

    Also in the Sasuke Retrieval Arc are the Sound Four battles included?

    If any of these things aren’t included, they would be exellent additions for the DLC !!

  • I’ve not read a single page of Naruto nor watched even a moment of the anime, but this game will be mine. The demo is amazingly fun and that was only a tiny portion of the full game! :)

    @Hiroshi Matsuyama

    Any chance you could get Tail Concerto and Silent Bomber on the US PlayStation Store some time soon? Those early CC2 games deserve some much needed love. :)

  • thanks hiroshi , but haku and zabusa they will be in the game since they are my favorite characters…
    the last question :P…

  • Hi,
    I’d like my question to be answered by hiroshi even though I know it’s a very busy person, and more thinking that the game will be released very very soon!

    My question is this one: I’m from Europe (Spain) and I preordered the limited edition on my local gamestop store thinking that I’d have been given my preorder DLC card, but I wasn’t given it!
    Are we (Europe) gonna be forgotten? I preordered the gama like anybody on USA and I don’t want to lose my chance and have to wait until next year to have one of the two hokages and bonus missions!

    Do u know something? Are we going to be forgotten? How can I get the code that I deserve for preordering the game?

    By the way, I’m counting days and hours to have this game on hand. It’s gorgeous and I like the way you’ve developed the game! A must-have for any fan and for everybody who loves interesting fighting games!

    • The pre-order program is exclusive to North America, but we are currently looking at how we can get these pre-order characters to players in other regions.

  • Hey Hiroshi, who is your favorite Naruto character?

    By the way — the game looks great! Can’t wait to play it. CyberConnect2 is the BOMB!

    • That\’s a tough question, but as I\’ve said before, Naruto himself is like a \”best friend\” to me. :)

  • question matsuyama(pls)–> i loved the demo and i have played it more than any demo i ever played,good to know you guys worked hard and put a lot of effort into the game but quick question,will there be more playable characters as dlc? and i also hope theres dlc of zabuza and haku ark >_>.. i hope you guys crush rise of a ninja and broken bonds :D

  • Matsuyama-san! Thank you and CyberConnect2 for doing such a great job on this game. I was thrilled to know that all those footages are IN-GAME content, rather than just pre-rendered movies and what not. I cannot wait to get my hands on this game. And this is a buy for me on day-1. And thanks for giving us the Japanese/English voice options (I like Japanese voices much better!).

    I read that you guys are still looking into the online playable feature. If there is any possible way for you guys to work on that and make it a strong priority. Online, in this time and age, is very important! Being connected and playing aganist other players online or doing some co-op play is very entertaining! Thanks for reading.

  • I was so excited about this game at first, but when as soon as i heard ‘No Online’ , i removed it from my purchase list.

  • This is a great game, I bet you guys wanted to implent an online mode, but probably did not have the time and maybe resources. You should really be proud of yourselves because I think you made a breakthrough in anime games.
    Since there will be DLC, please try to patch in trophies since this game is a PS3 exclusive, and it would be perfect for all the challenges in mission mode.

    Even though Naruto Broken Bond has online play, this game is so incredible that you don’t have to worry about competition.

  • The demo was awesome and I’m not even a fan of the series.

  • First of all,the game it awesome. I still play the demo,and i can wait to buy the game! I have some questions:
    1) Why Zabuza and haku arent in the game? We read in a review that there is only a text about them. Its the first arc of the series and i think its importand…
    2) We will learn tommorow for the DLC,thats great! Those will contain playable characters too,or only support? Is there any plan to make the support characters playabe in the future?

    The game will be perfect,graphics,gameplay etc, i really liked the previous Ultimate Ninja games (the Narutimate Accel 1-2 ones was the best i think). Also you must think again about the online multiplayer mode and the Trophies support.

  • Guys, the game looks beyond awesome… I am certain it is the best anime to game translation… I know you listen and read what your fans write so i just wanted to point out that i really wished for a online mode… some of us dont have friends that close anymore because of work or travel…

    anyway… MY MONEY IS YOURS hahahaha :D

    take care!

  • i hope you guys try really hard to put online in a patch since all us naruto fans really wanna fight each other.

  • i already got an idea for Naruto Shippuuden i know its a while before it comes out but, i like the idea of supporting characters but i hope u can switch them out or play with them all on the screen and make that available online so 3 vs 3 in a big world. I love the demo i pre-order but i dont think ima have enough money 2 get it i hope i can still get the pre-order package so i can get the 1st hokage for a support character

  • Do you think you will be able to utilise your amazing engine again?

    A friend and I are mad fans of Team ICO games, and we have been talking about your game so much recently, it’s truely stunning!

    I hope to see a .hack game again! This engine cannot be wasted, you ahev created a technical marvel, keep up the the great work!

  • @Hiroshi Matsuyama
    is this a real ps3 only game?
    most company like to call their game only for a system only to port it a year after.
    ARE you guys going to make a part 2?

  • phew! just got my com. back and wats this NUNS?! awesome
    I canceled cod5 for this game!
    yup! its just realy amazing!
    all we need is the trophy support please please please!

  • hello the game is seen simply brilliant, the only way that I see animates him of the game is that you use your character to your way that is to say, the diagrams are of another level… hahahahaha, but everything cannot be brilliant because I saw in the official page that haku and sabusa are not going to be… but what it wanted to know if the code of pre-order obtains aside because I fodder to buy itself when she travels to use…

  • This game is ddefinately great. I played the demo for more than 8 hours by myself and with my friend. This game is addicting, although i kinda wish you guys added online and trophies I wasnt going to get this game cause of the lack of online and trophies but then i saw how SICK!! the ultimate jutsus cinimatic was i changed my mind. collector’s edition day 1 purchase.

    P.S. Kyuubi naruto rasengan is nasty n so is double lightning blade CANT WAIT TO SEE WHAT SASUKE CAN DO!

  • Game looks great… another vote for trophy support, btw.

  • I really enjoyed the demo, it is a great fighting game, the thing is, i dont like naruto, i mean the story and all
    i dont know if ill get it or not yet
    but it looks like an amazing well made game

  • May i know when is the release for Japan???
    Thanks in advance

  • Amazing looking game you and CyberConnect2 have made! How long did it take to make? Trophies would be a good addition and I am glad you didn’t make it online because spammers ruin a lot of the gameplay online.

  • This is sweet, i am such a big fan o Naruto, and to have the Japan voices is so much better =), the only thing i didn’t like that much was the music in the demo,,,, hope you add the original music bacground from the anime

    Anyway as much as i already love this game, i would like it and also many other fans to, if you would make a Hellsing game, that would be sooooo great

  • o and i forgot to say the original Japan background music from the anime

  • Man this looks like the real deal, i never been a fan of Naruto but after watching videos of this game it looks so much fun i need to play this now cant wait.

    Thanks for the game CyberConnect2.

  • I recently played the demo and enjoyed it greatly. I cant wait to get it next week, I have to preorder the special edition one though, the soundtrack CD (the menu music in the demo is amazing) is gonna be amazing.

  • Wow all I have to say is great shop usually I’m disappointed with anime games such as DBZ Burst Limit which was a let down for me maybe you could give them some tips lol…honestly I have no complaints and I would like to say this Trophies are not that important most might disagree but its true sure it does add more playability but since we have gotten this feature its been crazy. I’m a big fan I watch/read bleach, Naruto and some others and by far you guy’s have one of the best quality products I’ve seen with this game I paid for the episode with Qore cause of it I played the demo I mastered everything I do have some questions.

    To be continued

  • 1. The sharingan it copies moves and techniques in the game you can’t be hit is that it?

    2. The little icon on the hud for awakenings is fine but its kinda short does the time vary for each character because experienced players will kill you before you have the chance to do anything its not a big deal but the sharingan should be a bit different what do you think?

    3. I know you might look into but if you add online play this game will sell so much more why wasn’t it added? the final version can you only have 1 justu equipped or 2?

    5.any chance if we can buy extra characters or would it be in DLC I hope so?

    If you could help with DBZ games it would be great and members please don’t ask about adding in game music it would take away from the look and feel I love all the anime sounds I can tell you guy’s put a lot of work into it.

    PSN: PYTHON101 I wouldn’t mind in small talk I’m real laid back have a nice day and go team.

  • @ Mr.Hiroshi Matsuyama
    I love all CC2 Release and this is my
    must buy for me ^_^ but I have a question
    Is there any hope to Release new Silent bomber ?

  • Hiroshi Matsuyama-sama :P … i have 2 questions –

    first question is : rock lee and maito guy they will have trasformation stage (8 gates style)

    second question is : in the battlefield the characters will be able to use several jutsu at the same time example xD kakashi use chidory and after using the chidory it can use water style and after use fire style in the same battle it can or only it will be able a single JUTSU by battle…

    As you can see with the my name here, on ps3 and on the xbox 360(DaGreatHokage), i am a big naruto fan. The one and only QUESTION/REQUEST i haveCAN YOU PLEASE OFFER THE NARUTO UZAMAKI JACKET AVALIABLE TO WEAR IN HOME!!!!!!!!!!!

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